Ch62: Little bastard

Although Bai Yu’s attitude towards Xue Jingshan was neither hostile or friendly, they were always seen together.

Even a scrawny camel is bigger than a horse, although the Bai family was flourishing, it still wasn’t good to offend the old timer such as the Xue family.

[T/N: a cultured person may come down in the world, but he is still superior to the common people.]

It was unknown what kind of thought Xue Jingshan was holding when he approached Ye Nanqi, mockingly treating him as brother when Bai Yu followed him every time.

But Bai Yu had never taken the initiative to contact Ye Nanqi; this was the first time.

There were many thoughts before answering the phone, and countless thoughts emerged in an instant. Ye Nanqi even gave birth to an absurd idea:

It could be that Xue Jingshan had long had his eyes on him, inviting him to dinner again and again. And with just the slightest contact, if Xue Jingshan wanted to show his favor to someone, he wouldn’t be like this.

And Bai Yu followed in order to prevent Xue Jingshan from attacking him.

…How was this possible?

Ye Nanqi shook his head and put the idea behind him amusedly before answering the phone, pressing on the speaker.

Bai Yu’s voice was slightly cold, and he coughed twice before speaking, “Ye Nanqi?”

Ye Nanqi politely responded, and guessed what he wanted to say.

Bai Yu didn’t mention anything else, and only aked: “Have you come back from Y City?”

Bai Yu didn’t speak much and it was rare for him to say a few more words. Ye Nanqi leaned back, lowered his head and hooked Shen Du’s little finger with his other hand, scratched it, and was caught by Shen Du. Feeling that the hostility in his heart had diminished a bit, Ye Nanqi spoke, his voice as gentle as ever: “It hasn’t been two days since I came back, does Young Master Bai have something to say to me?”

Bai Yu said indifferently: “At the beginning of next month, there will be a party in the villa. Tell Young Master Shen that someone will deliver something over at that time.”

Shen Du shook Ye Nanqi’s hand tightly, and glanced at him.

Sure enough, the last time Bai Yu saw the “beauty” in Shen Du’s arms, he knew it was Ye Nanqi.

He found out yet didn’t expose anything. On the contrary, he seemingly wanted to stop Xue Jingshan probing their secret…What was in this person’s mind?

Bai Yu didn’t say much, it might be that he wanted to say something, but hesitated.

In the end, he didn’t speak any more, and after being silent for a few seconds, he hung up the phone.

Shen Du’s gaze shifted from Ye Nanqi to the word “Bai Yu” on the computer screen.

There wasn’t much information for Bai Yu above.

In the Bai family, there were a total of 3 children and Bai Yu was the youngest son. His life when he was born was too thrilling. When Mother Bai was pregnant, she fell down the stairs, and was sent to the hospital and had almost had a miscarriage. Finally, they tried their best to save the child but not the adult.

The Bai family’s couple were childhood sweethearts since they were young and they were very fond of each other. His beloved wife died from a difficult birth which made it hard for Father Bai to face this little son. He only took him back from the hospital and sent him to be raised by his grandfather who had retired in B City.

From childhood to adulthood, the father and son rarely met each other. Bai Yu wasn’t brought back to the Bai family until he was in high school.

It could be seen that the relationship between Bai Yu and the rest of the Bai family wasn’t good, especially with his father.

Shen Du thought for a moment, and said: “He is reminding us?”

Ye Nanqi said: “Reminding?”

“Remind us to bring a camera, eavesdrop, notify the police, and the media, and put them out in one pot.” Shen Du said it jokingly, but Ye Nanqi didn’t think it was just a joke.

Bai Yu knew that he wanted revenge, and also knew that Ye Nanqi roughly understood that it was his organization, but he didn’t seem to care if Ye Nanqi and Shen Du sneaked in, and he even gave them… secret information?

The two of them were speechless. Ye Nanqi reached out and clicked on Bai Yu’s name, saying: “If the last person my sister contacted was really him, and he wants to help us now, then wait when the video is released, he will contact me again.”

