Ch64: Two indeed are one

[It’s been a while! It’s been a while! It’s been a while! It’s been a while! It’s been a while! Ahh!]

After thinking about it carefully, during the drinking party last time, it was Xue Xiangyu who took the initiative to approach, leaving his business card and got a bit closer to him.

Ye Nanqi had never trusted Xue Xiangyu or Li Hengran at the beginning, but he felt quite complicated for the two who approached him first.

From the bottom of his heart, he hoped they would not stand on the opposite side and have a conflict with him.

The people that Fang Xingyuan had connection with in the Xue family, Ye Nanqi and Shen Du had speculated that it might be Xue Jingshan, or Xue Jingshan’s accomplish.

Unexpectedly, it was Xue Xiangyu.

For a while, countless thoughts flashed in his mind as Fang Xingyuan and Xue Xiangyu were still talking.

Xue Xiangyu’s tone was either frivolous or mocking. Fang Xingyuan was very angry, but he still held back his anger and said, “It was you who said at the beginning that after giving you half of the photos. In the future, as long as I don’t say much, you will save my life… I just want to live well. If you want to break the agreement, don’t blame me for telling Xue Jingshan what you did!”

Xue Xiangyu sneered. “What can it count? Isn’t it just me helping Ye Qingqing stabbing him in the back? Think what I’ve done is little? Do you really think it can threaten me?”

Fang Xingyuan’s face turned pale with anger.

Ye Nanqi was a little confused when he heard it. After calming down the heavyweight in his heart, he silently reasoned the fact.

There was no doubt that the Xue family that Fang Xingyuan said was Xue Xiangyu.

But Xue Xiangyu told him that he had just gained Xue Jingshan’s trust, and being on the periphery of the organization, he dared not to go further, knowing nothing except a little something about his sister… all bullshit.

This person didn’t have a word of truth in his mouth from the beginning.

Ye Nanqi took a closer look at the true and false news that he had revealed since he met Xue Xiangyu, and there were not many surprises. He was guarding against Xue Xiangyu, and Xue Xiangyu didn’t necessarily trust him blindly either.

Xue Xiangyu must have known more than what he said. Rather than helping him before…it was more like he was mixing with water.

Why did he do this?

Bringing trouble to the Xue family?

Ye Nanqi recalled Xue Xiangyu’s life experience.

Because he was born from his mother had his nominal grandfather, and after she had a nervous breakdown, she let him hold the video recorder and jump into the lake in front of him to commit suicide.

How much of hatred for a mother to do this kind of thing to her child.

Xue Xiangyu might laugh heartlessly all day long, but the darkness in his heart wasn’t necessarily less than anyone else.

He returned to the Xue family when he was five or six years old and no one knew how many insults and tortures he had experienced… This person loathed the Xue family from the bottom of his heart, and it was convenient to use him and Shen Du. The provocation that time was probably to test the relationship between him and Shen Du.

Just now he said… he helped Ye Mei?

Ye Nanqi took a deep breath, collected all Xue Xiangyu’s information, and scanned it again.

It seems that the photos in Fang Xingyuan’s hand weren’t as useful as he thought. After Ye Mei’s accident nine years ago, the Xue family was ready to deal with him, but Fang Xingyuan threatened Xue Xiangyu about him helping Ye Mei stabbing Xue Jingshan in the back. Then they reached some kind of agreement.

However, it seemed that Xue Xiangyu didn’t seem to care much about that, and wasn’t ready to continue fulfilling the agreement.

The big fish was caught really unexpectedly. Shen Du also pondered for a while, then smiled and asked, “Baby, how about tie them up and bring them here?”

Ye Nanqi who just happened to receive a text message, glanced over and shook his head: “Just catch Fang Xingyuan…The big fish we caught just sent me a text message, inviting me to have dinner with him alone in the evening.”

Shen Du’s focus was taken off track: “Alone?”

Ye Nanqi laughed and said, “It is enough if he is alone, but he can’t control whether I am alone or not.”

