Taizi Ch10.2

Hugging Yong Qi to sleep, Yong Shan slept very well all night.


Yong Shan woke up feeling refreshed, full of pleasant feelings, without a trace of being tired. As soon as he opened his eyes, he was met with Yong Qi’s back, as well as the slightly exposed curved nape of his neck. He almost couldn’t help but want to kiss him.

Yong Shan resisted the urge, and wondered if the person in his arms was awake.

It looked like he was still asleep, right?

Yong Qi did not move at all. Yong Shan looked out at the sky and saw it was still too early, he also didn’t want to get up, and hugged Yong Qi as he was.

After sleeping in this same posture for about half an hour later, the sky turned from gray to brighten up the long horizons.

Suddenly there was a noise from Yong Qi’s side, asking with hesitation, “How could we sleep so late and just wake up until this time? It will be bad if Father Emperor knows about this.”

After hearing this, Yong Shan understood that Yong Qi was probably just like him. He might have woken up a long time ago, but did not move.

He chuckled lightly, wrapped his arms around him tighter, and blew ambiguously on the beautiful nape of the neck he had been looking at for a long time, and asked, “It’s us again, and what was the reason we slept so late?”

Yong Qi shrank his neck. Seeing so, Yong Shan sensitively held back his smile and snorted coldly, “Why, do you hate me?”

Yong Qi was silent for almost half a day before he could utter a word of “Tickle.”

With just one word, Yong Shan became happy again.

This person, with his every word and deeds, is the man who can make himself happy and angry like a fool. As a human being, when he behaves like this, I am afraid that I might be the lowest Crowned Prince in all dynasties, thought Yong Shan.

He sighed as he hugged Yong Qi and asked softly, “What’s the word you promised to write for me when you lost the game of chess before?”

“Originally I had written most of the word already, but when I was about to finish the last stroke, a drop of ink dropped on it. I already threw it away, and will rewrite it for you again.” After Yong Qi finished speaking, he moved his arm and asked in a low voice, “You let go, I’m going to get up.”

“What if I don’t let go?” Yong Shan asked, acting willfully and being difficult.

Seeing Yong Qi did not make another sound, Yong Shan impatiently pulled him over, let him lie face to face with him, and asked, “I WILL not let go, what can you do?”

Being roughly pulled over by him, Yong Qi was a little anxious. His delicate eyebrows were knitted together, and refused to look directly at the brightness of his eyes, “How are you the Crown Prince behaving like this?”

“Crown Prince? Being like this and I’m not like a Crown Prince? Then what is to look like a Crown Prince?” Yong Shan was angry when he saw Yong Qi avoiding himself. He couldn’t help being aggressive. He stretched out his hand with great strength, grabbed Yong Qi’s ** thing through the trousers, and asked evilly:

“Only when I helped Brother Yong Qi to relieve himself at this place, did it make me look like a Crown Prince? Huh?”

The sky was already bright at this time, and although the window was mostly covered by the curtains, the light could still come through.

Once Yong Qi was touched by him, he couldn’t help but let out a low “um”, and it was unknown whether it was fright or a groan.

He couldn’t help feeling humiliated and ashamed.

The blushing appearance fell on Yong Shan’s eyes without a trace.

Yong Qi lowered his eyes as his trembling eyelashes were pecked by Yong Shan. With a tone that was half coaxing and half threatening, he said, “Let me hear you say Yong Shan didi.”

(T/N: younger brother.)

A while after Yong Qi’s hesitation, Yong Shan powered up his efforts to knead the fragile male organ in his palm. Suddenly Yong Qi struggled to get free twice but failed either time. Clearly he couldn’t get rid of Yong Shan. His ears were red, and his heart was pounding so hard it almost leaps out of his throat. The thought of the servants outside might come in at any time stimulated him so much; his body rose upward several times. His eyes actually condensed a layer of mist for a moment.

Yong Shan sneered, “Are you still a man? Fancy that Your Highness has been the eldest Prince for all these years and here, shedding tears at every turn. Are you not ashamed?”

