Ch66: You all’s President Shen’s darling

To substitute those wretched bastards, sacrifice one definitely wouldn’t be enough.

Moreover, catching one was also catching, so Li Hengran accepted it without being polite.

Such big news was spreading with no time and Xue Xiangyu heard the news early in the morning. When meeting with Ye Nanqi, he said in an erratic tone, “The others are going to be scared to death. Now people are panicking, and the evil wolves have become white rabbits. Everyone will look at each other suspiciously, but who can be the unlucky ones?”

Ye Nanqi leaned back in his chair, crossing his fingers, staring at him without saying a word.

Xue Xiangyu glanced at Zhang Ming who was standing behind him again, and said innocently: “This little handsome brother used to stand guard outside the door before, but now he’s guarding inside. Is President Shen worried about me? I won’t eat people.”

Ye Nanqi said lightly: “You think too much, he’s just worried about me.”

Xue Xiangyu was stunned and went blank for a while, only to feel the smell of dog food in his mouth. While Shen Du wasn’t here, he couldn’t help but feel sour. “Before I thought that President Shen just wanted to play with you, who knew he was playing very seriously. The sincerity of these rich children has a time limit, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Ye Nanqi’s mobile phone was on the table, and when he heard what was said he picked up the phone, took a look at Xue Xiangyu.

He had been talking on the phone with Shen Du ever since he entered the door.

Alright, needless to say, the sentence just now must have been recorded in the account.

Xue Xiangyu, who was very speechless about the two people’s stickiness and their worries about each other, simply stopped his nonsense at once, and pushed a bag of documents he brought to Ye Nanqi, saying, “Like before, it’s still part of the information.”

The cooperation between the two parties was still you don’t believe me and I don’t believe you. Xue Xiangyu would continue to bring things out only when Shen Du and Ye Nanqi could continue to shake the Xue family and those people.

Ye Nanqi was not surprised. He took the file, looked down and thought for a moment, then asked, “Can I ask a question?”

Xue Xiangyu raised his chin, looked at Zhang Ming in the back, harboring malicious intentions, and smiled slyly: “Let this little brother feed me a snack, and I’ll be happy to answer your question.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Zhang Ming: “…”

Zhang Ming wasn’t very young, but he was 1.9 meters tall. He was tall and masculine, looking calm and handsome. He wasn’t someone growing like a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze, very different from the little goblin that Xue Xiangyu brought in and out. However, it was a mystery to how he fell into the bloody bad luck and was caught by Xue Xiangyu.

Ye Nanqi hesitated, wanting to get the answer to the question, but he was unwilling to sacrifice Zhang Ming to feed Xue Xiangyu a snack. He was about to refuse, but Zhang Ming had already made a decision. He stepped forward, picked up a piece of coconut cake, and walked to stop in front of Xue Xiangyu, saying with refined and courteous words, “Please open your mouth.”

Xue Xiangyu didn’t want this pure and innocent and not mixing with dirty water type of snack feeding. He opened his mouth wanting to explain, but Zhang Ming seized the opportunity and quickly squeezed his mouth. His movements were neat and clean. When he was finished, he turned around and went back without wading in mud and water as if he was performing tasks.

“Finish feeding.” Zhang Ming said with a correct attitude, and his tone was calm, “Brother Ye, you can ask.”

Xue Xiangyu was choked, his eyes rolling. After drinking two cups of tea, he swallowed the pastry, and said dissatisfied: “That’s it? I don’t know anything about it. The feeding snack is about mouth-to-mouth…”

Ye Nanqi smiled that wasn’t like a smile and said, “Hey, because of our cooperation, you’re already fed as you demand. Does Young Master Xue want to break the contract?”

Xue Xiangyu had to shut up, while his eyes fluttered over Zhang Ming’s body wantonly, as if he was about to take off his clothes.

However, Zhang Ming’s mental quality was good, appearing oblivious, quietly ignoring him.

Ye Nanqi shook his head and asked, “What the hell is going on with that organization?”

