Chapter 56: You’re so cute

There was no doubt that this was something that Shen Du had planned long ago.

Ye Nanqi wasn’t stupid enough to think that there would be such a “coincidence”.

Ye Nanqi sat down by the window with a dark face while thinking of Shen Du’s reluctant appearance the night before, and felt that it was really a mistake for Shen Du to be a businessman.

If this person were to enter the film and television industry, he would certainly win honor for the country and seize back a row of Golden awards.

Ignoring Ye Nanqi’s cold eyes, Shen Du sat next to him with a smile. He then stretched out his hand to take off Ye Nanqi’s mask, raised his eyebrows and said, “Cover up tightly on such a hot day, aren’t you afraid of sweat rash?”

Ye Nanqi stared at the culprit without speaking a word.

Shen Du, who had no guilty conscience, and was even more satisfied that Ye Nanqi’s body was full of his “marks”, coaxed, “Be good, even if you’re covered with sweat rash, you’re still the best-looking Nan XiaoQi.”

“…” Ye Nanqi glared at him with a black face, feeling very fierce, “Give me a good reason so that I won’t throw you off the plane.”

Shen Du hurriedly put away his scornful look, lowered his head and said honestly, “There are indeed projects over there. After discussing it with my dad for two days, it was said that I’d handle it temporarily. I didn’t tell you because I’m not sure whether my dad will allow it or not. If he didn’t come to manage the company, I wouldn’t be able to leave for half a month either…”

“Dad…” Ye Nanqi was taken aback by his natural attitude, and almost bit his tongue. “That project won’t take half a month, right? Uncle was willing to allow you to follow me everywhere?”

Shen Du naturally wouldn’t tell Ye Nanqi that he was so worried and worried and again worried and afraid when he wasn’t in his sight. Hearing the words, he smiled and said, “My mother is now fully cooperating with me to chase after you. She has been anxiously longing for you as a daughter-in-law for a long time now.”

[T/N: there were so many words of ‘worry’ above.]

And Mother Shen was the heart of Father Shen.

Ye Nanqi was speechless.

Shen Du raised his head and stared at him. Once he noticed his still slightly swollen lips, he remembered that he almost peeled off his hard shell last night and ate the soft and sweet meat inside, and licked the corners of his lips intently. “So, Nan Nan, baby, when do you plan to give me a reply?”

Only then did Ye Nanqi realize that he was fooled and that he shouldn’t sit by the window.

Shen Du stretched out his hand to block him, and trapped him in a small corner with nowhere to retreat.

Ye Nanqi couldn’t help clenching the necklace on his chest—that ring that Shen Du gave to him. He was reluctant to put it in the drawer to have it covered in dust, and because it wasn’t easy to wear it on his finger, he found a chain and put it on as a necklace.

After a moment of silence, Ye Nanqi said in a low voice, “Will you give me some more time?”

Shen Du felt a little lost, but he still withdrew his compelling gaze, handed Ye Nanqi a blindfold, and said, “I’ll wait for however long it takes. Sleep for a while, I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

As Ye Nanqi put on his blindfold, he heard him say something in a low voice, “I was tossing you till a bit late last night.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

“We’re already at that stage, and I haven’t eaten you yet.” Shen Du continued to heave a long sigh, “I am a more faithful and upright husband than Liu Xiahui.”

[T/N: Idiom; a faithful and upright person as a judge.]

Ye Nanqi kicked him angrily.

Shen Du was probably Ye Nanqi’s natural sleep aid, coupled with being sleepy, and while knowing that Shen Du was nearby, he quickly fell asleep in peace of mind.

Shen Du waited for Ye Nanqi who fell asleep to lean his head over on his shoulder. However, even after waiting for a long time, the sleeping Ye Nanqi was still in his same position. Shen Du felt that the scenes shown on TV drama were indeed fake, and he had to do it himself if he wanted to get benefit.

He carefully moved Ye Nanqi over, letting him lean on his shoulder, and after looking at him with his mouth curved up for a while, he kissed his red lips without holding back.

Then he stretched out his hands and grabbed Ye Nanqi’s hand, and asked for a blanket to cover the two of them.

After looking at the file absent-mindedly, Shen Du closed his eyes and planned to take a nap for a while.

Unexpectedly, he slept deeper than Ye Nanqi.

Before the plane landed, Ye Nanqi woke up and saw Shen Du who was still sleeping deeply and was a little bit dumbfounded. He wanted to wake him up, but when he raised his hand, he found that his right hand was still holding within Shen Du’s ten fingers.

