Taizi Ch13


Yong Shan lowered his head, his attitude remained calm and collected even after seeing the teardrop on his palm. Noticing the tension on Yong Qi’s waist, and knowing that he was about to reach his limit, he rubbed his fingertips more gently, and the squeaking moist rubbing sound couldn’t be covered by these several layers of clothes.


Yong Qi’s slender neck was suddenly pressed back to the extreme as if he was being attacked. His body violently shivered, and most of the hot current was sprayed into Yong Shan’s prepared palm.

Yong Qi’s tight body rose during the time he climaxed, and then suddenly slumped down, almost landing on the chair. Yong Shan quickly hugged him.

Yong Qi whose eyes were still moist from the aftermath leaned in Yong Shan’s arms obediently with slightly panting as he looked at him.

This look was really tempting.

Yong Shan couldn’t help but leaned forward to kiss, only intending to give those thin rose-colored lips with a light peak. However, after a light touch, he couldn’t hold himself back and his tongue invaded inside like it had his own will.

Yong Qi was still immersed in the aftertaste of the strong wave, and his slightly opened lips were easily attacked by Yong Shan.

Licking his gums with his tongue, he tasted Yong Qi.

As if not daring to offend him more than this, Yong Shan gently used his tongue to probe his desire little by little. He stretched from his teeth to the base of his tongue, caressing softly, wondering in secret how to prevent Yong Qi from noticing his luring him into a tongue kiss.

“Enn…” Yong Qi’s body suddenly twisted with excitement.

Yong Shan thought that he had provoked him, so he stopped abruptly and looked at Yong Qi’s face.

Looking at his delicate face that was covered with a layer of pink blush, he understood, smiled understandingly, and touched the thing down below again with his hand.

Sure enough, the Yong Qi who had only been satisfied just once, was hard again.

“Brother is really energetic.” Yong Shan said in a low voice.

Yong Qi’s face flushed, and he almost sobbed with shame.

Yong Shan couldn’t bear to embarrass him, and quickly said, “It’s all because of Yong Lin. Why did he bring wine to drink in broad daylight? It’s inevitable for ordinary people to have a mess after drinking, not to mention that my brother never drinks like this before. It’s understandable that he can’t hold himself when he gets drunk. Every man is all the same.”

Yong Qi still had doubts. Although he didn’t drink often, it wasn’t like he had never touched the alcohol before. However, he had never encountered such a situation like today. Now even the harsh and mean Yong Shan, who would take every opportunity to tease him, actually gave him a step down in consideration. Of course he wouldn’t be stupid enough to cut the ground under his own feet. He pursed his lips and froze for a moment before saying softly in a voice like a mosquito, “Is there a way… to sober up?”

“It’s not good to hold back.”


“Originally, Father Emperor had rewarded us many court ladies just to prevent such things, lest we endure and hurt our body.” Yong Shan smiled and said in a gentle and considerate tone, “but with my brother’s current status, if his reputation of indulgence reaches Father’s ears, I am afraid it won’t be very good.”

“There should be something to stop…”

Yong Shan pressed against his ears and whispered, “Let younger brother help you.”

Being gripped and squeezed lightly by Yong Shan in a familiar way, the pleasure came in waves after waves. Although he shook his head in embarrassment, he couldn’t get up anyway.

The intoxicated and sweet numbness ran across his back. Yong Qi couldn’t help groaning softly. The more he heard his own embarrassing voice, the more he couldn’t face Yong Shan. He felt weak all over, and he could only rely on Yong Shan’s support to prevent him from falling down. Feeling helpless, he leaned his chin on Yong Shan’s shoulder, so that Yong Shan couldn’t stare at him anymore.

With such an intimate move, Yong Shan couldn’t ask for more. He rubbed his cheek with his face, and asked softly, “Brother, do you want to go back to the room?”

Yong Qi, who was still closing his eyes, feeling uncontrollably enjoying his brother’s fingers service, opened his eyes slightly when he heard the words, and then realized with a panic that the windows here were wide open, and with all the sunlight shining through, making it clear of the scene inside with just a glance.