Xue Xiangyu returned his gaze, and with a serious expression, said: “This is a long story. Actually, no such organization was formed back then. It was just a group of second generation ancestors who were controlled by the family looking for someone to get together to have fun together. After your sister’s accident, several companies joined forces to suppress the situation. Later, some people felt that it was profitable―it was a good and trouble-free idea to open up relationships, draw cooperation, and use beauty to play with. Both you and President Shen have seen only one aspect of this organization. There are also drug smugglers and arms dealers who act boldly. It wasn’t easy to do it abroad, so it’s easy to get through with beauty and wealth. There are too many beautiful people who aren’t very famous in the entertainment circle. Isn’t it just a pond of beautiful fish? They can fish how they want.”

“Your sister has a special position in their hearts, probably because she was so beautiful, and… she triggered the minds of these beasts.”

Xue Xiangyu paused, “Many of the people who joined this organization weren’t voluntary. Those muddlehead people were foolishly deceived into entering, and after their handles were caught, they could only stay for gaining profit. To give them a slap, then offer a sweet date, only that can barely maintain harmony. It’s just that the organization has grown stronger over the time. You should have guessed that the relationships inside are complicated and unstable.”

Ye Nanqi digested the information after listening to him, then raised his eyes and asked, “What is Bai Yu’s status in that organization?”

“I just told you so much for free.” Xue Xiangyu cunningly said, “I want this handsome guy to feed me another piece of cake, and be gentle.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Zhang Ming pressed his shoulder, and stepped forward again. He picked up a piece of soft cake, and said with a voice that was unable to detect his emotions: “Young Master Xue, please open your mouth.”

Xue Xiangyu warned: “Be gentle.”

Zhang Ming didn’t say much, as he passed the soft cake to his mouth. Feeding little by little without letting him continue to talk. He looked patiently, but his attitude was very strong. Xue Xiangyu’s mouth was so full that he had no chance to speak. Only until he was done being fed and seeing he turned and left that he smiled angrily: “Do you treat it as feeding rice to a three-year-old child?”

“Tung tung” With the sound of knocking on the table, Xue Xiangyu had to turn his head and after looking at Ye Nanqi’s beautiful face, he felt uneasy.

However, he’d already agreed, so he had to continue to answer: “Bai Yu… you can also see that Bai Yu is not in this circle. I always think he is quite unlucky. Nine years ago, the Bai family was not as good as it is now, and his dad also fawned on the Xue family. That year Bai Yu was picked up by his father and showed up at a dinner party in the Xue family. He was much more beautiful and refined than his two brothers, and Xue Jingshan, that bastard couldn’t look away when he saw him.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyebrows as the guess in his heart came true.

“Xue Jingshan despises those of us who are that way, but not admitting himself liking Bai Yu and using the name of good friends and good brothers to approach him. No one believes that he can be a good friend or brother.”

Xue Xiangyu said, with a sneer floating on the corners of his lips: “Xue Jingshan took advantage of Bai Yu’s drunkenness to steal a kiss. After I found out, in order to prove himself, he either gave up, or went through to the end and dragged Bai Yu into the water and brought him into the chaotic circle. It’s just that this is not what it used to be. The Bai family has become the big head of the organization, and in turn overwhelmed the Xue family. He didn’t know how complicated that bastard Xue Jingshan was.”

Ye Nanqi unconsciously squeezed the tea cup in his hand and asked, “Does he and my sister… know each other?”

Xue Xiangyu glanced at Zhang Ming with a playful look: “You know what I mean?”

Zhang Ming silently stepped forward to get some cakes, but Xue Xiangyu stretched out his hand, with a happy smile on the corners of his eyes and brows, and said frivolously, “Brother, what is your name?”

“…” Zhang Ming standing straight, without expression, “Zhang Ming.”

“Zhang is one of the twenty-eight constellations. It takes the form of a bird shape with the other seven constellations in the south, that is, the Vermilion Bird, which belongs to the fire type.” Xue Xiangyu talked freely and honestly, “Are you usually very hot*?”

[T/N: last time I used Angry but doesn’t seem to fit well.]

Zhang Ming said, “…”

Xue Xiangyu, feeling no embarrassment even after getting no response. On the contrary, he was even more energetic: “Ming is the word for a good wine. Does your name mean a good wine that makes people feel hot?”