He froze for a moment but didn’t choose to break away, instead he shook Shen du with his other hand. “Wake up.”

Shen Du opened his eyes in a daze. His dark eyes were still confused, which reflected Ye Nanqi’s face in them, and with a gentle expression in his eyes, he smiled slightly. “Baby, as soon as I open my eyes and see you, it’s true happiness.”

Ye Nanqi’s ears were a little hot, he pulled his hand back, and coughed lightly. “We’ve arrived… How many days will you stay with me in the program group? Don’t call me like that in front of other people.”

Shen Du nodded obediently.

“Don’t hug me either.”


“You can’t kiss me.”

Shen Du hesitated, but seeing Ye Nanqi’s face was serious, he had to nod his head unwillingly.

Thus Shen Capitalist entered the group in a low-key manner, and no one except the director knew who the other assistant behind Ye Nanqi was.

Facing the big boss, the director arranged the best suite for Ye Nanqi with a trembling heart.

In order not to make other artists feel differently, he went to Ye Nanqi and brought up the issues, and with just a wave of Shen Du’s hand, everyone was living their best lives.

It was noon when they arrived at the hotel. Since Ye Nanqi entered the entertainment industry, he had been following various programme crews. And this was the first time he saw such a proud imposing man. Only after entering the room did he sneered. “President Shen, what’s your name again, a dumb rich man or a rich and overbearing?”

Shen Du took off his hat and said leisurely, “Don’t you know whether the tool is rough/overbearing or not.”

[T/N: 财大气粗 means rich and imposing/overbearing, while 气粗 alone means rough.]

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Did this person have no sense of shame at all? No matter how shameless a person was, they should have a layer of skin, right? Wouldn’t it hurt when the wind blew?

Holding the hat in his hand, Shen Du bent his waist lower and performed an etiquette to Ye Nanqi and politely said, “Mrs. Shen, you are the successor to my inheritance.”

“Are you encouraging me to quickly murder my fami… to murder you?” Ye Nanqi raised an eyebrow and looked at him provocatively.

Shen Du smiled and hugged him: “Okay, murder me, squeeze me dry, you’re so cute I’m dying.”

Ye Nanqi refused to communicate with him anymore, pushed him away and took off his jacket. Watching Shen Du naturally sat at the table and opened his notebook to read the documents, he brought a cup of hot water and put it on the table, then knocked on the table, and said, “Assistant Shen, this is not your room.”

Shen Du stared at the screen, revised a few words carefully, and said with a smile, “Baby, you are the first boss who can afford to hire me.”

Mrs. Shen could also afford to hire the head of the Shen Group.

Ye Nanqi snorted. His anger hadn’t disappeared yet, but he was too lazy to deal with him, so he went to take a shower on his own.

Including Ye Nanqi, there were 4 other celebrities who had plucked up the courage to participate in this show and the others would arrive tomorrow. Those who were here today were the people from Shen Du’s Company.

They were all the people Ye Nanqi had seen in the company before. In addition, the news that Shen Du and Ye Nanqi were secretly married was also spreading in the company, thus when they saw him, everyone was with profound respect and humility but Ye Nanqi wasn’t planning to greet them one by one just yet.

After coming out of the shower, seeing that Shen Du was still reading the documents, he lightened his footsteps, and went to order lunch first.

Shen Du was really doing his business. It was rare that his sweet and delicious wife was dangling by his side, and he didn’t catch him to give him a kiss or two.

Ye Nanqi was so bored that he simply moved a stool and sat next to Shen Du. He glanced at the files on the computer, and when he found that he couldn’t understand, he held his cheeks and looked at Shen Du who was working hard.

Shen Du had a beautiful, outstanding and handsome profile. He looked serious when he wasn’t smiling, but when he smiled, he wasn’t that honorable at all. No matter how good his self-cultivation was, he still couldn’t conceal his evil scumbag… and the elegant, graceful, smart of the noble son in Mother Shen’s dream had run in the opposite direction.

Seeing his tightly pressed lips and his well ordered and a strong jawline, Ye Nanqi blinked. It was hard to imagine how this type of Shen Du would talk either of lewd words or words of love as soon as he opened his mouth on normal days.

He was a little lost thinking about it, staring at Shen Du’s profile in a daze. Shen Du had been enduring ever since he sat down next to him, and now he finally couldn’t bear it. He turned off the computer, stretched out his hand to pull him into his arms, held his waist, and raised his chin. He stared at the full and beautiful lips, and said viciously, “Want to be eaten? Don’t seduce me!”

Ye Nanqi’s face was full of question marks. “Me? Seduce you?”

