Ch59: Are you throwing a tantrum?

Shen Du was dumbfounded for an instant. He had a mood that was hard to describe, but still immediately returned Ye Nanqi’s embrace, using one of his hands to gently stroke around his earlobe and cheek while the other hand soothing his back and pressed him hard in his arms.

This was either to calm the shock he himself received as well as Ye Nanqi’s pleasant surprise.

He wanted to ask why Ye Nanqi came, where Zhang Ming was and why didn’t he wait in the village since it was dangerous here.

But when the person in his arms raised his head, his eyes were red and there were still traces of tears falling, Shen Du’s heart became so soft that it was aching with pain. He lowered his voice and said, “Baby, are you worried? It’s okay…”

Before he could finish speaking, cool and soft lips suddenly stuck on his lips.

Ye Nanqi held Shen Du’s face and kissed him fiercely.

Because he leaped forward with too much force when the ground was slippery, Shen Du, who couldn’t stand firmly, fell to the ground together with Ye Nanqi in his arms.

Fortunately, the soil was soft which saved him from receiving much pain. For a while, all of Shen Dus’ attention was on his lips. He felt that Ye Nanqi was like a small beast being in panic, biting him and gripping his collar hard with cold trembling hands.

His kiss was deep, with their lips and tongue intertwined. His posture right now was like someone completely throwing himself to the other person’s door, so fierce that even the cold of the rainy night didn’t seem to be a bother to him.

For a moment, Shen Du, who also forgot that there were two people (?) standing beside him, pressed his hands on Ye Nanqi’s thin back, turning from passive to active and skillfully responding to Ye Nanqi’s kiss.

The intense and lingering kiss ended only a long time later. Ye Nanqi’s fear was condensed in his heart, and it hadn’t completely dissipated yet. His red eyes stared at Shen Du, for fear that he was just a phantom. After a while, he said, “You say something.”

Shen Du felt that his eyes were a little hot and moist, and right at this moment, in the eyes of the person he was thinking of were full of himself, and it was really worthwhile to die.

He hugged Ye Nanqi hard and sat up from the ground. The stinky young master no longer cared about his muddy body at this moment, pressing his head against Ye Nanqi’s forehead, his eyes were gentle as he asked, “My Nan Nan, what do you want to hear?”

Ye Nanqi rubbed his arms at random, and when his fierce heartbeat gradually calmed down, suddenly, there was a heat in his ear. In an unhurried manner, Shen Du lightly and gently kissed his earlobe while firmly telling him, “I love you.”

“You heard it clearly this time, do you understand now?”

“I can say it as many times, as long as you want to hear it.”

The heartbeat that had just subsided became fierce again, Ye Nanqi looked at Shen Du, and his lips moved slightly. Shen Du also became nervous. However, before he could hear what he had always been dreaming of, Zhang Ping let out an awkward cough. “That… Mr. Ye, since the person has been found, we can’t stay here any longer. The rain has stopped, let’s go back ba.”

Being interrupted, Ye Nanqi’s thoughts also returned. What he had just done was enough to make him blush, and didn’t have the face to say any love words in front of the two of them anymore.

He embarrassedly got up from Shen Du’s arms and pulled Shen Du up in the process, but instead of taking his hand back, he held Shen Du’s hand even tighter, and followed them from behind.

On the way back, they changed their course and luckily ran into Zhang Ming. Now that everyone was here, and the thrilling night was finally over.

Neither Ye Nanqi nor Shen Du spoke. They walked for a long time, and when they returned to the village, it was already three o’clock in the morning.

After Zhang Ming cleaned himself up a bit, he went to stay in the next room. Once Ye Nanqi and Shen Du entered the room, no one else would bother them again. Shen Du turned his hand over and held Ye Nanqi’s wrist tightly. With scorching eyes, he asked the question that had troubled him all the way, “Nan Nan, what did you want to say just now?”

Finally there was a place for them to temporarily shelter from the wind and rain, and the person whom he was concerned about also came back safely. Although the surrounding environment was dilapidated and shabby, Ye Nanqi had never been so satisfied before.

He broke away from Shen Du’s hand, taking a step back, his eyes were clear and bright. The oil lamp in the room was dangling, making the environment gloomy and eerie, as if he had returned back to the haunted house.

“Shen Du.” Ye Nanqi’s voice was soft as he said, “Then I’ll formally tell you something.”

“It would be greedy to want to live a hundred years old, but I still want us to live a hundred years later. It’s been more than 20 years now, and there are more than 70 years left. For the remaining 70 years, let’s be together ba.”

Shen Du listened with enthusiasm and wished to rub Ye Nanqi in his arms. However, he still thought it wasn’t enough, his words and actions weren’t enough. He took a step forward and said, “Speak more clearly, Nan Nan, don’t let me get it wrong.”

“Fool, why do you think I would risk my life to find you?” A smile finally appeared on Ye Nanqi who had a long face all night long as he frankly said, “I like you.”

Without him noticing it, the rainstorm washed away the fog, and the landslide broke the knots in his heart.

