Taizi Ch16.2

The history book had a record about all sorts of beauty that tended to bring trouble. Many people will find ways to flirt with them, the more beautiful they are, the more likely to be sexually harassed. The embarrassing scenes, one after another vividly passed by, and the eldest prince felt embarrassed to find that he was even more unbearable than the scandalous women in history.

“Don’t…” Yong Qi raised his hand and gently stopped the hand that was groping him.

In an instant, he found that his five fingers were placed on the back of his prince brother’s hand with the stopping action that looked like a shameless seduction. Once the cold fingertips touched Yong Shan’s hot skin, and the place that was touched felt extreme disintegration as if the cold winter and summer suddenly collided with one another.

He shrank his hand as if he was scalded.

Seeing him withdraw his hand, Yong Shan laughed slowly in his ear, “Brother, how interesting is this? It’s not like I’m unable to bear you to go see Li Fei every day, I just want to ask you to be obedient when you come back.”

Pulling loose the laces, the thick cloak slipped silently to the ground.

Yong Shan slowly took off Yong Qi’s fur clothes, and then slowly loosened the exquisitely embroidered long belt around his waist.

Yong Qi knew what would happen after his clothes were taken off. The embarrassing scandal was still vivid, and now he didn’t even have the unwilling resistance he had before.

Imagining that he would become extremely filthy, his soul shuddered as he was gasping in depression. He couldn’t help but grab the hand on his waist again, and gently pleading, “Yong Shan, this…this is not right… “

“En, it’s not right.” Yong Shan bit his earlobe and murmured: “I was wrong, it’s all my fault. I forced my brother to do it. Whoever blames it in the future, you can say that the crown prince forced the rape on you. Oh, this is also the truth.”

Yong Qi felt very uncomfortable, and shook his head constantly, “No…it’s not like this…Listen to me, Yong Shan…we can’t do this again…”

“I won’t listen, I just want to do it.”

Yong Shan responded with a smile to him, but his actions revealed his decisiveness.

He gently and firmly pushed away Yong Qi’s trembling hand that was about to stop him, and easily untied his belt. He hugged Yong Qi, who was unsteady, placed him on the bed, and took off his own clothes.

The strong, sturdy, slender and firm young body still had a strong visual impact on the already upset Yong Qi.

“Brother is shy?” Yong Shan teased, grabbing the hands that Yong Qi was using, blocking his face, and smiled: “What are you doing with your eyes closed? This is a rare opportunity. Brother should take a good look at how this big thing can bring you happiness in a while, do you want to touch it?”

The blatant words made Yong Qi dare not even breathe.

However, Yong Shan came even closer, biting hard on his earlobe, and said in a low voice, “This is the future emperor’s dragon root. I don’t know how many Court ladies wish to have a look at it every day, but no one has the good fortune like my brother, so you can touch it as you please.”

“I don’t want to touch…Ah! Yong Shan!”

“My brother doesn’t want to touch me, but I want to touch my brother.”

“Woo…no no! don’t…”

“Scream louder. I like to hear my brother crying, screaming, louder than a woman.”

Yong Qi almost burst into tears.

His thighs were forced to stretch out horizontally showing the twitching thing lying embarrassedly between his legs, his whimpering sound was like a seducing spell.

He didn’t understand how he could make such a shameless moan, and still experience the primitive and unquenchable pleasure in his body.

Yong Shan’s fingers merely rubbed on his crotch, but the feeling was so strong that his entire lower back became numb.

“Why is it hard so soon?”

Yong Shan’s slightly surprised low voice added humiliation to the already embarrassing pleasure.

“No, no…ooh―ahh…”

“If you don’t want it, don’t try to lift up your waist.”

“Woo… Yong… Yong Shan, please…”

Yong Shan didn’t reply with another teasing remarks, rather he just concentrated on teasing his brother’s sex organ.

Transparent mucus was slowly oozing from the top of the delicate organ, while his fingers rubbing vigorously, unfolding the folds and rubbing up and down, making an unbearable moist sound.

These actions were more effective than any teasing remarks.

Yong Qi was even more ashamed, gritted his teeth and said nothing.

“Why? There is nothing to refute?” Yong Shan lowered his voice, staring at him with his sharp, smiling eyes, “Or is that once you know the attraction of some bad thing, you wanna taste it again?”

Yong Qi couldn’t stand his eyes that were about to slowly swallow him, putting his flushed face aside.

Yong Shan laughed again, “I’ll just let you know the taste.”

He suddenly stopped moving, allowing Yong Qi’s vibrating organ to stand empty. The place where the hospitality had been lost screamed out of desire like a protest, and Yong Qi almost subconsciously lifted his waist into the air, as if chasing something.

He turned his head, Yong Shan’s ill-intentioned smiling face leaped into his eyes, and instantly he realized that he had done a shameful thing again, and the lewdness in his bones could be seen under Yong Shan’s eyes.

“I said that my brother actually likes it.” Yong Shan hugged Yong Qi, who was curl up and sobbing, as if comforting, “Kong Zi said appetite and lust are only natural; by nature we desire food and sex. The saint is like this, let alone you and me, what are you so shy about?”