Shen Du’s men had been lurking with Fang Xingyuan for a long time, and had already been gearing up for a fight. Once they received a call, they would dispatch immediately.

No matter how tightly closed Fang Xingyuan’s door was, it was useless.

At the same time, there was news from D City.

Some people were caught.

Li Hengran was stationed in A City. He didn’t tell the people who were sent out what they were doing. Until they caught some people, then he breathed a sigh of relief and called Ye Nanqi to do what he had prepared for a long time.

Ye Nanqi, after submitting Ye Mei’s diary and the foundation of the video, went to the police station as the victim’s family.

After confirming the case and investigating the case of Ye Mei jumping off the building, a bunch of reporters swarmed outside the police station, and some were still at a loss as to why a long-dead person would cause such a sensation.

After Ye Mei’s accident, because there were reporters and paparazzi coming to knock on his house every day, Ye Nanqi developed a psychological aversion and fear of flash and camera lenses.

After overcoming psychological shadows over the years, it was fine for him to accept interviews. The current situation seemed to be the same many years ago. A group of people did not come for justice, but just to watch the excitement.

Ye Nanqi was upset, refused any interviews, and stayed in the police station all afternoon.

The Criminal Investigation Department was already very busy, but became even busier as soon as Ye Mei’s case came out. An investigation team was set up, and many of the evidence collected before could be used in a fair manner.

Seeing people he more or less knew getting busy back and forth at this time, he was in a little trance.

When he just went through Ye Mei’s diary a few years ago, he went to the police with pain, grief and resentment. On the contrary, he was ridiculed, telling him because he was sensitive to family affairs, and since then he became even more suspicious.

He thought how hard it was to get Ye Mei’s innocence, and only he could kill the enemies with his own hands… He hadn’t thought about what was happening now.

After the video broke out this morning, phone calls and WeChat messages from people he more or less knew flooded in. Ye Nanqi didn’t reply at all. After sitting in the room for a while, he went into the corridor to take a breath.

He was so tired that he just wanted to see Shen Du, hug him again, and with Shen Du’s kisse that he had the strength to move on.

Seven people were arrested from D City, and the Criminal Investigation Department was interrogating them one by one. In order to arrest Xu Zhou, the other party finally used his own person this time, and there would be no longer statement such as that person doesn’t exist. [Refers to the big boss.]

The fox’s tail was finally caught.

However, there were so many people in that organization. Ye Nanqi didn’t think that he would be able to crush the other party and uproot them completely. He waited for Shen Du to get off work when the sky turned dark.

The reporters outside squatted all afternoon to no avail. Half of them were already left, the other half squatted persistently, and he was sure to be besieged as soon as he went out.

After Zhou Yaochun finished interrogating, nothing came out of that person’s mouth. Feeling depressed, he came out to smoke a cigarette. Seeing Ye Nanqi frowning, looking outside, after thinking about it for a while, he took off the police uniform and handed it to Ye Nanqi, “Lending you.”

Ye Nanqi smiled and said, “Thank you Officer Zhou, but this is not in compliance with the regulations.”

Zhou Yaochun clutched his hair, leaned against the wall, smoking a cigarette, not looking like a policeman, but more like a young master of a rich family, and said in a sloppy manner, “The celebrities are also people and I’m serving people. You just go out like this. They can surround you until tomorrow morning, but they won’t be able to do so if you go out in police uniforms. They only know Officer Li.”

Li Hengran was washing his face with cold water, and when he heard this, he glared at him: “Did you see the sign on the wall? No smoking! Also lending the police uniform? Why don’t you climb up to the police station building to wipe the badge with your police uniform? All days without discipline, when things are done, write three thousand words for self-criticism!”

Zhou Yaochun, who feared neither Heaven nor Earth, happened to be afraid of Li Hengran. He quietly put out the smoke: “Boss, don’t do that…”

Li Hengran’s eyes were bloodshot. After hearing these words, he said, “Six thousand. You are not allowed to ask Yanzi and Yuanli to write for you.”

