Chapter 1: If I come back alive, you will pay the price of being a traitor

The personal smart terminal made a few beeping sounds, showing off today’s to-do list.

Enforcement reminder with crazy vibration that couldn’t be turned off.

Ji Xingjue dizzily raised his head from the messy bedding, lifting his eyelids and glancing at it. A few lines of shocking blood-red characters leaped in front of his eyes:

    Time: November 3rd, 6 o’clock in the evening.

    Location: The garden on the top of Tike Hotel.

    Event: Blind date.

His face was darkened by the blood-red light as he stared blankly at the last two words for a while, then turned off the screen.  

Ji Xingjue was a person who liked to solve problems that didn’t need to be delayed all at once.

After spending a few days in the laboratory in the dark and at night without sleep, he finally solved the staged problems.

Since he started hosting this project, he had almost lived in the laboratory.

Glancing at today’s to-do list again, Ji Xingjue paused at his fingertips and murmured “Can’t I choose to die?”. Then He went into the bathroom and took a shower, putting on his most expensive and only formal shirt. After making a cup of coffee, he strolled out of the small room gracefully and leisurely. Leaning against the wall, he was smiling as he raised his cup to his colleagues: “Good morning, my friends, don’t today’s data look more beautiful?”

Then he found that the atmosphere at the scene was a bit deadly.

The eyes every researcher looked over at him were desperate.

The little fat guy on the left murmured, “It’s 4:30 in the late afternoon.”

Ji Xingjue felt the heavy atmosphere, and slightly closed the arc of the corner of his mouth: “I have solved the progress problem of C9―could it be that the data was stolen?”

The little fat man shook his head.

Ji Xingjue pondered: “The synchronous experiment on the experimental base failed?”

The little fat man sighed in pain.

Ji Xingjue looked out of the window in surprise: “The Alliance and Star Pirates joined forces to fight the Imperial Capital, and our empire is dead?”

The person who had always turned her back to him flung down her long, slightly curly hair with a fascinating manner, turned around and raised her red lips: “I’m afraid it’s even worse.”

Ji Xingjue took a sip of coffee numbly, wondering what else could happen? It was unlikely that people who supported their research in the military department would fall, otherwise the project funds would be cut off.

That would be really scary.

“You have been hiding in the laboratory recently and didn’t step out, not a single step. Haven’t you watched the news?” Cecilie, who understood Ji Xingjue’s character, nodded in her understanding, and made a sweep with her slender fingers.

The personal terminal casted a holographic projection, which was a rebroadcast of the news in the afternoon on Empire platform.

The screen showed a host hosting various military and political events in the empire, and Ji Xingjue’s hand that was holding the coffee cup tightened, and there was a thud in his heart.

Impossible, is it bankruptcy?

The host in the projection had a professional smile on his face, like a bionic robot, and broadcasts the words roundly:

 “…A victory on the front line! The commander-in-chief defeated the Star Pirates and the Alliance Legion in succession, and returned to the imperial capital Ankara on November 3rd. Ankara welcomed the heroes of the Empire with the first snow of this year! This morning, under his majesty’s honor, the commander Qi Qing became the youngest marshal in the history of the empire!”

Ji Xingjue didn’t even listen to the following words.

He only heard the first half, and the hand that was holding the coffee cup became unstable, and the cup smashed to pieces.

The coffee spilled all over the floor and stained his expensive and only shirt into a dark color.

The smart cleaning robot hung in the corner, scanned his shirt and found that the material could not be processed, so he decisively abandoned him.

The little fat man sighed again: “Now you understand the seriousness of the situation.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Cecilie propped her elbow and rested her chin on her hand, and said in a cold tone: “Qi Qing is the real leader of the military. Our project is fully funded by the military, and the funds are needed to be approved to be handed down. You are the main person in charge of the project and your name is in the report. Eighteen hours later, you will go to his office with me to apply for the project funds for the next year.”

Ji Xingjue: “…………”

Cecilie: “Do you think that when you and Qi Qing are in the same space and breathing the same air, can the project funds for the next year be approved?”

The little fat man deeply agreed, and then he felt that he was not humane enough, and hurriedly increased the blow: “Oh, grandma, why are you only asking the question of money? The most important thing at the moment shouldn’t be―can Ji Ge still be able to live until next year?”

There was a newcomer who had just arrived in the laboratory. He was a hard-working person who didn’t hear anything outside the window. Looking at the atmosphere as if facing a big enemy, he doubted that they weren’t discussing the heroes of the empire, but a demon shrouding the empire and tremblingly, secretly poked Cecilie on the back: “Professor Cecilie, this, this is… what’s going on? What is the situation of Professor Ji and Marshal Qi? Isn’t Marshal Qi stayed on the front line for seven years without returning, and the professor…”

Cecilie smiled and turned her head back: “Oh? You don’t know. I didn’t expect that in the whole empire, there’s still one who doesn’t know about this.”

The other person said, stammering, “I came to the Imperial Capital from the borderline of the fourth galaxy.”

“Then you are amazing!” Cecilie gave a thumbs up and finished her sincere praise, then started talking about gossip in front of the subject’s owner. “Seven years ago, Qi Qing said this when he left the imperial capital Ankara.”

She cleared her throat: “‘Ji Xingjue, if I come back alive, you will pay the price of being a traitor’.”