There was a slight pain in his behind; Yong Shan’s long finger had been inserted into his cave.

Yong Qi shook his head desperately, “No, Yong Shan, you don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

Yong Shan asked slowly, his fingertips pressed hard as he went deeper.

Allowing the soft intestinal wall to wrap and suck on his fingertips, he found the most sensitive small bump in his brother’s body in almost no time.

Yong Shan raised his lips again, and gave Yong Qi a smile from a condescending manner, and gently asked, “Brother, do you want me not to do this?” His fingertips pressed hard there accurately.

Yong Qi bounced almost immediately.

“Ah! Hmm… Ah…”

A strong moan broke out.

“Still say you don’t want it?”

“Uh…no…no no…”

“Still no?”

“Ah! Don’t… Uh huh”

“Go ahead, say it ah.”

One after another, the force of the fingertips seemed to penetrate through the flesh, all pressing on the place that was about to make his nerves collapse.

Every small subtle movement that dominated life and death made his body tremble with excitement.

His front was so hard and painful, even more painful than the wound being rubbed by the sand. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to caress, but Yong Shan firmly grasped his wrist and pressed it on top of his head.

“That’s not right, my brother is the most abiding by the rules, why does he start playing with his own hands in front of his brother again?”

“Yong…Yong Shan…Don’t be like this…”

“Since I am the crown prince, I will be the emperor in the future.” Yong Shan smiled that wasn’t like a smile, blowing a breath of heat on Yong Qi’s weeping face, “Everything in the world belongs to the emperor, and this slender object of my brother is naturally mine. Let me give my brother a reminder today that nobody is allowed to touch this beautiful thing under my brother without my permission. Even my brother is not allowed to touch it himself indiscriminately. Understand?”

Yong Qi was strapped tightly on his wrist, and his twisted and coquettish was like a charming dance, shaking his soft black hair constantly.

“Do you understand?” Yong Shan asked in a deep voice.

He looked at the handsome, outstanding face of a person who could make him lose his mind and seemed to know that it was not feasible to wake him up with words to give an answer. With a smile, the fingers in his body were no longer just pressing, but without giving prior notice, scratched the most sensitive place with his nails.


Yong Qi bounced up harder than before, like a fish suddenly put into a hot pan.

His big round eyes were covered with a layer of radiance, tears slid down from the corners of his eyes, dripping drop by drop onto the bed sheet.

But what was even more embarrassing was that his thing was still erected.

“Do you understand?”


“Answer well.”

Yong Shan asked, moving his fingers, scratching his nails on the delicate mucous membrane a few more times.

Yong Qi was bullied by him and he burst into tears, his waist trembling violently with the imposed pleasure, sobbing, “Understand… I understand!”

“What do you understand?”

“Can’t… can’t touch…”

Yong Shan still wanted to bully him a bit more, but when he saw Yong Qi’s breakable cheeks filled with tears, his heart softened, so he had to pull his fingers out a little bit, and gently stroked the tightly contracted entrance to relax him.

“My brother is so obedient. Look at me.” His tone was soft.

Yong Qi looked at him timidly with his black eyes full of tears.

Yong Shan asked, “Does my brother hate me?”

Without even thinking about it, Yong Qi shook his head.

Yong Shan smiled.

He half-squinted his eyes and stared at Yong Qi condescendingly. Yong Qi felt that his soul was going to be penetrated by his eyes, and he couldn’t hide anything from such a pair of eyes.

No wonder his Father Emperor would abolish his hopeless self and elect this younger brother instead.

A flash of light flashed by, and Li Fei’s instructions brushed his mind like an uninvited guest. Yong Qi felt that his mind was extremely dirty. He promised his mother to steal things, obviously relying on Yong Shan’s good intentions toward him.

In order to protect himself…

At this moment, Yong Shan was doing something disgraceful and dirty, but the things hidden in his own heart were a hundred times more dirty than these things!

He shook his head, trying to bury his face in the soft pillow.

Yong Shan’s cheerful laughter pierced into her eardrums, “You shouldn’t be shy, why is my brother hiding again?”

He pulled out his hand, temporarily let go of the small soft entrance, leaned down, whispered in a low voice, “Brother’s eyes are the clearest in the entire palace.”

However, in Yong Qi’s ears, it was really the sharpest mockery in the world.

He couldn’t wait to find a way to escape and Yong Shan didn’t allow him to run away, kissed his cheek lightly, bit his lip gently, then poke his tongue inward little by little.

“Hmm… um…”

The resistance he had in the past was gone, there was nothing left.

Yong Qi began to feel like he was like moths playing with fire, hoping that Yong Shan would embrace him like this, with the same enthusiasm as before, causing him to be confused, and the fire of lust burned his brain silly, making him unable to think about anything.

He was sandwiched between the sheets and Yong Shan. It was unknown whether he was overcome by lust, or his caution was thrown to the wind. He opened his lips a little shyly, letting Yong Shan form a stormy attack, invading the city, plundering the ground, and not leaving behind even a little bit of trace.

