Ch63: White moonlight is you, Cinnabar mole is also you

Title T/N:
Bai Yueguang (White moonlight): A cherished memory of the first blush of love, pure and unsullied by reality.
Cinnabar mole: A mark left in the heart after experiencing love, which cannot be forgotten.

Knowing his own father’s temper, Shen Du unrestrictedly spoke the matter of fact. Even if he still had concerns, he wouldn’t stop him, perhaps he would even help him quietly behind the scene.

After making a decision in his heart, he went to the backyard and made a phone call to a friend.

The filing of the Tan Yi case was very simple. Even though it seemed to be an ordinary murder case, he needed a more in-depth investigation, including the police, judges, and witnesses who had come into contact with the case in that year.

Back in the room, Ye Nanqi was curled up on the sofa, talking with Li Hengran. Tomorrow, Li Hengran’s people would take Shen Du’s friend to broadcast the video in that building, and they were now discussing the details.

Ye Nanqi had discussed with Li Hengran and Shen Du many times whether or not to release the section about Ye Mei. Shen Du knew what Ye Nanqi was struggling with, so he left the matter for him to decide.

Emotionally, Ye Nanqi was unwilling.

Ye Mei was once forced to be exposed to the public because of those people’s crimes. She couldn’t say anything, and when she tried to explain, instead of believing her explanations, she was scolded even more, saying that she had guilty conscience and that she was desperately struggling, standing on the moral high ground, stepping on other people.

After a point of view was first put forward, there were too few people who opposed it. Almost all of them were insulting and continuing to spread sexual immorality. Being in a nasty rumors was more painful than fighting with a fist. This was one of the last straws that broke the camel’s back.

But intellectually speaking, this was the first step to rehabilitate Ye Mei, and whether he wanted it or not, when the truth of the matter became clear in the future, there would still be countless people discussing Ye Mei and exposing her to the public again.

Li Hengran asked, “Have you thought about it?”

After a long silence, Ye Nanqi said in a low voice, “Officer Li, will my sister blame me?”

Li Hengran paused and understood what he meant, and his voice softened: “Everything you do is for her, and she won’t blame you.”

At the side, Shen Du stared at Ye Nanqi’s thin and beautiful silhouette for a while. Although he was two years older than him, their education and personal experience of having contact with people were different. Ye Nanqi’s true temperament was more piercing than a hedgehog, but his eyes were always clear and bright.

Even if he desperately wanted to get revenge, he didn’t want to do anything that would destroy his own bottom line.

He was really naive and that made people distressed

Fortunately, the cat was finally tame, and it belonged to him.

Ye Nanqi lowered his eyes and didn’t notice that he was being spied on. After saying goodbye to Li Hengran softly, a gardenia flower exuding a faint and sweet fragrance was handed over in front of him. The petals of the sweet white flower were quite pretty.

This flower seemed to have held magical powers, or it may be that the fragrance was too refreshing, and when his gaze moved to the white and clean palm holding the flower, most of the sullen suffocation in his heart dissipated. He stretched out his hand to pick it up.

Shen Du sat down and said, “Mom likes gardenias. Dad just planted a row when they moved in, and I’m strictly forbidden to destroy it. I secretly picked it in the yard just now, so hide it later so that I won’t be found out, otherwise I will have to be punished for copying the family instructions.”

Ye Nanqi couldn’t help laughing.

Shen Du was in a good mood when he saw him smiling, and laughed along with him: “Where’s Mom?”

“Upstairs.” Ye Nanqi raised his black and white, clear and innocent eyes, “She asked me what gifts I wanted. I think the painting you used to wear in the skirt was good. What do you think about taking it back to hang in the living room?”

Shen Du met his eyes, and was helpless: “I think… I listen to you.”

When he went back, he would take the cat raised by Zhao Sheng to tear up the painting that shouldn’t exist, and then blame the cat.

The aftermath would be given to Zhao Sheng as well.

Shen Du, a professional householder who would push the pot to others, planned it thoroughly.

Having decided this matter, Ye Nanqi was in a good mood while turning on TV watching a cross talk show. Shen Du smoothly peeled off the pine nuts; he remembered the nightmare that the squirrel brought to Ye Nanqi during the Chinese New Year, his eyes were smiling.

Ye Nanqi who thought he was peeling the nuts to give himself, reached out his hand to receive it, however, he didn’t get a response for a long time, and when he turned his head over, his eyes were aggrieved.

Shen Du teased him: “Open your mouth, ah.”

“…” The corners of Ye Nanqi’s lips were still stained with cake crumbs as he gave him a look that was hard to explain, “Do you raise me as a baby?”

