Chapter 4: As A Married Person, Pay Attention To The Distance From Others

What did he mean by hadn’t been offered yet?

The vein on Ji Xingjue’s forehead jumped.

Qi Qing, looking at Cecilie, nodded in greeting: “Miss Cecilie.”

Cecilie quickly glanced at the signature on the application form and pondered for a moment. Considering that the replacement of the Imperial Marshal wouldn’t be over overnight, and in the next few years, there would be a certainty to be under Qi Qing’s mercy, she chose to suppress the dissatisfaction of being stood up yesterday, and smiled politely: “Lord Marshal.”

Qi Qing didn’t mean to talk more with her, stepped forward, and stood between the two, blocking them without leaving a space. He lowered his eyes to look at Ji Xingjue, his voice was neither high nor low: “You seem to have forgotten what identity you are now.”

Ji Xingjue, who was being pressed against the stone pillar, raised his eyes strangely. Only then did he realize that Qi Qing was really much taller than him now.

Yesterday he was in too much of a hurry, and hadn’t taken a careful look, but now he realized that he had to look up to meet Qi Qing’s eyes.

The proud and pretty face in his memory had been polished by time and the flames of war into a kind of cold and sharp handsomest; the sharpness was like a hard frozen ice dipping into the water and successfully turned into a knife which no stranger dared come near.

Ji Xingjue forgot what he was trying to say, his eyes blinked, “Ah?”

Qi Qing’s head tilted to the side of his ear, and his voice was deep and low: “Mrs. Marshal.”

This distance gave birth to a slight ambiguity, and the magnetic voice that fell in his ears caused the roots of his ears to numb. Ji Xingjue tried his best to tilt his head, and he almost choked when he realized what Qi Qing had said.

Qi Qing whispered softly: “As a married person, please pay attention to your distance from others.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Behind the stone pillars came the sound of chaos footsteps, Qi Qing glanced over there, and said unhurriedly, “Damel will go over to help you move tonight.”

After speaking, he changed his direction, walked away with his long legs, faster than before.

Several officials panted as they followed. Their faces were desperate and in despair, one after another, they were about to pass as they ran after him. They quickly wiped away their sweat and pulled their legs to keep up with Qi Qing. On the big winter day, the tips of their hair were wet into locks: “Lord Marshal! Please wait!”

Ji Xingjue looked at the few officials striding hard with short legs, and joked in a good mood, “Cecilie, do you think they are like a few potatoes with long legs?”

“What dumb riddle were you playing at just now?” Cecilie was unmoved. Just now Qi Qing deliberately lowered his voice. Except for the first and last sentence, she didn’t hear what the two of them were saying, “What identity? And moving? Qi Qing wants to drive you out of Ankara?”

Ji Xingjue pretended to be mysterious: “Sometimes, being too curious is not a good thing.”

“Don’t fool me, make it clear, what identity?”

Ji Xingjue felt that even if he took out the marriage certificate, Cecilie would probably think he was crazy, and replied deliberately: “I signed an agreement with him.”

Cecilie reacted: “That’s why he was willing to sign? What agreement?”

Before Ji Xingjue could make something up, she opened her eyes wide, panicked and filled something up for him. “Could it be the indenture to sell yourself? You left the Qi family when the Duke was assassinated that year, he was so upset that he felt that you betrayed him, so now he re-signs a master-servant contract with you and wants you to be his slave?! Does he want you to move to his house to serve him?”

Ji Xingjue couldn’t find a point to refute: “…According to normal logic, you are right.”
Cecilie looked at the application form, then at Ji Xingjue, then at Ji Xingjue, and then at the application form.

Finally, she made a difficult choice between science and friendship: “Go with ease! We will contact you regularly every day to confirm that you are still alive.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

He knew it.

Almost just a few minutes after Ji Xingjue met Qi Qing, a dozen posts appeared in the regional communication section of the Imperial Capital Ankara.