Their tongues were entangled, and the wet, licking sound penetrated all the way to the inside of his ear.

“Good brother, be good.”

His buttocks pressing against the thick sheets were lifted slightly.

As if he knew what he was going to suffer in a while, he involuntarily stretched his muscles, and the small hole between the two mounds that had just been bullied by his fingers, shrank more and more nervously.

Yong Qi’s beautiful and delicate face had a sign of panic.

He obviously wanted to escape, however, his body seemed to know better than his brain where it was safer. Moving his arms in a panic, he hugged Yong Shan’s neck as if asking for help. Following Yong Shan’s body, his upper body was also suddenly lifted up a little bit.

Yong Shan was overjoyed and kissed him, boasting: “It’s really good. Just hold me like this, don’t let go.”

The sturdy lower abdomen stretched forward and stood firm, and Yong Qi yelled “Ah”.

Then the entrance was expanded.

The hot and hard foreign object took the sensation in the human body and intensely stimulated every place below the waist.

“Ahh!umm, no… no, no…”

“Still saying no?”

Yong Shan laughed in a low voice, and deliberately pushed his waist forward a little bit like a bully.

The strong sense of oppression made Yong Qi whimper immediately.

“Yong Shan…don’t…ahhh…no, no…”

The aggressive behavior of male nature was repeated in an orderly manner; taking out a little, then penetrating deeper, persistently.

Every part of the hard object penetrated, it seemed to pierce his stomach, both hot, painful, and poisonous, and his waist was paralyzed like a broken waist.

“Ah…um en―um um…”

“My brother, be good and lift your waist up a little.”


“Really not obedient.”

Yong Shan breathed a sigh, he wanted to treat him excessively well, and while stroking his slender waist, he lifted it up and down according to his own frequency.

“No, I…ah!” Yong Qi screamed, “Yong Shan! Yong Shan, don’t…ooh…”

Forced to raise his waist to greet him, the foreign object suddenly penetrated into the impossible depth.

The collision-like action could almost kill him.

The heat wave swept across with pleasure, and Yong Qi twisted his pale white body like crazy, unable to escape the oppression and happiness given by his younger brother.

“My brother’s thing is standing so straight, will you come soon?”

Yong Qi cried vaguely, and his long legs, which were as white as jade, were carried on Yong Shan’s shoulders, dancing chaotically in mid-air.

His body was crushed almost to paste like, and every place was subjected to Yong Shan’s grinding, especially the most sensitive protrusion, which clearly conveyed every time Yong Shan stood up, pulled out and penetrated fiercely.

The huge object had been pressing that point relentlessly time and time again, and Yong Qi couldn’t stop his cry and moan.

“No no…ah! Shan…oh no! Don’t do this, ah…um, don’t be like this…”

He cried and begged, while knowing that his waist was twisting desperately.

The hot object came and went in and out of the buttocks, bringing with pain and pleasure, and even his sex organ trembled with excitement. Yong Qi was distressed, because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t release his arms around Yong Shan’s neck, as if it were the only driftwood that could save his life in this stormy sea.

But this disregard of humiliation and embarrassment clearly allowed Yong Shan to invade himself more thoroughly, and even more recklessly, to reach the deepest point of his small entrance below.

Yong Shan no longer took control of his waist, since now it had started moving forward as if delivering itself to him.

This was the shameless state of the harem concubines eagerly eager for the dragon essence, and they were actually doing it.

“Brother, you feel so nice. It’s hot and soft, sucking me like a small mouth.” Yong Shan’s breathing of hot air, spraying on Yong Qi’s face.

The pleasure of being held tightly by a hot and soft tunnel made His Royal Highness Crown Prince overwhelmed, wantonly assaulting his brother under him.

This was his innate tendency, to plunder with no room to escape. Emperor Yan probably favored him, which wasn’t really an advantage.

To be an emperor never needs to be perfect, the most important thing was to know how to make progress.

He understood that he should be more considerate and gentle, but it didn’t matter anymore, he just wanted to take Yong Qi seriously.

The person who he had been secretly peeping at for more than ten years was also the person he couldn’t touch before, was now suffering from his sharper embarrassment, every time twisting his waist and crying helplessly under his eyes.

But Yong Qi was surprisingly holding him still.

The scorching possessiveness burned and after ruining everything, even in the ashes, the crown prince of today could still see his ambition and desire that he couldn’t avoid.

“No… no more…”

“Brother obedient, let’s do it again.”

“Really… Yong Shan… Woo don’t… Woo! Forgive me…”

“We still have one whole night.”

Treating his brother like a prey, Yong Shan started round after round without mercy.

He vented his desperate madness as if telling that he wasn’t an outsider to the already red and swollen flesh and tunnels endlessly.

Both desperate and crazy.

But there was one thing, he was pretty sure. Only himself, so deeply, sure without any doubt.

He could lose everything in this world, including himself.

But he could never bear to lose Yong Qi.

The father, whose health was already seriously ill, would discover this sooner or later. At that time, the disappointed Emperor Yan, their Imperial Father, might not spare anyone’s life.

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