This made Yong Qi so frightened, he nodded quickly, and squeezed into Yong Shan’s arms, as if to use him to block any peeping eyes.

Yong Shan asked him if he wanted to go to the room, because there was a bed in the room, and not because of the sunlight and the windows. But seeing Yong Qi’s reaction, he already understood. He embraced and coaxed him, told him to hide his face in his arms, and smiled. “Okay, we’ll go back to the room. The way my brother blushes is too unnatural. Don’t get out and be seen before we get to the room, otherwise everyone will be suspicious of our brothers.”

Even if he didn’t state this statement, Yong Qi would never dare to come out.

Yong Shan hugged him and went out, and instructed Chang Defu casually along the way, “His Highness Yong Qi drank some wine at noon, and was uncomfortable. He wants to rest. Go, put down the curtains of the bedroom, and no one is allowed to disturb us.”

Even though Chang Defu knew what the “uncomfortable” was all about, he didn’t reveal anything on his face, only seriously responded and immediately obeyed the orders.

Once Yong Shan stepped into the room, the curtains were indeed lowered. There were thick curtains, hanging so tight that not a slight gap could be seen. The shadow of a maidservant also disappeared, even the passage all the way to the outer corridor was quiet.

Yong Qi was like a little tortoise, shrunken in his arms obediently. Yong Shan put him on the thick bed, turned around to close the door, and when he turned back, he found that Yong Qi, who was consciously faceless to see people, had been hidden in the bottom of a thick silk quilt.

Yong Shan’s chest overflowed with tenderness, taking off his coat, he got into the quilt.

“Brother, there are only us now.”

He fumbled for a while, and found that because of the violent effect of the medicine, Yong Qi could not help but stretch out his hand to caress the place down below. When he got caught, he was shaking with shame. Yong Shan didn’t dare to provoke him at this moment. He held him calmly, stretched out his hand, and covered his slender five fingers. With a volume that can only be heard by each other’s ear, he gently taught, “Place your finger here and rub it gently. Yes, from the bottom to top, occasionally stroke the top hole.”

Yong Qi gasped again and again.

The two of them were nestled in the quilt, enlarged with the sound of the chaotic gasp, low moan that escaped from the throat, and the pounding heartbeats, all so thunderous that could make every nerve tense, yet cozy and warm.

“Yong Shan…Ah! Uh-Yong Shan…”

Yong Qi was trembling all over by his rubbing as he leaned back his neck in confusion, calling out vaguely when his emotions reached the extreme.

This elder brother, who was born earlier less than a month of expected due, was indeed not endowed with lust. In terms of lust, Li Fei knew that her son was weak, and she deliberately did not guide him so as not to ruin his body more and more after getting to know the taste. Therefore, Yong Qi had always been pure-hearted with less desire. He only had sex with a woman only a few times.

As a result, after taking the medicine, he was served by a master like Yong Shan in every possible way, completely discarding his helmet and armor.

Soon, he knew that Yong Shan’s touch made him happier. Under his unclear mindset, he unknowingly withdrew his hand, and inside the quilt that covered everything, he let his half-brother rub his long and bulging slender jade object at will.

After a while, he arched his waist suddenly and shot into Yong Shan’s hands.

He was worried that Yong Shan’s hand would get dirty, and his complexion would be ugly again so he turned to look in a daze, but what was reflected in his eyes was Yong Shan’s doting smile, and when the soft kiss fell on his forehead, his face was full of warmth.

But soon, it became more embarrassing.

A short while later, the thing raised its head for the third time, clamoring greedily to continue stroking and kneading.

Yong Qi was so ashamed that he just wanted to hit his head against the wall. However, Yong Shan repeatedly consoled him, and kept whispering in his ear. “It’s nothing. It can be said that my brother is much better these days. Just don’t drink alcohol randomly in the future.”

After that he still stretched out his hand to help him rubbing.

While being in a daze, Yong Qi felt something hard against himself. It felt a little familiar, but also a little scary for some reason. He was in the sea of desire, and it took him a long time to understand. He turned his head, barely opened his eyes and looked at Yong Shan.

