Taizi ch10.1

(Note: I can’t compare but this is probably the longest chapter I’ve ever done. Since there’s no way to cut in the middle, I just had to make it through.
Reminder: a little bit NSFW of this chapter. It’s my first time translating smexy, so if there’s any mistakes (I know it’d be a lot), feel free to cmt. And, don’t like it? Don’t read it.)


The place that was arranged for eating today was still in the same place where they had a meal together last time. And today as well, the two of them were sitting opposite each other.

Although Chang Defu sometimes liked to nag, he was still someone very attentive while serving his masters. He was very careful while serving the dishes that were ordered by Yong Shan, precisely Yong Qi’s favorite dishes last time as well.

As an eunuch in charge of the Crown Prince Palace, he eagerly and personally held the chopsticks; first handed them to His Royal Highness Yong Qi in respectful manner, and then with both hands, he presented the other pair of chopsticks to His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince.

Yong Shan met his eyes, and tacitly understood that medicine had been applied.

Only the person who was about to be drugged knew nothing.

Looking at the many steamy dishes arranged neatly on the table, Yong Qi was surprised for a moment. He glanced at Yong Shan, his sexy lips were stuck between opening and closing. Yong Shan thought secretly to himself, finally you came to understand my intentions. He was in a very good mood, his tolerance had also grown a lot. He smiled and waited for Yong Qi to speak.

However, Yong Qi struggled for a long time until his face turned red before uttering a vague sentence, “Only two people, why make so many dishes? If Father Emperor knows about it, he will scold us for not knowing how to be frugal.”

Although what Yong Qi said was quite different from what he wanted to hear, Yong Shan still continued to maintain his good impression. His black and shiny eyes were staring at Yong Qi, as the corners of his mouth curled up, “Us?”

With a sly expression like a fox that had just tasted the sweetness, he raised his chopsticks, picked a piece of spiced ham to his mouth, chewed and smiled while watching Yong Qi.

Yong Qi, whose face was being stared at by Yong Shan, was lost in words. At this time, his stuffy cheeks were flushed, and his lips were pressed together in silence.

Seeing the ears that were almost turned to red, Yong Shan found them very pleasing, but he did not dare to really bully him too much, for fear that all his efforts would be wasted and quickly averted his eyes. He turned to the dishes and said, “Since everything has been made, if you don’t eat, then it will be the true meaning of not knowing how to be frugal. Why don’t you move your chopsticks? Is it not to your liking?”

Yong Qi silently held out his chopsticks and began to pick up dishes.

The meal this time gave him a much more relaxed feeling; not as embarrassing and uncomfortable as the first time he ate.

Yong Shan also held out his chopsticks. He picked the food and ate a little from time to time, but not one bit did he know the taste that touched his tongue. He knew that he could not look too fierce, otherwise, he would scare Yong Qi away.

But how could he resist not watching this person?

The person who was sitting in front of him, alive, calm, and very beautiful.

If he made a move, it would be eye-catching and beautiful. Every movement, every expression of Yong Qi, even the moment he opened his red lips slightly to put the food in his mouth, all of them bewitched people’s hearts.

He said that he had never done that with Yong Lin, how could it be possible?

The way he was, even the blink of his eyelashes could tempt people to go crazy. While Yong Lin played with him every day and night, sticking close to his body, acting like a baby, touching the crystal clear skin, and that lightened color tender lips.

Could Yong Lin let it go?

If Yong Lin wanted him, not only would he not refuse, he would definitely…

The tingling pain in his heart came like a wave of needles piercing nonstop.

Yong Shan quietly bit hard on his lips as he tried to pull his thoughts back to the present and then adjusted the almost disordered breath to fit the calm and peaceful atmosphere at the moment.

Everything was still fine, why bother thinking about those things?

Yong Shan put down his chopsticks, took the hot tea from Chang Defu to rinse his mouth, and leaned back in his chair to watch Yong Qi with his contented expressions.

Yong Qi was still very sensitive to his gaze, and when he saw Yong Shan put down his chopsticks, he also stopped.

“Done eating?” Yong Shan asked.


“Are you full?”

Yong Qi knew that he was deliberately teasing himself, with the tone between ingratiating and teasing, and the look in his profound eyes, which made Yong Qi a little awkward. He refused to make a sound, but just nodded his head to answer.

