Taizi Ch14

[A bit earlier than scheduled.]

After quickly changing into his formal attire, Yong Shan rushed to inquire about their father’s condition with Yong Lin.

As if the Emperor’s illness became serious, the sky would fall down at every turn. Because of the affection between father and sons, there was no time to wait for the sedan chair to be ready, and without the attendants tagging along, the two brothers came out of the Prince’s Palace against the piercing cold wind in the winter morning.

Although the sun was out yesterday, after the second episode, a thick layer of hoarfrost was condensed. Yong Shan and Yong Lin looked at the gray gloomy sky early in the morning, roughly felt that it was not a good omen, and were a little frightened. Stepping on the unmelting frost and snow on the ground, they walked quickly and would stagger if they weren’t careful.

Since Emperor Yan’s original companion empress passed away due to illness, the position of the empress throne stayed empty for many years. It was unknown what Emperor Yan thought, in the two canonizations of the Crown Prince, the prince’s mother was thrown aside, and the position of the ruler of the harem was forced to suspend. As for the Emperor Yan’s chamber, it was located in the Tiren Palace, which was the farthest away from the prince’s palaces.

The two princes passed through the small half of the Imperial City in the cold wind, and when they arrived at the gate of Tiren Palace in a rush, sweat was already coming out and soaked their inner clothes.

The atmosphere was quite solemn with the northerly wind blowing full of silent anxiety.

A lot of ministers who had heard the news stood outside the palace gate early, probably not long after they arrived, judging by the sweat on their foreheads. When everyone saw Yong Shan coming, there was a little movement.

“His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has arrived.”

“Your Highness Yong Shan.”

Yong Shan waved his hand to stop them from saluting and led Yong Lin in.

Seven or eight of the servants who served the Emperor Yan on a daily basis stood guarding outside the door with their hands hanging down. Seeing the Crown Prince coming, they tiptoed, bowed to salute and greeted them. Yong Shan’s attitude was very generous, and an expression of worry appeared between his eyebrows. He called out to Wu Cai, a steward in charge who was more familiar, “What is going on inside? What did the imperial doctor say?”

Wu Cai was also apprehensive, shook his head cautiously, and whispered, “The imperial doctor hasn’t come out yet. The emperor said that he was uncomfortable since the fourth watch. This uncle was afraid of causing a rumor and ordered not to spread any false news. The doctor on duty last night was imperial doctor Zhang who came over to get the emperor’s pulse.” After a pause, he looked left and right, with voice lowered and said, “Early this morning, he also issued an order to summon imperial doctor Chen into the palace.”

Yong Shan’s heart sank.

Among the imperial doctors, the old-timer imperial doctor Chen was the doctor Emperor Yan trusted the most. Any pulse diagnosis that might cause a major event in the palace had to go through the hands of this person before the Emperor Yan could trust it.

Yong Shan’s leg injury that was reported last time by Yong Sheng was also treated by the imperial doctor Chen that Emperor Yan sent to him.

If it weren’t for something serious this time, how could Emperor Yan summon him into the palace early in the morning?

While thinking about it, Yong Shan waved to Wu Cai, who had nothing to report, and sent him back to resume his duty. He glanced at the door of Emperor Yan’s airtight room, and the servants guarded outside the door like a wall. The number of guards authorized to carry swords in the palace, walking under the corridor, had also doubled. No matter how he looked at it, it was like they were facing the enemy.

He felt like he was being crushed by an invisible huge rock, heavy and uncomfortable. On the surface, he could barely hold it, leaving only a look of worry about the Son of Man.

Yong Lin couldn’t keep his thoughts in place. After seeing Yong Shan and Wu Cai muttering to each other, he hurried over and asked, “Brother Yong Shan, what happened to Father Emperor? Is he really seriously ill?”

“Shut up!” Yong Shan shouted in a low voice, staring at him dissatisfied, and said, “Can’t you look at the place before you spout nonsense? Father is still in his prime. I think it’s probably because the weather has become a little bit cold recently, and he will be fine after today.”


“Stop talking. The imperial doctor is still there. If you have anything to say, wait for him to come out and ask him later.”