[T/N: 😂]

Zhang Ming, who had been a special soldier for several years, wasn’t afraid of life and death at the front line. However, at this moment, he felt a little like collapsing, looking back at Ye Nanqi for help.

Ye Nanqi could see that Xue Xiangyu was braving the evil tricks and wanted to tease the serious Zhang Ming. He hurriedly pulled the frightened Zhang Ming back and said: “Young Master Xue, you’re already teasing him, so what’s the answer?”

“Answer ah.” Xue Xiangyu retracted his gaze in disappointment and shrugged. “Xue Jingshan hangs out by his side every day, saying that he is a good brother, but will bite those who get close to him, so I’m familiar with him. As for your sister, I’ve said that I’ve seen her twice, so I’m not sure.”

After he finished speaking, he added with interest: “At the beginning, Bai Yu and Xue Jingshan had a few violent quarrels, all during the days when your sister was unlucky enough to be pulled in, but in the end she was suppressed by Xue Jingshan’s power. You mentioned Bai Yu and your sister, is there any relationship between the two of them? Bai Yu doesn’t look like he’s bent, maybe the source of that quarrel was your sister.”

Ye Nanqi didn’t expect that Bai Yu would have such twists and turns when he entered that organization, and he couldn’t speak for a while.

What exactly did Bai Yu think?

He thought for a long time, but couldn’t delve into the minds of strangers out of thin air, so he could only give up. Picking up the file bag, and faintly asked, “What role are you in that organization?”

“Watching a show.”

Xue Xiangyu’s smile was as decent as before. Seeing that the conversation was about to end, he stood up, flirty and unrestrainedly eyeing Zhang Ming before slowly taking his leave.

Ye Nanqi patted Zhang Ming’s shoulder sympathetically, and comforted, “I won’t let you follow me when I come out to see him in the future… Let’s go back.”

Xue Xiangyu knew a lot, and it was really embarrassing for him to pretend to be that way before.

After leaving the teahouse, Ye Nanqi was a little absent-minded. He recorded the dialogue and prepared to hand it over to Li Hengran. As for the documents, he would show it to Shen Du first, and then give it to Li Hengran.

It was too hot in late July, and Ye Nanqi asked Zhang Ming to buy two ice creams. One for him, and the other one for Zhang Ming. Zhang Ming firmly shook his head and refused. He licked his mouth, feeling sweet, looked at the one in his left hand, and thought of Shen Du.

Shen Du’s company… seemed not far from here.

Ye Nanqi had a sudden idea and wanted to go to the company to see Shen Du.

Without prior notice, make a surprise attack… Would Shen Du’s assistant secretary be a big beauty or a handsome guy?

He bit the cone and found himself a perfect reason.

Li Hengran was so busy that he couldn’t spare himself a day. Everyone would pay attention to him if he went to the police station, and he would be under the watch at every word and deed. It was better to let Zhang Ming go in his stead.

Zhang Ming would hardly refuse Shen Du and Ye Nanqi’s request. After listening to his thoughts, he nodded in response, took the recording pen, and sent Ye Nanqi to the building of Shen Group. After seeing him go in, he turned around and went to the police station.

Ye Nanqi had never been to Shen Du’s company before. He was a little curious, and only after walking in did he regret bringing just an extra ice cream.

Too incompatible.

The lady at the front desk smiled politely: “This gentleman, may I ask who you are looking for?”

Ye Nanqi only came here on a whim, and now he was remorseful again. Bringing an ice cream to interrupt Shen Du’s work, he was too stupid to think about it. He pressed his mask tightly, shook his head and wanted to leave.

It happened that the individual who came down from the elevator noticed Ye Nanqi, who was still wearing a hat and mask on a hot day.

And he saw through his identity in a second, and exclaimed: “Sister-in-law…”

Ye Nanqi’s blue veins jumped on his forehead as he interrupted with a smile: “Mr. Zhao, what a coincidence.”

Knowing what happened recently, Zhao Sheng shut up immediately and leaned in with a grin. He didn’t dare to hook up with Ye Nanqi and asked like a thief, “Come and find Shen Du? Let’s go, let’s go, it’s lunch break.”

