Taizi Ch12


The scene inside the room was still the same as before when he left. Yong Lin was still talking about his naughty deeds on the side while Yong Qi was listening beside him. Feeling like sitting wasn’t enough, he stood up from his chair, acting out by pointing and gesticulating this and that. His actions showed that he was so excited like a restless monkey jumping around. As he said, he suddenly remembered something and scratched his head, straighten neck and yelled out at the window, “Wei, the kid standing by the door, help me deliver word to Shu Fei Niangniang, tell her that His Royal Highness Yong Lin is at the Prince’s Palace… En, that, right, calligraphy! Having His Royal Highness Yong Shan here, His Highness Yong Lin is practicing calligraphy really hard! And he will only return in the evening. There is no need for Shu Fei Niangniang to send someone looking for him. Did you hear that? Go! I’ll reward you with something good when you return!”

(T/N: Wei, Hey.)

Speaking of rewards, the little servant who was snoozing under the sun suddenly jumped up and ran to report the words diligently.

Yong Lin was laughing, feeling very proud of himself that he had no idea that Yong Shan had already come in standing behind him.

On the contrary, Yong Qi seemed to perceive something. Just as he twisted his head back, he saw Yong Shan had already arrived behind Yong Lin, with both of his arms folded, and his face was so cold that he could teach someone a lesson at any minute. 

Yong Qi was still amused by Yong Lin. Ever since he had returned to the Imperial Palace, this was the first time he was so refreshed and comfortable. He even forgot to observe the person behind him and subconsciously, raised a finger to his mouth, and gently gestured a “shh” sign at Yong Shan.

Seeing the astonishment on Yong Shan’s face, Yong Qi was taken aback after realizing what he had done.

What was he doing?

A wasted person like him, actually dared to play pretend with the current Crown Prince? Not to mention that he and this “brother” once…

Yong Qi was ashamed and panicked. He retracted his fingers full of embarrassment.

Yong Shan’s heart was full of joy. He no longer cared about the ignorant Yong Lin, took a step forward, and grabbed Yong Qi’s fingers out of the blue, wrapped them in his palms and refused to let go. He laughed in a low voice that could only be heard by the two of them. “Turns out that Brother Yong Qi’s fingers are this beautiful.”

Hearing the type of tone Yong Shan whispered to him, full of frivolous molesting, suddenly he was reminded of the embarrassing things the two of them did last night, Yong Qi was embarrassed to death. He felt hot on his face. Even though he knew that his blushing was due to shame and anger, he couldn’t help looking at Yong Shan’s eyes. Seeing his gaze become more and more ambiguous, as if he was seeing through the obscene pleasure he was recalling, Yong Qi was even more embarrassed.

Feeling as if he had done something shameful again, at this moment Yong Qi really wanted to dig a place to hide himself.

His fingers were still gripped tightly by Yong Shan, even after he tried to free himself a few times, he still couldn’t get them back. With a guilty conscience that he got from who knows where, Yong Qi didn’t dare to exert much force while trying to break free. He first raised his head to look at Yong Lin, who was still standing beside him, deeply engrossed in his own drama and completely unaware of what was happening in the background, then turned his gaze to Yong Shan, shaking his head lightly in the name of begging, and asking him not to do anything else.

Yong Shan was so tempted by his actions that his body began to itch all over, and he couldn’t wait to kick this blockhead Yong Lin out of the room, shut the door and showering his love and affection.

However this idea could only stay in his own imagination. Heaven shows mercy, since there finally had been some improvement of Yong Qi’s impression toward him, even if he got the balls, he wouldn’t dare to fool around.

Yong Shan gritted his teeth and told himself to be patient. Pretending to be considerate, he let go of Yong Qi’s fingers with a thoughtful look.

When the tender jade-colored fingertips were about to escape from his palm, one couldn’t help but grab it suddenly and brought it to his mouth, and gave it a bite.

Seeing the hand that was about to retract from Yong Shan’s palm only to be caught by him again, Yong Qi was taken aback. Before he could react, all of a sudden, his fingertips hurt slightly.

What Yong Qi couldn’t bear the most was being in pain. Reflexively he opened his mouth, with a frown, he wanted to cry out pain. However, remembering that he couldn’t startle Yong Lin, his voice abruptly halted.

With a look of half dissatisfied and half complaining, he glared at Yong Shan.

That look was enough to make Yong Shan savor the taste for a year and a half!

Even though Yong Qi didn’t mean to treat Yong Shan as a lover in the slightest, in Yong Shan’s heart, seeing just this glance was like seeing the godly everlasting love.

