Chapter 5: Mrs. Marshal Must Sleep With The Marshal

The little thing throwing at his feet was a robot that was just at his knee. It had a design of a childish cartoon with a plump body, looked extremely clumsy, and there were two ridiculous rabbit ears on its head, which were its information receivers.

As for why Ji Xingjue knew that they were information receivers… was because he made this robot by himself.

When Qi Qing was sixteen years old, Ji Xingjue completed the production of the little robot alone and gave it to Qi Qing as a gift.

He thought that Qi Qing had already destroyed the robot nicknamed “Dan Dan” long ago.

[T/N: Testicles. What a nickname!]

The little robot joyfully turned to Qi Qing, looking a little silly, “Papa, you brought Mama back!”

Ji Xingjue’s already complicated mood suddenly became more complicated. He raised his foot and gently kicked the little thing. Seeing that it almost fell face down and still turned back up, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “After so many years, the language system is still disordered, who is your mother!”

The little robot’s intelligent system wasn’t high enough to understand what he meant. It wasn’t angry even after being kicked, and excitedly circled around him: “Mama! Mama!”

Back then when he wanted to set nicknames for the owner of the little robot, Ji Xingjue wanted to play a prank, and typed “Papa” and “Mama” to it.

Who would have imagined that his Confucian study of ethics skill wasn’t highly perfected, the little robot had only two master permissions. After Qi Qing gave him the second master permission, the little robot, by default calling Qi Qing “Papa” and Ji Xingjue “Mama”, which couldn’t be changed.

Ji Xing felt dumbfounded on the spot when he heard the little robot yell “Mama” to him.

He picked up the little robot, intending to destroy it immediately, but was stopped by Qi Qing.

Later, he worked hard studying robotics language systems, and finally figured out a way to modify the language program. He confidently went to find Qi Qing, and wanted to bring the little robot back for repairs, but Qi Qing spread his both hands in despair: “I don’t know where I put it.”

The young master had fresh toys every day, and the unremarkable little robot was thrown away somewhere, which was normal.

Ji Xingjue was inevitably disappointed, but gradually, he forgot about it.

With a “click” behind him, Qi Qing entered as he closed the door.

He carried the luggage that was forgotten to the back of his head, and his tone was neither salty nor light: “Oh? I thought you had forgotten it.”

“I also didn’t expect that Lord Marshal would actually keep the robot I gave you.” Ji Xingjue got a headache when the little robot called “mama, mama”, as he carried the little guy to observe.

More than ten years had passed, and the little robot was still brand new with no difference from when he first sent it out. There was no sign of rust, seemingly to be well taken care of daily.

“It’s quite stupid,” Qi Qing lowered his thin eyelids as he leaned against the wall. The long military boots wrapped his calves perfectly, making his legs extraordinarily slender, “Like you.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Thinking of the suspicious and unclear agreement he signed with his own hands, Ji Xingjue had no choice but to pretend he hadn’t heard it. He squashed the little robot and chose to change the subject: “The elements I used at the time were not good. After so many years, it’s estimated that there will be a lot of problems. The combat function and the family function are not perfect, the system is also the version from more than ten years ago, it’s useless if you keep it, and…”

He hadn’t finished his words yet when the afterimage flashed before his eyes, and his hand lightened.

Qi Qing hugged the small plump robot, his face wasn’t so good: “Why, do you want to take back the things you gave me?”

The little robot seemed to perceive his emotions, patted him on the shoulder, and called out worriedly: “Papa.”

Aware of his own lost self-control, Qi Qing took a breath, not uttering another word.

At this moment, from under the icy shell of the Imperial Marshal who seemed to be invincible, Ji Xingjue caught a glimpse of the youthful Qi Qing whom he was familiar with.

He was a little helpless: “You just listen to me ah… I mean, give it to me for a few days, I will replace the old and damaged elements, and upgrade the system for him by the way.”

Especially this disordered language system.

The corner of Qi Qing’s mouth was pulled into a tight straight line, and his face was still not looking good: “No need.”

“Okay,” Ji Xingjue was deeply aware of Qi Qing’s young master temper, like a wild lion. He had to smooth its fur to calm it down, if he wanted to survive. “Then where do I stay?”

Qi Qing gently put down the little robot and went upstairs with the luggage.

Ji Xingjue quickly followed him up: “I can carry it myself!”

The little robot circled twice in confusion, then gululu followed them up. Tilting its head, it turned on the video recording function.

