Chapter 54: Sweet

After eating, Ye Nanqi and Shen Du went to the hospital together.

Since there were still many things needed to handle afterwards, Li Hengran went back first, leaving only a few men to guard the hospital. Chen Wen was still lying on the hospital bed. After the fright, his facial complexion was pale, but his mental strength was good which showed that he didn’t panic too much after the accident. Seeing that there was another person behind Ye Nanqi, he smiled and asked, “This is President Shen?”

Shen Du faintly said hello with an indifferent expression. Without further talk, he sat on another side with his eyes following Ye Nanqi all the time.

Ye Nanqi, who was being stared at by him, felt as if sitting on pins and needles and was trying to remain in his composure. “Are you injured?”

“No.” Chen Wen shook his head, “In the car, I was threatened with a few words, but later, they began to rush to escape so there wasn’t enough time to force anything much out of me.”

Ye Nanqi said, “Dr. Chen, what was your answer?”

Without much hesitation, Chen Wen took the paper and pen from the bedside and wrote down a series of words.

Ye Nanqi reached out and took it. On top of the paper was a very long address, and the name of a village was written at the bottom.

It was unknown what came to Chen Wen’s mind, he shook his head, and said in a low voice, “He has been hiding everywhere in order to escape the disaster in recent years, and has nowhere to settle down. The money he remitted is all his previous savings. When I went back to my hometown last month and met with him, all the remaining deposits were handed over to me. Now he is hiding in the village of my hometown. I cannot contact him unless he takes the initiative to contact me. If you have patience, just wait for him to contact me. You are Ye Qingqing’s younger brother and he will trust you.”

Ye Nanqi stared at the string of addresses without saying a word.

He was impatient.

“Since those people have targeted me…” Chen Wen seemed to have seen through his intentions, thought for a moment before saying, “They should know as well that you’re tracking them down. It’s just that they don’t know how much you know. Don’t worry, I won’t ask much about this matter either. It’s just that if you set out to find him now, those people will probably follow.”

Ye Nanqi said: “I know.”

Which was why he had to find a reason that sounds natural.

“One more thing.” Chen Wen patted Ye Nanqi on the shoulder and said in a low voice, “Be careful of your sister’s former manager.”

Ye Nanqi was startled.

“You probably don’t know yet. At the beginning, your sister was clean and self-conscious and rejected all those who suggested that they wanted to support her. Fang Xingyuan was greedy, and as if feeling it wasn’t enough, he secretly contacted the people from the Xue family, went up to introduce your sister, and wanted to send her to climb the bed of one of the executives of the Xue family.”

Chen Wen’s voice wasn’t loud and had always been gentle, but the words he spoke kept ringing in Ye Nanqi’s ears.

In an instant, all the blood rushed to the top of his head, his eyes widened, but restrained himself and continued to listen.

“… Kneeling on his knees, he begged your sister to forgive him, saying that he didn’t know that that group of people was abnormal and would treat her like that.” The color on Chen Wen’s face was fading, knitting his eyebrows, full of disgust. “When your sister refused to forgive him, he said to your sister, ‘Even if I didn’t do it, they will look for you sooner or later’… At that time, your sister already had someone she liked, but she had to suffer something like that…”

Ye Nanqi had previously wondered if Ye Mei’s matter might be related to Fang Xingyuan, but later, because of Fang Xingyuan’s intentional or unintentional dissuasion, that suspicion was dispelled.

He did not expect this to be the case.

This cowardly, despicable, shameful man!

He was so angry that his body was trembling. If Fang Xingyuan was in front of him, without the slightest doubt, he would strangle him to death immediately.

Begging for forgiveness? Feeling guilty? Did this person deserve it?

When anger almost swallowed his reason, his hand was suddenly pulled, and a pair of warm hands gripped his cold hand tightly. Ye Nanqi’s lips were trembling slightly, as he turned his head with red eyes and looked at Shen Du in silence.

Shen Du was so distressed that he kissed the back of his hand comfortably, and said warmly, “Nan Nan, do you need my service?”

Ye Nanqi gritted his teeth, and it took a long time to swallow the breath that was stuck in his heart. He closed his eyes and said solemnly, “Fang Xingyuan told me that he has a deal with the Xue family. He has some evidence in his hand, and as long as he doesn’t say anything much, the Xue family would not attack him.”

Chen Wen heard the words and shook his head. “Short-sighted, no wonder he would do that kind of thing back then. There is no life amulet for a lifetime.”

“Speaking like this…” It wasn’t good to hold Ye Nanqi’s fur in front of the outsiders, so Shen Du only gently stroked his back, and thought of something thoughtfully. “He still has connections with the other people in the Xue family. Baby, how about we use a long line to catch a big fish?”

[T/N: 顺毛: literally: smooth fur/hair. Another meaning is comforting for a person. And for a cat, when it’s angry, smoothing its fur can make it behave again. Kitty YNQ.]

Ye Nanqi had endured for so many years. He was just mad for a while and now that he calmed down, knowing that he was impatient, he nodded.

