Chapter 51: You’re mine

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The car that kidnapped Chen Wen was being tailed by Shen Du’s men. The road was also almost all blocked when they were about to leave the city. The other party suddenly noticed that they were driven into a corner, and immediately changed course and drove in the other direction.

Fortunately, Shen Du’s men kept following closely and reported the news at any time. After about half an hour later, they and the police car surrounded that kidnapping car in front of a small factory.

While Li Hengran was going to rescue people, Shen Du and Ye Nanqi arrived in front of a high-end clubhouse.

“The police will do the rescue work. No matter how anxious you are, you won’t be able to help much. Luckily, I can take you somewhere today.”

As Shen Du said, he took Ye Nanqi to the clubhouse, “Now we’ll do what we should do, and Officer Li will do what he should do as well.”

Ye Nanqi was silent for a while before nodding and didn’t rush to ask where this place was.

Seeing Shen Du tagging along, the security guards didn’t check much as they let the two walk inside. Ye Nanqi entered a room with confusion. As soon as he entered, he saw two people in the room rolling on the sofa ready to take action. Even the sound of the door opening did not disturb them. 

Ye Nanqi raised an eyebrow.

It turned out this person to be Xue Xiangyu, who he hadn’t been in contact with for a long time.

Xue Xiangyu had basically never contacted him ever since they met at The Xue’s main house last time. If it weren’t for Shen Du’s gentle personality, Ye Nanqi would have thought that Shen Du had taken initiative to teach him a lesson long ago.

With his thick skin, Xue Xiangyu could continue to take off his clothes without changing his face while being stared at by Ye Nanqi and Shen Du. But it was impossible for the one in his arms. He cried in a soft voice, pleading with tears in his eyes, only then did Xue Xiangyu let go, wiped his lips, and smiled like a peach blossom in his eyes, “It’s still so early.”

Ye Nanqi held his arms and coldly said, “It’s not early, just the right time.”

If they came a little later, they might encounter these two goblins fighting, or if a little more later, they might be sitting on the sofa with some kind of liquid without them knowing.

Wasn’t this just right on time?

Xue Xiangyu waved his hands lazily, letting the young man in his arms to go out. His neckline was still wide open with his hair slightly messy. He leaned back on the sofa, smiling happily. “Need to check if there are cameras and eavesdroppers in the room?”

Zhang Ming, who had been following Shen Du in a transparent manner, bluntly took out the instrument he was carrying and carefully checked one side after another before retracting his hand and said insincerely, “Excuse me.”

Xue Xiangyu looked at him up and down, smiling brightly. “Yo, this brother looks good.”

Seeing Zhang Ming’s good body build that was the result of working out over the years, he licked his lips. Before he could even make a fuss, Shen Du rushed to rescue Zhang Ming in time. “Thanks for your hard work. You go out first.”

Being stared at by Xue Xiangyu, Zhang Ming got a chill on his back and kept rushing to the door without looking back.

Ye Nanqi checked the other sofa that didn’t look abnormal, and sat down carefully. Seeing how he was being cautious, Xue Xiangyu claps his own heart in an aggrieved expression. “Do I look like the kind of person who will sleep around?”

Shen Du took the opportunity to sit next to Ye Nanqi and answered on his behalf. “You don’t look like. You are.”

Xue Xiangyu, who wasn’t interested in the drama, shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “Since you are here, then you should have known. First, be clear that getting into this muddy water is out of your own accord. I didn’t pull you in.”

Shen Du said lightly, “Cut less nonsense.”

Ye Nanqi looked at Shen Du, and then at Xue Xiangyu. He wasn’t sure when or how, but the way they spoke was like these two people had come to know each other and were familiar with each other for a long time. 

Obviously, the last time the two met, they didn’t even count as acquaintances, not giving each other even a nod.

Thinking of how Xue Xiangyu liked to play around with his messy personality, Ye Nanqi looked at Shen Du faintly, and Shen Du, who was being stared at by him, felt as if sitting on pins and needles. “…Baby, I’ll explain it to you later. Yong Master Xue, you step out for a bit first.”

Hearing this “baby”, the fine hair on Xue  Xiangyu’s body fiercely raised up as his eyes wandered strangely around the two of them before leaving.

“That was an unexpected accident.”

