Chapter 57: Don’t waste your energy (Lit: Wash up and go to sleep.)

Longing to be loved, the delicate flower Shen failed to get what he wanted when the lunch ordered by Ye Nanqi came.

When Shen Du returned from picking up the lunch and saw Ye Nanqi slowly putting on his good clothes, he said sincerely, “Baby, I feel like you are torturing me on purpose.”

Ye Nanqi’s eyebrows twitched and replied with a gentle smile. “How is that possible?”

When Shen Du saw his smile, he was sure in his heart.

After eating lunch, Ye Nanqi implicitly stated that the food wasn’t as good as he expected, while Shen Du bluntly said that each one wasn’t as delicious as what he did.

After finishing reading the documents, Shen Du pondered how to pamper Ye Nanqi without him knowing it. After a check and found that the hotel that they were staying in was under the name of a comrade he knew, he immediately became happy. After mentioning a few words on the phone, he successfully borrowed the hotel’s kitchen.

Ye Nanqi, who had never been pampered in his life, didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry after seeing how busy he was. “My mother has never spoiled me this much. It’s not that I can’t eat the food I ordered, don’t make a fuss.”

Shen Du answered, full of confidence, “My wife, what’s wrong with me trying to pamper you. Isn’t it good to be pampered? Wait after you’re being raised and be inseparable from me, you can’t run away anymore.”

Ye Nanqi was so dizzy by what he said. He held his forehead for a long while, and said in a low voice, “I didn’t want to run either…”

The other four celebrities arrived the next day. Considering the special relationship between Ye Nanqi and Shen Du, the program team especially arranged them on another floor.

It wasn’t until the director asked everyone to go to the lobby to meet and get familiar with each other, that Ye Nanqi had the opportunity to meet his teammates who he would get along with while working in the show in the future.

Shen Du was left behind in the room. After watching Ye Nanqi and Zhang Ming go out, the smiles on his face suddenly disappeared. He sat back at the table, and his eyes were cold as he scanned the information found by an agent.

Since the program teams were the people he had selected, basically there would be no problems. The only possible problem was the few guests who had just arrived.

After reading everyone’s information, Shen Du calculated in his heart and sent Zhang Ming the photos for him to pay attention. After that he randomly searched for the TV series played by Ye Nanqi to watch while waiting for his heart to come back.

When Ye Nanqi arrived in the lobby, the other people hadn’t arrived yet. The director was reflexively nervous when he saw him, which made Ye Nanqi a little nervous as well.

The two stared speechless and nervous at each other. The assistant director and other staff members were confused and dared not to speak.

Fortunately, several guests came over one after another, breaking the current awkward atmosphere.

There was only one female guest who had the courage to participate, and the other four were handsome and pretty little fresh meat. These were the people who had just all become popular recently. They were curious about the Ye Nanqi who, after being silent a few months, suddenly appeared again. But instead of taking movies and TV series, he took on a variety show.

To say he was no longer a trend, but the incident saying that there was a rich second generation pursuit of that face that broke out in the previous burst remained in a hot search. To say he was trendy, but it was still strange that a few entertainment media didn’t mention anything about him after being disappearing for so long.

Ye Nanqi maintained a friendly and gentle smile in front of them. The assistant director who didn’t know any social connections seeing the young people in front of him who were both handsome and beautiful and there was only one girl who was tender like a lotus flower fully bloomed, said with a smile, “It looks like this is a group full of knights while Rongrong is the only princess.”

The director’s face turned green, for fear that Shen Du would feel cold when he heard this, and quickly said, “What a terrible world this is! It’s the knight princess.”

The assistant director didn’t understand the look in his eyes and continued to laugh. “That’s right, same-sex marriage has been legal for several years. Five people can also make up a dozen pairs of CPs, hahaha.”

Director: “…” Shut up, you.

Ye Nanqi smiled and changed the topic, “When will we start?”

“They’ve just arrived, let’s take a break first, and start filming in the afternoon and evening.” The director hurriedly answered, feeling relieved.

Looking at his appearance, Ye Nanqi was puzzled.

Although Shen Du was a bit mean, he had a good temper. He was gentle and very caring, tolerant and generous. But why did they seem to be afraid of him?

Ye Nanqi had a clear observation of Shen Du, and the more he thought about it, the more satisfied he became. Knowing that even the shortcoming of his cheap mouth could be distorted into humor, which was simply perfect.

Shen Du appeared to be very beautiful in front of Ye Nanqi. He erased all the black history involving Ye Nanqi that he hadn’t dealt with before.

In a sense, when President Shen did it, it was very successful too.

Before starting the show, the program team provided a thick book of information, which was the historical origin of the customs and cuisines of the places they were going to shoot. The host of this show would be the guest artists, taking turns to run the show and in order to prevent any errors and save the scenes on time when someone forgot the script, everyone was made to read the same script.