Yong Shan’s face revealed self-blame and quickly said, “It’s my fault. I dare not anymore.” Then he actually moved his body away a bit, but his hand was still gently stroking Yong Qi’s.

Being stabbed by something hard just now made Yong Qi almost become like a statue. In the midst of the storm and rain of sensory pleasure, the slight pain like a needle prick was still clearly noticeable.

He faintly turned his head, humming with his lips, and said vaguely, “I can’t handle it…”

Yong Shan was confused with his no-head or tail speech, but he still replied in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid, if you can’t handle it, I will help you…” Suddenly, he was dumb and lost his voice.

Under the quilt, one hand leaned forward timidly, yet dared to touch randomly but since it was blocked by layers of clothes, it couldn’t touch the inside at all.

In a moment of surprise, Yong Shan freed up a hand, almost tore his own trousers into several pieces, grasped Yong Qi’s hand, guided him to that place, and said softly with a voice full of excitement, “Good brother. Don’t retract your hand.”

Yong Qi was both embarrassed and ashamed, thinking that he must be crazy. However, once his hand touched the hard object that was hot like a soldering iron, it was like on a battlefield. He couldn’t turn around and fled and could only close his eyes and enjoy Yong Shan’s deliberately pleasing service, while forcing himself to comfort Yong Shan as well.

Yong Qi was inexperienced, and because of him being too shy, his actions were blunt. Doing this kind of immoral thing, he couldn’t wait to let Yong Shan be satisfied immediately. Feeling anxious in his heart, his strength was inevitably too strong in his hand.

Although Yong Shan was strong, it was impossible for that fragile thing in that place to practice martial arts and withstand such force. Being squeezed indiscriminately by Yong Qi, he immediately covered in cold sweat.

Yong Qi also felt something was wrong, and turned his head to look at him anxiously, “Is it… is it too bad?”

Yong Shan tried hard to bear it. He was dripping cold sweat while raising his lips, smiled pretentiously, and comforted him. “Brother is really amazing. It’s more comfortable than when I did it myself.”

Yong Qi stared at him weirdly.

Although the two of them stopped talking, their hand movements didn’t stop. Their chests rose and fell sharply, and at the same time their breath quickened. After a moment of awkward stiffness, Yong Qi retracted his hand.

Yong Shan was anxious, and grabbed his hand and refused to make him retract. “Brother, what does this mean?”

“I… Actually I…”

“No matter what you are going to say, you can’t just leave in the middle like this.”

Yong Qi’s gentle eyes were filled with charming moisture, and they were full of complicated and confused ignorance. He had been served by Yong Shan several times, roughly knowing that Yong Shan was extremely fond of him. Depending on the situation, it could be that this little brother, the Crown Prince had been suppressing his desire.

In the past, Yong Qi had always felt that it was not a big deal to suppress one’s own desire. However, after experiencing the pain today, he realized that it was indeed not easy to get through it. If he suffered from it and didn’t vent, it was simply like a torture.

A luscious numbness swapped all over his body, and Yong Qi was immersed in this joy. The fear of the past had almost all disappeared. He vaguely thought that being imprisoned in the Inner Punishment Court was an order from the Emperor, and what Yong Shan did to him before, was pretty the same to what he did to him now, which wasn’t too vicious at all.

As for why he had to be tough and make him that miserable, most of it was because he was not good at it. With his hands like this, he must have squeezed Yong Shan black and blue, making him drenched in a cold sweat, but why was it so comfortable when being rubbed by Yong Shan?

The more he thought about it, the more ridiculous he got, his vision averted, and the thinking in his mind became more and more weird.

Yong Shan was still holding his hand and coaxing patiently, “Brother help me finish this time, okay? I will be like Yong Lin, and listen to my brother every word he says in the future.”

Yong Shan couldn’t get used to Yong Lin, and Yong Qi knew it well. Almost all of his fury had something to do with Yong line. He was such a strong person, but saying such a thing as behaving like Yong Lin made Yong Qi also uncomfortable.

A moment of sorrow and grief hit the tip of Yong Qii’s nose, and he couldn’t tell what it was like and where it came from. It was just that when the impulse reached his throat, he gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t use my hands, I use… can’t I use my body?”