Everything seemed to happen and ended very quickly with just a matter of a few breaths.

The little movement ended just as when Yong Lin finished his another round of boasting, and started calling out for more food and wine. He turned his head around and yelled at the door, “Chang Defu, there are only tofu and vegetables left on the table! That meat you talked about before, even if it’s not stew yet, bring out… yi? Brother Yong Shan, are you back already?” He suddenly lowered his head and looked at Yong Shan who was half kneeling behind him, and asked in confusion, “Don’t tell me you plan to sneak attack me? Let’s talk first, okay. I may have some knowledge of horse riding and shooting but not about fighting. You are so strong, I obviously can’t beat you.”

(T/N: Yi, expression of surprise.)

Yong Shan gave Yong Qi a look before standing up with a composed manner. He didn’t forget to put on the air of an elder brother before Yong Lin. “I went out to deal with something only for a short while. And why is there an additional wine on the table now? Have you forgotten what Father Emperor usually teaches us? The princes are not allowed to drink alcohol, so as not to cause trouble, and you never listen. And you still dare to send someone to lie to our mother, saying that you are practicing calligraphy?”

Right at that moment, Yong Lin knew that Yong Shan had heard what he yelled through the window. He might not be afraid of Yong Qi or his mother. But toward this twin brother of his, he was scared. His body slightly shrank as he laughed, “My brother has wronged me. Why would I dare to lie to our mother? I really want to practice calligraphy. But isn’t it better to start practicing after eating?”

While speaking, he shifted his eyes to look at Yong Qi, and waited for Yong Qi to help him say something nice.

Yong Qi was still feeling guilty of what happened just now. Seeing Yong Lin looking at him, he was slightly shocked, thinking that he had been seen through, and it made him even more embarrassed. Unexpectedly, he bowed his head to avoid Yong Lin’s gaze, which made Yong Lin very confused.

“You’re done eating and still not want to leave?” An unpredictable smile escaped from his lips as he coldly said, “Where do you think the Prince’s Palace is? Do you think I am so free that I can entertain Your Highness Yong Lin all day long? Hurry up and leave. In the future, if you don’t do your job properly, and are still running around in the palace, be careful that I will report this matter to Father Emperor and punish by grounding you in your room.”

Yong Lin was grabbed and dragged out. Since he didn’t dare to use force to resist, he could only follow along and protested aggrievedly, “I haven’t finished my meal yet! What did I do wrong again! Ai, ai, didn’t you say that I could bring something good with me? I haven’t picked anything yet…”

(T/N: ai, used to express surprise or disapprobation.)

“You still lack something? Then tell Chang Defu what you lack, I’ll order him to send it there in the future.”

After driving the unwilling Yong Lin away, Yong Shan felt relaxed. Remembering that there was only Yong Qi left in the room, his heart itched beyond description. When he walked back, he didn’t forget to summon Chang Defu who was waiting outside the door to the corner, and asked suggestively, “That medicine, has it been applied in the meal today?”

Chang Defu sneakily nodded his head. “According to Your Highness’s instructions, when setting up the dining table, to ensure that there will be no mistakes, no other servants are allowed to touch the dining table. And this servant also personally set the chopsticks for His Highness Yong Qi.”

Yong Shan frowned. “Why doesn’t it seem to be as effective as yesterday?”

Chang Dafu said, “Is there such a thing like that?”

Then he turned his head over, glanced at the ignorant Yong Qi inside the room for probing, then retracted again. Lowering his voice, he explained to Yong Shan. “It should not be. It’s all the same medicine. This servant dared not neglect, soaking the chopsticks in the medicine and handling everything personally. It’s just that Your Highness has instructed that His Highness Yong Qi’s body is weak, and the medicine shouldn’t be too intense, which I did not dare to use too much. Yesterday, the medicine was taken for a period of time before it became effective in the evening. I am afraid it will take another hour to, before…that.” Then he had a ridiculous smile on his face.

Being provoked by the look of Yong Qi just now, Yong Shan’s five elements were hot, like a blissful paradise, every moment was like a dream. Because of this, he became more and more unsure whether he was really in a dream. If he couldn’t get a certain guarantee, his pounding heart couldn’t calm down.

He was originally the person who was the most able to endure the hard work of holding back. But things were going to be reversed, and it would be like killing him if he waited for a moment longer.

Hearing Chang Defu said that he didn’t dare to use too much medicine, and it would take another hour or so to take effect, Yong Shan was very dissatisfied. “Didn’t you say that this medicine will never harm the body? Why don’t you dare use it more now?”