“Didi…” Yong Qi’s lips moved and formed a hazy word.

Yong Shan froze.

Even after a while, he still couldn’t believe that Yong Qi would open his mouth and call him so.

He stopped his hand in the sensitive part of Yong Qi **, staring at Yong Qi’s lips that seemed to be shining like spring water, and his mouth curled up, “What did you say? Why didn’t I hear it? Say it again, louder.”

Yong Qi seemed to be really teased by him. His mouth was closed like a clamshell, and even his eyes were no longer open.

Yong Shan chuckled softly. He hugged him tighter close to his chest, and joked, “Un, you also know that I am your younger brother? I thought you only had Yong Lin as a younger brother. You’re the eldest brother, but you’re too biased. How can you blame me for correcting you?”

After speaking, he let go of his arms.

Before Yong Qi could take a breath after he was released, he was pulled up by Yong Shan to sit up again. “The sky has gotten really bright now. Since I have a lot of homework to do today, you shouldn’t be too lazy either. Quickly get up and study with me. I’m afraid Taifu will be here soon.”

And Yong Qi received another headache.

The current Yong Shan might not be as terrible as before, but he was too unreasonable. Yong Qi did not understand Yong Shan very well, for he always changed his face as a lightning bolt in a short while, and when he behaved like a righteous Crown Prince, he could not be offended in the slightest.

Yong Qi couldn’t help letting out a sigh, and Yong Shan heard it.

Yong Shan asked in a calm manner, “Brother Yong Qi doesn’t like my master’s teaching?”

His eyes had already changed back to its original sharpness.

Yong Qi said, “That is the Grand tutor appointed by Father Emperor for the Crown Prince. It seems inappropriate for me to follow along to listen to the lecture.”

“Don’t worry about this.” After listening, Yong Shan’s eyes slightly lightened and explained in a composure manner, “Your trial has been cleared. I personally sealed the records and dispatched someone to deliver it to the Emperor. Your wangfei is still in the fief. I have already reported to Father Emperor that you are currently staying in the Prince’s palace temporarily, as well as to study with me. You don’t need to worry about this kind of thing. Right,”

He paused, then leant close to Yong Qi, smiled dangerously and said, “Since you are no longer the guilty Prince, it stands to reason that you can ask to see your mother when you return to the palace.”

(T/N: wife/concubine.)

Yong Qi suddenly shook, his face showed great surprise in an instant.

After enough watching of his changing expressions, Yong Shan threw him another sentence, “Unfortunately, although you are not guilty, Li Fei is still a concubine who is guilty enough to be locked up in the cold palace. With this identity, it is hard to meet, even her own son.”

(T/N: Fei: concubine. Li Fei: concubine Li.)

Yong Qi was shocked again. He raised his head, and with eyes as sparkling as a rare seven-color glass bead, seemingly angry and pleading, met Yong Shan’s gaze.

Yong Shan knew that he was relying on his status as a Crown Prince and was bullying this incapable elder brother. Although it was despicable, he felt a sense of pleasure. With a smile, he said and gave him a hint, “Who should you beg for, don’t you know?”

Just then, Chang Defu cautiously cried from the door, “Your Highnesses, Taifu has arrived and is waiting in the study hall. It’s getting late. How about letting the maids come in and help both Highnesses freshen up?”

“Come in.” Yong Shan said in a refreshing voice. When he turned around and saw Chang Defu leading a few palace maids bringing all kinds of accessories in, he gently raised his lips and said, “You all can serve me. Brother Yong Qi is my elder brother and since we haven’t seen each other for a long time, today, this younger brother will help him freshen up personally. To show love and respect between brothers, it will also be a good talk in the future.”

With a word from the Crown Prince, naturally no one would dare to disobey his orders.

While three or four people first served Yong Shan, Yong Qi was left aside for a while.