As soon as the words were spoken, he became stiff.

Not only him, but Yong Shan was also stiff.

Everything stopped suddenly.

Just now, he breath was still inhaling and exhaling without fail. But at this moment, he dared not even breathe out a small breath.

After a long while, as if something was choking in his throat, Yong Shan asked cautiously, “You mean it?”

Yong Qi almost cried again, stammering, “I…I…”

No matter what he had to say, there was no chance of turning back.

With a straight face, Yong Shan interrupted him, grinding his white teeth, and said in a deep voice, “If you dare to say it’s not true, I’ll strangle you to death right now.”

He stretched out his hand and hugged him tightly, kissed his face and neck fiercely, and began to untie his clothes like a hungry wolf.

Yong Shan took off his coat and climbed on the bed, but Yong Qi didn’t take off anything, except using Yong Shan hand through his lossen pants to solve the problem below.

Yong Shan stripped his clothes in half, as half torn and half open, if it weren’t for fear of hurting Yong Qi, he would have stripped him nake all in one breath.

The imperial jade belt that had been said to be unable to take off, and must not be broken, was now worthless, and Yong Shan didn’t care about the buckle, he pulled it off at will and threw it under the bed.

Yong Qi said anxiously, “It was bestowed by Father Emperor, if…”

“Respect the monarch, but not on this little thing’s head.”Yong Shan ignored what he had just said, and chuckled against Yong Qi’s round earlobes, “Many things in my place are bestowed by the emperor, and if they are broken, there will be punishment. I don’t know how many crimes I have committed and deserve punishment, and I don’t care about such a thing.”

The only thing he worried about was that Yong Qi would learn about this medicine thing and regret his decision now.

He seized every moment, took his naked brother into a hug, and under the warm covers, stroking the skin on the inner side of his legs ambiguously.

Being touched by him, Yong Qi’s limbs and body became hot. He was timid yet he couldn’t help but want him to caress a little harder while twisting his body faintly.

Yong Shan understood what he meant, and laughed softly, squeezing the soft and firm skin with his palms, playing with it intentionally, and gradually added a bit of force, causing Yong Qi to unknowingly separate his legs.

“It’s still early.” Yong Shan said tenderly, “Loosen your waist a little bit, or you will get tired later.”

Yong Qi heard the overtones and opened his eyes nervously.

Yong Shan smiled more and more softly, covering him in a gentle manner, and again and again the fine kisses fell on Yong Qi’s face, fearing that he would be frightened, he let him close his eyes, “It doesn’t hurt at all, I promise.”

The strength of the hand that was caressing Yong Qi’s gradually weakened, soft as a drizzle, lingering on the side of the sensitive leg, but he did not touch the center of where Yong Qi was most eager to touch.

The effect of the medicine in Yong Qi’s body was still there. He couldn’t hold it back for a moment, opened his eyes again, and looked at Yong Shan pitifully.

Yong Shan kissed him and said, “It’ll be fine in a while.”

He used the white bodily fluid he got on hand to carefully apply several times on the two places where it was necessary to be infected.

When the scorching firmness reached the entrance, Yong Qi was frightened by the past memory, and inevitably shrank in fear.

“Brother don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt.”

Yong Shan didn’t dare to stop him, released his hand, and waited until Yong Qi was less panicked before he affixed it again, moving his waist, let the murder weapon of the ** touch the alluring snow-white meat mound with the lightest force.

He was so considerate. No matter how nervous Yong Qi was, he gradually felt better. Yong Shan was on top of him, but did not press on him. This posture consumed a lot of energy and was exhausting. Even a naive person like Yong Qi, seeing him like this was a bit unbearable to look at. After thinking for a while, he took the initiative to open his closed legs a little bit, so that Yong Shan could press his knees into the empty space in the middle.

Unconcealed joy suddenly escaped from Yong Shan’s face. He moved even further, letting his own stiff thing slowly touch Yong Qi’s head-up jade stem, and whisper, “It’s a greeting.”

Yong Qi never expected this cold-faced brother could behave this way in such a situation. He couldn’t help but give a light chuckle, and immediately turned his face in embarrassment.

