Ch60: At the end of his patience

Ye Mei was the oldest child in the family with a younger brother and a younger sister underneath.

The younger brother was a bit introverted, but he had excellent grades and was lovely and obedient. Ye Mei often mentioned him in her spare time and her words were all her love and pride for her younger brother.

Xu Zhou had heard Ye Mei mention this younger brother countless times, and he had also seen his photos.

After standing in silence for a moment, he raised his hand. “Go in and talk.”

The small houses in the mountain villages were both simple and shabby with wind leaking in even when the door was closed. It was very different from A City, which was thousands of miles away with bright lights and many tall buildings.

Those people were still investigating even after Xu Zhou’s death and over the past few years, he was on a run, hiding south and west, couldn’t stay stable in one place even for a few days, and had to change places again just to escape from the danger. Although it was shabby here, the contact with the outside world was almost severed. These months had been the most reassuring time for him in years.

He seldom communicated with others, and he wasn’t very enthusiastic about Ye Mei’s younger brother either, and his tone was very calm. “What’s the matter?”

Ye Nanqi retracted his gaze.

Xu Zhou graduated from a top famous university, and it was unknown how he ended up as Ye Mei’s assistant. He still had the photo Shen Du found. The young man who was in high spirits during that year seemed cold and tired right now and his eyes were full of vigilance and calmness. If it wasn’t for the facial features, he wouldn’t be aware that this was the same person.

Shen Du held Ye Nanqi’s hand, the warmth of his palm made Ye Nanqi’s mind settle as he said, “I have a few questions for you and want to ask you for another thing.”

Xu Zhou remained vigilant and didn’t say much.

“A few years ago… I accidentally stumbled into my sister’s diary.”

Ye Nanqi paused, watching Xu Zhou’s expression move slightly, and handed Xu Zhou the diary that he had brought over.

Xu Zhou took it in silence, his hands slightly trembling but he moved cautiously for fear of tearing it.

With a faint expression, Ye Nanqi continued, “Because of this diary, I learned that my sister’s death was strange so I chose the same path as her and entered the entertainment circle, wanting to get close to her original agent and the Rongyu group that she mentioned in her diary.”

He faintly described what he had planned to do and done in the past few years. Although there were many things Shen Du found and guessed about his plan, he never asked, because he was afraid of poking his wounds. He hadn’t heard him say it in such detail before.

Seeing his calm expression, Shen Du held his hand tightly again, rejoicing in his heart.

Fortunately, his return wasn’t too late and didn’t let Ye Nanqi go into self-destruction alone.

Ye Nanqi didn’t want to make Shen Du too sad. When he mentioned the suffering parts, he lightly skipped it.

Although it was difficult to endure, he was already over it and there was also Shen Du accompanying him by his side. Which was why when he thought about the thing in the past now, it wasn’t that painful anymore.

When he finished his slow speaking, Xu Zhou also finished Ye Mei’s diary.

He thought that his heart had been numb after running for so many years, but after looking at the familiar handwriting in the diary, and hearing Ye Mei’s beloved brother narrate plainly how he pursued and wanted to avenge her, his eyes flushed.

The mournful in his heart almost burned to ashes. The grief, hatred, anger and helplessness rose up, intertwined and swelled, his breathing was rapid, and suddenly there were tears in his eyes and fell onto the diary in his hand.

Ye Nanqi looked forward to his tearful eyes and asked, “Xu Zhou, you like my sister, right?”

Xu Zhou looked at Ye Mei’s last diary over and over again, looking at the phrase “woke up from a nightmare”, and finally silently nodded his head.

When he had just graduated that year, and saw Ye Mei’s graceful bearing and smiling on the big screen, his original ambitions were suddenly overturned.

Prior to this, Xu Zhou had never believed in love at first sight, thinking it was nonsense.

But he fell in love with Ye Mei at first sight.

A youth full of hot blood, he willingly acted as an assistant for her, just to get closer to her.