Not long after, Yong Shan was soon cleaned up. The other things for cleaning up prepared by the maids were sent to Yong Qi, but they really did not do anything. Yong Qi was taken aback. He looked down at the clean hot water delivered to his eyes, and looked up again at the refreshing face of Yong Shan. Seeing Yong Shan, who was so refreshed, smiled and leaned forward, rolling up his sleeves, Yong Qi took a small step back. “Don’t play around.”

“Who said it I am playing?” While speaking, Yong Shan slowly dipped the towel in his hand in the warm water. In front of so many people watching, Yong Qi was even more embarrassed. He turned his face over, and refused to let Yong Shan wipe it for him.

“Do not move.”

Yong Shan was holding the clean towel and held Yong Qi’s wrist in one hand. The wet cloth only touched a bit against his skin, and Yong Qi turned his face to avoid it again.

Yong Shan smiled lightly. He deliberately raised his hand to Yong Qi’s face, teasing him as he watched Yong Qi dodging, trying to avoid being wiped. Very interesting.

“Yong Shan, Taifu is waiting. Don’t make trouble.” Yong Qi reluctantly grabbed one of his hands, not allowing him to rub his face indiscriminately.

“I’ve said already that I’m not playing around. Be good and quickly show me your face. Brother also knows that Taifu is waiting. Once I’m done, let’s go over together.”

“Yong Shan…”

“Keep moving or I’ll be angry.” Yong Shan suddenly asked, “Do you want to see your mother?”

Yong Qi suddenly stiffened, the hand that was holding Yong Shan’s hand also suddenly lost its energy, and slowly dropped downward. Just like a criminal waiting to be sentenced, standing still on the spot.

The smile on Yong Shan’s face also disappeared.

The shining sunlight in the room seemed to be covered with layers of breathless dullness.

The good enthusiasm just now also disappeared.

Sensing that the atmosphere had changed, Yong Qi was certain that he was in trouble again, and looked at his younger brother with uneasiness. This gaze happened to be caught by Yong Shan. Although it was slightly timid and didn’t mean to be rebellious like glaring, the distancing look made people feel that it was difficult to the extreme in their hearts.

Yong Shan angrily threw the clean towel into the silver basin, splashing half of warm water out of the small basin. The head of the maids holding the basin were wet, and all of them shuddered with fright.

“What are you all doing? Still not hurry up and serve His Highness Yong Qi to freshen up?”

Yong Shan said coldly, and the stunned crowd rushed forward, panicking to freshen up Yong Qi. They dare not to make a sound, lest they would annoy the Crown Prince again.

Yong Qi stood there while being served by the crowd of maids as he was being cleaned up. Yong Qi was anxious, there were a lot of things in his mind. One hand, he thought of how it might not be easy to see his mother after a while. On the other hand, he thought after dressing up, he would go to see the Taifu and he would be safe for a while. But Yong Shan seemed to bear a lot of grudges. If he remembered this unpleasant event again at night, he would vent his anger, and Yong Qi might have suffered again like in the Inner Punishment Court…

His body was trembling all over.

After a while, he was already freshened up. The maids bought the used water and towel out. Only he was still standing. Yong Shan could see that he was disturbed, as if frightened.

Yong Shan originally stared at him fiercely, but when he saw his desperate look, he felt soft hearted. After struggling for almost half a day, he gritted his teeth and uttered a sentence, “Don’t be afraid, it was just a joke.”

Yong Shan turned his head to look at him in surprise.

(T/N: I’m not sure if the author got the name wrongly mixed.) 

Yong Shan turned his face to the side, and faintly called, “Hurry up and change his attire. What are you all still waiting for?”

Only then did the maids holding clothes and all kinds of accessories walk in on tiptoe, helping each of the two Royal Highnesses to change their wear.

Yong Qi’s attire were all newly made, the colors were simple but elegant, made from excellent materials, and they were very suitable for him to wear. The crescent-white satin collar made his neck especially white and delicate. 

Yong Shan, who was dressed with a belt, reprimanded dissatisfiedly next to him, “Can’t you put your heart to work properly? How come you don’t even know how to wear this small thing?”