Yong Shan smiled and kissed his cheek heavily, “Brother laughed.”

After pondering for a moment, he whispered, “Can I start?”

Yong Qi should have been terrified, but at this moment a hint of sweetness suddenly appeared, covering up all the dark memories from before. Even himself couldn’t understand whether the Yong Shan in front of him and the terrible Yong Shan in the past were the same person. Because when he was held inside the Inner Punishment Court, he was so frightened for a long time and couldn’t tell the difference. Perhaps the Yong Shan at that time wasn’t as terrible as he thought.

He looked at Yong Shan, and suddenly realized that this was a younger brother, who was only two hours younger than him, and only sixteen this year.

Why did he think that he was more terrifying than adults in the past?

Looking at it from a very close distance, those black and white eyes clearly hid a little childishness, not as cold and ruthless as he imagined.

Yong Qi let his own imagination run wild off and on and didn’t seem to be so nervous anymore. He let out a long breath, staring at Yong Shan and said, “Don’t tell others about this.”

As long as he didn’t go back on his words, Yong Shan would listen to what he said, and his words were like Heavenly music in his ears. After kissing and sucking, he vowed, “I will tell no one about this. If words leak out from my mouth, I’ll be struck by lightning, and die a terrible death.”

Yong Qi was stunned for a moment before saying, “There is no need to make such a poisonous oath.”

Then his pretty cheeks twitched suddenly as he moaned.

The stiff, hard object had already taken advantage of his momentary relaxation, and nimbly penetrated into a section of the front end.

“Good brother, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

Yong Shan muttered repeatedly, soothing while kissing his lips.

He really didn’t dare to mess around. Although he couldn’t stand it any more after entering, he still waited for Yong Qi to relax a little before exploring the way inside bit by bit.

Yong Qi had been hugged by him countless times in the Inner Punishment Court, but in Yong Shan’s heart, he only regarded today as the first time, and treated Yong Qi as a pure virgin with all his heart, which toddy seemed to be a wedding night in the Prince’s bridal chamber as he held the only person who would accompany him throughout his life. At this moment, no matter how contented his heart was, it was extremely hard and uncomfortable to endure compared to the thickness and creaminess of the thing below.

The passage was expanded, and Yong Qi couldn’t help groaning in a low voice every time the foreign object got deeper.

This time it was definitely not as painful as before, but if something thick and hard was inserted into the narrow place where it had been subjected to sex, it was hard to say that it felt good. If Yong Shan’s hard object pushed in a little, he would struggle endlessly. On the contrary, Yong Shan would move and stop for a while. Even the dull Yong Qi had noticed his painstaking efforts and couldn’t say a word of refusal. After listening to Yong Shan’s guidance, he started to exhale and relaxed as much as possible so that Yong Shan could get in more easily.

The two brothers cooperated. The mucous membrane rubbed against the deepest part of his body, and slowly became pleasurable, mixed with the medicinal effect of Yong Qi, and gradually came to fruition.

Yong Qi’s expression changed from nervous to seductive.


“Good brother, your voice is so sweet.”

Yong Shan’s voice and movements were gentle enough to make someone melt.

Yong Qi couldn’t help gasping and groaning.

There was something sweet caressing inside his body, that even Yong Lin couldn’t give it to him. Toward Yong Lin, he only treated him like an older brother looking after his younger brother, his adorable and silly younger brother.

But now, he himself, was the one who was being loved, protected and cherished.

Unable to keep hold of his emotions, he relaxed and opened up his body, letting Yong Shan able to move in and out faster and faster, and when Yong Shan came closer, he opened his lips and greeted him with his kiss.

Even himself was surprised at his natural and unforced actions, as if he had never been treated badly by Yong Shan before.

“Brother, call my name.” In Yong Shan’s familiar and intimate voice, there was a trace of his majesty and pride of the Crown Prince .

Yong Qi wasn’t feeling afraid anymore. He vaguely realized that when Yong Shan threatened him, he was always childish, stubborn and unreasonable, but with too much jealousy.

“Yong Shan…Si unh…Yong Shan…younger brother…um―”

Being whipped by the feeling of pleasure, Yong Qi kept arching up to meet him.