Shen Du nodded his head and discussed with Ye Nanqi for a while, and after finishing speaking, he said in a low voice, “Mom wants us to go back to dinner tonight.”

“Auntie…” Ye Nanqi started talking but before he finished talking, the back of his head was pressed and kissed by Shen Du on the mouth making him blushed and changing his way of talking, “Mom… it’s awkward to call her like this.”

“Where is the awkwardness, I am your husband, and my parents are your parents.” Shen Du leaned on his shoulder; he didn’t want him to be immersed in the pain of revenge, and said in a relaxed tone, “Going home tonight is considered to be a real meeting with in-laws. Don’t expect to fool them with your previous, the mouth is not compatible with the heart’s acting.”

Ye Nanqi saved the data with protected passwords, closed the computer, then suspiciously squinted at the person who was lying on him like he had no bone.

“Mom likes you. I think you should be the real son of her dream. She wanted to give birth to someone as beautiful and handsome as you.”

Shen Du felt sour after thinking about it previously, but now he only felt that his fucking eyes were really good, and chuckled: “She has long been attracted to you as her daughter-in-law, and now that you have been abducted by me, the old lady is in a bad mood these days.”

Ye Nanqi felt a little nervous when he thought of his elders’ affection for him: “Then I will dress up more formally.”

Shen Du didn’t force him, only wishing his wife would dress better. The well raised cat was beautiful and delicate, and whenever he brought him out, his stunningness would leave everyone amazed, which made him proud.

There were too many clothes in the closet, and Ye Nanqi wasn’t sure and hesitated on which to pick. After trying a few sets, he still didn’t feel good. Shen Du, who didn’t always comment on the beauty, sat aside, but as if his mouth was topped with honey, and he could give him flattery about anything.

“This one is very good for your figure, baby, you are tall with long legs, and the waistline is very attractive. Every young lady calls this as long legs below the neck.”

“Black clothes lined with your skin color, if Nan Nan wears this piece, he will be like a pile of snow, and I want to kiss him.”

“This set……”

“…” Ye Nanqi put his clothes back silently, turned around in his shirt, and smiled, “Then you tell me, how should I dress?”

Shen Du said frankly and honestly: “In my heart, of course you are best not to wear it.”

Ye Nanqi was too lazy to care about him.

Shen Du got up and walked over, with one hand in his pocket, and leisurely glanced around in the closet, and picked out a casual set. Ye Nanqi turned his head and said, “Won’t it be too informal…”

“Baby, don’t be nervous.” Shen Du smiled, “We’re going to dinner, not a meeting. Relax, just wear this… Don’t move, I’ll put it on for you.”

Ye Nanqi stretched out his hand and quietly looked at Shen Du who was dressing him behind in the mirror.

He was like a natural clothes hanger, with a good figure, beautiful shoulder line; his waist was narrow and thin, once he wore appropriate clothes, his figure was more outstanding. 

After finishing dressing Ye Nanqi, Shen Du didn’t let go. He stretched out his hand to hug him from behind, smelled a faint fragrance in his hair, then raised his head and looked at his favorite beautiful face in the mirror.

The two looked at each other in the mirror and hugged quietly for a while.

In the mirror, Ye Nanqi had a long and slender figure. The black casual clothes lined with his snow white fingers, and his handsome eyes were as cold as snow.

The more Shen Du looked, the more seductive he felt, his breathing was slightly stagnant, his slender fingers dishonesty moved up, unbuttoned the two buttons on his shirt, and said with a chuckle: “Baby… there’s still three more hours.”

Ye Nanqi struggled, and said, “What should I do if my clothes get dirty?”

“I’ll wash.”

“This set of clothes cannot be machine washed…”

Shen Du demanded him for a kiss, and said vaguely: “Then I’ll hand wash it, and you watch and supervise me…”

The chores of washing clothes did not scare President Shen and make him retreat, but the consequences that were even more serious than washing one piece of clothes was he had to wash half of the wardrobe.