The mansion granted by His Majesty was very large and spacious. The empty rooms could be used for conferences, and only the first and second floors were used by Qi Qing.

Ji Xingjue was very scared and on edge all the way, fearing that Qi Qing would say something insanely like, “Mrs. Marshal must sleep with the Marshal.” Fortunately, Qi Qing’s madness wasn’t so intense as he arranged for him the room opposite to the master bedroom on the second floor.

Ji Xingjue first took his luggage and hung the clothes in the closet.

Qi Qing leaned against the door, deliberately bent his legs, blocking the little robot who wanted to come in. He turned his head and stared at Ji Xingjue’s back for a moment before he said, “What you have studied was robotics. But why are you doing a bionic intelligence project now?”

“Unexpectedly, are you still concerned about my profession?” Ji Xingjue hung up the last piece of clothing and asked politely, “Lord Marshal, are you free now?”

Qi Qing remained unmoved. His light-colored eyes were clear and cool, like gems immersed in spring water. “It’s better to choose to lie to me than to avoid and not answer. After all, you’ve always been good at lying.”

Ji Xingjue’s movements paused.

It was hot in the room making him feel so stuffy that his cheeks turned red. After taking off his coat at will, a sleeveless garment and slender neck was exposed, looking as white as jade in the light.

Putting the jacket aside, he turned his head and smiled slightly: “Robot engineering and bionic intelligence are similar fields. There are many people working on projects across majors, and Lord Marshal shouldn’t be suspicious of everything just because we have a black history, right?”

Qi Qing fell silent, stared at him for a long while before coldly spit out a few words: “Wear your clothes properly.”

After speaking, he turned his head, pulled his long legs and left.

Ji Xingjue, who was being inexplicable: “?”

Ten minutes later, when the luggage was sorted, Ji Xingjue checked the time. He wasn’t hungry, but he still needed to eat for dinner.

He didn’t see Qi Qing downstairs, so he wandered around by himself, opening the refrigerator and taking out the ingredients. Assuming that there would be no risk of food poisoning in the combination, he calmly threw it into the pot and poured water into it.

The smell in the kitchen gradually dissipated, and the lethality was extremely strong. Qi Qing followed the smell all the way into the kitchen, and asked with a green face: “Ji Xingjue, what poison are you cooking?”

Ji Xingjue, with a spoon in his hand and turned around puzzledly: “Cooking dinner… ah.”

Seeing the rarely seen clothing Qi Qing was wearing clearly, he was stuck and blackout.

Qi Qing changed his solemn and respectful military uniform, wearing a simple black T-shirt and cotton trousers, and the tips of his hair were still a bit messy, and the whole person looked…a lot softer.

Clearly it was the same appearance.

Ji Xingjue touched the tip of his nose, suspecting that Qi Qing was deliberately letting go of his defenses.

The little robot followed, slid around and scanned the contents of the pot, and his eyes turned red, “Warning, unknown objects, please be alert of the food products!”

Ji Xingjue sighed, holding the rabbit ears, raised it up and threatened, “One more sentence and I will tear you apart.”

Qi Qing frowned: “Don’t hold it in its ears. It’s easy to short-circuit.”

Ji Xingjue lowered his head and looked down at the robotic swaying its arms and legs, as if he was about to completely short-circuit from an artificial mental retardation to a mentally retarded small robot. When he loosened his hand, the small robot that seemed to understand the word “tear apart”, flew back to Qi Qing in horror, and poked out half of his head cautiously.

Qi Qing strode over, glanced at the mushy stuff in the pot, and then at Ji Xingjue, who was accustomed to it, his expression was hard to explain in a few words: “Do you usually eat these?”

“What’s wrong?” Ji Xingjue didn’t think there was anything wrong. “I didn’t have time to eat in the morning, and I forgot to eat at noon, so I plan to make a supplement at night.”

Qi Qing was silent for a few seconds, then opened the refrigerator and took a look—the originally not so few ingredients, were all thrown into the pot by Ji Xingjue.

The Imperial Marshal, who was never afraid of the most powerful enemy, holding the refrigerator with his hand trembled insignificantly.

Ji Xingjue boiled a pot of unknown objects, put it in the bowl, and turned his head as if thinking of something.

Under the light, the outer corner of his eyes curled up, his skin color was as white as porcelain, and the red tear mole lining the corner of his eyes was extremely enchanting, like a fox that only seduces people: “Would you like to eat together?”

Qi Qing: “……”

Qi Qing’s fingertips curled up as he closed the refrigerator door expressionlessly, “Do I have a choice?”

