Ch61: Mrs. Shen, what a coincidence

Shen Du woke up a little earlier than Ye Nanqi.

When he woke up, he could see that Ye Nanqi was feeling good. He smiled and whispered “Morning” but looking at the time, it was already noon.

Seeing Ye Nanqi still sleeping soundly and deeply, he didn’t have the heart to wake him up, so he got up lightly to make food for him instead.

Until Ye Nanqi woke up and was dizzily and still sleepy, sure enough, they missed the time to board the plane.

Shen Du had been taking care of him, except for a slight physical discomfort, he wasn’t too uncomfortable at all. There were a bunch of fresh flowers at the head of the bed, the fragrance of the flowers was faint, and the quilt was still warm, lying down and smelling the fragrance of the flowers, he felt pleasant in his heart.

Ye Nanqi cosily squinted his eyes. After lying down for a while, his brain became clear, and found that something was wrong. Having not seen Shen Du by his side, he felt unhappy.

An indifferent and ruthless man, ran away after doing it with him.

After laying down on his stomach and thinking in his heart for a while, the indifferent and ruthless Shen Du came back.

Holding the fragrant white porridge and exquisite side dishes, he watched Ye Nanqi wake up, sat on the bed, then reached out his hand to touch his forehead. “It’s good, you don’t have a fever… How do you feel, baby?”

Ye Nanqi’s voice sounded so hoarse that he was startled when he opened his mouth, and as usual his mouth was stubborn, “It’s okay, I won’t patronize from it again in the future.”

Shen Du sneered and poked him in the face, and said, “It’s not you who have the final say, you have to take responsibility for me, and with that you can only be mine in this life. Are you hungry, do you want to have porridge? Change the ticket to tonight, and you can sleep a little longer after eating.”

Ye Nanqi slowly propped up his body, moved to his side, leaning in his arms, his whole body was uncomfortable, even moving his fingers was tired.

“Shen Xiaodu.” He raised his eyes lazily and said, “I don’t want to move.”

Shen Du smiled, raised the bowl, scooped out a spoonful, tested it out and after feeling that the temperature was just right, he slowly fed Ye Nanqi the porridge.

He woke up so late that his stomach was rumbling with hunger but it wasn’t so bad to eat this.

Some sugar was added to the white porridge, and the taste was still light, but Ye Nanqi ate happily, and what he enjoyed more was the gentleness Shen Du gave him.

Shen Du didn’t want him to think of the troubles at this time, so he patiently fed the porridge and said, “I asked the program team to give me the prepared foodies menu, then after I study it, I’ll make it for you.”

Ye Nanqi touched his fat-free belly, and said, “What should I do if I get fat?”

“It’s better if you get fat, so there won’t be so many people who will lust for you.” Shen Du felt annoyed after thinking about it. Seeing that Ye Nanqi didn’t plan to eat anymore, he drank the remaining two mouthfuls of porridge without any disdain and continued, “When we go back, you tell mom that I abducted you. She called to ask me this morning, but didn’t believe me after I told her.”

Ye Nanqi felt amused. He regained his strength after eating, holding onto Shen Du and not letting him go anywhere else.

After holding each other quietly for a while, he remembered a question, his eyes darkened as he asked softly, “It was dark that day, why did you go up the mountain?”

“Because if you don’t see me, you will be very upset.” Shen Du answered without hesitation.

Being caught off guard and was hit by something in the bottom of his heart, Ye Nanqi opened his mouth, and his voice was awkward, “So…”

“So I want to hurry up to be with you.” Shen Du didn’t ask for credit, he was obedient, and sighed slightly, “You ran out to find me. It really made me surprised and happy, but thinking back now I’m still having lingering fear.”

Ye Nanqi wasn’t a person who liked to explain things. Without expressing his worries and fears, he rewarded Shen Du with a kiss. Recalling the high winds and dark nights that night, he asked, “Why are you so afraid of ghosts and darkness? Were you not afraid of these things when you were young?”

“Want to know?”

“Speak the truth.”

Shen Du paused and slowly said, “When I was twelve years old, instead of studying abroad, I was actually going to seek refuge abroad. There was some trouble in the family, but I’ve already endured it so I won’t tell you, lest I made you worry. At that time, while staying abroad I was worried about my family, my temper became worse and exploded at some point. A few people often bullied the Chinese so I beat them up. They teamed up to trick me and set me in a famous ghost villa in that city.”

Ye Nanqi was silent.