After the lady at the front desk said “Ah”, Zhao Sheng turned his head and said, “This is the person you all’s President Shen most dare not offend. You can just let him in next time he comes. Not only will President Shen won’t blame you, maybe there will be an extra bonus.”

After speaking, he pulled Ye Nanqi to the elevator and whispered, “Sister-in-law come to check the post?”

Ye Nanqi looked at him silently, not knowing what to say.

The elevator door just opened. Zhao Sheng led him in and pressed the floor of Shen Du’s office. “The weather is hot, and Shen Du’s temper is also flourishing, with you coming here can extinguish the fire. You bought him ice cream?”

Ye Nanqi handed him the ice cream and said awkwardly, “Do you want to eat it?”

Zhao Sheng fiercely shook his head: “After eating what you bought for him, do I still need this tongue?”

……How did Shen Du establish such a cruel image?

Ye Nanqi was full of doubts. When he arrived on the floor, Zhao Sheng led him to the office and said in a low voice: “When I left, a project manager was called to come up. I reckon he’s here to be scolded. Now I don’t know if the scolding is over, but you can experience the first knowledge, and beware of domestic violence.”

Ye Nanqi became more and more curious.

When he walked to the office, a fat young man was outside, and he looked startled when he saw the two of them. Zhao Sheng stretched out his fingers to press his lips, hissed, and asked in a low voice, “Assistant Chen, has he finished training?”

The assistant nodded and looked at Ye Nanqi.

Zhao Sheng enthusiastically introduced: “This is you all’s President Shen’s darling, who is brought here to extinguish the fire.”

Ye Nanqi sincerely felt that Zhao Sheng’s cheap skills were in the same line as Shen Du.

The door of the office was open with slits, and the frightened assistant was surprised by the word “darling”, but because of Zhao Sheng’s identity, he didn’t dare to ask more.

Zhao Sheng was very natural, taking Ye Nanqi to peep.

Through the crack of the door, he happened to be able to see Shen Du standing in front of his desk with a slightly stern face and serious expression. He looked handsome and fierce, so fierce that could scare people to death.

Missing Shen Du’s time to train people, Zhao Sheng beat his chest and stamp his feet, really wanting Ye Nanqi to see Shen Du’s true face.

Ye Nanqi, who hadn’t seen such Shen Du before, couldn’t help but look at him a few times. The gaze was full of unrestrain and Shen Du immediately became alert. He looked over and said solemnly, “Who?”

Ye Nanqi moved slowly for a while, always felt that it was not good to come to Shen Du’s office just like this, and wanted to return. Zhao Sheng, who never knew how to read people, opened the door grinningly: “Seeing that you are in a bad mood, I’m sending you express delivery, do you want to unpack the box and inspect the goods immediately?”

Express Delivery Box Ye Nanqi: “…”

Seeing Ye Nanqi, Shen Du was slightly startled. The pit of his stomach felt indescribably sweet, the sharp color between his eyebrows melted away in a flash, as he coughed unnaturally, not wanting to scare his wife, and his voice softened a lot: “Next time you make the same mistake again, you just submit your resignation. Get out.”

The project manager who was under training shuddered again. Hearing the last two words, as if to receive general pardon, he glanced at Zhao Sheng gratefully and ran away.

Zhao Sheng brought Ye Nanqi up and wanted to claim credit. He didn’t say anything yet when Shen Du saw that he hadn’t left yet, and said impatiently, “What are you doing following up? Aren’t you going? Get out.”

……Oh shit!

Who is this person ah?

For the first time, Zhao Sheng personally experienced what it means to destroy the bridge after crossing a river. He rolled his eyes with anger, but he still didn’t dare to confront Shen Du. He exited the office, and closed the door by the way.

Assistant Chen saw that Zhao Sheng had come out, and asked in a low voice, “Where is that gentleman?”

Zhao Sheng said, in a bad mood, “He is detained by you a’l President Shen, to play office play.”

The author has something to say:

I remembered that I wanted to set Zhao Sheng as Shen Xiaodu’s love rival at the beginning… Which is nonexistent.


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