When the two of them sat at the dining table for dinner, the little robot waited anxiously by the side, red light in his eyes kept flashing. However, worried that Mama would tear it apart, it did not dare to speak.

Ji Xingjue first took a bite, then nodded in satisfaction: “The seasonings are all set, and the taste is not strange.” After thinking about it, he said with good intentions, “If you can’t eat it, it’s not too late for you to order something.”

Qi Qing silently sat across from him. He ate up a whole bowl of glutinous rice without saying a word.

Ji Xingjue, who couldn’t make out the meaning of forcing someone to do something with difficulty, was both astonished and gratified: “Cecilie and the others don’t dare to eat the food I cooked, for fear of entering the medical bay. Lord Marshal, you are the first person to do me the honor.”

Qi Qing let out neither light nor heavy snort, and was about to speak when the terminal on his wrist shook.

After glancing at the message, he frowned: “You come to the study room in half an hour.”

Just as Ji Xingjue said “Eh”, Qi Qing had already left the small dining room.

He then opened his mouth wide and murmured: “…Your house is so big, where is the study room?”

Half an hour later, Ji Xingjue cleverly found the little robot in the corner.

It seemed that Qi Qing hadn’t changed its battery even after so many years. Although the external maintenance was good, the battery life was still getting worse. After a while, it could be seen that the little robot was plugging in charging ports all over the house, eager to survive.

He put one hand in his trouser pocket and calmly pulled out the little robot: “Take me to the study.”

“Okay, Mama.” The little robot, who was only 30% charged, wasn’t angry, and even attached itself to Ji Xingjue’s legs, “Long time no see, Mama.”

Ji Xingjue responded in a familiar way, “Long time no see, can you change your way of addressing me?”

“Long time no see.” The little robot suddenly got stuck and repeated.

Ji Xingjue: “…It seems that the aging of your internal parts is quite serious.”

The light in the little robot’s electronic eyes went out, and then came back on again, regaining its vigor: “Mama, Papa and I miss you so much!”

“Sometimes I feel like you are very human, and sometimes you are just a pure artificial mental retardation.”

Seeing the little robot stopped in front of a door, Ji Xingjue squatted down and touched its bald head: “For the time being, I’ll take it as you say that you really miss me, but your papa really miss killing me.”

The little robot couldn’t understand these ancient vocabularies and searched the vocabulary in confusion.

“Don’t search anymore, beware of short circuits.” Looking at this little robot, Ji Xingjue felt as if he was looking at a black history that he couldn’t bear to look back. He held it down and turned it around, “Go and charge.”

“Ok, goodbye, Mama.”

The little robot politely waved its hand and staggered away to find the charging port.

It looked like it didn’t seem to be a particularly bad black history though.

Ji Xingjue smiled, got up and knocked on the door. When he heard “come in” from inside, he opened the door and walked in.

Qi Qing sat behind his desk with several light screens lighting in front of him. He glanced at Ji Xingjue, then turned off the light screens: “Since we’re married, then I really should explain to you the reason for the marriage.”

Ji Xingjue exclaimed: “This explanation came too soon, faster than spring in Ankara.”

Qi Qing ignored the ridicule in his words, got up and approached him: “I need a harmless marriage partner who will not get in touch with any noble officials.”

Ji Xingjue blinked, vaguely had a hunch.

“Before returning to the Imperial Capital, His Majesty selected ten or so wives for me, and prepared to ‘bestow’ me a sacred marriage at the banquet tomorrow night.” When speaking, there was a smile at the corner of his mouth, a smile that made the space between Ji Xingjue’s eyebrows twitching.

“I prefer to be active rather than passive.”

Sure enough.

He was both poor economically and culturally, and being insulated by high-ranking officials and nobles, it was true that there would be no messy relationships.

Ji Xingjue o-ed after understanding it clearly and said, “Then what’s written in that premarital protocol?”

Qi Qing narrowed his eyes: “You don’t need to know that.”

“Then when shall we, er… divorce?”

Qi Qing’s lips were straightened, and there was no answer.

Ji Xingjue felt a hint of danger instinctively, but his probing consciousness still let him finish: “Why did you choose me? Am I harmless?”

When this question was raised, Ji Xingjue was ready to be faced with Qi Qing’s silence again.

However, he didn’t expect that Qi Qing would react instantly, and immediately replied: “Harmless.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Yes, this is a story about raising a ball (Qi Qing: ?)


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