After learning that Ye Mei had a lover, Xu Zhou originally wanted to wait after Ye Mei’s movie was wrapped up, and then resigned. Who knew everything was turned upside down overnight.

Ye Mei disappeared and only returned after a day and a night. She was always in a trance and almost went crazy, but she didn’t tell others what had happened.

Xu Zhou closed the diary, caressing it like a treasure for a moment before handing it back to Ye Nanqi. He glanced at Shen Du and asked, “Who is this?”

Ye Nanqi calmly and naturally said, “My husband.”

Shen Du was startled. He held Ye Nanqi’s hand, and gently kissed the back of his hand. “If it’s inconvenient, I’ll go out, you two talk.”

Xu Zhou shook his head and before Ye Nanqi could say anything more, he directly said, “My mind is a bit in a mess, so I’ll say what I can think of.”

“…Your sister was dragged down by Fang Xingyuan. Those people actually dared not attack the star who was too popular, otherwise it would be easy for them to get into trouble.” Xu Zhou’s face was reminiscent, “Your sister was so beautiful, and everyone who had been in contact with her came to love her… I found that her mental state was not right, and interrogate to ask her what happened. She couldn’t find anyone to talk to, not until she collapsed that she told me those things.”

“At first she wanted to call the police, however, there was no response after the first alarm, and instead received warnings from those people. Then she called the police again, and a small policeman came but he couldn’t do anything…”

“They felt that she was not obedient enough, and injected her with drugs, which made her addicted to drugs.”

Those people also threatened the safety of the three people in the Ye family making Ye Mei couldn’t resist. After meeting with Chen Wen, she had been mentally counseled many times, but she was still depressed and in pain.

She also had a lover named Tan Yi, a well-known young photographer and painter. After suffering this incident, she reluctantly broke up with him.

Ye Nanqi unconsciously gripped Shen Du’s hand, his chest was blocked, even if he had a premonition, he still asked, “What about him?”

Xu Zhou was silent for a moment. “He couldn’t accept your sister’s sudden breakup and thought there must be something hidden so he followed your sister until outside the villa where those people gathered and was found out.”

“Those people in front of him… insulted your sister, beat him, and drove him out. The next day, he was stabbed to death by a drunk gangster in the alley, without reason. That little gangster was sentenced to death, and was still struggling when he entered the cell, saying that he didn’t do it.”

Ye Nanqi knew that there were two people accompanying Ye Mei in her last time.

He used to think that the other person was Fang Xingyuan, but later he thought it was Ye Mei’s lover.

But that person died a long time ago, so who else would it be?

Seeing Ye Nanqi’s doubts, Xu Zhou shook his head. “During that time, her sense was very unstable, and I was the only one who was by her side till the end… She also occasionally contacted someone, and what was said in the diary is also possibly related to that person.”

“Who is it?”

“She didn’t tell me. But there was one time when she was addicted to drugs and fainted. I secretly took her phone and saw that there was only one word on the call log…Bai.”


Cold wind came in through the crack of the door making Ye Nanqi shiver.

The first face that came up in his mind was Bai Yu.

Xu Zhou didn’t know who Ye Mei contacted, and continued with his head down, “Tan Yi’s death was definitely not that simple. It’s a pity that everything was faked too simply, and the police caught the murderer without much investigation. Tan Yi seemed to be unlucky for that little gangster who had no relatives acting without cause or reason. The family took him back to his hometown for burial. Then the court decided that the death sentence was quickly executed.”

Tan Yi’s death was the last straw that crushed Ye Mei.

She fell into the abyss and indirectly killed her lover. The pain was so extreme that she wanted to go home to seek comfort from her family. However, at that time, her fierce resistance angered the other party, and various fictitious scandals broke out. After going home, the family members who didn’t know the truth, felt that she had wronged them.

So the family members turned into a propulsive force and pushed her to death.

Ye Nanqi, who had no knowledge of it back then, hated Ye Mei, but Xu Zhou never hated the Ye family.