Yong Lin was still very obedient this time, he shut his mouth, and unhappily stood with his brother in the corridor. It was still warm a few days ago, but today just happened to be a cold day. Even if the sky was getting brighter, the north wind was blowing more and more bitterly. Yong Shan didn’t realize it, but Yong Lin, who used to be naughty, silently stood with his hands down, like a sculpture. He really obediently waited with Yong Shan, and didn’t cause Yong Shan any more trouble.

Just when they were putting up with their waiting, another person entered the palace gate. As if because he was jogging all the way here, he didn’t have the time to look around. When he reached Yong Shan and Yong Lin, he stopped abruptly, panting, and dared not to greet them too loudly. “Your Highness Crown Prince? Brother Yong Lin is here too?”

It turned out to be Yong Sheng.

It seemed that as soon as he heard the news, he changed to his formal attire and rushed over to pay respects to the Emperor.

Yong Lin was the most carefree, simple-minded and naive among them brothers. Not only did he get along well with everyone in the court, he also greeted Yong Sheng, as close as putting his hand on his shoulder. “It’s been a long time, Fifth younger brother. You also rushed over to pay respects? The imperial doctor hasn’t come out yet, let us brothers wait together here.”

In fact, he knew to some extent that Shu Fei was not only at odds with Li Fei, but also in conflict with Jin Fei. However, in his eyes, even the concubines were fighting, the brothers were always brothers.

Yong Shan’s mood was even worse when he saw Yong Sheng. His eyes were cold as he watched Yong Lin still stupidly answering the conversation with Yong Sheng, and almost wanted to kick this little idiot out of anger.

He thought, but actually doing it or not was another matter. Yong Shan brought out the appearance of being an elder brother, and said to Yong Sheng warmly, “It’s such a cold day, thanks to your filial piety to father, you ran over. Since you’re here, let’s stand and wait together.”

While talking, he secretly calculated how to deal with Yong Sheng if he brought up the matter of Gong Wuhui.

Probably because there was another Yong Lin here, Yong Sheng didn’t mention the name Gong Wuhui. Instead he put on a fake smile and said, “Brother is praising me only to make me feel more embarrassed. Filial piety is the leader of the hundred journeys. Father is not in good health. Naturally, as a son, he should come and visit immediately. If he doesn’t even have this filial piety, how can he be a Son of Man? By the way, why don’t I see Brother Yong Qi? Isn’t he staying with the Crown Prince brother now? Didn’t he get the news, or did something happen?”

These few questions, one was more conscientious than the other.

The Prince who wasn’t filial, if words were to be out, this wouldn’t be a laughing matter anymore.

Yong Lin was a little surprised, thinking how his brother Yong Qi was unlucky, and it would be terrible if he bore the crime of unfilial piety.

He was just about to open his mouth to lie for Yong Qi, saying that the reason he couldn’t come was due to him falling ill. He hadn’t spoken yet, Yong Shan, who had already seen through what he was going to do, decisively cut in front of him, and causally stated, “Yong Qi? He was just released from the Inner Punishment Court. Although a serious crime couldn’t be found on his body, after all, he also had a small offense of being careless, so I ordered him not to leave the Prince’s Palace for the time being to study and reflect.” This was to put the responsibility of Yong Qi’s absence on himself, and there was no gap for the Fifth brother to find Yong Qi’s fault.

After Yong Shan said, his thin and somewhat ruthless lips were pulled gently into an arc that looked like a smile but not a smile, and gave Yong Sheng a light glance.

The murderous spirit of this new Crown Prince seemed to be innate. No one among the princes could compare with him. Since childhood, his dispositions had always been cold and indifferent, and even his own mother felt that this child was too dark, and didn’t like to talk much. When he was silent, she couldn’t help but suspect that he was calculating something terrible in his heart.

In the cold weather, against the wind on the corridor, Yong Sheng was shocked by his heart palpitating and his smile without reason caused him to cover in sweat. Originally, he still wanted to make some more comments about the fact that Yong Qi did not come. But when the words reached the tip of his tongue, he was frightened so much the words slid back down. “So that’s how it is.”

The three brothers stopped talking, and stood side by side waiting for news inside.

After waiting for a while, feeling a little numb by the wind, Yong Sheng said while shivering, “Brothers, it’s too cold here, and I don’t know how long we will have to wait. How about we go to the warm room and wait.”

Yong Shan lowered his head and said considerately, “Fifth brother, your body is weak so go ahead and wait in the small warm room.”