Chen Wen watched their interaction and touched his nose. “Can you two stop being lovey-dovey in front of me?”

Ye Nanqi was puzzled. “Where have we been lovey-dovey?”

Chen Wen became dumb.

It was also impossible to say that they were like loving couples in love, but when the two of them were together, there was an atmosphere of inseparability and where outsiders had nowhere to intervene. The sense of existence was stronger than that of deliberately showing affection.

Dr. Chen, who had been single solo for more than 30 years, waved his hand depressedly. “Okay, I have said everything I know, you can go, don’t discuss this in front of me.”

“Officer Li will send someone to protect you.” Ye Nanqi didn’t mind being kicked out. “Make sure you travel safely.”

Chen Wen made a gesture to show that he knew.

Leaving Chen Wen’s place, Ye Nanqi walked upstairs again to Yanzi’s ward.

He had been to the police station a few times before, and got acquainted with the people in Li Hengran’s team. Later, he specially noted the faces of the three suspects, and his impression of Yanzi was the shallowest among the three.

Yanzi looked ordinary, had a straightforward disposition and a clumsy mouth. He didn’t speak much, and didn’t have a high sense of existence.

He knocked and another detective came to open the door. Coincidentally, it was another one of the three people of Li Hengran’s friends, named Zhou Yaochun. Compared with Yanzi, his appearance was several grades higher, and his mouth was often full of crap. Seeing that Ye Nanqi and Shen Du came, he turned back and smiled. “Yanzi, superstar Ye came to see you. And you are?”

Shen Du’s gaze fell on Ye Nanqi and calmly said, “This is my wife.”

Ye Nanqi couldn’t hide the fact that he was married in front of this group of people. He cast a cold eye at Shen Du and walked into the ward with a smile.

Shen Du, who had always had a sour face in front of outsiders, put down the fruit basket, and continued to watch Ye Nanqi talk and laugh freely with them.

Facing two detectives was more terrible than facing a psychologist. Ye Nanqi used his highest degree of acting skills to maintain his naturalness and greeted Yanzi in a warm and friendly way.

Yanzi lay flat on the bed, with a bandage wrapped around his abdomen. He scratched his head and said, “Why do you all come to see me one after another? I’m fine. Though I was shot, it didn’t get through the most important position, so it’s not dangerous.”

Zhou Yaochun smiled, yet not like a smile. “What? Are we not welcomed when we’re here to see you? If you are injured, you can lie down on the bed and rest for two more days. The commander issued an order that the murderer of the West District case must be found within ten days. We’re so busy we have to work overtime everyday. It’s easy for you to have the opportunity to catch your breath, but you are still not satisfied?”

“I didn’t want to be lazy…” Yanzi knotted his tongue when he was anxious, and couldn’t say a word for a long time.

Zhou Yaochun was overwhelmed. “Just kidding, what’s the hurry?”

Pretending to be curious, Ye Nanqi asked, “What case is making everyone so busy?”

Zhou Yaochun glanced at this beautiful young man and depressingly said, “One morning just three days ago, a janitor found three female corpses in the garbage in the West district, packed in a large suitcase… The bodies look horrible, so I won’t describe it to you. To avoid panic, we still keep the news under control and the report hasn’t been made to the top yet. The specific details are not easy to reveal, but the identity of the three people has been confirmed, and they all looked beautiful when they were alive… I’m telling you about this so that you can be more on guard, maybe it was done by a pervert who’ll catch beautiful people to torture.”

All looked beautiful when they were alive.

A light flashed in Ye Nanqi’s mind. He forcibly resisted the urge to continue to ask, nodded his head in pretending to be frightened.

Just when he wanted to go home and talk about this matter with Shen Du immediately, fortunately, after the busy Zhou Yaochun asked Yanzi to rest well, he then left after the long visit. Ye Nanqi and Yanzi were not familiar with each other, so seeing Zhou Yaochun left, he also said goodbye, and left afterwards.

Back in the car, Ye Nanqi recalled the conversation with Chen Wen just now. After being absent minded for a moment, he said something without a head or tail. “She…never told us that she had a lover.”

Maybe she wanted to give them a surprise. When she became successful in her career, she would bring people she liked back home and get blessings from her family.

Before that incident, although she was very tired, she was able to do the job she enjoyed, help the family, and meet people she liked… wasn’t she very happy back then?

But Fang Xingyuan dragged her into the abyss.

Ye Mei didn’t mention the person who was suspected to be her boyfriend in the diary. Ye Nanqi had read the diary countless times, and there were traces of paper being torn in the beginning, probably about that person.

Shen Du knew what he was thinking and his heart was aching for him, he tried to comfort, “Elder sister didn’t tell you those things were for your own good. I don’t think she had blamed you and your mother, let alone hated you.”

Ye Nanqi shook his head and said in a low voice, “Even if she hated us, that’s what she should do.”

Although he was just a junior high school student who couldn’t do anything at that time, every time he thought of his indifference to Ye Mei…or even his resentment toward her at that time, it pained him so much that he couldn’t suppress it.

What’s more, he missed the chance to save her later.