It wasn’t the first time Ye Nanqi participated in a variety show, but this was the first time to participate in this type of variety show. In addition to eating, there were other game challenges and word guessing which was physically exhausting.

…Probably to make everyone feel at ease while having a merry meal.

The game shooting in the afternoon went smoothly, and soon it was time to eat.

Before eating, several artists gathered together and discussed their daily recipes with an expression mixed with happiness and agony. There were also some kind of complicated and worried looks when they talked about their daily diets.

“Green vegetables, eggs, beef.”

“Cherry tomatoes, carrots, half an apple, broccoli.”

“Tomato, celery, broccoli.”

“Bananas, tomatoes, chicken breasts.”

“My mouth has become so dull that it loses its sense of taste.”

“I still have to exercise for two hours a day…”

Ye Nanqi smiled: “…”

“Where about Nanqi?” Other artists cast their curious eyes on him.

Ye Nanqi, who was fed by Shen Du every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and occasionally added a supper, thought for a while, and said against his will, “… I’m not any different from all of you.”

Seeing them get together again to chat and discuss, Ye Nanqi began to reflect on whether he was too indulgent.

After all, even Wen Chen also said he was fat.

Taking advantage of the time to go to the toilet, Ye Nanqi quietly rolled up his shirt, looked at the already not obvious belly of his abdominal muscles and v-cut abs, and fell into thoughts again.

……did Shen Du really not realize that he was fat or was it because he secretly disliked it and didn’t tell him?

Wen Chen said that after fattening, then kill… Did Shen Du have some kind of an unknown hobby?

Frankly speaking, before marrying Shen Du, Ye Nanqi was also a third-tier artist who honestly ate the diet meal given by a nutritionist and exercised every day.

He just uploaded a selfie on Weibo and his fans still thought that he had lost weight; they even cried in distress… Was this the fans filter?

[T/N: refers to the scenario where fans only see the merits of their idols, and no shortcomings as if they see their idols through a miraculous filter.]

……In short.

Ye Nanqi decided to resume his previous rhythm.

After recording the eating part in the evening, Ye Nanqi went to the gym for a short run before returning to the hotel room.

Shen Du leaned over to hug him as usual, and asked casually, “Are you hungry, do you want to eat something?”

Ye Nanqi: “…not eating.”

Shen Du realized that his tone wasn’t the same as usual, so he immediately grabbed the person to have a close talk with him. “What’s wrong?”

Ye Nanqi thought for a while and said, “I want to… lose weight. You don’t have to go to the kitchen to cook anymore. I’ll just eat some fruits and vegetables.”

Shen Du was stunned and gave him a scolding. “Baby, you’d be left with just bones if you wanted to lose any more weight! Just eat some fruits and vegetables? Do you think I’m raising a rabbit?”

Ye Nanqi: “You are the rabbit.”

“Okay, you’re not a rabbit.” Shen Du silently added “you’re a cat” in his heart, and continued, “It took me a lot of effort to add a few grams of meat in you. What are you thinking, wanting to lose the few grams of meat that I have worked so hard to add?”

Feeling complicated, Ye Nanqi looked at the culprit who wasn’t feeling guilty as he lifted up his shirt and pointed to his abdomen. “I can’t be a man without abdominal muscles.”

Shen Du: “…”

This scene should actually be very tempting.

However, catching Ye Nanqi’s expressions and words…

Shen Du desperately held back his laugh, but still couldn’t stop the smile from filling the corner of his mouth. After holding it for three seconds, he couldn’t bear it anymore and cracked a pffff followed by a loud laugh hahaha.

Ye Nanqi was so frustrated that he didn’t want to talk to this person anymore. He wanted to leave to take a bath, but was pulled back by Shen Du who was laughing with a stomach ache.

Shen Du laughed until he was out of breath. Then he stretched out his hand to touch his stomach, and tried hard to put on a serious face. “Isn’t this the muscle…Don’t move, let me touch more. It’s so comfortable to hold you now when I was holding only bones in the past.”

Feeling tickled by being touched by him, Ye Nanqi gave him a kick and whispered, “And I blame you.”

Shen Du admitted his mistake with a good attitude, “I am all to blame.”

He immediately held his face and said with a smile: “Good baby, don’t make trouble, your stomach isn’t good. Forget it that I couldn’t control it before, but now I can’t agree with you on a diet again. You’re so thin, I still want to raise you more and I will accompany you if you want to work out. Besides, what is fat, I want it.”

Originally Ye Nanqi only brought this up on a whim. And even after being coaxed by Shen Du for a while, he still dismissed the idea.

By the way, several guests who were happily eating food in front of the camera, behind the camera, after scowling miserably while touching their stomachs, they secretly rejoiced.