Shen Du silently wrote down Tan Yi’s affairs, ready to go back and check. Seeing Ye Nanqi’s silence, he stretched out his hand to embrace his shoulder and stroked it gently.

After Ye Nanqi was comforted, he had the strength to continue speaking again. “How did she anger those people?”

Xu Zhou suddenly smiled, “She pretended to be submissive which relaxed some people’s guard and secretly brought a pinhole camera, and took videos of those people’s carousel party; at the same time, she hired a detective and asked him to secretly take a lot of photos; she also found a few famous paparazzi, anonymously told them a few locations, and said there were celebrities holding sex parties there.”

The ugliest, darkest, and most disgusting and dirty side of human nature was fully exposed in a masked party.

Thinking of what they saw and heard last time, Ye Nanqi and Shen Du didn’t need to think deeply, and they could guess how chaotic it would be.

Those paparazzi who were also considered to possess remarkable abilities, really took some photos of them, and they caused an uproar as soon as they burst out, but they were quickly crushed back, and those paparazzi never appeared again.

The incident that almost exposed those people made them so furious, they simply set a label on Ye Mei’s body and splashed her with dirty water.

Ye Nanqi digested it for a long time before saying, “What about the photos?”

“Fang Xingyuan stole it.” Xu Zhou sneered. “Those people were irritated by your sister, and he wasn’t much better either. He came and begged your sister to forgive him, and then steal the photos.”

Ye Nanqi’s blue veins on his forehead jumped, holding back his anger, and asked, “Is the video still in your hands?”

Xu Zhou nodded. “I edited a short clip and put it on the Internet, trying to attract the attention of the police and the public, but I was discovered and almost died in their hands. After escaping, I forged the death certificate.”

He didn’t think he could trust anyone he met in the future, and even the most trusted Chen Wen didn’t know what he had in his hands.

When there was a huge difference in strength that was too great beyond his capacity, he could only raise his eyes boundless and indistinct. There was nothing reliable beside the video in his hand, and he only dared to keep it safe in his hand.

After Ye Nanqi listened, he sighed and said, “It’s hard on you.”

Xu Zhou covered his eyes and said in a low voice, “No, I am very weak. I ran away and didn’t dare to report it even with evidence in hand. I don’t have that determination to avenge like you.”

“Do you want to help me?”

Xu Zhou said, “I want to take revenge for your sister even in my dreams.”


When they went down the mountain, they took another road. After the heavy rain, the mountain road was muddy and slippery.

Fortunately, Zhang Ping was familiar with the terrain and their walk was smooth and safe. Even so, when they reached the bottom of the mountain, they were all wearing muddy trousers.

Xu Zhou handed over the evidence to Ye Nanqi. His years of escaping life made him afraid of contact with others, and because those people were still tracking him, he temporarily hid in a small mountain village and would only show up when needed.

After a lot of effort, a few people found two parked cars at the foot of the mountain. Fortunately, the neighborhood was too desolate to be coveted by the greedy gentleman.

Ye Nanqi’s luggage was all in the car with a few changes of clothes. After bidding farewell to Zhang Ping, he got into the car to change clothes.

Shen Du leaned on the car and took out his mobile phone. The high-tech mobile had become scrap iron in the mountains all night, and now it finally had a signal that could be used to great effect.

He contacted a brother and asked him to help investigate the case of Tan Yi nine years ago.

After changing his clothes, Ye Nanqi lowered the car window, and knocked Shen Du on his back. “Change to my clothes?”

Shen Du put away the phone and nodded happily.

Ye Nanqi’s figure was thinner, and half a head shorter than Shen Du, and his clothes were slightly shorter.

But it was better than nothing, not to mention that it was the clothes that were worn by the wife, and President Shen was very satisfied.

By the way, he still commented, “Wife, your underwear is a little tight.”

Ye Nanqi glanced at his lower part. “You can choose to take it off, or might as well I chop it off for you.”