With his mouth calling vaguely, he more or less knew that as long as this was the case, Yong Shan would give him more happiness.

What Yong Shan asked for, maybe just this.

And he guessed it right.

“Brother, good brother, Yong Qi brother.” Yong Shan responded affectionately, chewing the name that belonged to him affectionately, biting each other’s lips and groaning hoarsely.

He moved his waist frequently, attacking fiercely, but his gaze was fixed on Yong Qi’s face. Every slight change in his face wouldn’t escape Yong Shan’s eyes. Expecting the happiness on his face to become stronger and stronger, and frankly revealing every bit of satisfaction.

It seemed that he was not a hunter, but a prey indulged in Yong Qi’s hand.

He wanted to be possessive, but he wanted to please the brother under him more.

He didn’t know whether Yong Qi could appreciate his feelings, but he was grateful enough. While Yong Qi endured his penetration, he opened his lips and kissed him passionately.

Their tongues twisted as they sucked each other full of excitement.

Those moist lips couldn’t hold back a moan like a weeping escaping from his mouth.

The violent moves were too fiercely like excited little beasts, and the lewd sound of water stains resounded through the big room and might spread outside.

But no one can care about it.

Even Yong Qi became crazy.

Unconsciously, he was coaxed by Yong Shan and fell into the abyss of indecency. He thought that he might regret it when he woke up, but now, he was so frantically at ease.

The two of them vented like crazy, and when the pleasure hit their bodies, they trembled, waiting for the soul to ejaculate.

Unbelievable numbness rushed to their foreheads, and it exploded in an instant.

“Ah ah ah ah!” Yong Qi, no longer concerned about morality, screamed.

This was the first time he was disrespectful, and shameful in his life. With legs spread to the widest, body naked, his lower body was bearing the invasion of his younger brother and his white neck leaned back, like a lewd courtesan crying out in pleasure.

The foreign object in his body suddenly became hot, and for a moment, the whole body seemed to be burned by the heat.

His vision was completely obscured by the dazzling white.

“Brother, I like you so much.” Yong Shan exhaled softly in his ear.


The two hugged softly and gasped.

They didn’t know what to say, this feeling was beyond their expectation, Yong Qi couldn’t predict it, and even Yong Shan had never expected it to be this strong. He was silent, eagerly recalling that bullying happiness.

It took a long time for Yong Qi to come back to his senses, and asked in a naive way: “Are we… that… together?”

Yong Shan laughed at his innocent stupidity, and sighed, “Yes, my brother Yong Qi.”

Yong Qi glanced at him, and suddenly said, “Are you crying?”

“Nonsense.” Yong Shan smiled lightly, “Who has ever seen me cry? It’s all sweat.”

Yong Qi stopped talking.

Yong Shan hugged him in his arms tightly and bit his ear, “Do you want to?” He lowered his hand, and his heart was shocked.

The medicine was so powerful that it made him turn half hard again.

Yong Qi was touched by him and was very embarrassed. He wanted to turn around and break away but Yong Shan refused to let go, hugged him tightly, and bit lightly on his ear. “It didn’t hurt just now?”

“No… no, don’t do it anymore.”

Yong Shan who finally had one round after such hard work, was definitely not enough. He wanted to seduce him again, but then cautiously shut his mouth.

He sat up suddenly, lifted the quilt, grabbed Yong Qi’s legs separately and looked at the place. The white hot liquid was slowly overflowing from inside, and the sides of his legs were sticky, unspeakably lewd.

The flesh was red and swollen, looking pitiful.

Yong Qi, whose legs were suddenly being pulled apart, said in surprise, “Yong Shan, what are you doing?”

Even before he could struggle, Yong Shan had already let go of his ankles, soothing him to lie back down, and said softly, “Brother, you are too tender, it’d be good if you can get used to slowly. But if the inside is being penetrated a few more times, it will hurt tomorrow. If you still want it, I will help you suck it slowly with my mouth.”

Without waiting for Yong Qi to speak, he lowered his head, held his thing, and very attentively served him.