“Then brother…”

“I will just stay here. Father Emperor is ill, and I feel uneasy. I was so anxious that I was sweating inside. If I wait in the warm room, it only makes me feel even more uncomfortable.”

With his face twitching a few times, Yong Sheng soundlessly gave Yong Shan a stab and stopped making a sound. He gritted his teeth and continued to stand while just stomping his feet and rubbing his hands to relieve the cold.

After a while, there was a faint movement from the door.

With the sound of Gera, there was a slit opened in the door, and everyone’s nerves suddenly tightened.

As soon as the imperial doctor Chen’s tired old face appeared, Yong Lin and Yong Sheng surrounded him, feeling anxious and asked softly, “Doctor Chen, what happened to Father?”

“Is Father safe?”

“What is the disease?”

The imperial doctor Chen seemed to be too tired to speak, and gently swayed his wrinkled hands like pine bark. He raised his head and glanced at Yong Shan, who was walking in front of him, before moving his lips, “Your Highness Crown Prince.”

Yong Shan looked at him for a while before asking in a deep voice, “What exactly happened?”

What the imperial doctor Chen said was extremely vague, “What can happen? The emperor is the Son of Heaven, and his body is under the care of God. We are just taking care of his medicine and tonic. The prescription has already been prescribed. If your Highness wanted to pay respects, kowtow outside the door then go back. You’re the blue-blooded nobility, please take care of yourself. It’s windy here, so be careful of catching cold.”

Yong Shan muttered to himself irresolutely. “I’ll go in and pay respects to Father.”

“Don’t.” The imperial doctor said slowly, “The emperor is tired and just wants to talk to the old minister about state affairs and decreed that the princes not to bother, and only summon Wang Taibo in.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone’s heart beat suddenly, and their expressions were different.

If Father was sick, he would never stop his sons from visiting for no reason. He was tired at this time, yet still had to talk to the old minister about state affairs. Who would believe?

Yong Lin stared suspiciously and looked at Yong Shan’s face. He wanted to ask but didn’t dare to talk casually, so he could only hold back. Yong Shan couldn’t help feeling chilly. Last year, when Yong Qi was abolished as the Crown Prince, the first sign was that Emperor Yan refused to meet with the prince. Was it going to happen again today?

However, if he wanted to abolish himself, he would have a reason. What caused Father Emperor to be so angry?

Could it be the matter between himself and Yong Qi…

Yong Shan was silent. In an instant, hundreds of thoughts had passed through his mind. Thinking of the ruthlessness of the palace, the tragedies of the previous dynasty were vividly remembered, but when he was being striked with a muck-rake by Li fei, Father Emperor fluttered with a decree. Mother Mu, who had watched him grow up since he was a child, was interrogated in the Inner Punishment Court, her life and death was held in front of him. Now he was a Crown Prince. The higher he stood, the less he could fall. If there was a case he couldn’t survive, his mother, his stupid brother, and the weak Yong Qi, weren’t they going to be bullied and insulted!

Thinking about it this way, his heart suddenly pained, as if as soon as someone on the battlefield gave an order, then ten thousand arrows were fired at once, all hitting the same target without a miss.

The north wind became condensed and suffocating.

Even if Yong Shan’s heart became confused, he still did not forget to have a look at Yong Lin in the corner of his eyes.

Although his twin brother was sloppy in doing things, he still noticed something was wrong at this moment. There was some panic in his eyes as he looked at Yong Shan worriedly. Yong Shan smiled calmly at him. “The imperial doctor said already, Father Emperor has the protection of God, you don’t have to be like this. Listen to the old doctor’s words, kowtow outside the door, then go back and report to our mother quickly so that she can feel at ease.”

Yong Lin hesitated to speak and stopped after a while. After thinking about it, he didn’t dare to make his own claim, and knelt down obediently.

Yong Sheng, who was frozen half-dead, after listening to imperial doctor Chen’s words, he noticed some vague signs. He was overwhelmed with joy but didn’t show any of that on his face, and quickly followed Yong Lin to kneel down, kowtowed his head twice toward the door of their father’s still closed room, stood up and said, “I have to go back and tell my mother too.”

Looking at the backs of the two people leaving, it was unknown how much happier Yong Sheng was than Yong Lin.

Yong Shan said to the imperial doctor Chen, “Since it is inconvenient to see my father now, I will stand here again, and wait for my father to be better, then go in and pay him respects.”