Shen Du squeezed his ears, regretfully sad, “Baby was so daring last night, but look at you today… Sure enough, the delicacy you tasted last night isn’t delicious anymore.”

“…” Ye Nanqi was still in doubt and in a panicked state last night, and now that he calmed down and recalled, his face blushed bloody red, and his tone was cold, “Shut up.”

“Let’s book the ticket for tomorrow afternoon.” Shen Du honestly changed the subject, booked the ticket, and looked at Ye Nanqi sideways.

But Ye Nanqi was in a daze holding the USB flash drive.

He leaned over, reached out and turned Ye Nanqi’s face around, facing himself and softly said, “Don’t be too sad, we can avenge your sister. When this matter is resolved, we will go to see your sister, and baby, remember to point to me and tell your sister that ‘This is the husband who will be with me for the rest of my life’.”

Ye Nanqi leaned in his arms, heard the last sentence, couldn’t help but smile. He rubbed his shoulders, and whispered, “Shen Du, in fact, I would rather nothing happened…”

Even if he took revenge, he might not be very happy either.

The traces of Ye Mei’s existence and the pain he had suffered couldn’t be erased with time and the resolution of the matter alone.

It would be best if nothing had happened in the past.

Shen Du kissed him on the cheek. “I also would rather nothing happened.”

If Father Ye hadn’t had a car accident, Ye Wan wasn’t blinded and paralysed, Ye family would be in perfect harmony, and Ye Mei wouldn’t have encountered those things…that way his Nan Nan could have spend his life happily, instead of having a scar that will never be forgotten in his heart.

Then, they might not have met again, he wouldn’t fall in love with Ye Nanqi, and Ye Nanqi would always hate him… Even so, it was fine.

Zhang Ming waited patiently for the two of them to finish, then got in another car and drove into the city.

After a bumpy ride, the road gradually became smooth, and when they drove back near Y City, the sky was already dark.

After checking the hotel in Y City, Shen Du led the way to the one under management by the Shen family. When he arrived, he found the hotel manager and revealed his identity, told him to keep it secret, and went back to buy two sets of clothes.

After tossing for a whole day yesterday, in addition to that he didn’t rest well at night on the hard bed board, Ye Nanqi slept in the car for a while and his sleep was better than that on the mountain.

It was just that he was still sleepy, and after entering the hotel room with Shen Du, he rushed to wipe himself with cold water to wake up, then called Li Hengran, explained the situation, and then borrowed Shen Du’s computer and emailed the video to Li Hengran.

After doing all this, he pressed his finger on the mouse, and his fingertips were shaking. It took a long while before he had the courage to open the video.

The picture jittered for a while, and it was not clear at first, and then some noise leaked out and the picture became clearer.

He couldn’t tell where the background was, but it was similar to what Shen Du and Ye Nanqi had encountered, too extravagant.

The only difference was that the “master-servant” boundary was very clear.

The slave was being held by his master, had a collar with a sign of marking price hanging on his neck, wearing no mask or even clothes.

Ye Nanqi’s mind was buzzing, and he didn’t dare to imagine that Ye Mei might also be like this. He turned his head in panic, and Shen Du kissed him on the forehead and comforted him with a few words.

Ye Mei appeared when he almost wanted to close his eyes.

After many years, this was the second time that Ye Nanqi had seen her after seeing Ye Mei in the movie theater that was about to fail last time.

She wore a snow-white skirt, noble and pure, like a goddess in Western mythology. It was just that her picturesque face was pale as snow, and the corners of her mouth that originally liked to smile were straightened, and the whole person looked almost dead.

Her appearance was still beautiful, but her soul had already died.

There were no movements anywhere, a dead silence.

Ye Nanqi’s breathing became a lot slower as he muttered, “Sister…”

Everything that followed became unsightly.

After watching it, Ye Nanqi’s brain was in a state of confusion. He held his forehead in a daze. It took him a long time to realize that his head was covered with cold sweat and it was difficult to breathe.