Yong Qi originally thought he was going to use force, but suddenly realized that he had wronged him, and the heat between his legs filled him with extremely comfortable pleasure.

He didn’t know why, lying on his back again, he was unable to move as if his spine was removed, the only thing he wanted to do was to cry aloud.

As for why he wanted to cry, he couldn’t say why.

But he didn’t cry aloud in the end, he could only tremble silently with small sobbing with almost no sound that could be heard while being served by Yong Shan’s diligence.

Yong Shan noticed it, raised his head, leaned over and asked, “Why are you crying? Don’t you like it? Did I hurt you?”

Yong Qi shook his head, face full of difficulty.

He took a look at Yong Shan, and after half a day, he sighed softly, and asked in a daze, “It turns out that you are not a bad person. How did I only know it today?”

Yong Shan could bear no matter how hard he suffered, but he never expected that he couldn’t stand this Yong Qi’s trivial sentence, his eyes suddenly heated up, and tears almost fell.

“Good brother, I’m not good, I know, I’m not good to you.” He firmly hugged Yong Qi’s neck, refusing to let go like a child, and gently gritted his teeth and said, “Brother, it is rare that you have this kind of intentions toward me and I am content. Even if my life ends up in your hands someday, I’ll gladly accept it.”

That night, Yong Shan fulfilled all his wishes.

Since there were curtains on the windows in the room, Yong Shan couldn’t see the outside, and didn’t know how late it was. But he could vaguely imagine the outside scene, how time walked slowly, and how the warm sunlight became crimson, slowly was stained with a faint haze, and the faint haze gradually faded into the soft darkness.

And this every moment, he hid in this room with little light, in the soft bedding, doing sweet things with his beloved brother that he would never want to forget in this life.

Yong Shan didn’t know how he fell asleep, he was so happy, he just wanted to cherish this short image every minute, but he still fell asleep.

In the wee hours, the habit he had developed early made him consciously open his eyes.

Suddenly he woke up and lowered his head to look, and Yong Shan’s panicked eyes were filled with peace and gentleness.

Yong Qi was still in his arms, naked, and slept deeply, with no intention of waking up. The smooth-skinned body curled up slightly, as if frightened in his sleep, with his face pressed against Yong Shan’s sturdy chest.

Even the pillow had long been missing.

The more Yong Shan watched, the warmer his heart became, and he couldn’t help getting hot again. He touched Yong Qi lightly. This brother had no reaction at all even after being touched, still sleeping soundly.

It was peaceful and comfortable.

On the contrary, Yong Shan really couldn’t bear to wake him up. He sighed softly, thinking that his body hadn’t been trained enough, he shouldn’t restrain himself indicriminstrly.

Since he was reluctant to let the sweet-sleeping Yong Qi leave his arms, he gritted his teeth to endure, and commanded himself not to think about the place where men could not bear the most. After half an hour, not even the lust could not be suppressed at all, but it seemed to have become even harder. Yong Shan didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry. With a steel heart, he moved Yong Qi’s head against his chest away slightly, found a pillow, and let him sleep well on it.

He tiptoed, lifted the quilt and went out of the bed.

He picked up his outer robe and put it on. Even after almost half a day and not seeing anyone coming in to serve them, Yong Shan laughed and remembered that he strictly ordered no one to disturb him yesterday. He opened and closed the door of the room carefully by himself, and went to the other room, calling for people to prepare a big bucket and fetch water for the morning bath.

The servant was dumbfounded for a while. The big barrels were only used in summer. In the winter, all qualified nobles in the palace bathed in large warm baths. The one who came to serve him wasn’t Chang Defu. How could he be able to guess Yong Shan’s mind? He was still hesitating when he heard the order and stood in a daze.

Yong Shan cursed lightly. “Fool, have you become a fool being ordered to do such a simple thing? Still not going to prepare it soon.”

Although he was young, he was born with power and highest authority. His disposition was always cold and ruthless, stern and aloof, and with a slight sneer on his face, it was enough to make the attendant shiver and run out of the door. In less than a moment, a few servants carried in the large wooden bath tub that was cleaned up and set it up properly.

The maids filed in hot water bucket after bucket.