To be able to become the head of the Prince’s Palace, naturally Chang Defu had excessive experience. Although he knew Yong Shan was being burnt in lust and had lost his fairness, Chang Defu did not defend himself a word. He repeatedly bowed his head, admitted his mistakes and along the way, used the chance to climb the pole. “The chopsticks that are soaked in medicine are indeed separated by a layer, and the efficacy of the medicine will inevitably be lost. This servant will make up for his sins, and make a good cup of tea for His Highness Yong Qi right away.”

This “makes up for the sin” was exactly what Yong Shan meant. He threw a significant look at Chang Defu and told him to do it immediately. Pretending like nothing had happened, he walked back, pushed the door open, and turned to look at Yong Qi, and said with a smile, “Yong Lin, that noisy ghost was finally driven away. This quietness is really hard to come by.”

Yong Qi’s face was extremely thin. Because of the things that happened previously, he hadn’t calmed down yet, and as soon as Yong Lin left, the two of them were alone. The ambiguous feeling became thicker, making him a little scared.

As soon as Yong Shan appeared at the door, he stood up and asked calmly, “Is the time for the afternoon class set yet? Wang Taifu’s class sounds very interesting.”

After a pause, he avoided Yong Shan’s bantering gaze, and coughed slightly. “Did I say anything funny? Why does Your Highness look at me and laugh like this?”

(T/N: though YS is younger, but he’s the Crown Prince so YQ had to speak to him like a subject to his superior.)

“We’re brothers. It’s just a look or two, why does Brother Yong Qi have to make such a fuss?”

Yong Shan’s heart was so hot that even a lava couldn’t compare to it. If it weren’t for the fear of frightening Yong Qi, he would have already rushed up and hugged and kissed him wildly long ago. While smiling faintly, he leaned forward in small steps.

“I… didn’t make a fuss.” Yong Qi, who was originally standing at the dining table, hurried to the side.

However, his move wasn’t fast enough and his way was immediately blocked by Yong Shan; he had to find another way to hide. Yong Shan secretly observed the terrain and furnishings. Although Yong Qi had a retreat, he could only retreat to a narrower place. Sooner or later he would be forced to a blind spot by himself. So in no hurry, he learned how Yong Lin used to play with Yong Qi, bit by bit, and act like a spoiled child showing his tantrum.

As he moved forward a bit, Yong Qi had to step backwards a bit. After two or three moves, Yong Qi noticed that something was wrong, and after looking around, he was even more alarmed. He stretched out his hands to block in front of him, “Crown Prince, be careful that your stomach might be uncomfortable. Your stomach may get easily hurt if you move around after just eating.”

Yong Shan smirked and asked, “What did you call me?”

“Yong Shan.” Yong Qi replied. Yong Shan gave another big step, and Yong Qi knew that his question wasn’t correct, so he whispered, “Didi… right, didi.”

Yong Shan was overjoyed, and just as he was about to speak, a knock on the door came.

Chang Defu said outside the door, “Your Highnesses, this servant is here to deliver hot tea.”

Yong Qi was afraid of being seen this way, his face even more frightened. He looked up at Yong Shan, and whispered, “Let me through.”

Yong Shan raised his voice toward the door, “Chang Dafu? Come in.” Turning his head, he showed a generous smile to Yong Qi, “What do you mean letting you through? It sounds like I’m bullying my brother. After eating, you should indeed drink some hot tea. Come, let’s sit down together.” Regardless of whether Yong Qi was willing or not, he still grabbed Yong Qi’s wrist and took him back to the table and sat down.

Chang Defu came in with two cups of hot tea. He held one cup to Yong Shan, and personally served Yong Qi another cup. “Your Highness Yong Qi, this is the Longjing tea you like.”

Yong Qi thought that no matter whether Chang Defu was intentional or not, his coming in here was like a relief for him so he glanced gratefully at him, took a sip from the teacup, and praised, “It’s really good.”

Yong Shan watched from the side, opened the door for Chang Defu retreating out, and said calmly, “This is the best Longjing, which was only appreciated by Father Emperor a few days ago. The water is also the spring on the Saintess Mountain outside the city. The world of ice and snow makes people pull back to the palace early in the morning. It really took a lot of effort just to get a mere cup of tea.”

Yong Qi’s face changed slightly, “This is a reward from Father Emperor? The tea brewed from spring water on the Saintess Mountain is regulated by the Emperor and the Crown Prince. How can ordinary princes follow the same example? I shouldn’t drink it.”