Shen Du looked at him nervously, seeing that he seemed to return to his senses, he pushed the computer away and hugged him, trying to dispel the chill around his body.

He felt that fate treated his Nan Nan so unfairly, why should he suffer one after another?

“Shen Du…”

Ye Nanqi said while choking, “I’m so cold.”

Shen Du picked him up and walked to the bathroom, kissed him gently on his temple, and whispered softly and gently, “Get in hot water and relax, darling, don’t think too much.”

He poured in hot water and watched Ye Nanqi enter the bathtub. He wanted to go back and contact some friends, but Ye Nanqi held up his sleeve and said, “Be with me.”

Shen Du obediently took a bath with him. He was very like a gentleman holding no other motive as he put on his pajamas after the bath. Then he took the person back to the bed, found a hair dryer, and patiently dried his hair before saying, “Go to sleep, I’ll be watching. Nan Nan, you are too tired.”

Ye Nanqi straightforwardly looked at him.

The chill still remained in his fingertips. Only when he held Shen Du’s hand did he feel that it wasn’t so cold.

His image as the Sun was a fake image created by the company.

It’s a pity that if he wanted to spread sunlight to others, he must first have sunlight in his heart, which he had never had.

Shen Du should be the real, warm and shining Sun; his Sun.

Ye Nanqi thought about it in a daze. Seeing that Shen Du was about to leave, he quickly dragged him to bed, knelt down on both sides of his body, and kissed the side of his face with reluctance, his eyes begging, “Shen Du, I want you.”

Shen Du was invited by Ye Nanqi for the first time, but he was not at all happy. He stroked his head with his big hand, pulled him in his arms, and said, “Nan Nan, your current state…”

“I want you.”

“Nan Nan…” Shen Du said helplessly, “How can I do it in your current state? If you want to cry, just cry out in my arms.”

After watching that video, a small part of Ye Nanqi obviously collapsed.

No matter how much psychological preparation had been made, to know and see his loved ones had suffered with his own eyes, there would always be another kind of hopelessness that made people feel helpless.

Ye Nanqi stayed in his arms without moving. And Shen Du patiently waited.

After waiting for a long time, he felt wetness coming from his shoulders, and Shen Du gently stroked his back to comfort him, but when he cleared up his emotions, his pajamas were torn apart.

Shen Du looked up at him. “En?”

Ye Nanqi lowered his head and kissed him, not knowing if it was because of his crying, but his voice was slightly hoarse. “I want you.”

Shen Du was really unable to do anything about him, so he turned over and lay on the bed together, carefully observing Ye Nanqi’s expression.

It seemed like Ye Nanqi didn’t really want to sleep with him, but he was in need now, and he couldn’t leave him alone.

He covered the quilt, hugged Ye Nanqi, and said, “It’s not that I want to be a gentleman. When you get better, you won’t be able to run away.”

Ye Nanqi looked at him and was silent.

He could also be regarded as a great talker and little doer.

His mouth was like that of a hooligan, extraordinarily good at taking advantage of kissing him, but when it was time to face the real action, he was with too many worries. Should he be a gentleman, or a wicked rascal without evil courage?

While he was pursuing, he wanted to sleep with him every day, but didn’t even touch him when he got the chance.

Ye Nanqi muttered a few times in his heart, but felt relieved when he was held. He looked at the phone that got a reply from Li Hengran. After being silent for a while, he pulled Shen Du’s collar.

Shen Du looked down at him.

Ye Nanqi looked a bit pitiful, “I still want you.”

His beloved person was in his arms, boldly teasing him over and over again, and Shen Du, who was pretending that he was practicing Zen meditation and was about to become a Buddha on the spot, had been enduring all the time.

After enduring it till now, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

Author has something to say:

Can you understand why Nan Nan wants to be with Shen Du? I feel like it’s very clear.

T/N: Where is my expected smexxxxyyyy scenes?????? ×∆×

The author really played me π∆π


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