Most of Ye Nanqi’s clothes were met with misfortune. Fortunately, there were still a few things that could be worn, and his face was a little dark when going out.

Shen Du gave a light cough, trying to find a way to survive: “Wife, those clothes…”

Ye Nanqi smiled slightly: “I will supervise you. Every day after work and after finding cooking, you have to wash my clothes.”

His smile was both soft and beautiful, and his paint-like eyebrows seemed to have a brilliant light. Shen Du dazzled his eyes for a while, lost the heart of resistance, and nodded obediently.

Only then did Ye Nanqi calm down, and took out a toffee and peeled it to Shen Du for encouragement.

When they arrived at the Shen’s family house, sure enough, Mother Shen had been waiting for a long time to pick them up. Her attitude towards her son became much better and her eyes seemed to say, “At least you’re a little useful.”

Then she immediately pulled Ye Nanqi to sit aside and smiled in condolences.

Shen Du stood on the side holding his hands and looked at him for a while before looking up at his father, and went upstairs together.

The study room was lit with sandalwood incense, accompanied by the smell of ink, looking peaceful and quiet. Shen Du’s eyes went past the words lying on the table, he leaned over and glanced at it twice, then narrowed his eyes: “Dad, your writing has become more and more like Mom’s.”

Mother Shen was good at painting, but it was hard to understand her writing. Father Shen, who was ridiculed by his son, was not angry. He sat down and looked at him: “What do you want to say?”

Shen Du, no longer talking nonsense and bluntly said, “What the Xue family did, Dad, it’s impossible for you not to know, right?”

Father Shen was silent.

“When the Ye family had an accident, our family was still being bitten by Grandpa’s enemy. You and Mom couldn’t take care of other things. It’s normal if you don’t know.” Shen Du said lightly, facing his father’s sight, “But after the reunion, it’s impossible for you not to look up about the Ye family.  With your ability, of course, it is impossible not to know about the matter related to Nanqi’s sister. But I still remember that the information I read at the time was given to me by you.”

Father Shen finally opened his mouth: “Shen Du, you are not a kid anymore.”

“That’s why I’m telling you now, otherwise I will go straight and do it directly.” Shen Du shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “You know that the Xue family is also colluding with other forces, and even people in the political circle are with them. Considering before and after, being afraid of dragging the whole family into the muddy water, and considering all kinds of interests, it is indeed better not to help Nanqi. I didn’t blame you.”

Father Shen frowned and said, “What position are you using to blame me?”

“Nanqi is my wife, my person.” Shen Du rubbed the ring on his hand, lowered his eyes and said, “If it’s you, if someone bullies my mother, don’t you want to fight as if your life depends on it?”

“So you are here to ask me for help?”

“No.” Shen Du gripped on the edge of the table, with a somewhat compelling aura, and solemnly said, “Dad, I am a member of the Shen family. Whatever I do, the Shen family will also be dragged into the water, but I will minimize all the risks as little as possible. I’m not here to ask you for help. Just don’t interfere and stop me.”

“This is the only requirement?”

Father Shen remained calm and collected as he looked at Shen Du calmly. Shen Du looked really like his father. It was just that Father Shen, who had seen many things over the years, was more mature and stable, and he wasn’t fooled by his son’s aura.

Shen Du laughed like a rascal. “If you are willing to help, I will definitely welcome you. After a little contact, those people are not as scary as I thought. There are only a few core people and although others can’t get in touch with the inside, some people are tied by their interests and beauty, which is too insecure.”

Father Shen said: “Talk less nonsense, I know it’s not that simple.”

“Then don’t stop me. You will have to be in contact with your daughter-in-law for a long time, and I want to grow old with my wife.” Shen Du turned around, leaving behind direct and efficient words, “Reassure, I can take Nanqi to solve this matter, and I will bring a bottle of Maotai to see you when I’m done so you won’t get caught up in the fire in your upper body.”

The door of the study was closed lightly, and when his idle footsteps went far away, Father Shen rubbed his forehead for a long time before smiling, shaking his head and cursed: “Little bastard.”

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