He was just about to put down the cup in his hand, Yong Shan smiled dangerously. “What kind of joke is my brother saying now? You have lived here for a while already. Which day have you not eaten and worn the same things as me? Even the dishes just now were made in a small kitchen that only the Crown Prince can use. If you say it’s a crime, you’ve committed it long ago, and you still care about such a cup of tea? Why not drink it in a few sips and destroy the evidence. Don’t forget you have to meet Li Fei in the afternoon.”

Since he was smarter than Yong Qi, in just a few words, he either scared or coaxed him in succession, and the last move was to bring Li Fei out. Yong Qi couldn’t help but be obediently drinking the tea. After finishing, he put down the cup and asked, “Can I really see my mother in the afternoon? This matter, has Father Emperor approved? Yong Shan, you… what are you doing?” His elegant eyebrows suddenly frowned.

“Helping brother.” Taking advantage of the situation, he sat down with Yong Qi, and softly said, “After all, Li Fei has been detained in the Cold Palace for a long time. If you appear so luxurious the first time you go to see her, I’m afraid it’s a bit inappropriate.” Then he stretched his hand around Yong Qi’s waist and fumbled for a while, as if to find a buckle, to untie the large string of ornaments on his waist.

When Yong Qi thought about it again, it made sense. He probably really blamed Yong Shan for nothing. But being so close to Yong Shan like this made him feel uncomfortable. He softly said, “I can do it myself.”

With little force, he tried to remove it himself but couldn’t.

“Brother don’t move around.” Yong Shan moved even closer, his hot breathing directly sprayed on Yong Qi’s neck, and his tone sounded quite serious. “This gift was granted by the Emperor. In case you accidentally break something while moving around, it’s hard for us to explain to Father Emperor. It would also be a crime of disrespect for the monarch.”

Carrying out the accusation of not respecting the monarch, Yong Qi did not dare to struggle anymore. He secretly suspected that this was just an excuse for Yong Shan, but if it really caused a catastrophe, not only would he suffer, even his mother in the cold palace would be affected.

After such a hesitation, Yong Shan already knew that he had backed down, so he clung to him even more presumptuously. With a pair of arms tightly around his slender waist, he softly laughed. “This thing is easy to wear, but unexpectedly it’s really difficult to remove. Brother will have to bear with it for a while.”

The fingers moved, as if they were about to unbuckle the belt. Somehow, without giving prior notice, they got into the seams of the belt. If it weren’t for being blocked by most layers of clothes, it would have almost touched the skin.

Yong Qi was suddenly very embarrassed and slightly annoyed. He called softly, “Yong Shan.”

He held Yong Shan’s hand, not allowing it to move around under the clothes.

Yong Shan wasn’t awkwardat all. Instead, he smiled softly, “My brother’s hands are really warm, his body is also warm. Holding my brother is like hugging a warm stove.”

Yong Qi originally felt that his body was getting hot for no reason, and now that he said it, he felt even stronger. In the winter, his body seemed to be dripping in sweat, as if there was something slowly burning inside.

“About noon, I ate some meat dishes and drank some wine.” Yong Qi said, frowning. “You let go first.”

“Wait a little longer, it’s about to unlock the kai.”

(T/N: Kai written in English. I don’t know what that is either.)

“You…you are just fooling around.”

The heat in Yong Shan’s heart was so hot that he was about to melt away. He lowered his voice, as he sent it to Yong Qi’s ear, “Brother is more and more able to teach people a lesson now. But since you are the eldest brother, you should behave like the eldest brother. Otherwise, how can you be a role model for your brothers?”

Being held by him, Yong Qi couldn’t break free even if he struggled, couldn’t even scold him even if he wanted to. Even after knowing that this was not proper, the heat in his body was becoming hotter and hotter. He subconsciously wished that Yong Shan could restrain himself a little harder, to extinguish the strange evil fire, and asked dully, “How come I don’t behave like an eldest brother?” His elegant eyebrows were raised slightly, and it was even more delicate and attracted attention.

Yong Shan blew a breath of heat on his neck frivolously, “Good brother, then why did you ask your little brother to do that kind of shameful thing for you last night? You also got my hands dirty.”

Yong Qi suddenly stiffened, like a well-dressed scholar, suddenly humiliated as he was stripped naked in public. His neck, his face and even his forehead flushed red to the extreme, escaping a seductive luster.

“Can’t argue, right?” Yong Shan looked at his side profile face affectionately. The thing he was doing now was either amusing oneself without scheme or cunning coercion. The body that hugged his arms became even hotter. He calculated the time of the onset of the drug’s effect, lowered his eyes and peeked at Yong Qi’s thing, hoping to quickly make sure that Yong Qi had felt it.