Yong Shan understood his thoughts. Not only did he not find it annoying, but found it very interesting instead. This person, he was still a prince, but why would his face be thinner than that of a girl?

Quietly, he glanced at the chopsticks in front of Yong Qi, and an unpredictable smile appeared from the corner of his mouth.

Yong Shan looked at Yong Qi who knew nothing about it.

That’s bad.

Yong Shan knew that he was really bad. As for Yong Lin, he would never have had this kind of idea or made such a move. However, Yong Lin had no idea that if Yong Shan liked something, he had to try hard and fight for it. Not only did he have to fight for it, he had to be ruthless and fast enough without hesitation.

If he got it, he still had to hold it in his arms every minute and every second, with ten fingers clasped tightly, and with his eyes guarding it from front to back like a wolf, not allowing others to snatch it back.

Yong Lin did know how to fight for it, or it’s more like, he did not need to fight for it.

If Yong Lin liked something, Heaven would always give it to him. If Heaven did not give him, their Father, mother, and Yong Qi would grant it for him.

Even Yong Shan himself would also give it to him.

“It’s late, I want to take a bath and rest.” Yong Qi said.

“Okay, let’s go.” Yong Shan was being polite and easily let Yong Qi slip past his eyes.

Watching Yong Qi leave, he beckoned Chang Defu to come over and instruct, “Send two more servants to wait on him while he’s taking a bath, and don’t take their eyes off of him, not even a blink. If he solves his problem in the bathtub, I will throw you into the bathtub and offer you to the Supreme Emperor.”

Of course, Chang Defu knew the hidden meaning of his words, so he hurried out and summoned two trustworthy servants, whispering in their ears.

Yong Shan picked up a book and flipped through it as he sat leisurely like someone waiting for a snack after a meal. After a while, Chang Defu came over, smiled and reported, “His Royal Highness Yong Qi has finished taking his bath, and is returning to his room to sleep.”

Yong Qi took a comfortable hot bath, and as soon as he lay down, he heard the sound of the door being pushed open.

He was a little surprised. He sat up suddenly from his ** and asked in a low voice, “Who?”

In fact, there was no need to ask. The beautiful and graceful silhouette of the owner of this palace had already appeared right in front of his eyes, and with a faint smile on his face, saying, “Brother Yong Qi, I’m here to check if you are asleep or not yet.”

Yong Qi’s heart rapidly beating for no reason.

The young man in front of him was obviously younger than himself, but he had the air of someone who was more outstanding and handsome.

In addition to the experience of the previous few days, suddenly seeing him slowly moving towards him, Yong Qi shuddered. He did not dare to say anything as he watched Yong Shan shifty take off his boots and climb on the bed.

He then lifted the quilt and lay in.

“Isn’t it late? Are you not sleeping?” Yong Shan put his head on the pillow, and with his eyes wide open, he looked at Yong Qi who was still sitting like a rock.

Yong Qi almost stopped breathing.

He was reminded of when his hands and feet were tied up in the Inner Punishment Court, stripped naked, his body was forced to stretch while being played with in the deepest part no matter how crying and begging he was. There was a chill running through his internal organs while thinking of the past he could not let go.

“You lie down and sleep.” Yong Shan knew he was afraid, and said softly, “I won’t touch you, not even a finger.”

Yong Qi was originally motionless and stiff. After listening to this, not only did he not lie down, but he moved to the side of the bed against the wall in shock, as if he wanted to crawl away, wrapping his knees with his hands.

Yong Shan originally planned to take his time, but at this moment he suddenly became angry. He quickly sat up and pulled hard on Yong Qi’s wrist, “You lie down for me!”

Yong Qi, whose strength was originally not stronger than him, was dragged to the **. Yong Shan’s body was like a hungry beast looking for food with the cover of human skin. He pulled Yong Qi’s face to face on his own.

In such a dangerous posture, Yong Qi took a breath, his eyes filled with horror.

Yong Shan stared at him. After facing each other quietly for a moment, he chuckled.

