Chapter 52: I only like you

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[A little of sexual abuse mentioned.]

When the party started, Shen Du led the person with him in a graceful manner.

In the open-air swimming pool, a few people were thrashing water like fools. Some people took a glass of wine and poured it on the heads of people around them. The person who was poured wine over had to dive to the bottom of the water and hold their breath for three minutes. There were those who couldn’t endure and wanted to come up only to be pressed down by someone again.

No one questioned this game that put life and death to the front line. Instead, they only laughed as they stroked the “slave” who was kneeling at their feet.

Almost everyone wore a mask showing the people inside almost like masquerades.

Ye Nanqi frowned, leaning subconsciously towards Shen Du.

Behind a mask, these people unleashed the darkest and ugly side of human nature, acted recklessly and very shameless. When they left, they would be well-dressed again and become elites in society leaving aside their ugly nature when leaving their mask behind. 

Shen Du also felt uncomfortable. If it weren’t for the possibility of intimacy that he couldn’t do with other people, he would never choose to bring Ye Nanqi to this kind of occasion.

Fearing that his cat would be taken advantage of by other people, he put his arms around Ye Nanqi’s waist and kissed him before whispering, “Follow me later, don’t act without permission.”

Ye Nanqi responded obediently by leaning in his arms, and nodded.

Shen Du’s entry did not arouse too much attention from other people. Most eyes of the people present were on the slave whose face was covered, and the two unexpectedly went to the center of the group dance without much trouble.

There were few people who didn’t participate in between these hideous messy activities, stabilizing in a smooth manner in their seats. These people were probably the organizers of the party.

Although they all were wearing masks, Ye Nanqi could see Bai Yu and Xue Jingshan among them.

Since he had a great impression of these two people, plus they didn’t cover up too much, it wasn’t hard for him to recognize the two of them.

No wonder Xue Xiangyu’s script was set to be “sexy and hot little goblin”.

Ye Nanqi could understand why.

Otherwise he would really be exposed.

Even after Shen Du had come over, Xue Jingshan was not surprised. He was smiling as he raised the wine glass in his hand at him. “It’s rare that Young Master Shen actually came.”

Shen Du sat on the sofa. His eyes glancing at the surrounding kneeling sex slaves. Even beating him to death, he would never abuse Ye Nanqi like them. After thinking for a moment, he chose to pull him into his arms and sit down.

Ye Nanqi hugged his neck, his soft lips rubbed against the other person’s lips as he leaned against chest. It was unknown if it was intentional, however, he took a bite teasingly on the top shirt button. 

Shen Du almost raised the flag to surrender on the spot by him. He patted his butt as a warning before turning his head and said, “Why, Young Master Xue doesn’t welcome me?”

“Of course, welcome.” Xue Jingshan kept the smiling face of a nice guy, and glanced at Ye Nanqi, “It’s just that I thought Young Master Shen wouldn’t raise such little plaything. Didn’t you openly pursue Ye Nanqi a few days ago?”

Shen Du had already discussed this issue with Ye Nanqi beforehand, but now that he had to speak in front of Ye Nanqi, Shen Du’s heart still deserved to be in a panic. He unhurriedly said, “Who makes my family to be hard headed in this matter. What else can I do? But Ye Nanqi looks good, and when I catch him, he will be as good as collections.”

Another person suddenly laughed. “In Young Master Shen’s eyes, our Aphrodite is only looking good?”

Bai Yu, who was sitting on the sidelines listening indifferently, had a slight pause. When he turned his head to look at the man, his eyes were cold.

The light in his eyes was plain and shallow, when they were hidden under the mask, they showed a very deep color like a beast. As soon as the man felt that was being stared at by him, he felt the hair on his back rising, and changed the subject with a dry smile. “It turns out that President Shen also likes to collect beauties.”

Shen Du smiled and said nothing.

Even though he knew that Shen Du was just fooling these people with his ridiculous talk, when Ye Nanqi heard it, he was still depressed. Depressing Ye Nanqi took a few more bites according to the place where he had just bitten.

Shen Du, who was provoked by him, felt so frustrated that he cursed Xue Xiangyu who wrote this type of script a few words in his heart. He pretended to pinch Ye Nanqi’s waist, lifted his chin, narrowed his eyes and said, “You got me horny even before going home. “

Ye Nanqi, who had never heard him say something like that before, was a little chaotic for a while: “…”

Shen Du opened his eyes wide as he watched, his heart softened. He wanted to hug to coax him. However, in such a scene, he could only bite the bullet and continue humming. “Want to be trained?”

Ye Nanqi thought, Shen Du, you are dead.

While being stared at by him, Shen Du’s stomach felt a faint stomach ache: “…”

However, according to the design, Ye Nanqi still took the initiative to kiss him.