Looking at Ye Nanqi who was depressed, Shen Du suddenly took out a candy, peeled off the sugar paper and put it in his mouth. One hand pressed on the back of Ye Nanqi’s head, not allowing him to step back, he leaned over to kiss Ye Nanqi and skillfully fed him the candy with the tip of his tongue.

After gently kissing him for a while, he backed away, speaking in a soft voice, “Nan Nan, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you always think too much. I bet with this candy that your elder sister never blamed you or hated you.”

Ye Nanqi moved his lips and bit the extra candy in his mouth. For a while, he was a little bit dumbfounded. “You drive well.”

“Still waiting in the red light, don’t be afraid.” Shen Du saw that he seemed to be in a better mood, and his eyes were slightly bent, “Is it sweet?”

When the fragment milky candy first got in Ye Nanqi’s mouth, he wasn’t very comfortable. But now he was surprised to find that this milky candy was even sweeter than any one he had eaten before.

The mouthful of sweet fragrance rushed to his heart, reducing his heavy emotions a lot.

He wasn’t even willing to finish eating this candy, he said after a long while, “Sweet.”

The corner of Shen Dus’ lips curled up and with a serious face, he said, “I will get someone to carefully check about the young man who had been in contact with your sister…before they met the group of beasts. Maybe that person will know something.”

Ye Nanqi also sorted out the information he had obtained. Biting the candy his mouth, and his eyes were slightly cold. “Fang Xingyuan…”

“Prior to this, I’ve sent someone to keep an eye on him, he can’t run away.” Shen Du squinted his eyes. He had always been a person who when fighting, he would fight with everything he’d got. He was like a stubborn hooligan who owe anyone nothing. “Wait till I’m done using him, I’ll let someone to bring him over. Do you want to pour him cement and sink him into the bottom of the sea, or do you want to cut him into pieces? I’ll help you.”

Ye Nanqi couldn’t help but laugh, shook his head and said, “You ah…”

“Happy now? Finally you laughed.” Shen Du heaved a sigh of relief. He turned his focus straight ahead, but his mouth was not lazy at all. “I’m really raising a cat. I have to feed him and when he’s full, I have to coax him, to make him happy.”

Ye Nanqi squinted at him: “So what?”

Shen Du smiled lightly, and said, “I’m gladly and willing to endure this hardships.”

[T/N: idiom, from Book of Songs.]

He was unwilling to let others to raise him.

Feeling overwhelmed by the sweetness of the candy, Ye Nanqi’s face became hot. He turned his head away again and vaguely said, “Xu Zhou is in that mountain village…I must have a suitable reason to go and look for him.”

Shen Du already had an idea in his mind, and calmly saying, “How about passing in the name of work?”

Except for the last upbringing incident, Ye Nanqi hadn’t shown his face for a long time. Many fans had been dissatisfied and worried that he would retire.

Although Wen Chen was dissatisfied with his inactivity, it was Shen Du who paid his salary. Shen Du had instructed him not to trouble Ye Nanqi, so he had to listen. If it wasn’t for the good atmosphere of the husband and wife, Wen Chen would suspect that they were quarreling, and Shen Du deliberately freeze Ye Nanqi’s path.

It just so happened that the company that Shen Du acquired had made a semi-variety and semi-documentary program before. It focused on celebrities and delicacies, tasting food all over China. Whenever they went to a place, they let the stars participating in the show live in local houses and taste the locals food, scattered among places to introduce with history, and then entertainers play games and try to learn to do it.

With the help of the popularity of celebrities, eye-catching cuisine, and beautiful scenery, there was no lack of interesting science popularization among them. The show ratings were good, and there were many artists who want to participate, but not many had the courage to come.

After all, it was a show that focused on eating… In case the artist return as a fat man, even if the agent wanted to, it’d be too late. 

After giving a general introduction, Shen Du leisurely said, “According to the schedule, the show just happened to be shooting the dishes from the South. When the program crew gets there, they can go find Xu Zhou.”

Ye Nanqi’s eyes lit up, but even before he compliment him, he noticed a familiar figure outside the window, and he said, “Stop in front.”

Shen Du raised his eyebrows and obediently stopped to the side of the road. He opened his arms to wait for his wife to pounce on him for a few kisses, and said something moving like, “My husband is awesome.”

But then he saw Ye Nanqi button up his hat and put on a mask. Without even looking at him, he got out of the car.

Shen Du: “…”

Who did he see?

Shen Du silently retracted his hand. After getting out of the car to follow him, he noticed Ye Nanqi at a glance.

Ye Nanqi was catching a puppy head-on, reaching out his hand affectionately, and squeezing the puppy’s face.

Quite familiar… Wasn’t that the little puppy who had been in scandal with Ye Nanqi!

Shen Du was full of sour vinegar. He bowed his head expressionlessly, and opened Baidu for a search.

What should I do if my wife likes a little puppy?

[T/N: 小奶狗: lit: small milk dog. A little younger boyfriend.]

[PS: YNQ’s AD voice actor is the same person as 2HA’s Chu Wanning’s VA. *€*]


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