“You, as big as a Prince, but your courage is too small.” He let go of Yong Qi who was pressed under him, then turned his body over to sleep at the side. He lay on his back beside Yong Qi and did not even place his hands randomly. “Go to sleep. You will be fine tomorrow, but I still have a lot of things to do.” With a big yawn, he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Yong Shan could be said to be very flexible; he was indeed fallen asleep when he said he sleep, but Yong Qi had no such same ability as him.

After being frightened by a terrible prince brother who was lying next to him, he was so scared that there was no more sleepiness.

The servants were all sent out by Yong Shan long time ago; the candlelight was also blown out.

In the dark, Yong Qi stared dully at the blurry blackness above his head. He had no idea when the sky would light up, and for him, this darkness was like a long punishment.

Even after a long time of waiting, there was still no sign of light on the horizon.

Yong Qi finally couldn’t help but tilt his head to look at the sleeping Yong Shan beside his pillow.

Yong Shan slept very well. He was unlike Yong Lin who had bad habit of kicking around while sleeping. However, the looks of sleeping Yong Shan was more like Yong Lin, probably because his eyes were closed.

A vague sense of discomfort came out from somewhere.

Actually, it wasn’t like he just felt it now. He had felt the discomfort in his lower front for a while, but when he was frightened by Yong Shan, all his attention was devoted to Yong Shan. Now that he was less nervous, the strange and uncomfortable feeling was becoming more and more difficult to ignore.

What was happening?

Stuffy, uncomfortable, unspeakable, intolerable…

Yong Qi frowned slightly and bit his lip. This feeling of discomfort was not like the kind of intensely uncomfortable feeling, but it felt like a brush feather slowly brushing on his bones, making him itchy and uncomfortable, exhausted all of his energy.

As he tried to rub his body, not only did he not seem to be relieved, but what ushered in was a deeper sense of impatience, almost becoming urgent.

So hot! So uncomfortable!

After a long while, Yong Qi finally understood what that feeling was, and suddenly a sense of shame ran across his body. He bit hard on his lip.

Unexpectedly at this time of the day…

Yong Shan, who was sleeping so close by his side, might be awakened by his movement at any minute.

There was a feeling of his ** gradually swelling.

Don’t want…

Yong Qi was crying without tears, feeling his lower body slowly take a shape, half-pain and half-excited.

He had always been indifferent to this type of thing. Not because of the grace of his birth, but because his health was not good. And there was also no strong demayfor him in this aspect. At the beginning, Yong Lin acted like a baby and begged him to try this type of good feeling that was spreading in those palaces. He was being bothered so much there was no way to escape. Thinking that doing those things with brothers was very common in the palace, when they were bathing together, he reluctantly relieved each other by hand.

At that time, Yong Lin was so excited that he screamed. After that one time, he came to beg again several times, which meant that he would never get tired of it. Fortunately, soon after, Father Emperor rewarded him with several beautiful court ladies and let him spend the night in his room, and finally he did not come to bother him anymore.

After being sent to Nanlin, the Father Emperor also assigned himself a concubine. He tried it out on the wedding night: although it was not very bad, it was not very good. It seemed dispensable. Therefore, the number of couples having sex was not much.

If he wanted to count, this kind of thing happened the most frequent, when…

Yong Qi held his breath, turned his head, and carefully looked at Yong Shan’s sleeping face.

After confirming that the person around him was still asleep, he breathed out softly.

His ears perked up as he listened to the movement for a long time. Then he quietly, using the not too hard, not too light strength, slowly put his hand between his legs.

When his hand touched the hot organ, Yong Qi trembled suddenly.

In his life, the number of times he did this kind of thing can be counted as one’s fingers. In the past, even if he occasionally touched himself, he would wait deep into the silence at night. He must make sure that there was no one around him, and even the attendants were driven far away before he was willing to act.

Unexpectedly, today he was so hot all over that he could not help it. As if he was being tortured enough, he did not even care about Yong Shan who was beside him anymore, and stretched out his hand, touching himself.

The trembling, even though he knew it was his own, was hard to let go of the deep sense of shame in his heart. But the moment he touched it with his hand, a feeling of joy dripped rushing straight to his forehead, but for a moment, it all became insufficient, and strongly called for more comfort.

The pain and pleasure came to a higher level at the same time, even though Yong Qi gritted his teeth, he still let out a slight groan.