For once, it was rare for Shen Du to be proactively kissed. Right now, he wished so much that he would turn from passive to active behavior, but in reality he could only rub Ye Nanqi’s waist perfunctorily, allowing him to lick and bite on his lips.

Compared with the surrounding sex slaves who were wearing masks kneeling between the master’s legs and began to hone their vocal mimicry skill, the interaction between the two was not bad, and it was worthy of a “refined taste”.

Looking at Ye Nanqi’s back, Xue Jingshan was somewhat familiar, but he wasn’t sure about the source of this familiarity. He smiled and asked, “I haven’t asked Young Master Shen, where did you find this baby?”

“Picked up on the road.” Shen Du answered casually, pushing Ye Nanqi aside, rubbing and tracing his red lips with his fingers, and then smiled, “A little wild cat.”

Ye Nanqi looked at him coldly. He held his fingers, opened his mouth, and bit down.

Shen Du, who was so pleased as to lose his sense of measure: “…”

Xue Jingshan was still suspicious, his eyes swept over Ye Nanqi’s thin waist, and gave a strange smile. “I also like to collect beauties. I wonder if Young Master Shen can let us see the true face of this beauty?”

After spending a little effort to save his fingers, Shen Du brought Ye Nanqi into his arms and finally had the aura of the “Tyrant President” in the novel provided by Zhao Sheng. He smiled lightly, but there was no smile in his eyes. Even if he was sitting, his aura was quite compelling.

“I’m sorry.” He said lightly, “I usually don’t want to show my things to others.”

This group of people was either rich or noble. There were also a few people who were from the Shen family. They laughed when they heard it, and didn’t say anything more.

It was originally a group of people with distorted human nature gathering together, and no one cares about other people’s odd tempers. After all, who wouldn’t have one or two strange hobbies? 

When others didn’t say anything, it wasn’t good for Xue Jingshan to be so forceful either. He glanced at Bai Yu who didn’t help him with scolding eyes.

Bai Yu was stared at by him for a long time, and finally made a move. With a thousand staring eyes, he put down the wine glass and pushed away the person who was kneeling next to him. His eyes fell on Ye Nanqi, but he reached out his hand toward Shen Du, his voice still cold.


The others were stunned. After staring at each other for a moment, they toasted and laughed. “Welcome Young Master Shen.”

Shen Du also stood up and shook hands with him.

Others didn’t think much, only the sensitive Xue Jingshan realized something was wrong, but Bai Yu seemed to have a very high status. Once he came out, no one would care about Xue Jingshan’s displeasure.

Taking note till this point, Ye Nanqi and Shen Du looked at each other.

Bai Yu’s attitude had always been strange, isolated and indifferent, reluctant to speak, and sometimes incompatible with this organization, but more than once, it was obvious that other people were jealous of him.

It seems that after the Xue family declined, the Bai family took the majority.

It was just his attitude…

Ye Nanqi frowned, wondering if it was an illusion that Bai Yu seemed to be helping him and Shen Du just now.

The atmosphere soon entered a heated climax, chaotic and insane. At a glance, almost everyone was naked enough to release some of the side that was usually hidden and dared not to be exposed. The sex slave was torn open in public, naked, and was observed by people around him with the gaze of observing objects.

What was even more absurd was that they just dragged people directly into the swimming pool and did uncensored activities.

As Xue Xiangyu said, the group of demons danced and acted wildly, and even the few people sitting in the middle left one after another. In the end, only Bai Yu and Xue Jingshan remained.

Shen Du and Ye Nanqi already made a preparation in their hearts. However, when they faced this scene head on, they still felt their scalp tingling.

Ye Nanqi had faced a lot of darkness to the point of being used to it. The sickening thing before his eyes now faded away only after feeling a little discomfort. However, Shen Du was different. If it weren’t for the mask, he could see the dullness and disgust that had lasted for a few seconds on his face.

He came from a scholarly family. Although he was naughty when he was a child, he was always a man of virtue. When he grew up, he went to study in the UK and went to the aristocratic school. Where could he come into contact with this kind of scene?

The two held hands in silence. Seeing his discomfort, Ye Nanqi sat in his arms to block his view, gently stroking his face with his hand. He lowered his head and bit his ear. “If you can’t stand it, let’s go first.”

Shen Du quickly suppressed the discomfort in his heart and shook his head slightly.

Leaving as soon as they came, what would he do the next time when he saw a more chaotic scene? Sooner or later, he had to be prepared to meet such a scene without changing his face.

The familiar feeling in Xue Jingshan’s heart just now lingered, and he didn’t give up. Seeing that the two of them were still here, he laughed again. “Why doesn’t Young Master Shen go over and play for a while?”

Shen Du said meaningfully and profoundly, “I only like this type in my arms.”

“What kind of beauty is it that makes Young Master Shen so secretive?” Xue Jingshan looked curious, “Anyway, here are only the three of us. Let me see if it has a big appetite?”