The imperial doctor Chen didn’t have any opinion, but just said something may or may not be needed, “That is also Your Highness’ own filial piety. This small official will take his leave first.” As soon as he saluted, he slowly left the Tiren Palace.

Wang Jingqiao was a loyal veteran official and the news in the palace was also well received. Knowing that the emperor was unwell, he dragged his old aging body to wait outside the Tiren Palace early in the morning. After listening to the decree, he immediately followed the servant in.

He had been following Emperor Yan for many years, and he was anxious and worried about the Emperor’s health. When he ran into Yong Shan down the corridor, he just nodded hurriedly, and entered the room without a word of greeting.

Yong Shan watched the door that seemed to hide countless secrets open and close, and he didn’t know what it felt like in his heart.

That year, being framed and sent to the Inner Punishment Court, he feared that it was only because of resentment, but there was no such fear that the conscience or emotions needed to be torn apart. It’s no wonder that everyone said that the higher you get, the colder it becomes, and becoming the Crown Prince was no different from stepping on thin ice all the time.

[T/N: probably about the things involving YQ.]

The servants and guards of the Tiren Palace were all there, and no flaws could be seen. He could only stand silently, enduring the pain of the north wind piercing cold on his face while doing his duty as a virtuous Crown Prince.

Yong Shan mustn’t allow himself to think wildly anymore, and directly directed his brain to recall the touching scene of Yong Qi lying in **, his white jade-like body wrapped in a warm quilt, with a smile on his delicate face, without any defense, snuggling and sleeping with himself, like a snow-white, rare, gentle and kind deer.

Originally, recalling the scenes was to ease the mood, but the more Yong Shan recalled, the sweeter it was, the more heartbroken he became.

He shouldn’t have provoked Yong Qi. If he immediately sent Yong Qi back to the fief and away from the court after the trial, wasn’t it good?

If something happened now, even Yong Qi would suffer…

As time passed, Yong Shan stood under the corridor for more than half an hour. Even though his muscles and bones were strong, his face turned blue from the cold.

The servants outside the door were also trembling with cold, and began rubbing their hands and gasping. Watching the sixteen-year-old prince standing in the wind, Wu Cai didn’t move either. While feeling that the blue-blooded nobility was harming his own body, he couldn’t bear it. He quietly found a hand warmer, walked over to Yong Shan, and whispered, “Your Royal Highness, please go stand in the front, the wind here is too strong but the front will be better.”

Yong Shan shook his head and said lightly, “This is the place where the ministers are waiting to be called. I’ll just stand here. If I go to the front, I’ll overstep the boundary.” Glancing at the hand warmer Wu Cai handed over, a smile appeared on his cold and pale face as he softly said, “Take it back, which prince is holding the hand warmer and waiting for his father to summon him?”

Wu Cai was secretly surprised.

He used to hear people say that the Crown Prince was not only mean to others, but also extremely cruel to himself. Sure enough, he finally saw the truth today. Since he was able to serve by Emperor Yan’s side, and he was not a fool. He immediately retired wisely, and didn’t dare to use the hand warmer himself, and gave it to a servant nearby. Which made the servant very grateful.

After waiting for another half an hour, the door opened again. Wang Jingqiao slowly walked out from the inside and saw Yong Shan under the corridor. He was taken aback and walked over and asked, “Your Highness is still waiting for the emperor to summon?”

Yong Shan respectfully said, “Yes. Please Taifu pass the word to Father Emperor that Yong Shan is extremely concerned about Father’s body, hoping to greet him personally.”

Wang Jingqiao’s dim pupil looked at him for a long time before slightly sighed. “Your Highness, please go in by yourself. The emperor has an order, saying that if the old minister is going out and his Highness is still waiting, he will call Your Highness in.”

Yong Shan’s heart sprinted up, but immediately suppressed all his emotions. He nodded at the old Grand tutor Wang first before walking up the steps, and when he reached the door of the room opened by the servants, he stopped to calm down and behave appropriately and crossed over the high threshold with grace.

The hall was quiet, with no other servant to wait and serve.

There was a fire dragon buried in the ground, and the surrounding furnace was also burning with bright red charcoal. Yong Shan who just came in from the outside, suddenly feeling cold and hot, and couldn’t help but shiver all over. He walked quickly in front of the Emperor Yan and knelt down and said, “Son pays respect to Father.” With a very calm tone and movements.