The sound frightened him, and he hurriedly went to see Yong Shan who was sleeping next to him, lest he moved a little.

He thought it was time to stop. If Yong Shan knew about this, the consequences would be disastrous. But his hand still did not stop, stroking it over and over again. It begged for more comfort. He could detect the indecent sticky body fluid oozing from the head.

Yong Qi struggled, sinking and floating in the wave of an embarrassing act, and gradually felt like he was willing to himself give up, savoring the movement of his hands. Now his hands were no longer in his control as he was playing fiercely at will. He lay on his back with his eyes closed, making his chest rise and fall.

“Yong Qi, what’s wrong?” When he was about to reach the climax, there was a question beside his ear, dazed like after waking up.

Yong Qi was so frightened, but at this moment, his lower body trembled and his hands were full of heat.

It was unknown how long Yong Shan had woken up, he propped his upper body with one hand, and looked at Yong Qi curiously.

Although his voice sounded confused, his eyes were very clear, as if saying that if he said a word of lie in front of him would be immediately exposed without mercy.

Yong Qi completely lost his voice, forgot how to breathe, and stared at his brother in horror.

Yong Shan actually asked innocently, “Is it uncomfortable?”

After waiting for a while, Yong Qi still stared at him, not daring to move at all. Yong Shan frowned, turned his head and raised his voice, “Guard, Your Highness Yong Qi is uncomfortable, call the Imperial doct…”

“Yong Shan!” Before he could finish, Yong Qi sat up abruptly, holding Yong Shan’s arms tightly with both hands.

Yong Shan turned his head and saw pleading in his eyes.

Yong Shan smiled, “What’s the matter with you?”

Yong Qi was so ashamed that he did not know what to do. He lowered his head, bit his lower pale lip and said nothing, just pulling Yong Shan’s arm as if it was a life-saving straw.

“His Royal Highness, what’s the order?” An attention who waited during the night asked outside the door.

Yong Qi was shocked again, for fear that Yong Shan would actually summon the Imperial Doctor. And if it was found out, how could he still have the face to meet people?

Fortunately, Yong Shan glanced at him and said, “It’s okay, you all go.”

He turned his head and comforted him, “They’re gone, let’s go to sleep.” He gently patted the hands that were holding his arm, and instantly stopped as if he had noticed something.

Yong Qi’s heart skipped a beat, feeling so desperate that things might have been revealed, and quickly let go of his hand. At this moment, he suddenly knew what Yong Shan had discovered. His hand that was still stained with his own body fluid, a slight fishy smell, sticky, warm, was used to pull Yong Shan’s arm in a hurry, how could he not notice?

He suddenly shrank into the bed, wishing to curl up into a ball and squeeze into a corner so that no one could see, but Yong Shan grabbed him hard and tenderly, dragged him in front of himself. Each word from his mouth said with a long, hot breath, as he smiled, “Silly brother, what’s so embarrassing about this?” Then he reached out and touched it down there.

Yong Qi came once, but the effect of the medicine still did not subside. At some point, the thing below became semi-hard again. When Yong Shan grabbed him, he immediately let out a whimper and trembled as if he was about to cry.

Yong Shan said softly, “I’m not laughing at you, why are you crying?”

While talking, his hands had already skillfully started rubbing the hot rod up and down.

His technique was of course much more proficient than Yong Qi, not to mention that Yong Shan had known and never forgotten every weakness of Yong Qi’s body. Yong Qi felt his life was being held and caressing in Yong Shan’s palm, and he did not even have the strength to resist.

Yong Shan did not tease him again. With a smile in his eyes, he quietly looked at his face in the dark, and slowly served the thing in his hand. As if to determine the length and size of the thing in his hand, he stroked it up and down a few times, and after feeling it had gotten bigger, he stroked more attentively until it became so sticky so that Yong Qi’s eyes were completely moistened as he pant seductively.

Seeing that Yong Qi could not sit still anymore, with his body straightened and weakened, Yong Shan put his arm around Yong Qi and let him lay down gently. He propped up beside Yong Qi with one hand, and played down there with another hand.

The night was deep and quiet.

When playing with the body, he could not hide the sound of obscene actions at all.

