Ch55: Can I look one more time?

Shen Du was full of sour vinegar. He bowed his head expressionlessly, and opened Baidu for a search.

What should I do if my wife likes a little puppy?


However, he wasn’t very satisfied with the search results.

If it wasn’t about sharing the benefits of falling in love with the little milk dog, it was discussing the matter of the wife having an extramarital affair, or just an essay of a little yellow (phonograph) article.

Shen Du simply threw his phone into the car and when he walked over with large steps, he happened to hear Ye Nanqi say: “Why do you wear so thick in this kind of weather… Do you want to eat ice cream?”

President Shen’s vinegar jars slammed, completely turned over.

He leaned over and hugged Ye Nanqi, calmly put him in his arms, while confronting the puppy who was obviously startled, putting on a fake smile and said, “Isn’t this the little Young Master of the Qifeng? Baby, you even know the paparazzi?”

“…” Ye Nanqi couldn’t believe that Shen Du would be so childish. He wanted to slap his hand away, but Shen Du refused to submit even unto death. Instead, he hugged him even tighter.

The little paparazzi looked at them both in a daze, a little afraid of Shen Du’s smile that wasn’t sincere and his fierce looking face. He hesitantly looked at them back and forth, still couldn’t see even the slightest sign of Ye Nanqi being forced. He was at a loss for a moment before struggling saying, “You… Are you for real?”

Shen Du simply wanted to announce to the whole world that this was his wife. But a pity that he only dared to think about it. “Young Master, do you want to eat ice cream? Nan Nan and I will take you to buy it?”

Feeling Shen Du’s hostility towards him, the little paparazzi felt inexplicable. Although he wanted to eat ice cream, he refused vigilantly.

Since he couldn’t find Ye Nanqi during this period of time, and didn’t see any news about him, he was worried that something might happen to him. But it was okay now after seeing that he was fine.

Shen Du immediately said, “Then we will go home first, goodbye.”

Ye Nanqi, who couldn’t insert even a sentence throughout the whole process: “…”

Watching the dazed little paparazzi leave, Ye Nanqi glanced at the self-conscious Shen Du, and commented: “…You’re really no good with children.”

Shen Du felt aggrieved.

When they returned home, Shen Du didn’t harass Ye Nanqi.

Ye Nanqi was very happy. After a tiring day, he just wanted to go upstairs, take a hot bath and relax. After that he would then discuss the issue of eating vinegar with Shen Du.

President Shen’s vinegar jar was as big as the size of Kun Peng (mythological beasts). After being overlooked today, he was sour all the way home. Waiting anxiously for Ye Nanqi to go upstairs, he dragged several brothers into a group, and proceeded with a topic of “wife may like small milk dogs” for discussion.

These people grew up in a military institution with Shen Du when they were young, and since they were beaten by Shen Du, they treated him as if he was the boss. In recent years, everyone had scattered around the country and separated from each other, but they still couldn’t forget being taught a lesson by Shen Du.

In the group, those people talked for a long time, all nonsense.

After a while, a brother who studied medicine abroad finally hit the nail on the head: Isn’t your wife older than you? How come you are not a little milk dog.

Immediately a great chaos occured, as if the sky and the earth were turning upside down.

Zhao Sheng laughed hahaha: This beast may be a little wolf dog. My sister-in-law wants to change his taste.

Another person stated: maybe he’s the little Teddy bear.

So everyone followed suit and joked: Master Shen, why don’t you try producing the milk too ah. Isn’t it good to be a good-breed little milk dog? How can you chase a wife without losing your principal?

Shen Du: “…”

Seeing their words, Shen Du just wanted to catch them one by one and give them a good beating. He was too lazy to watch them booing again, tossed the phone away, and prepared to go upstairs to ask Ye Nanqi’s taste.

The door wasn’t closed, which all the more smoothly Shen Du could push it, then he saw Ye Nanqi walk out of the bathroom.

Just after taking a hot bath, his body which was fairly white as jade flushed faintly pinky color with crystal clear drops of water rolling down on his body, and his slightly longer wet hair was wiped off of his forehead, revealing a handsome, gentle, elegant face.

Looking down, there… there was…

A rush of blood came up to Shen Du’s brain, still he took his time to take a look at this rare benefit. Before Ye Nanqi could throw something over, he responded and quickly closed the door, trying to cover it up: “I didn’t see anything.”