There was the feeling of dependence and gratitude, but he was clear about what he was feeling toward Shen Du.

He liked Shen Du, wanted to kiss this man, protect this man, be together with him, hand in hand, and only with him.

During the nearby landslide, Shen Du hadn’t panicked nor been nervous, but these delicate and four impressive words of Ye Nanqi made him become dumbfounded for a while. However, he reacted quickly, grabbing Ye Nanqi’s hand and staring at him intently, his voice was hoarse. “No, Nan Xiaoqi, it’s not enough.”

Ye Nanqi has absolute patience and tolerance towards Shen Du. He stared at him and said with a light smile, “Are you throwing a tantrum?”

Shen Du hugged his waist, his gaze was open and upright, just and forceful. “Yes.”

Ye Nanqi followed along his will, picking up that vulgar but heartwarming sentence, and said, “I love you too.”

Shen Du tightened his hand on his waist, gazing at him with his profound eyes: “Nan Nan, I am very greedy.”

“Then how many times do you want me to say it?” Ye Nanqi blinked as he gave Shen Du a hug, leaning his head on his shoulder and slowly using the kind of speech he had learned, repeatedly saying “I love you”.

His voice, though it sounded like teasing, was full of strong obsession, longing , and deep affection that he hadn’t even noticed himself.

Ye Nanqi was still in the middle of his teasing and showing affection while deliberately lowering his voice as he repeated the word and was suddenly overturned and pressed on the bed.

The tip of Ye Nanqi’s nose was bitten by Shen Du and the enthusiasm that Ye Nanqi felt from him made him panicked, but after taking a look at Shen Du’s face, he strangely calmed down.

“Baby.” Shen Du rubbed against him intimately, the color of his eyes became more and more darker, and his tone was seductive, “You’re all soaked from the rain and it’s not good to wear wet clothes. I’ll take it off for you, okay?”

“Not okay.” Ye Nanqi pinched his face and refused without mercy and very unromantically, learning to talk in his tone. “Baby, calm down. We just got caught in the rain and haven’t had a shower yet, also, this is someone else’s bed.”

Of course, Shen Du knew that. Besides, the surrounding area was cold and uncomfortable and there were no prepared items either. If Ye Nanqi were to be eaten here, surely he would suffer, and it was too late for him to feel distressed.

He thought, then whispered something in Ye Nanqi’s ear.

Ye Nanqi’s face turned red instantly, and asked through his gritted teeth, “…Who taught you these kind of scoundrel things?”

Who the hell taught a good noble son “I’m hard whenever I look at you, do you want to be thrusted all night” this kind of speech!

A novel by Zhao Sheng.

Shen Du had always seriously taken notes of things he had read. But at this time, he was unwilling to mention any other men. His vinegar was so strong that he would slaughter one if one dared to come.

He rubbed Ye Nanqi’s waist, then turned around to take out the only set of thin clothes remaining in the hiking bag, as well as a few candies in passing. He peeled off the wrapping paper, and said, “I’m a self-made genius and a master at it once I look at you.”

As he talked, he kept the candy in his mouth, turned around to lift Ye Nanqi’s chin, and fed it to him mouth to mouth.

Ye Nanqi opened his mouth, intending to welcome the kiss, but Shen Du seized the opportunity to actually ravage the inside of his mouth. It wasn’t until his soft tongue was being bullied to the point of him barely breathing, his lips were greasy and red like being applied for rouge, and his breath was uneven that he was let go. Shen Du put his arms around his soft-legged wife, with his hands stretched out and swiftly stripped off his clothes.

Ye Nanqi was dizzy and said with uncertainty, “No, Xu Zhou will be back soon…”

“En?” Shen Du, who didn’t really think of doing it here, teased him, “Really not?”

Ye Nanqi blushed and looked at him without saying a word.

Tonight the one who had hardly recovered from a recent shock should be Shen Du, and the one who was a survivor of a disaster should also be him. In the midst of the heart-stirring affection, Ye Nanqi now could agree with Shen Du about everything.

He also wanted to give Shen Du a great deal of compensation.

…that was to say, it wasn’t really impossible.

Shen Du, who hurt himself by his own doings, cursed a fxck word in a low voice. Ye Nanqi, who had a keen hearing, squinted his eyes and asked, “Fxck what?”

“You.” Shen Du said without changing his facial color, “But the time is not right, behave, change clothes first.”

Frankly speaking, Ye Nanqi wasn’t as bashful as before anymore as he let Shen Du take off the rest of the clothes for him. Occasionally he would take advantage of him and steal a touch or two, and even kissed Shen Du again.

The consequence of their respective flames was that both of them wanted to sing the national anthem. Shen Du simply hugged him and put him on the bed, then checked the quilt, and after seeing that it was clean, he covered Ye Nanqi up to his face.

At this time, he became a gentleman who looked at nothing that wasn’t consistent with propriety.

Ye Nanqi suspected that his charm was losing its effectiveness, pushed aside all the quilts and said, “Don’t you want to look at me?”

A smile that could frighten people away appeared on Shen Du’s face as he turned his head and coldly said, “Baby, you will regret it.”