Chen Wen’s hometown was in a mountain far away from a small town in Y Province. Ye Nanqi had investigated the route before and there was only one bus stop after a few miles out of the town. When he reached the mountain, he could only walk in. If there was no acquaintance to lead the way, he could be lost.

Chen Wen gave Ye Nanqi one of his relative’s contacts. He would then give that person some money and ask him to lead the way.

The program group slowly approached the destination according to the progress of the previous season. Three days later, Shen Du left on a business trip first.

At the same time, a male guest in the program group had a bad stomach and began to vomit and diarrhea in the morning. He was rushed to the hospital and another star was invited temporarily to make up for the show.

In the afternoon, the agent of the unlucky star expressed regret that he couldn’t continue to participate in the show because of his celebrity’s stomach problem.

Ye Nanqi, like everyone else, after giving cordial condolences, went back to the hotel. He took a look at the time, and guessed that Shen Du was probably discussing business at this time, so he changed his target and called Zhang Ming over. “You got him out?”

Zhang Ming didn’t expect him to be so keen, so he took out his phone and tapped it, and handed it to Ye Nanqi. “Young Master Shen asked me to get rid of him as soon as possible without you knowing it. How did you know?”

Ye Nanqi glanced at the star’s development process and the people behind him. They were almost as he expected, and said lightly, “A few of them aren’t interested in an outdated star like me. Only this person liked to ask this and that about my well-being and occasionally had some conventional greetings which he did very carefully.”

It was just that since he was born with little suspicion of people, he wanted to deal with people like this on his own. And not telling Shen Du, so as not to upset him again. How could he know that Shen Du’s investigation was clearer than him, and also quietly removed the person away cleanly.

Zhang Ming was stunned, and didn’t know what to say for a while.

Because Shen Du didn’t want Ye Nanqi to be worried after knowing it, he concealed the matter carefully, while Ye Nanqi didn’t want Shen Du to be troubled and pretend like it was nothing.

These two people, it was clear that one was arrogant and indifferent to the outside world, while the other was indifferent and vigilant because of his own experience, but they were all like demons, looking out for each other, and showing the softest part to only each other.

In other words, they were probably a natural match.

After Zhang Ming left, Ye Nanqi sat there for ten minutes without doing anything.

At this time, Shen Du was always teasing him, and he never felt that time would be this hard to bear.

It seems that after encountering Shen Du again, he was no longer suffering.

Ye Nanqi’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly, as if his vague feelings for Shen Du had become clear again. There was only one layer of veil left, and it could be seen whether those inexplicable emotions were illusions formed by gratitude and dependence, or pure liking after pulling it off.

Suddenly, he missed Shen Du so much. Rolling around on the bed, he restrained his emotion, and forced himself to wait until the evening before calling Shen Du.

Shen Du hung up, and immediately made a video call.

Shen Du’s face shown on the screen was slightly red, probably because he had been filled with a lot of alcohol. Ye Nanqi knew certain rules, and after looking left and right, he asked, “Didn’t your business partner arrange someone for you?”

Shen Du smiled: “Arranged but was thrown out.”

Ye Nanqi said: “What a great opportunity to exercise your skills.”

“I only want you.” Shen Du frowned and repeated, “Only want you. Good baby, it’s okay, you can be arrogant and spoiled, but don’t hurt your heart with such remarks.”

Ye Nanqi propped on his chin and looked at Shen Du on the screen without saying a word.

Shen Du was drunk, but it didn’t affect his thinking. Seeing Ye Nanqi’s behavior like that, the light suddenly flashed on his mind. “Or… Nan Nan, are you jealous?”

Shen Du, who was ready to be denied by Ye Nanqi for various reasons, heard Ye Nanqi’s low “en”.

What did it mean?

Admit it?

While Shen Du was taken aback for a moment, the video call was cut off.

His phone had a low battery and was turned off.

Shen Du was very annoyed when he lost the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and quickly got up to charge the phone. When he sent video calls after turning on the phone, Ye Nanqi refused all of it. Left with no other choice, he could only settle for second best; make a phone call.

Shen Du couldn’t wait to ask: “Good baby, Nan Nan, did you just admit it just now?”

Fearing that he would deny it, Shen Du said, “Don’t tell lies. I’m counting on your reply to have a good dream tonight.”

Ye Nanqi paused. He was bashful and coyly uttering “en”.

Shen Du was so happy that he couldn’t stop laughing, and murmured, “It’d be so good if you were to stand in front of me right now. I’d definitely strip you off immediately. I can’t bear it, it’s so good to be a beast…”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Ye Nanqi coldly said, “Wash, and go to sleep.”

The author has something to say:

=v= Three more chapters, and Nan Nan will find his heart burning.

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