Shen Du put away his distant face when facing outsiders, and touched Ye Nanqi’s head. “While we were in the car, I received some news, so I brought you over… I had been in contact with Xue Xiangyu for a period of time without telling you. That organization did not leak anything when doing things, and when necessary, it will give up a rook to protect the king. If I can make contact from the inside, the efficiency will be much higher.”

Ye Nanqi stared at him and said, “How are you going to make contact?”

Shen Du didn’t answer, instead he asked, “Nan Nan, you tell me first, if I didn’t intervene in this matter, how would you like to solve it?”

“Didn’t you already guess it?” Ye Nanqi’s pretended smile suddenly faded away. His face became less gentle, and there was even a little coldness in his eyes, “Contact from the inside.”

It was just that the method he used for internal contact was too tragic and dangerous. While having a revenge, he would destroy himself at the same time, simply falling from one abyss to another.

Shen Du held his hand tightly. “You are really …”

“I’m really what?” Ye Nanqi narrowed his eyes at the sofa that Xue Xiangyu and his man rolled over just now. “First explain what is going on with you.”

Shen Du paused and said, “If I could reach them, it would be better than relying on Xue Xiangyu.”

Ye Nanqi was stumped for words. He frowned, and flatly rejected. “You can’t!”

“Just a little contact, nothing will happen. I told Officer Li that when we’re arresting those people, not to mistakenly arrest me, your husband later.” Shen Du joked, “Maybe he will also give me a pennant, and we can hang in our living room. When we are old and there are guests coming, we can boast of our great achievements of the year. Be good, don’t be afraid.”

Ye Nanqi couldn’t absorb anything. He stood up and said through his gritted teeth. “I didn’t want you involved before because I didn’t want you to be dragged into this muddy matter. Why did you still drill into this deep water by yourself… Do you know how perverted those people are!”

Shen Du had anticipated Ye Nanqi’s reaction long ago. He pulled him to sit down, pinching his face and said with a smile, “I knew you were worried about me.”

“Speak well, and don’t use your hands.”

Ye Nanqi frowned and slapped his hand away. Thinking about it, he felt outrageous. He was extremely reluctant. “Do you know what they would do… Gang rape, sharing sex slaves, exchanging bed partners, once fallen in this muddy water, how can it be so easy to get out? You…”

Shen Du said, “Well, my cucumber is only hard for you, rest assured.”

Ye Nanqi was so angry that his body trembled, he stood up and wanted to leave, but was strongly pulled back.

“Baby, be good.” Shen Du’s movements were strong, but his attitude was very gentle. He pressed him in his arms, playing along with his struggle, but he didn’t let go. His tone softened, “I didn’t tell you before, because I was afraid that you would disagree.”

Ye Nanqi said coldly, “Even now I don’t agree.”

Shen Du watched him for a moment, and said, “Xue Xiangyu is not credible. He only helped you because he wanted to avenge the Xue family. But I am different. I am your husband and your lover. I am more trustworthy than everyone else. You won’t deny this, will you? Besides, I can get close to the core people of that organization quickly.”

Ye Nanqi was silent.

“You also know it all.” Shen Du kissed the top of his hair and smiled. “How can my baby be so kind? How can someone with a vengeful mind not grab anyone who can use it to use it. Don’t say you like me, you can always take advantage of me, right?”

“… I don’t want to.” Ye Nanqi leaned on his shoulder, he was unhappy judging by his voice.

“I said I want to help you, this is not empty talk. My unfinished words from before, not only I want to take care of you, I also want to protect you. Don’t worry, I know in my heart that I can get out of it safely.” Shen Du stroked his back lightly. “I still need your assistance to do this. I know you will help me, Nan Nan, you want to return your sister’s innocence more than anyone else.”

Ye Nanqi, who was silent for a long time, suddenly opened his mouth and bit Shen Du’s shoulder. He bit with all his strength. The thin clothes in summer couldn’t help that piece of flesh and blood. Shen Du’s eyebrows twitched with so much pain, but he didn’t say a word.

After a long time, Ye Nanqi just released his mouth and sat in Shen Du’s arms. He reached out and unbuttoned Shen Du’s shirt to take a look.

There was a deep tooth mark on his shoulder, and he would see blood if he used his strength harder.

Shen Du turning his head to look, he smiled instead. “Little wild cat…hiss.”

Ye Nanqi slightly lowered his head, stuck out the tip of his red tongue, lightly licked the tooth mark, and kissed it again.