Shen Du, who took pleasure and was willing to raise this baby, put the pine nuts on the plate, leaned forward and stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick the cake crumbs from the corner of his lips, whispered “It’s so sweet”, then he kissed that lip softly.

Before he could deepen the kiss, a coughing sound was heard from the stairs. Ye Nanqi was frightened, and quickly pushed Shen Du away. He grabbed the pine nut and moved a bit to the side. Being caught by the parents in the intimate scene, his face blushed hard.

Shen Du paused for a while, his face was fearless as he raised his head like nothing had happened. With a frown, he said, “Dad, Mom, how come you come down so fast?”

Mother Shen looked at Ye Nanqi, whose tip of his ears were burning red, and gave her son a glance.

It was very easy to get along with the people of the Shen family and it just happened that the housekeeper’s aunt hadn’t come to the house these few days so after eating, Ye Nanqi took the initiative to wash the dishes. Then the countdown began in his heart.

Sure enough, within half a minute, Shen Du got in, rolled up his sleeves, stood side by side with him, and while cleaning the dishes together, he said: “Wife, I hate washing dishes.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyelids and looked at him: “Then who washes the dishes at home?”

“Buy a dishwasher.” Shen Du used to live alone, but actually hired a part-time worker to cook every day, and then he would wash it after getting off work.

While washing the dishes, he thought of the pile of clothes that had suffered from the unwarranted disaster, Shen Du secretly planned to buy exactly the same ones before throwing a few older pieces a day, and pretend that the job was done.

Ye Nanqi, who had no idea about Shen Du’s scheming in his heart, talked with voice that had softened since long before which was almost overwhelmed by the sound of water: “Officer Li told me that the murderer of the corpses-abandoned case committed suicide.”

It was unknown if it was really suicide, but apparently that group of people had noticed that there might be a bit of turmoil inside, and maybe the gathering next month was just for a thorough investigation.

“When the video is exposed, the evidence comes out, and the case is filed, Officer Li can openly investigate the case.” Shen Du hooked his finger in the sink, “At that time, there should be an unusual change at Fang Xingyuan’s side. My people are keeping an eye near his home. The room is full of bugs and cameras, and he can’t run away.”

Ye Nanqi nodded, thought for a while, and worried again: “He is Junior Brother Jiang’s agent, could it be…”

Could it be that he thought Jiang Yanyu was a bit like Ye Mei, and wanted to push Jiang Yanyu to the same path as her, or was it because of a guilty conscience?

No matter what it was, he shouldn’t be anyone’s agent, and that was the best solution of all.

Shen Du was afraid that Ye Nanqi would still care and kept silent all this time. After all, that was the Bai Yueguang that the two had pursued previously. Seeing that he took the initiative to bring it up, Shen Du said casually, “Then let him not be an agent.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyebrows.

Shen Du felt that his expression was really cute and wanted to squeeze it. He raised his hand but seeing that it was full of bubbles, he had to take it back and said, “I used to have a few drinks with your old boss before, and it’s not a problem to fire someone with just a few words. Then you can change your junior brother Jiang to a better agent.”

“What is ‘my junior brother Jiang’?” Ye Nanqi was dissatisfied, “Isn’t he your Bai Yueguang?”

Shen Du looked at him tenderly. “My Bai Yueguang is you, and the cinnabar mole is also you.”

“You can forget it.”

Ye Nanqi washed the porcelain plate, turned around and wanted to put it in the cabinet, but his waist was suddenly hugged and almost fell off the plate.

Shen Du leaned on his shoulder and said with a smile: “Are you jealous? No kidding, it’s really you.”

Ye Nanqi was silent. Shen Du stared at the tips of his red ears, wondering whether to take a bite.

Immediately after, he heard Ye Nanqi whisper: “My Bai Yueguang is the small you in a skirt. Husband, show me you wearing a skirt some other time.”

Shen Du: “…”


Early the next morning, an edited video appeared like a virus spreading on the homepages of major websites and platforms.

The scene of sumptuous entertainment, with a flock of crowds sexually dancing disorderly. The video seemed to be recorded a long time ago, but it could be seen vaguely that there were a few young bosses who were still holding a press conference and discussing the company’s development process seriously a few days ago.

Soon a young woman appeared in the picture, and the picture became unbearable.

Although there was a mosaic afterwards, no one would think that this was a trade that you wished for.

The video was madly forwarded as soon as it came out, and was controlled to be deleted in less than half an hour. However, many people who had gone to the bottom of the gossip, picked up the information of the person in the picture, and finally turned to a female star named “Ye Qingqing”.

Some people who had good memories thought about it carefully, and then they remembered her appearance and deeds back then. It was very strange that such a big scandal caused no stirring and just vanished like thin air.