However, not only was Ye Nanqi not afraid, but he also leaned forward, licking the corners of his lips, and said, “Do you want to do me to death? I’m looking forward to it.”

Shen Du was really no match for him. He began to doubt his life, reflecting on whether he had spoiled someone too much. But after thinking it over and over again, he still felt that his pampering wasn’t enough. He knew that Ye Nanqi had suffered too much griefness but because he had never been in his shoes, he didn’t know how much he hurt and right now he only wanted to support him.

If he wanted to be arrogant and domineering, then he would spoil him and let him be arrogant and domineering…which was why this house cat dared to act cocky in front of him now.

His spoiled wife was still his wife and no matter what happened, he would still continue to spoil him.

Shen Du turned his head, gave Ye Nanqi who was already wearing clothes a glance, then took off his own wet clothes while thinking that it really didn’t matter if he spoiled him rotten for the rest of his life.

It was too cold at night, and the thin layers of clothes were ineffective. When Shen Du got in the bed, Ye Nanqi was shivering with cold in the quilt. Since there were no other clean clothes, Shen Du just went in, naked.

Ye Nanqi stretched out his hand to touch his flat yet powerful muscles and couldn’t help giving him a squeeze. He blinked then stretched out his hand to hug Shen Du’s waist, and wanted to try this intimate sleeping position to sleep.

Shen Du’s body was warm, really comfortable.

His mischievous hand touched and felt him everywhere making Shen Du who couldn’t bear it anymore pressed hold on him. “Go to sleep.”

Ye Nanqi whispered, “I want to feel how many packs you have.”

Shen Du: “Eight.”

Ye Nanqi: “Really?”

Shen Du simply let go of his hand and let him touch it. After touching enough, he squeezed his ears and asked funnily, “Boss, are you satisfied?”

Ye Nanqi’s face was burning hot but still trying his best to keep his calm. “Barely adequate, so-so, not bad.”

“Is that true?”

Ye Nanqi was silent, and when Shen Du thought that he wouldn’t make a sound anymore, he heard him say: “It’s fake.”

The quietness hadn’t been that long yet when the milk candy in Ye Nanqi’s mouth melted away and he started moving again. In a low voice, he said, “The milk candy tastes good.”

Shen Du was full of anger in his heart, thinking that it was impossible to sleep with Ye Nanqi in his arms. Feeling a need to divert his attention, he looked at the direction of the table. “Do you still want to eat it?”

“I’m tired of it already, don’t want it anymore.” Ye Nanqi pushed his hand away, smiling shyly and eccentrically, excited and curious, as he whispered, “I want to compare, which of the milk is more delicious, yours or the milk candy?”

Suddenly, caught off guard by his naughty attitude, Shen Du hadn’t recovered his scenes yet when Ye Nanqi had already gotten into the quilt.

Shen Du: “…”

Ye Nanqi seemed to be particularly proactive tonight, in various senses.

After he finished, Shen Du clutched his forehead, and after calming his breath, he lifted the quilt, and hugged Ye Nanqi without making a sound.

The latter licked the corners of his lips and smiled. “Sure enough, milk candy is more delicious.”

For the first time, Shen Hooligan was so speechless that he could only cover him with a quilt. It was unknown if his face now was stuffy or slightly red but judging by a Halo light reflecting in his eyes, once he looked up, it was the same amorous feeling.

Shen Du remembered Ye Nanqi went to confront the kidnappers alone a long while ago, and was covered with injuries.

On the night he was discharged from the hospital, with his naked back facing him, he helped Ye Nanqi apply medicine. When his bright eyes looked over at him, light was emitting on his body, and his stunning profile was as beautiful as an oil painting.

Ye Nanqi was still talking, “… but your nutritional value is higher, so it’s possible to drink it occasionally.”

Shen Du almost collapsed.

What oil painting, obviously he was a demon.

After tossing for most of the night, both of them were tired. The night gradually faded, and the cock crowed one after another in the village.

Zhang Ming went to the villagers and bought two sets of suitable clothes and brought them over. As soon as Shen Du put them on, the cock crowed more vigorously, and then various sounds came from far and near.

Ye Nanqi squinted, rubbed his eyes, and sat up in a daze for a while when he was awakened by this extremely unartistic mountain village orchestra early in the morning. Shen Du put a coat on him. There was no sense of disdain at all even though he was wearing clothes that were incompatible with him.

When the two went out of the house, they happened to see a man walking into the yard.

When he came back, someone told him there were visitors, and one of them was named Ye Nanqi.

If he hadn’t heard the name before, he would have already run away. Even so, he was still a little nervous and looked wary.

Ye Nanqi looked at him, took a deep breath, and said, “Xu Zhou, hello.”

“I’m Ye Mei’s younger brother.”

The author has something to say:

(・ ・) Of course there is car driving scenes (erotic contents) and it should be coming soon. The feeling is getting very tight recently so please don’t mention it in the comments.

[T/N: (?) The text said two people standing next to SD but at that time only YNQ and ZP were present…..@@ They only met up with ZM after they returned.]

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