In fact, it didn’t feel very painful. It was more itchy than the pain, and the visual stimulus was too great which made Shen Du’s hands that were placed on his waist tightened. The person who was still talking a while ago is now breathing unsteadily. “Nan Nan, what are you doing?”

Ye Nanqi let go of him and calmly said, “Mark it.”

“So you’re mine now?”

Ye Nanqi buttoned his shirt, even the uppermost button was also fastened, and said, “No.”

Just as when Shen Du felt a little disappointed, he raised his eyelids, had a quick glance at Shen Du, and said very lightly and quickly, “You are mine.”

Shen Du was a little dazed by the surprise that fell from the sky. He hadn’t worked out the meaning of this sentence word by word yet, when Ye Nanqi took advantage of his dazedness, got out of his arms dexterously, and went over to open the door.

Xue Xiangyu came in. Shen Du didn’t have a hobby of being out of shape in front of others, so he had to shut up and didn’t mention the matter just now.

“Is it all clear?” Seeing Ye Nanqi frowning, Xue Xiangyu asked again, uneasy, “Ye Nanqi, if you can’t do it, I’ll get someone to replace you for President Shen.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyes. “Replacement for what?”

“There will be evil spirits of all kinds dancing in riotous revelry later. Some people will show off their sex slaves, and you will look out of place if you don’t bring anyone up with you… I don’t know what they’re thinking of treating this kind of play as something amazing.” Xue Xiangyu ridiculed, then continued, “About replacement, anyway, I won’t do it with real things, at most just touch the butt and kiss the lips.”

Ye Nanqi coldly glanced at Shen Du.

Shen Du, who had just been “marked”, was straight on his back. He leaned toward him to show who his sovereignty belongs to. “That’s why I said I need your cooperation…”

“Since everyone wears a mask, your face won’t be shown, don’t worry.” Xue Xiangyu propped his chin, smiled, and looked indifferent, “Because the people they bring may include many big stars and supermodels. I didn’t quite understand what they meant before, but at present, it seems that apart from raising sex slaves is to get people to open up through unspoken the relationship. These rotten nobles are only one side, there are other illegal transactions such as arms trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering. Since the water is too deep, I don’t dare to go deeper.”

“You just need to watch Xue Jingshan.” After Shen Du finished speaking, he stretched out his hand again as if to see the guests off, “Nan Nan wants to change clothes. Excuse me, you step out a bit.”

After “Baby”, there was “Nan Nan”, hearing the nicknames which could make people feel nauseous, made Xue Xiangyu look at the two of them with unspeakable gazes. It was unbelievable that a noble son in the capital would actually praise a person as an ancestor.

The Xue family was too messy and rotten. The feeling of “being dotted on” or “royalty” were never in what Xue Xiangyu had seen or heard since he was a child. 

Seeing that Xue Xiangyu had left, Shen Du took the dress prepared in advance from the house and handed it to Ye Nanqi, holding his jaw, staring at him with burning eyes.

Ye Nanqi, who pressed his hand up and down the neckline, said, “… Excuse me, get out.”

“I’ll see it sooner or later, anyway.” Shen Du didn’t hide his hooligan and spoke forcefully and with justice, “Let me see more, wouldn’t it be nice to get familiar with it in advance?”

Ye Nanqi’s gaze fell between his straight, long legs, and coldly said, “Then I will help you to depose it. Growing so big, yet being unable to do hard work. It will be useless sooner or later, and it’s good to discard it in advance.”

Shen Du was being stared at by him and his crotch below felt cold. “… Be good, this is your happiness.”

“I have what you have.” Ye Nanqi took off his coat and began to take off his shirt.

Shen Du ignored his words and continued. “This is still alive, I need to rectify myself. I just drank the medicine that night and became unconscious…”

The tips of Ye Nanqi’s ears were so red as if he was dripping blood, and he couldn’t bear it. He carried his coat and threw it over his face, “Get out!”

Shen Du was blasted out by his little wife and faced Xue Xiangyu outside the room.

Xue Xiangyu’s face was full of undisguised gloat. “Yo, isn’t this President Shen, why did he come out?”

Shen Du always had a bad attitude when facing outsiders. He arranged his clothes and said in a slow manner, “Young Master Xue, about your company’s fraudulent accounts…”

Xue Xiangyu shut up immediately, feeling extremely angry.

None of these husbands are really good people.


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