Yong Qi was embarrassed, but he felt extremely comfortable. It was a thousand times more enjoyable than doing it by himself. Yong Shan knew that he was almost there, so he deliberately stopped for a while. Sure enough, the slender waist could not help but swing slightly and twist slightly, as if begging Yong Shan for more.

In the dark, Yong Shan sneered and chuckled. He took a mouthful of breath, and said, “Brother Yong Qi, is your little brother’s service comfortable?”

Yong Qi was ashamed but still shook his head desperately with trembling thick eyelashes.

Yong Shan chuckled again, and said softly, “Stubborn. Obviously you like it.” Then he started rubbing the top end with his fingertips.

Yong Qi suddenly twisted his body. His cry was full of a strange sweetness which was completely different from the grief and indignant whimper in the Inner Punishment Court.

With the faint moonlight outside the window, Yong Shan saw his two teary eyes, his redden cheeks, color full of love and attraction. The love he had for this person was to the extreme, so much so that he would want to lie down, kiss him, serve him carefully under his hand and make him happy.

After a while, Yong Qi’s body tensed and suddenly bent. Afterwards, he sighed in comfort, and slowly softened.

Yong Shan retracted his hand which was still stained with white sticky fluid; the fluid which was the taste of Yong Qi. He looked at his palm, then stopped his gaze on Yong Qi’s face.

Yong Qi gradually recovered. Seeing his expression, he also knew what he was holding in his hand. He did not know what to say for a while. Lowering his head, he gritted his teeth and said with a low voice, “I’ll help you clean it.”

Yong Shan did not let him clean it. He stretched out his hand from behind the bed curtain, lifted the clean towel on the wooden shelf, and wiped his hands clean by himself. Seeing Yong Qi sitting like a fool for a while, he suddenly bent down, hugged and kissed him a few times, and said softly, “Good brother, you help me too.” And then he grabbed Yong Qi’s hand and guided him to the lower place of his body.

Unexpectedly, when Yong Qi touched the hotness of his younger brother’s, his memory of when he was being held in the Inner Punishment Court rushed back to him all at once, and quickly, he retreated back his hand. His body became cold as he pushed and kicked Yong Shan away with his feet. However, as soon as he remembered Yong Shan’s temper, his whole body was stiff again and his fighting spirit also disappeared. He began to watch Yong Shan in horror.

Yong Shan did not expect Yong Qi to have such a big reaction, immediately resisted him like a madman. He was stunned, and his heart suddenly became as cold as ice cubes.

The two looked at each other for a moment. Yong Shan then let go of him without saying a word, turned his body over and lay down, with his back facing Yong Qi.

Yong Qi was still in a daze. His mind was in chao, he did not know and could not understand how things became like this tonight. A moment later, after he realized that he had escaped from Yong Shan again, he could not help turning his head to look at Yong Shan’s stiff back.

The night was very quiet. There was a faint musky scent filled in the air inside the room. Yong Qi even heard Yong Shan’s gasp for breath, rapidly, almost like a cry.

But he knew that Yong Shan was not crying, and that Yong Shan was just turning his back to him, doing the same thing he had just done to him by himself.

Yong Qi was in a trance and felt sad. However, he did not know where did sadness come from. He only knew that right now his heart was feeling it. His body trembled from the cold as he looked at Yong Shan’s back, his throat seemed to be choked, holding his breath. It was not until Yong Shan made a slight groan and his stiff back slightly loosened that Yong Qi knew that he had solved it, so then he stretched out his trembling hand and stroked Yong Shan’s shoulder.

“Don’t touch me.” Yong Shan shook his hand away fiercely without looking back at him.

Yong Qi, who had summoned his utmost courage to stretch out his hand, only to ended up being pushed away, was dejected. He slowly retracted his hand, turned over, and slept back to back with Yong Shan.

After a while, Yong Shan suddenly moved, turned his body over swiftly, as if he could not stand it any longer and hugged Yong Qi from behind. He wrapped his hands and feet around him tightly, and refused to leave any room for any movement. He gritted his teeth and said, “One day, I will strangle you to death with my hand.”

He hid his face on the back of Yong Qi’s neck, neither kissed nor bite, just sniffed lightly.

Only that, and no more words were spoken.

Hugging Yong Qi to sleep, Yong Shan slept very well all night.

(All the ** above are from the original text.)


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