The most popular post in the main building was a few sneak shot photos. The personal terminal’s camera function was high, clearly showing Lord Marshal’s slammed Ji Xingjue on the stone pillar, coldly lowering his head towards him, and several continuous shots were him whispering in the ear of the latter.

1L: I was looking forward to this scene the moment the battle report from the front line was passed back to the Imperial Capital.

2L: With the same expectations, Ankara University shouldn’t hire such lowly civilians.

3L: ??? Isn’t this Professor Ji from our school and Marshal Qi Qing? Do these two have any past?

4L: Upstair, one look and I can see you’re fallen behind the astronomical calendar after 00. You don’t even know the grievances between Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue. Popular Science, Ji Xingjue is the son of the steward of the Qi family. Eleven years ago, Duke Qi was assassinated and murdered. When the Qi family was in an unstable period, your Professor Ji left Qi’s family directly. A white-eyed wolf, it is said that the death of Lord Duke was also related to Ji Xingjue.

5L: I don’t know this grudge, just looking at the photos, they seem to be flirting (kneel

6L: What you said…

7L: Indeed (kneel down

8L: Indeed (kneel down

9L: In your dream. Lord Marshal was clearly sneering and threatening. I feel that Ji Xingjue is going to be out of luck! Wait and see, I bet that within a month, there will be no more Ji Xingjue on Ankara.

10L: Why one month? Within three days, if Ji Xingjue is still able to show up at Ankara University in one piece, I’ll take after his last name.


Ji Xingjue, who hadn’t been on the forum, didn’t know how many people were vying to be his son. After joking with Cecilie, he repeatedly assured that Qi Qing wouldn’t sell him to the edge of the most bleak and bitter sixth galaxy to mine, or grab him to the ghastly underground black market to dig his heart, and solemnly said, “He is the Marshal of the empire, and to deal with me, he will use more open and honest means.”

Cecilie: “…..”

You can really comfort people.

“Don’t mention this matter to other people.”

Ji Xingjue’s ear roots were still hot, so he had to grind his earlobe, and moved quietly, a little further away from Cecilie.

After passing complex buildings, and then through a forest, the shadow of the laboratory building was faintly noticeable.

Today, Qi Qing came to Ankara University to give a speech. All the students who had no class flocked to the auditorium and it was rare for the road to be quiet with few people encountered.

However, there was an individual waiting downstairs in the laboratory building.

Cecilie glanced at the student and understandingly nodded: “I’ll go up and tell them the good news.”

Seeing her go upstairs, Ji Xingjue turned his head and looked at the girl with a reddish nose: “Cathy, why didn’t you go to the auditorium?”

The student named Cathy shook her head and hesitated a moment before speaking softly: “Professor Ji, have you received any news from Senior Yser today?”

“Sorry.” Ji Xingjue sighed slightly when he heard the name, “Still not.”

“…” The light in Cathy’s eyes dimmed a little, “Senior Yser has been missing for a long time.”

Ji Xingjue was silent for a moment, and answer evasively: “He is the best student I have ever taught.”

Cathy sniffed sadly: “Professor Ji, no matter what news you receive, you must please tell me, okay?”

Ji Xingjue smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to brush the snow on the girl’s shoulder, and said mildly: “Go back to class.”

Cathy bowed politely and left the laboratory building floor.

Ji Xingjue touched the tip of his cold nose, looking at the large rustle of falling snowflakes, he stood still downstairs for a while before moving upstairs.

Because of Qi Qing coming to Ankara University, from morning to night, there were groups of gossipers wandering around the laboratory, trying to sneak a look at Ji Xingjue’s performance and gossip.

Ji Xingjue calmly ignored this group of idlers. As always, he stayed until he was the last to leave. Back at his house door, as expected, he saw the adjutant who sent him home yesterday.

Damel “pa” in a salute: “Ma’am, we met again. This subordinate, by the Marshal’s orders, is here to help you move.”

Ji Xingjue’s brain automatically transformed “provide assistance” into “coercion”, and waved his hand helplessly: “No, you wait for me here for ten minutes.”

Damel turned on the terminal, counted down ten minutes, and made a “please” gesture.