But Yong Qi was still sitting with his legs closed, covered by many layers of winter clothes. Even if there were signs, how could it be possible to tell?

Yong Shan glanced twice, feeling anxious. The hand that went around Yong Qi’s waist finally couldn’t help but slowly descended to investigate.

Yong Qi was startled, grabbed his hand abruptly, and asked in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

He was so panicked that Yong Shan was also surprised. However, he raised his lips and smiled. “Did my brother do anything shameful? Why are you so afraid of other people’s hands?”

Regardless of Yong Qi’s block, he continued to explore.

“Yong Shan, don’t!”

Although Yong Shan was still slightly smiling, his movements were extremely strong, and Yong Qi could not stop him. After a short while, he was able to find the **, and through the thick cloth, he still grasped the shy organ.

“Ah…” Yong Qi suddenly gasped and let out a low moan.

“It’s so hard.”

The ridiculous tone made the caught Yong Qi’s guilty conscience humiliated to the extreme.

“No…it’s not…”

“Tsk tsk, my brother is not in good health, but this aspect is really strong and fierce. In broad daylight, having a meal with brothers, why does the thing below rise up? Look, how it’s even harder than an iron rod.” With a smile, he humiliated his innocent brother, and squeezed the thing in his hand with further certainty.

The delicate body in his arms immediately shuddered like being attacked.

Wu! Ah…” Yong Qi almost moaned in tears, shook his head desperately in embarrassment, “I didn’t…wu… Shan, stop…”

(T/N: Wu; humming, sob, whimper.)

“I’m just helping brother.”

“Don’t… uh! Don’t knead! Ah… please…”

“Beg me?” After giving him an evil smile,  Yong Shan actually let go, “Since brother already opened his mouth, how can I dare mess around? En, what should I do now? Brother said that Wang Taifu’s class is good. How about I send someone to invite Taifu, talk about Lao Zhuang, and then go to see Li Fei?”

Chang Defu made this bowl of hot tea many times stronger than the one on the chopsticks. Once Yong Qi’s medicinal effect occurred, it was like a tsunami. If Yong Shan hadn’t touched it, Yong Qi could have endured it for a while. Now that he was kneaded by him for a while, and then instantly let go, making it even more difficult for him to hold himself, as if he was suddenly lifted onto a fire and roasted.

He sat in a daze, feeling uncomfortable for a moment and couldn’t bear it. He listened to Yong Shan talking in trance. Hearing that Wang Taifu was about to be invited to give a lecture, Yong Qi began to shake his head timidly. Later, Yong Shan added another sentence of Li Fei and Yong Qi shook his head like a wavy drum.

“Not seeing, even Li Fei?”

“See, but now, it’s late.” Yong Qi barely said a few words smoothly.

He shook his head for a while, and his head became dizzy. Only the flames of his ** burned more vigorously, causing people to be hot and painful. Without even thinking about it, he stretched his arm down unconsciously.

Yong Shan, who was observing on the side, saw him move, and immediately hugged him tightly with his arms. He smiled and asked, “My brother told me not to knead it, so why would he break his words and do it by himself now? No can do. I won’t touch, and my brother is not allowed to touch either.”

Originally Yong Qi didn’t know what he wanted, but when Yong Shan exposed him, suddenly it was like a mind blowing event, and he really couldn’t help but want to reach out to caress that shameful place.

For a while, he was embarrassed, and his delicate, outstanding and pretty face showed remorse, but the embarrassing feeling of xing from the effect of the medicine still couldn’t be concealed.

(T/N: xing in English text. No idea what’s that.) 

This person was so alluring with his red lips and white teeth.

The more Yong Shan watched, the more he loved, and all the more he wanted to press it back and forth a few times to reach his innermost love. But he really didn’t dare to make a mistake. He could only bear and endure it. Thanks to his deep concealing skills, he could also put on a leisurely look like a sidelines, just holding Yong Qi’s upper body, not allowing him to interpret without permission. He found some topics, talking about this and that, “Father Emperor seems to be unwell recently, and officials from everywhere recommend prescriptions. There is a governor surnamed Su who is particularly interesting. He specially sent his son all the way for thousands of miles to the capital to present a cat with golden hair and green eyes. He said it was a divine object, and keeping it in the palace can ensure peace and safety. The official asked me what I should do, and I said…”

“Yong Shan.” Yong Qi’s body was burning and he still had to listen to his nonsense. After a while, he couldn’t help it, and begged in a low voice, “You let me go. Being bind like this, I… I’m so uncomfortable…”

Yong Shan glanced at him, his usual pale lips as delicate as rose petals. It seemed that this pure-hearted brother had been too embarrassed and turned into a fish gasping for water.