Yong Qi turned his head to look and saw the maid who was kneeling helping Yong Shan wear the waistband, was already sweating. Holding a jade pendant in her hand, how come it didn’t fit on the belt?

After trying two or three times without success, Yong Shan’s face on the top of the maids head was even worse.

The more frightened the maid was, the more her hands shook, and she almost couldn’t hold things securely.

Yong Shan said impatiently, “Chang Defu, did you arrange this? Where did you pick this stupid thing?”

Chang Defu had already knelt over to help get it together. Since it was a newly offered exquisite jade ornament, a complete set of several pieces came together, very delicate with several places connected to each other and it was very difficult to handle it. It was impossible to get it right for a while.

Yong Qi understood that Yong Shan was venting fire through trivial matters. After a moment of silence, he walked over and took a look, and said, “This was made in the style of Dongyue Kingdom, it was not common in the palace, and it was not surprising that they could not deal with it.  Put this on first.” He took a square transparent ornament from the square plate, as if to help Yong Shan put it on, but he hesitated again before his hand touched Yong Shan’s body.

Yong Shan was afraid that he would withdraw his hand again, so he grabbed the slender hand in a flash, the unpleasant expression on his face had disappeared, his eyes were slightly bent as he laughed and said, “I also haven’t seen this thing before. This is the first time I’m wearing it after Father Emperor gave it to me. Brother, let me see how you wear it.”

Hearing his laughter, Yong Qi’s face was hot for no reason, and waited hesitantly.

Yong Shan was smart and considerate as he hurriedly ordered: “You all go out.”

He dismissed everyone around him, including Chang Defu, and waited for the door to close. Once the door was closed, he moved a step closer towards Yong Qi, and whispered, “Look, everyone is gone, no one sees us.”

The words sounded ambiguous, and Yong Qi couldn’t help replying, “Nonsense.”

Yong Shan heard it, and there was a slight ** in his heart.

The one who was most often scolded for nonsense was of course the most reckless and hateful Yong Lin. When Yong Qi taught Yong Lin in the past, this scolding sentence, “nonsense”, “nonsense again,” was often used on him and Yong Shan, in the dark, heard it countless times.

But it was the first time it was used on Yong Shan.

The slight irritation was very intimate, directly filling Yong Shan’s joyful sweetness in his heart.

He stared at Yong Qi, with his extremely tender expression, and stood face to face with Yong Qi without moving his hands away. He smiled and said, “Okay, I won’t talk nonsense.” His voice was very soft, as if he was afraid it would dissipate the sunlight in the room.

Yong Qi did not say a word. He only took the set of jade ornaments over, slowly and dexterously fitted them on Yong Shan’s belt one by one.

When he lowered his head to play with jade ornaments, his jet black hair fell down covering the back of his neck. Yong Shan couldn’t help but use his fingertip to lift a cluster of black hair that covers the back of his neck to the side. A piece of neck muscle was exposed in the sea of pitch black hair. In contrast, it was more moist and white and attractive.

Yong Qi was tickled and shrank his neck, “Don’t make trouble.”

“Your neck is so white.”


Yong Shan put his mouth close to his ear, “I’ll be sleeping here again tonight, and help my brother do the same thing like last night, okay?”

Yong Qi was instantly reddened from his ears all the way to the edge of his neck. He was trembling and said, “It’s done.”

After taking a step back, and was about to turn around to walk away, he was hugged by Yong Shan, who was still leaning close on his neck from behind again. Yong Shan whispered, with the same tender and soft voice in his ear, “Is it okay or not?”

“It’s not.”

“Really not?”

Yong Qi embarrassingly shook his head. He used one reminiscent sentence like a life-saving straw, “Taifu is still waiting, it will be bad if you don’t go now.”

Yong Shan smiled comfortably behind him, “That’s fine too. I will discuss this matter with Brother Yong Qi after the lecture.”

Without waiting for Yong Qi to slip away first, he loosened the strength on his arms around Yong Qi, grasping Yong Qi’s wrist instead, and led him out of the room in a flash.

Note: All ** above are from the original text.

Their last conversations sound so cute in the original.


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