Ji Xingjue glanced at the adjutant who seemed a bit stubborn, his mouth twitched, and turned to enter the door.

Ten minutes later, Ji Xingjue carried a luggage and went out: “Let’s go.”

Damel was stunned: “Your luggage…that’s all?”

“En,” his resource data information was all in the microchip, and since there weren’t many clothes and daily necessities, there was nothing missing, Ji Xingjue said, “Let’s go, is your Marshal at home at this time?”

Damel formed a hand fist and bumped his chest lightly: “The Marshal has just taken his post, and he has a lot of meetings and entertainment. He is not at home now. Please rest assured. When the Marshal was on the front line, he always said that a qualified husband will take care of family and work, and will never let you stay alone.”

It’s nice to stay home alone ah. Ji Xingjue disagreed: “This concept is wrong, Men should pursue careers wholeheartedly.”

Damel: “?”

Qi Qing now lived in the Marshal’s Mansion which was granted by His Majesty himself.

It was located in the center of the Imperial Capital that the nobles most yearn for. It occupied an area several hundred times higher than that of Ji Xingjue’s bachelor’s apartment with luxurious decorations. Once you entered the gate, you would be greeted with three fountains. It took half an hour to get from the gate to the door of the house just by walking.

Ji Xingjue looked at the sculpture at the door and found that the one in the middle was the current emperor, and couldn’t help but smile.

It seemed Qi Qing didn’t seem to have easy days either. Looking at the sculpture, he felt that His Majesty almost engraved “Remember that I am the ruler and you are the minister” on his face.
Don’t celebrate too soon, things could still go wrong!
The suspended car suddenly stopped and lowered. As soon as the car door opened, Qi Qing, wrapped in the wind and snow, walked in. Seeing Ji Xingjue smiling at the corner of his mouth, he raised his eyebrows: “My instinct tells me that your smile is because of me and contains unhealthy elements.”

Ji Xingjue seemed to be pretty out of luck. He immediately suppressed his gleeful smile, squinted at Damel, who gave him inaccurate information, and said sincerely: “Lord Marshal, I don’t think you have worked hard enough.”

After Qi Qing returned to the Imperial Capital, he hadn’t had any rest. With a faint black glow in his eyes, he glanced condemningly at Ji Xingjue who was full of nonsense, then sat in the passenger seat, closing his eyes and resting for a while.

After a short while, when the suspension car reached the door with the carved relief painting, Damel reminded him: “Marshal, we’re here.”

Qi Qing opened his eyes, bright and clear, not the slightest fatigue: “You can go back.”
When Damel left, Ji Xingjue tugged at his luggage before realizing that―he was the only one left in this empty and huge Marshal’s mansion with Qi Qing.


High risk.

Qi Qing who was unmoved by the wind, picked up Ji Xingjue, who was intentionally drifting away, and pressed him in front of the iris scanner at the door: “Input.”

The electronic eyes flashed red and turned to green. With a “beep”, Ji Xingjue had the authority to enter and exit the mansion at will.

Ji Xingjue couldn’t help turning his head: “You live here alone?”

How could he be so confident and bold to give him the authority of his own residence, wasn’t he afraid that he would slip away, or went against him?

Qi Qing paused: “Not quite.”

What did that mean?

After wearing this thermostat for too long, he couldn’t stand the severe cold in Ankara anymore. Ji Xingjue was shivered by the cold wind. He stopped thinking about it and stretched out his hand to push the door open.

Even if it was haunted, he had to go in, otherwise he would freeze to death at the door before waiting for Qi Qing to deal with him.

The door of the house opened, and the footsteps sank, and a cheerful and lively voice sounded: “Welcome home, Papa, you have been away for 25.3 hours!”

After a pause, the little thing that threw himself on his lap realized that he was the wrong person, however, his voice became more excited: “Mama!!!”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

It’s indeed haunted.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Ji Xingjue & Qi Qing: Yes, we have a child.

T/N: haha laugh while still can. Now I’m looking forward to truth behind Duke Qi’s assassination…


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