Shen Du couldn’t bear it. Holding back his collar, he saw the deep and shallow hickeys on his chest. He took a deep breath, suppressed the impulse feeling in heart as he patted his butt, and released him with great willpower. “Go play at the side… Don’t dangle when I work. Baby, don’t you know you can’t just stare at someone who likes you? That’s one kind of an invitation and you’ll be fxcked.”

Suddenly caught off guard by these obscene remarks, Ye Nanqi’s curse that was just about to utter was frightened back: “…”

“Or rather.” Shen Du took a glimpse at the place where he had a reaction, and had a smile asking to be beaten up on his face. “Nan Nan is willing to help me share my worries while I work?”

Ye Nanqi seriously said, “I want to report you.”

Sure enough, President Shen lacked the ability to concentrate, but that was just because his wife’s temptation was just too strong. Ye Nanqi carried a stool aggrievedly to the other corner of the room and called Li Hengran.

Li Hengran, who was far away in City A, was struggling with the case of the abandoned corpses for a few days now. And it just happened today he was able to catch his breath, and because he was smoking every day, his voice became hoarse a lot.

Ye Nanqi’s previous thoughts gave him a hint.

However, he couldn’t understand that if that organization really abused people to death, according to their methods, there was no need to use such inferior methods to deal with the corpses afterwards.

That might expose them.

Now that he was investigating the suitcase and roadside monitoring footage, he had found out the general target. Although he hadn’t finally determined to arrest the person yet, Li Hengran’s heart became more clear as he investigated, and he could basically be sure that the person caught was just a bait.

In other words, someone was deliberately guiding the police to investigate that organization.

“Officer Li, who would that person be?” Ye Nanqi’s heart was shaken.

He didn’t think so much before, and now that he heard Li Hengran’s analysis, only to realize that besides them, there might be other people trying to break this organization.

Was it other family members of the victims who had plucked up the courage and wanted to resist, or someone in that organization who had other thoughts?

Without much thought, a pair of cold, light-colored eyes appeared in front of Ye Nanqi’s eyes.

——Bai Yu.

This guess was even more ridiculous than the previous association of ideas.

Although Bai Yu’s attitude was strange and he had helped Shen Du before, he was still the leader of that group of people, and most likely the Bai family couldn’t be washed clean either.

The Bai family was a much greener generation than the old-fashioned families like the Shen family or the Xue family. Compared with businessmen, once the taint of their family was exposed, they would be dead on the spot.

Joining this kind of organization, although the benefits were huge, the organization would be both prosperous, and every loss would be detrimental, not to mention the Bai family was the leader.

If he really helped the police to investigate the case, the first family to be shot out was the Bai family.

Would Bai Yu ignore the safety of the whole family for some unknown reason?

Ye Nanqi shook his head, eliminating this indulge in fantasy idea, and after talking with Li Hengran, he was hugged by the long-awaited person behind him.

Ye Nanqi turned around and glanced at him. He broke free from his arms, smiled slightly, then opened his mouth, and spit out the words that made Shen Du almost collapse. “Your butt is itchy, want to be fxcked?”

Shen Du with a mouthful of blood: “…”


Ye Nanqi: “Don’t dangle in front of me when I am discussing business matters.”

Shen Du: “…”

Ye Nanqi: “My anger hasn’t gone yet about what happened last night and this morning. Don’t make a fuss in front of me.”

Shen Du: “…”

Ye Nanqi squeezed his face and sneered. “Didi, you hadn’t even seen any porn yet when I learned how to speak a yellow/dirty talk.”

Shen Du, who became strangely silent, didn’t tell Ye Nanqi that his expression was so cute that he wanted to have a nosebleed.

He just wanted to hug him and spin for a few laps.

How could he be so cute!

Ye Nanqi, who thought that Shen Du was shocked, was pleased that he finally got back to the game. He hadn’t yet said the ridicule of “fighting strength was just so-so”, and was suddenly hugged up by his waist and put on the soft big bed of the hotel.

The marks on Ye Nanqi’s body hadn’t disappeared yet. He was having his final struggle not to have any more added on and when he wanted to get up, Shen Du also lay down, pressing on him. Ye Nanqie froze for a moment. Before he figured out what Shen Du wanted to do, the latter stretched out his hand and pressed it on his body.

Shen Du raised his head to look at Ye Nanqi who was stunned. He smiled lazily, opened his hands, and made a posture of taking your pick.

“Come on, baby, don’t pity me.”

Author has something to say:

Then Ye Nanqi strangled Shen Du who had a smelly broken leg, and the whole play ended.


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