“After being locked up for three days, someone came…” Shen Du looked at his expression, without going into details about the three-day experience, and skipped it lightly. “Afterwards, I was a little afraid of the darkness and ghosts, but it’s nothing actually. After the accident, Zhao Sheng took a few brothers and beat them to the hospital for a few months. When they came back, everyone was punished.”

Actually Ye Nanqi couldn’t console people, especially people who were close to him. Just thinking about the ten-year-old Shen Du who left his hometown and was locked in that place for three days, he felt like there were needles poking in his heart.

He didn’t understand the situation before, and deliberately scared Shen Du several times. Now that he thought about it, he wanted to slap himself.

He touched Shen Du’s head and awkwardly coaxed, “It’s okay. I’m not afraid of the darkness or ghosts. From now on, Gege will protect you.”

Shen Du said with amusement, “Okay, Gege, you have to protect me from now on.”

Before leaving Y City, Li Hengran called.

Xu Zhou had been hiding for many years because of this video, and he had nowhere to stay. He once released the video and his whereabouts was tracked down and almost lost his life.

The weight of this video was too critical, and if they didn’t make good use of it, they would really let Ye Mei and Xu Zhou’s hard-work down.

Li Hengran didn’t intend to publish the video as evidence, but to upload it on the Internet and promote it. As bait to make those people nervous, and perhaps they could even catch a big fish.

Ye Nanqi also felt that it was feasible, and when the discussion was over, his mentality was completely settled.

Because he was with Shen Du, he could show so much weakness. Before he met Shen Du, he would talk and fake his laugh at other people freely after watching the video.

Shen Du was stunned when he finished the call, stretched out his hand and shook in front of him. “Thinking of who, huh, isn’t your husband by your side.”

Ye Nanqi finished thinking and said, “I feel…”


“My temper seems to have improved.”

The corners of Shen Du’s lips twitched as he smiled, “Isn’t that right, now you don’t have your headstrong air around you anymore.”

Ye Nanqi glanced at him and said nothing.

After getting on the plane and sitting down, he asked, “I used to be headstrong?”

Shen Du thought about the days when he was rejected, and thought in an aggrieved way: more than that.

Ye Nanqi knew what he was thinking at a glance. He looked down at the ring on his left ring finger and pulled Shen Du’s hand over.

The two of them hadn’t announced their marriage because it wasn’t not time to announce it yet. He couldn’t also run around wearing this ring in public, so he could only wear it a bit for now.

Ye Nanqi held Shen Du’s hand and kissed him on his ring, and looked him in his eyes. “Am I headstrong now?”

A soft kiss fell on the ring, like a feather drifting by, making his hand itchy.

If it wasn’t for the wrong environment, Shen Du would have pressed him down and kissed him now. He used his finger to poke his face, and smiled deeply, “Now? It’s the soft Nan Xiaoqi.”

Seeing him smiling happily, Ye Nanqi gave birth to a rare desire of wanting to spoil his husband.

Forget it, it’s fine just to be headstrong to outsiders, he thought.

The time before the plane landed in A City was pretty good. Since Ye Nanqi and Shen Du had a good rest in the hotel, they brought out a book and read together.

Shen Du was a little bit unwilling. Although it wasn’t long for them to come outside, it was still really the most relaxing few days for him and Ye Nanqi.

Unfortunately, there were some things that were impossible to avoid. What he and Ye Nanqi had to do, they would have to do it till the end.

When they arrived in A City, Ye Nanqi took off the ring and hung it back on his neck tenderly.

Shen Du quietly watched his movements thinking that when he came back to this place thousands of miles away, Ye Nanqi would turn to be the usual hypocritical and polite Ye Nanqi with a sensitive and indifferent heart again.

He felt distressed and only wanted to let this end as soon as possible.

The real Ye Nanqi who often spoke coldly and looked not cute at all was the cutest.

The driver arranged by the company came to pick them up. Zhang Ming let him take a taxi first and he drove them home safely.

Shen Du watched Ye Nanqi looking out of the window, he came to hug his hand and whispered pitifully, “Baby, I’m behind you, you can look back at me at any time.”

Ye Nanqi wrapped his arms around his neck, and said after a long while, “…I won’t look back.”

“You are not behind me, Shen Du, we are walking side by side…Thank you.”

Shen Du smiled and said, “I’ve said it before, it’s better to say ‘I like you’ instead of ‘thank you’. It’s more pleasant to hear than a thank you.”

Ye Nanqi stared at him and said, “Okay, I like you.”