“Brother is uncomfortable?” Yong Shan said diligently, “Should I ask for the Imperial doctor?”

Yong Qi was extremely vigorous, “You…you…”

He already knew that Yong Shan had other thoughts, but he also got embarrassed for no reason, and he didn’t actually scold him from a standpoint. He bit his lower lip, with a self-reproach and aggrieved expression, making Yong Shan’s desire higher.

Gege, don’t be angry, you don’t want to see a doctor, didi will just listen to you.”

He had always hated other people’s squishy speech, but now these “gege” and “didi,” were extremely smooth for him to speak. While talking, the hands that were holding Yong Qi could not help but relax a little. Immediately, Yong Qi unconsciously wanted to go down and scratch again, but Yong Shan quickly hugged again, teasing, “If I give my brother a little bit of space, my brother is so quick to make himself feel good.”

Yong Qi was panicked and ashamed, turned his face to one side with his body trembling.

Yong Shan felt distressed, and secretly cursed Chang Defu for putting too much medicine and complaining about himself that he was too lustful to deliberately play with the poor brother, but at this time, it was better to die than to ask him to hang on the cliff and be a gentleman and saint.  Pity and lust clashing against each other. After all, lust still had the upper hand. Enduring in distress and holding Yong Qi, the brother who was not allowed to take medicine again, secretly, he thought, let him go today, and he will be even more untouchable in the future. I’m sorry to have to do this again.

Two people, one shivering while the other was hugging, had an evil fire in their hearts that could not be extinguished as they gritted their teeth silently, both endured it like this.

The sun passed to the highest peak, and the warm light went through every angle, penetrated into the large open-framed window, and spilled over half of the room, but it was not as frightening as the heat in their hearts at the moment.

After a while, a dense layer of sweat oozed out of Yong Qi’s forehead, his face was soaked, and his skin became more radiant.

Because of the force, there was a shallow circle of teeth marks on his lower lip.

Yong Shan expected that before long, he would beg for mercy. He was patiently waiting for him to beg several times, which would be a skyrocketing price to obtain both soft and hard Yong Qi for the night. Unexpectedly, Yong Qi’s face was too thin. After receiving a few harsh words from him, he couldn’t speak anymore, and just endured it with bitterness.

Yong Shan felt very regretful. After getting on a tiger’s back, it was hard to get off. It was impossible for him to stop halfway. It was so awful that he almost slapped himself with hatred.

He secretly peeked at Yong Qi’s face, knowing fully well that it would be impossible to wait for Yong Qi to take initiative to speak actively.

Facing Yong Qi, he had always been concerned about personal gains and losses. He couldn’t do it for a while, and suddenly he was depressed thinking that there was no reason for Yong Qi to beg, he probably would rather die than let him touch it.

Thinking to this point, his heart suddenly became cold, and a chill that came from who knows where, suddenly covering his raging passion.

He also didn’t know how much medicine Chang Defu had put into that cup of tea. Since Yong Qi’s body was weak, he wasn’t sure if he could endure it or not. Thinking of this, his face became a little darker.

In fact, when he was peeking at Yong Qi, Yong Qi was also peeking at him.

Of course, because Yong Qi couldn’t guess what he was thinking, he had to take a quick look at him, but because of his guilty conscience, his ugliness fell into the eyes of Yong Shan, a mean Crown Prince and a little brother, and he also didn’t know what trouble he would cause. Seeing Yong Shan’s face getting more and more ugly, he thought that it was because of his inability to restrain this unconvincing physical impulse. Because he couldn’t get to Yong Shan’s level, the Song clan was defeated in the Court and even his mother was detained. It’s all because of his lack of abilities. No ability or power in the Court meant he would be finished. Now in broad daylight doing this kind of shameful thing and even the basic shame was gone. 

The more Yong Qi thought about it, the more he felt ashamed, and the more his body trembled.

Deep in the dark eyes, actually filled a thick mist of embarrassment and despair.

Yong Shan was still holding him close, even if he just raised his eyebrows, he couldn’t escape Yong Shan’s eyes. Seeing him like this, Yong Shan’s heart was cold. Knowing that as long as he had this brother, he would have been a place regarded as home, so he sighed. “You are amazing. No need to cry, I’ll just let go of you.” Sure enough, Yong Qi was released.

Worrying that Yong Qi thought he was watching, he might not be willing to leave everything aside to solve it on his own. He turned his face to the side with a restrained heart, and said blankly, “You stay here, I’ll go out.”