The newcomer’s eyes widened at once, and he was at a loss astonished and incomprehensible. The gaze towards Ji Xingjue was filled with horror and hesitation.

Ji Xingjue pretended to think calmly for a moment, and then slowly said, “I will immediately withdraw from the project team, and drive to the port before the Imperial City Traffic Police Brigade caught me, and take the nearest private starship to leave the Imperial City…”

“It will be easier for Qi Qing to deal with you.” Cecilie said sympathetically, “Don’t forget, it’s his territory in space, and no one in the empire can screw that madman now.”

Ji Xingjue was silent for three seconds before returning to his small room.

He knew how this Qi Qing person could be the domineering, nasty, twisty, careful and unreasonable he was; he knew better than anyone else.

After all, he had grown up with this person until he was seventeen years old―from a certain point of view, he knew him better than his loving parents.

After the fallout, the two of them were obviously studying on the same planet, but they never met again.

He had also been to Qi Qing’s house several times, and never encountered Qi Qing each time.

Until graduation, he continued to study, and Qi Qing graduated from the military academy to join the army. They looked at each other at a banquet. Ji Xingjue deliberately dispelled the old hatred, and raised his glass with a smile, but Qi Qing just averted his eyes, not giving him even a glance.

After that, Qi Qing went to the front line for seven consecutive years without returning to the Imperial Capital.

Ji Xingjue sat on the bed, turned on his personal terminal, and browsed all the news that he hadn’t seen for the past few days.

The latest computing was a photo of Qi Qing at the honoring ceremony. Unlike the thinner figure of a young man in his memory, Qi Qing was wearing the most formal and gorgeous commander uniform of the empire. He was sturdy and tall, with just a profile photo, he appeared to look sharp and oppressing. 

Ji Xingjue clicked on the terminal again, typed in the album password proficiently, brought up the photo of the two of them from before and took a look at them―I couldn’t beat him when I was a teenager, and the visual inspection is now even worse.

He flicked the screen and sighed: Switched off.

Can the funds for next year be approved?

After being passive for half an hour, the terminal with no vision began to beep again, reminding him to go on a blind date.

Ji Xingjue pinched his eyebrows: “Not going.”

Personal terminal voice reminder: “If you don’t go, your teacher will have the 137th serious illness this year.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

He took off his coffee-stained shirt, casually put on a T-shirt, with a thermostatic jacket on the outside, and walked out the door with heavy steps.

A group of colleagues outside were still discussing the feasibility of arresting him and giving him to Qi Qing as a sign of loyalty and applying the funds for the next year at the same time. Everyone could go to jail and rescue him again later afterwards, and it was okay to have a broken arm and a leg, as long as the head was still there. Everyone who studied bionic technology, rolling up your sleeves and installing prosthetics wasn’t easy.

Hearing the opening of the door, everyone shook their bodies and asked with concern: “Professor Ji, do you want to go out? Where are you going? What are you going to do? Are you coming back? When will you be back?”

The expression on their faces was so concerns that he would just run away.

“…” Ji Xingjue wondered how he could raise such a group of gadgets, “Blind date.”

He left the word coldly as he pushed the door and left.

Cecilie was taken aback, and shouted at the top of her lungs: “Don’t forget! Eighteen hours later, you will go to Qi Qing’s office with me and apply for next year’s project funding!”

The little fat man felt his throat hurt and his ears ache. Uncovering his ears, he realized, “What did he just say?”

“Blind date.” Cecilie nodded, “Blind date!”

“…At this time and he’s still in the mood to go on a blind date,” The little fat man thought for a while, applauding, “It seems that he is in a very stable state of mind now.” 

Ji Xingjue left a bunch of unscrupulous colleagues behind him, went downstairs to find his own private hovering car that was accumulating dust, and drove around to Tike Hotel.

He was either too early or too late to arrive at the top garden, it was exactly six o’clock when he arrived.

Although he had been scolded by many people as “poor and shabby”, Ji Xingjue’s temperament was actually quite elegant and calm, with a pleasing sense of rhythm in his behavior. The blind date girl arrived a while earlier, and the moment she saw him, her eyes brightened, her anxiety faded like a tide, showing off pleasant surprise and shyness: “Are you Professor Ji? Hello… You are very different from what I thought! I thought you guys called professors are all in middle age.”

Ji Xingjue nodded in agreement: “As far as some old concepts of ancient earth people are concerned, I am now about to enter middle age, and my mentality is getting older.”

The girl: “…”

You are really good at talking.

Ji Xingjue sat in the opposite, grinned, and skillfully said, “I’ll start first.”

Girl: “?”

“Ji Xingjue, biological sex is male, biological age is 28 years old, he still has foreign debts, his annual salary is not enough,” Ji Xingjue looked affectionately into the other’s eyes, “At present, there is another terrible enemy who has returned to the Imperial Capital and may take my life at any time. Miss, would you like to fly with me and flee the Imperial Capital in ten minutes?”

Ten minutes later.

Ji Xingjue gracefully sent the girl into the hovering car on the side of the road, then turned and got into his small broken car.

The girl numbly turned on the personal terminal and sent a word to the enthusiastic matchmaker:

Uncle, please don’t introduce me to a mental disorder.

Salted Fish Drifting Wanderer

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