Ye Nanqi grabbed the lamp which had no chance to throw over, took a deep breath, then quickly found the towel and pajamas, dried his body and put on his clothes.

It had been a long time since he left this house. Everything was still the same because Shen Du didn’t change the layout and furnishings of the house, but he forgot that there were no towels and bathrobes in the bathroom. He knew something was missing in his heart but only found out that thing wasn’t right after washing.

This could give Shen Du a chance of accidentally bumping into…

Ye Nanqi covered his face that was as hot as having a fever. He opened the window letting in the cool breeze, then went to the bathroom to cool down physically with cold water. Only feeling that his face wasn’t so hot, then did he go to open the door.

Shen Du was still standing there and waiting, well-behaved.

“You…” Ye Nanqi hesitated then stopped.

“I didn’t see anything.” Shen Du’s eyes were burning, telling lies that no one would believe.

Ye Nanqi fooled him with his angry and amused expression, and gave him a kick. “Who asked you about this… Besides, it doesn’t matter if you see it, I’m not a maiden.”

Shen Du became insatiably greedy, and asked with expectations, “Then can I look one more time?”

Ye Nanqi sat on the bed, wiped his hair with a towel, smiled and said, “Are you here asking for a beating?”

Shen Du didn’t retreat but instead he moved in closer. With one hand in his trouser pocket, he leaned down and used the other hand to pick up his chin, smiling a little evilly. “No, I’m here to ask for a goodnight kiss.”

Before getting out of the car this morning, the feeling of being pressed against the car seat and their sucking kisses seemed to have come back again, and the freshness of being kissed hard still remained between his lips and teeth. Ye Nanqi felt that he might be burning again, so he slapped his hand away, moving his eyes to look away embarrassedly. “Have you taken the wrong medicine?”

Didn’t look like he hated a little wolf dog.

Shen Du finished the analysis in his heart, quickly switched roles, lay on the bed with Ye Nanqi’s waist, and whispered, “Gege, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Ye Nanqi was stupefied: “Have you got your brain caught in the door? Can it be restored again after another clip?”

It seemed like he didn’t like a little milk dog.

Shen Du’s spirit was refreshed. He then rolled over, pressed on Ye Nanqi, bit his extra sweet lips, and smiled. “I’m all yours, and still you treat me like this.”

He didn’t press the weight down completely, but his posture was too ambiguous and dangerous.

Ye Nanqi looked at him for a while, then after he randomly found his mobile, he repeated his same tricks again, but this time he called Li Hengran.

“Officer Li, there’s a question I want to ask you…”

“Can you tell me a little bit more about the abandoned corpses in the Western District?”

“The deceased are all girls who disappeared a few years ago? Officer Li, although it may be a bit nonsense, I thought of that organization, you can try to break through in this direction…”

Shen Du silently watched Ye Nanqi calmly talk with Li Hengran, and when the call was finally over, he quietly said, “Wife, haven’t you found something was wrong?”

Of course there was.

Ye Nanqi had already felt…when Shen Du was pressing on him, he had a reaction.

“Is today okay?”

Shen Du’s eyes were deep and he had endured countless times, but he still wanted to get Ye Nanqi’s consent.

If he wanted to have sex with him willingly, it would be enjoyable sex, but if he was unwilling and still being forced to continue, it would called rape.

Unexpectedly, he received a silent answer and Shen Du took it for granted. He kissed him again unwillingly before standing up and turning around. “Baby, I’ll borrow your bathroom…”

After taking two steps, he was held back.

Ye Nanqi lowered his head, and the fingertips of his hand trembled slightly.

Night clothes in Summer weren’t thick; it was so thin that it couldn’t conceal his beautiful body curve… This body was indeed slender and beautiful.

And because he just took a shower, the smell of the faint aroma of shower lotion was still lingering on his body.

It looked sweet and delicious…

Shen Du promptly stopped the idea of stripping Ye Nanqi off and waited patiently for a few seconds. Ye Nanqi blushed and raised his head, saying both light and quick: “I’ll help you.”

Shen Du was so excited that he almost executed him on the spot.

Ye Nanqi had a backlog of thoughts all year round. He didn’t think much about this aspect and didn’t have much demand and rarely uses his taboo right hand.

Which was why this kind of indescribable technique could be said as…not so good.