Standing up, looking down, his already erected propped up the pants, and the clothes were faintly protruding into an unbearable shape, as if he had completely exposed his intentions.

Yong Shan was furious at once.

His heart was cold, arrogant and lonely. Even himself didn’t feel much pity for his own ugliness. At this moment, he was full of resentment and unwillingness. He was reluctant to use Yong Qi to vent. It was useless to hate him. If it wasn’t for this thing to be greedy and wild, why would he need to take advantage of Yong Qi over and over again? Why would he need to lower his head, acting inferior, willing to please others which would only cause trouble for himself, not even as good as a beggar?

Now he was still making a fool of himself!

While he was finding a way to vent his anger, his hatred suddenly erupted like a mountain torrent. Thinking that keeping this thing was also harmful, he gritted his teeth, stretched out his hand and grabbed his own **, as if his deep-rooted obsession with Yong Qi was all the mistake made by this thing, so why not just snap it off.

(T/N: OMG, okay.)

Without much effort, he stroked his weakest and strongest place.

That organ was an extremely sensitive part of a man’s body. Normally, it wouldn’t be able to bear even just a rub. Not to mention now he was torturing his own body when he was in a mess, his blood overflowing. Suddenly, an unimaginable pain hit his brain, and even Yong Shan couldn’t bear it, screaming “Ah” and curled up to the ground.

The pain drew away all the blood from his face.

Yong Qi, who was just freed, let out a sigh of relief only to hear Yong Shan’s screams. When he turned around, seeing that Yong Shan was already curled up on the ground, he spoke in surprise, “Yong Shan!” and hurriedly helped him up.

“I don’t need you!” Yong Shan waved his hand and stood up panting. It was so painful that his lips turned pale. He sneered, “I can’t touch you. Don’t tell me that I can’t touch myself either?”

Yong Qi’s hands, which were stretched out in the air, froze there.

His bright and crystal clear-like eyes looked at Yong Shan complicatedly.

Once Yong Shan stared at those eyes, his hardened heart seemed to be broken with a crack. He stared at Yong Qi fiercely for a while, and suddenly heart softened. Half-kneeling, he raised his head and began to beg softly, “Good brother, you can treat me as Yong Lin. Let me help you once, okay. If you say stop, I will stop immediately and never hurt you. You can treat me as Yong Lin.”

Yong Qi was stunned.

The younger brother in front of him wasn’t Yong Lin, and he knew it.

But was this really Yong Shan? That ruthless and indifferent Yong Shan, with a cold air all over his body, which he subconsciously wanted to avoid since he was a child? Yong Qi’s brain had been burned by the hot object below to the point of scorching. His little bit of remaining rationale was entangled in confusion, becoming hot and painful.

“Yong Shan, I…”

“Brother, good brother, I promise, just once.”

Yong Shan’s faintly voice penetrated into his ear. Yong Qi originally wanted to shake his head, but seeing Yong Shan was watching him eagerly like a night owl, he was unable to move. He knew it was wrong to nod, but he couldn’t shake his head either, his chest heaved up and down as he panted slightly.

For a long while, he raised his hand in a daze, as if to touch Yong Shan’s face, to see if the sorrowful anticipation was true.

Yong Shan was overjoyed, grasping the hand he stretched out, and pressing it obsessively on his face.

“Good brother.” He muttered in a low voice, half-closed his eyes, holding Yong Qi’s snow-white hand, guiding him to touch his eyes, cheeks, and chin. When he touched his lips, he kissed his palms in every possible way.

Yong Qi was embarrassed, “Yong Shan, don’t be like this.”

Since he couldn’t pull his hand back, he had to free up his other hand to push Yong Shan’s shoulder, but Yong Shan’s expression right now was completely like a contented child, he couldn’t bear to use much force to push him awake. He gave him a few lightly pushes with the strength of a woman acting coquettishly towards her lover, even more intimate.

Yong Shan kissed his hand many times before sticking out his tongue to lick it. The palm was delicate and sensitive, and when the warm tongue swept across it, the pleasure of the wet licking suddenly spread to the forearm, like igniting a path full of strong wine, and the fire went straight to the lower abdomen.

“En!” Yong Qi couldn’t help shivering, an embarrassing moan escaped through his teeth.

Yong Shan leaned over eagerly, “Brother, let me help you.”

In a half-kneeling posture, he untied the buckle on Yong Qi’s waist belt. Originally, Yong Shan wanted to strip him completely nake, but remembered that this person’s face was too thin. For fear that there would be extra obstacles, eventually, he abandoned a treat for his eyes, only put his hands in carefully, and caressed Yong Qi’s hardening baby for a long time.