When Emperor Yan was young, he was full of courage. After several changes in the palace, he was determined to be merciless and everyone was terrified. In recent years, his oldness had gradually shown and he often fell ill. He was particularly afraid of the cold this winter. There wasn’t a single moment when the earth dragon and the heater in the Tiren Palace had been fired. At this moment, he was half covered with a thick silk quilt and his thin shoulders were dressed in bright yellow dragon robes.

But even so, his complexion didn’t heat up a trace of blood, instead it was like dry wax sallow.

“Get up and come to Father.”

Emperor Yan’s voice was a bit hoarse as he slowly commanded, and motioned Yong Shan to sit on his bedside.

Yong Shan wasn’t the kind of person who was pompous like Yong Lin. When the power and nobles in the court fell, quite a few people were just as arrogant and presumptuous. Since many of people’s life was placed on his shoulder, he dared not to have any flaws, let alone doing something stupid as sitting by his father’s bed?

When Yong Shan came up to Emperor Yan, he still knelt next to the bed, only raised his head and said, “Father, let your son wait on his knees.”

Emperor Yan was surprised, but after a while he showed a very shallow smiling face, shook his head and sighed, “Your temper…”

His smile was somewhat bitter and astringent and only after a moment the smile was silently suppressed. He slowed down his pace and asked, “I heard from the Grand tutor that you’re studying Lao Zhuang recently.”

“Yes, father.”

“What have you learned?”

Listening to Emperor Yan’s test and asking about his homework, Yong Shan’s heart relaxed a little.

The emperor and the prince, although they were father and son connected by blood, they were the pairs who were the least like father and son in the world. His father could kill and destroy everything he had with a single word.

Family affection had too much power, and many tragedies in the court happen under this kind of compelling reason.

It couldn’t help that Yong Shan wasn’t careful and let his guard down.

“Replying to Father, Lao Zhuang is still at a beginner’s stage, and Wang Taifu only talked about two or three simple sentences. The deeper meaning of Enjoyment of Untroubled Ease wasn’t easy to understand. Taifu only talked about the first few sections in the lecture yesterday.”

“Simple, huh.” Emperor Yan asked casually, “The love of Heaven and Earth is impartial, and they demand nothing from the myriad things. The love of the sages is impartial, and they demand nothing from the people. Have you learned these two sentences long before?”

“Yes, I have learned.”

“This is called simple?”

Yong Shan’s heart felt cold, he lowered his head and slowly said, “This son is wrong, in the way of Lao Zhuang, this son only learned a bit of the important quote, and he hasn’t even learned the principles of the truth yet. Thank you father for teaching.”

There was silence above his head.

Yong Shan’s nerves were tense as he waited while holding his breath. After a long time, he heard Emperor Yan sigh again and slowly said, “You are too young, and there is nothing to blame for not understanding now. What I’m afraid of is that you will never understand and don’t want to figure it out.”

He paused for a while, and then asked, “You are the Crown Prince, and as a father, it will inevitably be for me to be stricter in your homework, understand?”

“I understand.”

“Then let Father ask you, why is the love of Heaven and Earth and the love of the sages impartial?”

Yong Shan silently pondered for a while, and replied in a satisfactory manner, “The love of Heaven and Earth and the love of the sages is impartial, because there is no selfish love, no biased, and let everything and the people live freely, each with their own destiny to be born, grow, and dead; however, this sentence makes people have a heartless misunderstanding.”

Emperor Yan said in a casually calm and relaxed manner, “Each has their own fate, then how do you know what kind of fate one should be like?”

This statement was so mysterious, and Yong Shan’s heart couldn’t help but shrink back lightly. He bowed his head and waited for the Emperor Yan to teach him, but what was given to him was another suffocating silence.

It was unknown how long it took before he heard Emperor Yan call out. “Yong Shan.”


“When I talked to Wang Jingqiao about state affairs, he suddenly said something to me.”

Yong Shan’s whole body suddenly stiffened. Wang Taifu only saw him and Yong Qi yesterday. Could it be that those old eyes were so powerful that they immediately saw what came up with the secret report?

If this was the case, Yong Qi would be immediately faced with a calamity!

Emperor Yan’s voice was still floating from the top of his head as he slowly said, “He said that a local official recently gave him a book, which was all about small family affairs, and there was a story that was very fascinating.”