As soon as the life story was picked up, combined with the video, a bunch of Sherlock Holmes sprang up on the Internet, speculating on a terrifying case. Although the exaggeration was a bit ridiculous, the actual situation was indeed outrageous.

Ye Qingqing, who was a sensation at the time, caused a sensation again at this time. Those who knew and those who didn’t; those who had cursed and those who had pitied her came flooding like a tide, but their voices were surprisingly consistent and sympathized with her.

By the way, without changing their face, the previous words such as “The bitch who doesn’t know shame, deserves to die, and trouble the cleaner to clean the dirty floor”, were secretly deleted.

Soon all the information that could be found about Ye Qingqing was picked up by netizens like magical powers, and immediately, in the relative column, they found Ye Nanqi.

Those busybodies immediately followed Ye Nanqi up, showing the situation of the Ye family back then, how miserable the young Ye Nanqi was, as well as the doubt―in the second year of high school, Ye Nanqi, whose academic performance was stable in the top three of the whole grade, chose to take the art exam.

Ye Nanqi’s scandals were also picked up one by one. Except for the fact that he was pursued by the rich second generation, which they love to hear and see, the other rumors could be judged to be false.

All kinds of speculations continued, and the opinions were divergent. If they were blocked and deleted, they would register for another small account to continue the discussion. Nothing could stop the crowd.

Ye Nanqi’s eyes were astringent when he brushed the webpage, and scanned the discussion indifferently.

He never wanted to pour out his own suffering experiences just to get pitied by other people. Every time he talked and recalled the past events, it was like he was reincarnated. It was too painful, like a chunk of meat in his heart was gouged out, dripping with blood.

Now being picked out by those busybodies and was presented to everyone as cabbage, he was much calmer than expected.

At the same time, Shen Du was working in the company.

He planned to temporarily throw the company’s business back to his father, but he hadn’t succeeded yet, so he could only be patient and deal with the piled documents first.

After the deal was ended, Shen Du immediately checked the situation online, frowned, and sent a message to Ye Nanqi.

Ye Nanqi replied shortly after.

【Milk Cat Nan Xiaoqi: Don’t slack off at work, I’m fine】

【Three-year-old Shen Delinquent Du: I don’t want to touch the fish, I want to touch you, you can touch me as well】

[T/N: 摸鱼 lit: touch/catch fish. Idiom: slack off/loaf on job/idle. While 摸 alone means touch, feel, grope.]

Ye Nanqi: “…”

This smelly rascal.

Both of them were always paying attention to the development of the news. Not long after, Shen Du called Li Hengran and immediately notified Ye Nanqi.

“Someone located that building.” Shen Du got up from the desk full of piles of documents, walked slowly to the window, overlooking the busy street. There was a smile at the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were not kind, looking even a little cold, “It may not be long before fish take the bait.”

Ye Nanqi said: “Where is Fang Xingyuan?”

Shen Du exhaled and returned to the desk. There were three computers on his desk, one of which was temporarily requisitioned, and Fang Xingyuan, who was at home, appeared on the screen.

Fang Xingyuan, who was suddenly presented with a dismissal notice and was confused after seeing this morning’s video, closed the door, and the curtains tightly. Locking himself at home with a guilty conscience, his face pale as a dead man.

Shen Du said: “It’s about to be hooked.”

Fang Xingyuan on the screen was pacing anxiously back and forth in the room. For a long time, after not knowing what he had remembered, he gritted his teeth and took out his mobile phone to make a call.

It was too easy for Shen Du to deal with Fang Xingyuan. He had already secretly hacked the phone monitor since long before. Whispering to Ye Nanqi on the other end of the phone, he said, “A good show is coming”, then put the phone in front of the computer, and pressed the recording.

After the long ringtone, the phone was connected.

Without waiting for the person over there to speak, Fang Xingyuan spoke anxiously, because he hadn’t spoken much these days, his voice was so dry that it sounded a little weird: “Mr. Xue, the company suddenly fired me, and the video was just exposed. Is Xu Zhou back? What does he want to do? I will also be implicated if I irritate those people…Mr. Xue, are they going to attack me?”

There was three seconds of silence on the other side, and then came a sneer.

Ye Nanqi’s pupils shrank.

He was very sensitive to voices. Although it had passed through many twists and turns before it reached his ears, he could be sure that he had known the owner of the voice.

Before he could analyze it in his mind, the person on the other side said, “If they’re attacking you, then so be it. You should have died a long time ago.”

Fang Xingyuan said angrily: “Xue Xiangyu! Do you want to break our agreement?”

“Agreement on this thing…” Xue Xiangyu’s tone was long and sluggish as he smirked unabashedly, “Isn’t it just for destruction?”

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