Regardless of Zhou Yaochun’s sour face, he looked at Ye Nanqi. “You go back first. There should be a place in the back door that shouldn’t be blocked. Chun’er will take you there. Don’t act without authority and wait for my news. I will tell you the progress. Now you can trust us.”

Ye Nanqi shook hands with him and said sincerely, “Thank you, Officer Li.”

After tossing for a while, Ye Nanqi followed Zhou Yaochun and sneaked out from another door.

Zhou Yaochun took the opportunity to light a cigarette at the door, took two puffs, waved at him, and turned back.

When the sky got dark, the cool breeze started blowing up. Shen Du waited outside, leaning against the car door. After a busy day, he felt a little anxious. He was addicted to cigarettes and wanted to take one. However, after sniffing the smell of smoke, he stopped smoking and threw it aside.

If he wanted to kiss his wife with this mouth, he’d better be restrained.

After a while, Ye Nanqi walked out while trembling in the night breeze. Shen Du immediately noticed him. He strode forward as fast as metro shooting to the ground, took off his windbreaker and rolled him into his arms, and whispered, “Are you tired?”

Ye Nanqi shook his head, got in the car, and rubbed his forehead.

There were too many things that happened today, and it couldn’t be delayed for the time being.

Shen Du was used to preparing toffee in the car, and after seeing him frowning slightly, he skilfully peels one off and fed it to him.

There was soft music playing in the car, and Shen Du hadn’t figured out how to speak. Ye Nanqi asked with a candy in his mouth, “What did Fang Xingyuan say?”

“He was so frightened that I didn’t have to do anything before he said everything,” Shen Du calmly said, “But I had someone gag his mouth and punch him before letting him speak.”

[Wuhahaha…ops sorry]

This man, appearing genuine, but actually devious, but Ye Nanqi liked him like that, and while the traffic light turned red, he leaned in and rewarded him with a milky kiss.

“Similar to what Xu Zhou said, at first he thought that Elder sister was someone who was aloof from politics and material pursuits, putting on such a face but actually care about power and money. After hearing that many senior leaders in the Rongyu Group are rich young masters, he wanted to send Elder sister up.” Shen Du, who received a sweet reward, full of energy, and became more fluent in speaking. “Before Elder sister drank the wine he handed over, she trusted him the most.”

The feeling of betrayal by a trusted person was probably more painful than to have one’s heart pierced by thousands of arrows.

While Ye Mei drinking the glass of wine mixed with drugs, Fang Xingyuan was calculating his bright future. He was born as an orphan. When he was a child, he was so poor that he became a greedy person.

He only had contact with the Xue family, and later vaguely knew that there was an organization. Earlier, he betrayed Ye Mei for profit, but later wanted to use Ye Mei to save his life.

Ye Nanqi was sweating all over, biting off the toffee, and after a long time later that he could suppress the killing intent in his heart.

If he hadn’t had Shen Du by his side now, he wouldn’t be sure if he could bear it.

After his revenge, he wanted to have a good life with Shen Du, so he didn’t want to get blood on his hands.

Shen Du secretly observed Ye Nanqi’s expression, both feeling bad and regretting telling him this.

Ye Nanqi didn’t want him to worry, and smiled slightly using his expression that had returned to normal. “I heard that Officer Li’s birthday is coming soon. Give him to Officer Li as a gift then.”

Shen Du opened his mouth wide as he went along with his wife, “Officer Li will definitely like this gift.”


Xue Xiangyu had an appointment at a western restaurant, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional. It was a chain restaurant owned by the Shen family.

Is he too bachelor, or does he want to gain trust?

After Shen Du finished monitoring, he sent a text message to Ye Nanqi, which was too coincidental, and it was difficult for people not to think too much.

Before entering the door, the two looked at each other, and Shen Du pressed his wife behind him. Confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth, if Xue Xiangyu took action, he’d definitely beat him up.