Shen Du smiled that wasn’t like a smile. “I can feed and satisfy my family’s cat, I won’t bother Young Master Xue.”

In fact, there were still six people here.

However, according to Xue Jingshan’s natural attitude, in his eyes, except for them, the rest weren’t human.

Most people here think like this, they feel that they were born superior, and did not hesitate to abuse others.

Because of his family background, Shen Du always had a high and mighty air of arrogance between his eyes, but he never took the initiative to hurt people with his arrogance.

Ye Nanqi lowered his eyes and thought to himself, Shen Du was completely different from these people.

Xue Jingshan gave a warm and affable smile. “Young Master Shen has misunderstood, I was just curious about this beauty.”

“Young Master Xue has been staring at my family cat all this time, is there any dissatisfaction with me?”

Never would have expected that Shen Du said it so bluntly. Two-faced Xue Jingshan, who was able to deal with various kinds of people and situations, was stunned stupid by a ball hitting on his face. He reacted quickly and couldn’t help but glance at Bai Yu again, before laughing. “Since Young Master Shen is not happy, then I won’t force you.”

Bai Yu seemed to have seen nothing. He casually raised the chin of the person who had been kneeling next to him. The man was flattered when he was teased like a small animal, opening his mouth, sucking and licking his fingers fawningly.

Bai Yu seemed to smile a little, and kissed the man’s forehead as if giving a reward.

Xue Jingshan watched his movements with a calm face. After a long while he turned his head away, his eyes were gloomy which contained irritability and jealousy that he hadn’t noticed.

But soon, he cleared up his emotions and still smiled.

Shen Du, who had been paying attention to Xue Jingshan’s expression, raised his eyebrows when he saw this scene. He looked at Ye Nanqi and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Xue Jingshan and Bai Yu had never been separated from each other. Bai Yu’s attitude was indifferent, and it seemed that he had never taken Xue Jingshan to heart. Xue Jingshan was the opposite. Every time before and after he spoke or did something, he would always look at Bai Yu’s attitude.

The jealousy in his eyes just now…

Ye Nanqi wanted to discuss with Shen Du, but unfortunately there were so many people here. Now that they had been “welcomed”, it was time to go.

Xue Jingshan was surprised. “Young Master Shen is leaving so fast. Can it be that because I offended you just now? I’ll punish myself with a glass then.”

“Young Master Xue is too serious.” Shen Du skillfully pushed the pot, “My mother urged me to go back. She is not in good health, and I don’t want to go against her.”

“Unexpectedly, Young Master Shen is still a filial son.” Xue Jingshan lifted his wine glass, not smiling anymore. “Help me give my regards to Aunt.”


Zhang Ming had already left even before the two left the clubhouse. The one driving now was another driver.

Before getting into the car, Ye Nanqi quietly cast his eyes behind him and found that someone was following them.

Shen Du also noticed it, his expression remained unchanged as he told the address to the driver.

Ye Nanqi took off his mask, looked sideways at Shen Du, then he stretched out his hand to take off his mask for him as well. After playing with the mask in his hand for a while, he wanted to talk about what happened just now, but Shen Du put his index finger on his lips, shook his head, and made a careful mouth shape:


Ye Nanqi paused. He changed his tone of voice with no expression on his face, but his voice was hoarse and pleasant to hear. “Young Master Shen…don’t do this in the car.”

The lines that superstar Ye came up with were pretty good, full of drama, and his voice was low and soft, with a little gasping. The driver couldn’t help but want to look back at what was happening behind him.

Shen Du who did nothing before but wanted to do something for real: “…”

Ye Nanqi looked at Shen Du, and suddenly his heart was full of mischief. With that seductive voice, he continued to chuckle and said with a low laugh. “Young Master Xue mentioned Ye Nanqi again just now. Do you like me more or Ye Nanqi more?”

Shen Du didn’t know whether he should laugh or get angry. Squeezing his face, his desire to survive was very strong, and his answer was perfect. “I only like you.”

Ye Nanqi’s lips couldn’t stop smiling. It was the kind of smile showing when he could only look but unable to handle the enemy. He held his breath and the negative emotions caused by his hypocritical politeness disappeared.

He leaned over and gave Shen Du a one-touch rewarding kiss. As soon as he was about to turn away, he was overturned and firmly pressed on the soft seat.

“Baby.” Shen Du bit his ear and spoke with a low voice that could only be heard by the two of them. His voice was low and magnetic, and the nickname he called out was full of love and pamper, making Ye Nanqi’s ears soft.

Shen Du smiled and kissed his lips fiercely, his eyes seemed to be green, looking at someone he was crazy about. “Isn’t it rude to run after teasing me? According to the script just now, I’ll be labeled as an incapable man if I don’t continue.”


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