He paused for a while, as if recalling the story of Wang Jingqiao, and at the same time observing Yong Shan’s reaction in secret.

After a while, he said leisurely, “There was a family that lived by raising geese, and their life was very good. There were ten sons in the family, whether he was born to a regular wife or a concubine, the father loved all his sons very much. But one day, one of his sons got a strange disease. The old father was very anxious, and he quickly invited a doctor to treat him. Unexpectedly, when the doctor came, he was helpless, saying that the disease was too difficult and he needed a famous doctor. The old father spent more money and invited a famous doctor to come over. Although the doctor was famous, his medical skills were not enough. He told the old father that he knew the origin of the disease, but to cure it, there was only one strange doctor of the most powerful doctors in the world who could do it.”

“The strange doctor’s medical fee was terribly high, but the old father felt sorry for his son, so he gritted his teeth, took out the savings at home, and invited the strange doctor to the house. The doctor was really good, and with a pulse, he said that it was not difficult to cure his son’s disease, but the prescription was a little troublesome. Every two hours every day, boil one hundred fresh goose hearts in a pot of water, then fry the boiled goose hearts into a bowl and have him drink one bowl a day.”

“At the beginning, the old father followed the doctor’s instructions and boiled the goose heart for his son every day. As expected, his son who was ill with a strange illness became just like an ordinary person. The old father was extremely happy. But if his son did not drink medicine for a day, he would immediately become seriously ill and suffer again. After drinking like this for a month, the family killed 3,000 geese in a row. Seeing that all the savings in the family were gone, and the geese were almost killed, the old father still felt sorry for his son and continued to kill the geese.”

“Unexpectedly, after a month, the goose’s heart medicine wasn’t as useful as it used to be. The old father could only invite the doctor to the house again. The doctor said that there was still salvation, but the decoction this time couldn’t be a goose heart. It had to be boiled with the heart of a brother of the patient. If he wanted the medicine to be more effective, and the patient would not get sick again for ten and a half years he had to use the heart of the second son of the family. Because this second son was the most capable among the brothers, and the heart of a wise man was a better medicine.”

“After hearing what the doctor said, the old father shed only two tears. The next morning he woke up earlier and cooked two small dishes for his sick son. He also heated a pot of wine and brought it into the room and personally fed his sick son…”

Emperor Yan spoke eloquently, halfway through, he stopped.

Yong Shan was frightened when he heard it, and suddenly there was no sound on the top of his head making his heart seem to have been clutched. Suddenly raising his head, he met Emperor Yan’s gaze that was looking straight down at him.

Yong Shan’s calmness still couldn’t conceal that his face changed drastically, and his cheeks were almost twisted with fear.

Emperor Yan didn’t seem to notice that his face was wrong, and asked with a smile, “Crown Prince, what do you think the old father was going to do?”

It was as if there was someone in Yong Shan’s brain desperately beating the drum, making him dizzy, and like a few injured and crazy beasts waving their sharp claws, scratching his heart, hurting his body, the pain was bloody horrible.

He was stunned to meet Yan Emperor’s gaze, and suddenly screamed, “Father!”

“The son is dull, I can’t guess what the old father is going to do…” Yong Shan, as if unable to breathe, clung to the edge of the sandalwood corner in front of Emperor Yan’s bed, and begged with trembling lips, “This son only knows that you are the most loving father in the world, the Emperor! It is absolutely impossible for you to solve things that small families can’t solve. Father, you are the wisest and most powerful person in the world. Nothing can be in your way. Father, this…this is all your son’s fault. Be benevolent and let go of brother Yong Qi! Please let go of brother Yong Qi! Father!”

After Yong Shan finished speaking, he desperately kowtowed on the ground.

Emperor Yan indifferently watched him knocking blood on his forehead, and smiled weakly, “I am the Emperor, and I really want to be the most loving father in the world… Crown Prince, stop hurting yourself and go back.”

Yong Shan still wanted to beg but Emperor Yan had called the guards to come in, “The Crown Prince is too worried and anxious about my illness and is unwilling to go back. You send him away.”

The guards of Tiren Palace had always only listened to the Emperor’s instructions. Once the order was placed, no matter whether he was the Crown Prince or not, the guards immediately invited and “sent” Yong Shan out of Tiren Palace.

Taizi’s book version, the third part ended.


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