At the end, both of them were covered in a large amount of sweat. Ye Nanqi’s hands were too sore while Shen Du suspected that he would go bald.

One person’s sage’s time permeated between the two. For a long while, Shen Du coughed slightly and praised him against his will. “Nan Nan was awesome…”

Ye Nanqi washed his hands and said in embarrassment, “Shut up!”

Shen Du held back his smile and lazily said: “En… Just now, was it a reward?”

Only after washing his hands did Ye Nanqi almost forget most of the lingering touch. He looked at Shen Du, who was leaning on his shoulder like a large dog, and said, “It’s my first time helping someone doing this.”

Shen Du could feel it. By the way, he felt distressed because of the broken technique of his wife.

Ye Nanqi slowly dried his hands, and continued: “I will only help you. Don’t eat vinegar and make a mess. Is dinner done? Don’t make a table full of vinegar either.”

Shen Du was in a good mood and was not jealous anymore, he reluctantly rubbed Ye Nanqi again, thinking that his wife was cute even with a straight face, and quickly went back to cook dinner.

After he was gone, Ye Nanqi stared at his right hand. After a while, he stuck out the tip of his tongue and licked his finger.

After realizing what this hand had done just now, he was taken aback for a moment, clutching his hot face, and muttering: “What am I doing…”


Ye Nanqi, who had been resting for a few months, was finally picking up the job. Wen Chen, who was too idle to take his wife to the Maldives and returned from a trip, cried with joy. He carried a bunch of gifts and specialty products and met Ye Nanqi at the company.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and there was a subtle silence between them.

Ye Nanqi: “…Wen ge, you’re fat again.”

Wen Chen said: “You too.”

Ye Nanqi had a thin body. In the past, because he had negative thoughts about himself, he wasn’t eating well, and Wen Chen couldn’t fatten him up no matter what. Now that he was being taken care of by Shen Du with great attention to detail; very thoroughly day by day, he had gained a little weight. Although he was still thin, he was much better, and his complexion was much rosier.

Wen Chen looked at Ye Nanqi with the eyes of an old father, and nodded with satisfaction: “President Shen is raising you well. What does that sentence say again? Fatten up and kill!”

Ye Nanqi: “You are a pig.”

Wen Chen waved his hand indifferently: “It’s not only about pigs that are fattened and killed, there are many other things, and the killing method is also different.”

Wen Chen wasn’t picky about the job that his own artist finally took. Besides, the company’s program was really hot. He hurriedly asked the fitness coach to customize the fitness plan in advance, and got himself very energetically busy.

With Shen Du taking the lead, Ye Nanqi was not afraid of anything could go wrong, and called Li Hengran to discuss the matter. Li Hengran did not object, but was worried about his personal safety.

Ye Nanqi said, “It’s okay, Shen Du will have people follow me.”

Zhang Ming had regained his old career and had become a low-key transparent assistant again.

The program team would set off tomorrow, and Shen Du was very sad.

After his wife ran away from home, it hadn’t been two days yet since he came back, and when he hadn’t felt warm enough yet, this time he had to leave for at least half a month.

Ye Nanqi was also very reluctant. Shen Du almost became someone who could set his mind at ease and the future that had yet to come may be a bit difficult for him.

He noticed the look in Shen Du’s eyes, and his heart was so soft that he couldn’t fall asleep that night, and sneaked into Shen Du’s room in the middle of the night and almost got eaten clean.

Catching the plane early the next morning, Ye Nanqi wore a mask and a turtleneck sweater. Only one pair of eyes could be seen all over his body.

Wen Chen came to send him off, wondering: “There is no one here, aren’t you hot?”

Ye Nanqi covered with his mask and said nothing.

His neck was full of hickeys, and his lips were still swollen. How could he explain it, mosquito bites?

He regretted indulging Shen Du for a while, and when he boarded the plane and saw the person next to his seat, Ye Nanqi had the heart to beat someone up: “…Why are you here!”

President Shen, who was wearing a decent suit, together with gold-framed glasses of an elite style, who was also last night hugging him pitifully and chanting the sentence of, “My baby, I can’t bear to part with you. Over there, you have to pay attention to your health and safety.”, responded without changing his face, “It’s a coincidence that the company is going to buy a piece of woodland over there for development. I will go to the field to investigate.”

Ye Nanqi looked at him coldly and expressionlessly thought: fxck you.


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