In an instant, the big wooden barrel was filled with hot misty water.

Yong Shan tested the temperature, and showed a dissatisfaction on his face. He ordered the servants to add more cold water to it. Only the water became so cold that he started to wash.

He took a cold bath in contentment, even if he was trembling from the cold, it was fine as long as the heat went down.

After the bath, he was once again refreshed. When he stepped out of the other room, he happened to hear Chang Defu nagging the servants at work in the courtyard.

“Chang Defu.” Yong Shan called out loudly.

When Chang Defu saw Yong Shan coming, he hurriedly greeted him with a smile on his face, “Your Highness has gotten up? Judging from the rosy color of Your Highness’ face, Your Highness must have slept really well last night.”

Yong Shan smiled slightly, let him follow into the study, and handed him a white jade item, “It’s your reward, take it. Listen well, if a word about this matter comes out and falls into Yong Qi’s ears, there’s no need for me to deal with you, cut off your tongue first, and then find a place to hang yourself. Understood?”

Chang Defu took the heavy jade item with both hands, and then bowed and said, “This servant understood. From now on, this servant will be very careful. The chopsticks will be arranged by this servant, no, it’s the tea, later, even if this servant’s legs have become lame, this one will try his best to take care of His Highness Yong Qi’s tea by himself even if he has to crawl over.”

“Later? There’s even a later?” Yong Shan glared at him coldly. “How much did you use in the tea last night? If it wasn’t for you to have a bit of credit, I would have broken your legs a long time ago. Throw away that medicine immediately. If my brother’s body becomes a little ill in the future, see if I will spare your life or not.”

Chang Defu, who had been serving him for many years, knew what he was thinking just by looking at his face alone. The words spoken were full of warnings, cold, and indifferent, yet in his eyes were full of thought of a spring love. Knowing that he must have enjoyed his warm bed last night, Chang Defu wasn’t too scared as he laughed and repeatedly nodded his head. “It’s this servant’s sin, this servant had made a mistake. There will be no later, this servant dare not to be rude to His Highness Yong Qi again.”

Yong Shan looked at him with eyes full of hideousness, yet he couldn’t hold back his laughter, waved his hand and said, “Go out, I don’t have the energy to bother about your matter. Relay my order when you’re out, no one is allowed to disturb Yong Qi’s sleep. Prepare the meal and pick up some good deer antlers from the last tribute in the kitchen to mend his body.”

“Yes, yes, this servant shall do it right away, and pick the best deer antlers at the same time. Your Highness, don’t worry, such a trivial matter, how can this servant not understand?” Chang Defu smiled, and after saluting, he retreated, even his soul had disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Yong Shan watched him out and smiled again.

Today for no reason, he couldn’t hold back his smile. He guessed that Yong Qi, who had vented like crazy last night, was exhausted, and wouldn’t wake up until the sun was high up in the sky. If he went back there, maybe he couldn’t help but want to harass him again which could wake him up from his sleep. Instead of bothering his brother in his sleep, it was better to finish the work at hand and wait for Yong Qi to wake up and then start tenderly loving him again.

He forced himself to calm down, sitting at the desk and flipping through the memorial that was delivered in the early hours of the morning.

Most of them were memorials from local officials paying respects. They were nothing more than routine reports about the weather and harvest. The only two different reports were handed over by officials from the capital. The contents were completely opposite, and they were all related to Gong Wuhui.

One desperately wanted to protect Gong Wuhui, while the other was enthusiastic begging the court to punish Gong Wuhui severely.

Yong Shan frowned, set aside everything else, and laid out those two memorials, and when he was about to take a closer look, suddenly, Yong Lin got in from outside the door, and rushed to stop in front of him like a gust of wind, he was anxious. “Brother Yong Shan, quickly change your formal attire! Our mother heard that Father Emperor seemed to be seriously ill again, and asked my brother to go and greet the Father Emperor immediately. I’m going as well.”

Yong Shan’s face changed slightly as he suddenly stood up.

[Trust me this chapter was very difficult. I’d rather translate political than nfdggdge scenes. I’m rewarding myself a week break! Lol]


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