Even so, he was still extremely happy.

Today, Yong Qi was willing to yield after making a show of resistance and let himself touch it, which was considered to be a particularly good sign. In the past, no matter how many times it took, it was either him being tied up or Yong Shan had to pretend in order to touch him, it couldn’t compare to this sentimental point at the moment.


“There are only the two of us here, brother, don’t bear it, just scream if you want to.” Yong Shan stepped forward, with his face almost on Yong Qi’s trembling waist, and said very gently, “Don’t worry about those servants. Whoever dares to say ugly word of brother in secret, I will cut their tongues.” With one hand looping over, holding Yong Qi’s waist, the other hand carefully rubbing under Yong Qi’s clothes.

Yong Qi groaned in a low voice. He could hardly sit upright anymore. If it weren’t for Yong Shan supporting his waist with his hand, he would have softened on the chair with half of his body against the back of the chair long time ago.

Wu! Ah… Yong Shan… Hmm en… Don’t…”

“Like this?”

“Uhh…Ah! Ah! Yong Shan… Yong Shan…”

He heavily breathed out and the sharp nose opened and closed excitedly, but they were no longer sufficient. Yong Qi opened his lips slightly, and was eagerly taken by Yong Shan into the hell of pleasure.

Yong Shan was bewitched, “Be good, call my name like just now.”

“Si―um! There―that place―ah!”

“Is it here?”


The neck, which was deeply receded, was curved in a tempting and maddening arc.

“It turns out that my brother likes me touching this pinhole.”

“You…um…you you…uhh…”

Yong Shan was afraid that he would be angry again, so he quickly coaxed, “I was wrong. Brother is the most upright person. In that place, every man likes to be touched there.” Then his voice was lowered to a softer tone, “My brother’s two small meatballs were also swollen out of words. Little brother will rub it for you.”


“It’s so full and bulging, shouldn’t it be a lot to release?”


Immersed in the sea of ​​desire, the overwhelming pleasure had subverted the reason for Yong Qi. At some point, he had grabbed Yong Shan’s clothes with both hands, and his fingers curled up, so hard that his knuckles turned white.

“Brother will shoot his white liquid to produce his offspring from here. Tsk, such a tender pinhole, wouldn’t it be pleasurable to scratch it with your nails?”

“Ahh agh―Yong Shan…no…hhn don’t…”

“I won’t hurt brother, really, I’m not lying.” Yong Shan’s voice brewed infinite tenderness, “Wait a minute, brother will feel more pleasant, I’m not lying.”

The sound of water stains caused by the palms stroking the organs made the bright room filled with sunlight also appear moist and embarrassing.

“Uhh…en.. ah!”

“Brother, are you quite comfortable?”

“Wu―there, don’t… woo…”

Yong Shan asked softly, “If my brother is comfortable, can I still do it in the future?”

Yong Qi didn’t hear Yong Shan’s words clearly at all. He shook his head randomly, and the hair hanging from his forehead was soaked in heat and sweat. Under the influence of the medicine’s effect, his excitement and luscious numbness was stronger than ever.

“Brother, you’re so beautiful.”


“Brother, do you know? Actually…I…”

“Wu―ah! Yong Shan… Yong Shan…”

“……I’m here.”

Yong Qi’s facial features were delicate and his eyebrows were as pretty as a drawing. At this moment, the spring was overflowing, and corners of his eyes were full of red and alluring charming, like a deer that could only admit his fate after losing his way, ignorantly and hypnotized by the hunter.

The slight flame that was burning inside Yong Shan’s heart, had become more violent than at the beginning, and his little thing that was not afraid of death, raised its head again, because he didn’t receive the care he deserved, it was so painful.

He could actually suppress himself.

Serving Yong Qi’s penis hidden under his clothes, Yong Shan intoxicatedly looked up at his brother’s face which had fallen in the depth of pleasure yet was still uncomfortable. He quietly grabbed Yong Qi’s hand holding his clothes, put it on his lips, kissed gently over and over again, and licked gently with his tongue.

As soon as the tip of his tongue touched his soft palm, it felt as if the breath that belonged to Yong Qi entered his taste buds.

In a daze, Yong Shan felt it was a little salty. He slowly lowered his eyes to look at the white jade-like palm that was moistened by his own lick, just to see another drop of water splashing on it.

Only then did he realize that he had already cried like a fool without him noticing when.

(Phewss… I have started another work recently. Cute, sweet and funny story. Feel free to drop by and take a look. Here is chapter 1 Here)


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