Unexpectedly, he was so obedient, and directly said it out loud. Shen Du was startled, he rubbed Ye Nanqi’s hair and said with a gentle voice, “Mrs. Shen, what a coincidence, so do I.”

Ye Nanqi was dissatisfied: “You should call me Mr. Ye.”

“Then what do you call me?”

“Mrs. Ye.”



The task of sending the video was handed over to Shen Du.

Shen Du knew more people, moreover his methods were limitless, thus Li Hengran could only turn a blind eye to the matter.

He invited a brother who used to stay in the same institution in the past who after graduation, had no intention of managing the family company, and instead ran towards becoming a top hacker.

Some time ago, he helped Shen Du find out a lot of things. Shen Du didn’t explain too much, and the other party didn’t ask much either. After watching the content in the video, he raised his eyebrows. “Oh, Young Master Shen, you are going to do something big.”

Shen Du leaned against the window, holding his hands and said lightly, “Help me once, I’ll owe you a favor.”

“Young Master Shen’s favor is extremely incredible. OK, what should I do?”

Shen Du said, “Cut off a section of the video and put it on major websites. Go upload in D City.”

“Okay, which location in D City? I can hack the TV station.”

“In D City…here.” Shen Du pushed over a piece of paper. On it was the address of the building where Ye Mei jumped off.

Nine years ago, the center of gravity of D City had gradually shifted. The place that was still prosperous was desolate, and the building that failed the quality inspection was about to be demolished.

Choosing to fish in that place could give the other party the illusion that Xu Zhou reappeared and wanted the fish to die.

But if this was only the case, there was no need to invite this person. Shen Du continued, “Set up a few cover-ups. Someone will want to break through the cover and find your location. Then I will trouble you with anti-tracking.”

After the discussion was over, Shen Du contacted Li Hengran. And after sending the person away, he went back to Ye Nanqi’s room to check. Ye Nanqi was still reading the mail.

It was the information of the Bai family.

Ye Nanqi was very concerned about Ye Mei’s last contact with Bai Yu.

Bai Yu was one of those people. What was the relationship between Ye Mei and him?

She suffered so much and hated those people. But why did she get in touch with Bai Yu alone in the end?

And Bai Yu’s attitude had always been strange. The relationship between him and Ye Mei was definitely not simple.

But what kind of relationship would it be?

Ye Nanqi scanned the information of the Bai family, his eyes were cold.

It wasn’t to such an extent as Bai Yu fell in love with his sister. Many years after her death, he still felt sorry. Seeing that Ye Nanqi wanted revenge, he helped him.

How was this possible?

The so-called snakes and rats in a single nest, would act in collusion with one another, together to scheme the plot. Since Bai Yu was with those people, he wasn’t that innocent either.

There was no sincerity for such a person.

When Shen Du went upstairs, he came back with a small basket of strawberries and sat next to Ye Nanqi. Watching him frown looking at the information, he twisted the strawberry in one hand and handed it to his mouth. “Mom sent it here, very sweet.”

When Ye Nanqi opened his mouth obediently, he heard him add, “But it’s not as sweet as you.”

“…” Ye Nanqi’s ears became hot. Even if he was clear about his heart, he couldn’t stand the sweet words of Shen Du from time to time, he coughs lightly, “Get to work, don’t make trouble.”

“From last night to today, you have watched it more than fifty times.” Shen Du said, “Can you still see a flower coming?”

Ye Nanqi: “… what about strawberries?”

Shen Du handed it to his mouth, enjoying the feeling of feeding him.

Ye Nanqi bit the sweet and juicy strawberry and said vaguely, “Remember when I went to see my sister in D City last time, someone sent a bunch of flowers anonymously? In fact, they sent them a few more times later, all with love poems attached to it but it didn’t look like it was written to me.”

Shen Du’s concern was crooked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ye Nanqi said with a guilty conscience, “At that time… I wasn’t with you yet.”

Shen Du was unhappy, and decided not to give Ye Nanqi the last strawberry.

Ye Nanqi thought this person was really naive and cute sometimes, he smiled, and said, “My sister had contacted a person with the surname Bai, or a person with a Bai character in his name at the last moment. Bai Yu’s attitude is too strange… I suspect that the person my sister contacted was him, and the person who gave me the flowers was also him.”

Shen Du was about to talk about his point of views when Ye Nanqi’s mobile phone rang.

As the saying goes, do not talk ill behind a person’s back during the day and do not mention ghosts during the night, otherwise the result would be too great to imagine.

The caller ID showing on the screen was the name of the person they were discussing just now, Bai Yu.

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