[T/N: take appropriate measures as the situation calls for.]

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Xue Xiangyu dressed casually, and his posture was also very leisurely, as if he was really coming to meet friends. Seeing Shen Du, Xue Xiangyu didn’t panic. He poured a glass of wine, and toasted the glass to him: “I’ve said to come alone, and the two of you are indeed counted as one.”

Shen Du raised his eyebrows and didn’t say much. He went in and sat down with Ye Nanqi, smiled that wasn’t like a smile. “The outside world is going to change, Young Master Xue is really leisurely.”

Xue Xiangyu’s words were always full of twists and turns, mixed with true and false. Hearing the words, he put down the wine glass, and smiled slightly. It was rare to get into the topic right from the beginning, and he just bluntly said, “No, you two are doing right things, otherwise Fang Xingyuan wouldn’t contact me today.”

Neither Ye Nanqi nor Shen Du express any comments. When the food were served on the table, still no one moved.

Xue Xiangyu said to himself, “President Shen sent someone to follow Fang Xingyuan, and after I knew it, he was forbidden to contact me again. But this idiot, from before to now, can’t hold his breath.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyelids and finally opened his mouth, speaking with a cold tone, “So Young Master Xue is here to terminate our cooperation?”

“No.” Xue Xiangyu stood up, stretched out his hand to him as he smiled seriously, “It was not a cooperation before, but I am looking for you today because I want to formally ask for cooperation. The goals of everyone are roughly the same, and I know more than you think. It’s still valuable, isn’t it?”

Shen Du casually played with Ye Nanqi’s hands under the table, smiling at the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were cold. “Excuse me, Young Master Xue. Do you have any place on you to be trusted?”

Xue Xiangyu’s smile remained the same, and without taking his hand back, he continued, “Didn’t President Shen investigate my life experience? You should guess what I want to do. No matter how good a pillar is, it will fall down being gnawed by a moth. This group of rubbish, even eating the blessings accumulated from the ancestors won’t survive, and the dangerous building is about to collapse. Isn’t it fun to push it a bit more? No matter how thin the Xue family is, it is also a camel, so President Shen is not interested in getting a piece of the pie?”

Shen Du, who wasn’t so eager for interests, was unmoved, and looked at him lightly.

Xue Xiangyu felt a headache. This was the reason why he didn’t want Shen Du to tag along.

Shen Du pretended to be good in front of Ye Nanqi, gentler than anyone else, and had a hardened heart towards outsiders. Whoever saw him had a headache.

Although he tried his best to grasp the initiative, but the initiative was firmly held by Shen Du and Ye Nanqi, and he was indeed weak.

After a stalemate, Xue Xiangyu stepped back. “…So, I will send a copy of information to President Shen tonight. After reading it, President Shen decides whether to cooperate with me, how about it?”

Shen Du finally nodded his noble head and was about to go home with Ye Nanqi. Seeing him look a little distracted, he asked in a low voice, “Nan Nan, what’s the matter?”

Being called by Shen Du, Ye Nanqi returned to his sense. He squeezed Shen Du’s hand, raised his eyes to look at Xue Xiangyu, his eyes were complicated. “Have you helped my sister?”

Xue Xiangyu said calmly, “I have seen her twice. The first time when she was naked, lying on the ground, pulling my trousers, and begging me to save her.”

Ye Nanqi’s breathing became heavy as he stared at him.

Xue Xiangyu didn’t conceal it. He paused every word as he said clearly and cruelly, “I told her that I couldn’t save her.”

Ye Nanqi muttered, “You …”

Xue Xiangyu said, “I put a piece of clothes on her and left.” After a pause, he continued, “The second time, she came in secretly with a camera and was discovered by me. I helped her cover it, and told her I couldn’t help her and just look at her pitifully.”

Ye Nanqi stopped talking. Until he arrived where Shen Du was and walked to the door, then he turned his head and said in a deep voice, “Thank you.”

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