Ch67: I’m Very Fair

Ye Nanqi, who was forced to play in the office, turned around and glanced at the closed office door, while thinking about the perfect reason to explain his whim. When he turned back, Shen Du was already standing behind him.

He was completely different from when he was at home, as if they were two different Shen Du.

Ye Nanqi turned around while carefully observing him.

The Shen Du in front of him was wearing a white shirt, tall and long legs, quite imposing. Probably because of the heat, two buttons of his collars were untied, vaguely exposing a small piece of his chest. The sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, exposing his white and strong forearms.

Probably because he had just disciplined his people, there was still undissipated arrogance and fierceness between his eyebrows. In the eyes of outsiders, he looked too arrogant and hateful, but Ye Nanqi thought he was cute.

All he could think of for a while was the description of “having an impressive appearance”. After wondering how to describe Shen Du in such a way, he inadvertently moved his eyes down, and saw that he had a bracelet on his wrist that was incompatible with his elite self.

It was exactly the same as the one given to him by Mother Shen a long time ago.

In fact, he was no different from being at home…

He suddenly felt relieved.

Shen Du generously allowed his wife to look at him, wishing to show his peacock tails more beautifully. Looking at Ye Nanqi’s white and beautiful face like ice and snow, the irritability in his heart completely melted. He stretched out his hand to hug the person in his arms, and rubbed his thin waist with his dishonest hands: “Have you seen enough? Go ahead and look, I haven’t looked at you enough yet.”

Ye Nanqi immediately retracted his gaze and handed over the melting ice cream: “…do you want it?”

Shen Du took it, and didn’t dislike it at all. He took a few mouthfuls, feeling too sweet.


He stared at Ye Nanqi’s red lips and casually wondered whether the ice cream was this sweet.

He felt itchy in his heart, wanting to kiss Ye Nanqi, to try whether he was sweeter or the ice cream was sweeter.

Unfortunately, he didn’t seize the opportunity, when Ye Nanqi wiped his hands and sat down in front of the sofa.

Shen Du was still annoyed by the carelessness of his subordinates, but now that all his troubles were thrown away, he just wanted to hold Ye Nanqi and rub him, then squeezed his thin waist, kissed the lips that looked very sweet and soft.

However, Shen Du still maintained his decency on the surface, although his words were not serious: “Baby, come to check the post? Don’t worry, no one in the company looks as good as you.”

“What if there is someone looking better than me?” Ye Nanqi heard the words, swallowed the explanation, and asked with a smile.

“You are the best looking, this assumption does not exist.”

Holding Ye Nanqi in his arms, Shen Du gave birth to another kind of inner heat that was difficult to explain in words, and continued to draw out a serious look, saying, “Even if there is someone as good-looking as you, they won’t be as cute as you.”

President Shen’s words of love came out casually through his fingertips, making Ye Nanqi have goose bumps when he heard it. He was glad that Zhao Sheng had been kicked out, otherwise he would be embarrassed to death.

He pushed Shen Du away to sit aside, then scanned the office.

It was different from what he had imagined, half of the space was full of bookshelves with neatly stacked books on them. There were a few glass storage cabinets next to them that he was unable to tell what was inside.

There was an antique-looking western clock on the wall opposite the desk, which made the room very quiet with the ticking sound of the clock needles.

The style was very simple, without the magnanimous demeanor of a capitalist.

Seeing his eyes on the desk, Shen Du pinched his ears and whispered softly, “The computer’s password is the date we got married.”

Thinking of the state of the two when they first got married, Ye Nanqi raised his eyebrows in disbelief, and was surprised, “You miss that time very much?”

Shen Du, arguing with the courage of his convictions, said, “If it weren’t for us getting married, how could I like you and still have a chance to turn you around.”

The two looked at each other for a long while, and both couldn’t help laughing.

Ye Nanqi said: “Suddenly want to come and see you… Am I not disturbing your work?”

“Disturb.” Shen Du’s expression was serious, “You suddenly ran over, and I just want to kiss you that I don’t have a mind to work anymore. Should I be the arm-flinging shopkeeper again?”

[T/N: asks others to work but does nothing himself.]

Ye Nanqi joked, “How can you support me without going to work? If you can’t support me, I will climb the wall.”

Shen Du said, “My wall is too high, you can’t climb out of this branch of red apricot. Moreover, the money in the salary card is enough to spend in the next life, and I can support you without going to work, be good.”

Probably this was also a kind of romantic confession. Ye Nanqi, both funny and extremely embarrassing, shook his head, and handed the document to Shen Du: “Xue Xiangyu gave it.”

Shen Du took it and after opening it for a while, he groaned, “Xue Xiangyu has collected it in great detail… If it is announced, the Xue family will definitely not be able to survive. Seeing that he has no feelings for the Xue family, why didn’t he want to make the announcement?”

“He wanted to take advantage of the Xue family’s downfall, but he couldn’t eat this big cake of the Xue family alone, so he had to beware of being retaliated against by the organization and others in the Xue family. He wouldn’t move if he didn’t find someone to cooperate with.” After Ye Nanqi finished speaking, he thought of Zhang Ming who had been sexually harassed, and continued, “When I go to see Xue Xiangyu in the future, let’s not bring Zhang Ming.”

In the morning, Shen Du had a dual purpose. He was working while listening to them while wearing earphones, and he knew what was going on. He said, “It’s okay, just let him fool around. Zhang Ming’s temper is not as good as he looks, and he will be honest after being hit anxiously.”

Ye Nanqi was like Shen Du, appearing genuine, but actually nasty with a stomach full of bad water. He only looked forward to that day.

“It’s lunch time.” Shen Du stretched out his hand to touch his flat stomach, and pressed the button again, “I’m hungry, my stomach deflated. Should we go to the cafeteria to eat or let someone bring it up?”

Ye Nanqi was quite curious about Shen Group’s staff canteen, but his identity was sensitive and he was already very adventurous to run around. It would be unwise to go to that kind of public place, so he said, “Let’s eat here…I’ll go back a bit later, and you have to work hard. Officer Li and I will take care of things over there, don’t be distracted.”

“No.” Shen Du sent a message to his assistant, while holding Ye Nanqi and acted shamelessly, “I’ve always wanted to bring you to my office before, and finally you took the initiative to send yourself to my door. I can’t let you leave just like that.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyes and looked at him: “Why do you want to take me here?”

Shen Du’s expression was calm as he answered naturally, “Do it ah.”

The tips of Ye Nanqi’s ear quickly flushed a thin layer of red: “…”

“How is it?” Shen Du smiled and bit his ear.

If he wanted to subdue the hooligans, he must be more hooligan than the hooligans.

Ye Nanqi had been with Shen Du for such a long time that he knew him too well. Trying hard to ignore the hotness on the tips of his ear, he calmly said: “Then why don’t you do it?”

Shen Du: “…”

The assistant’s action was very good, and delivered two lunches in less than fifteen minutes. He was curious about the darling of his boss, and quietly glanced at him. The other party was still wearing a mask, however, his hat had been removed, and only a pair of cool and beautiful eyes were exposed.

The black and white eyes, seeing him coming, gave a gentle smile, although the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes.

President Shen, who was usually arrogant, sat next to him, slowly whispering something then his eyes were full of smiling. He looked like someone who would fish the star and immediately offered it to him if the other person made a request.

Assistant Chen denied Zhao Sheng’s claim that this was a “darling” of President Shen.

Obviously, this was the goblin in President Shen’s heart.

The lunch was quite rich and the taste was not bad. When the assistant left, Shen Du tried to get Ye Nanqi to sit in his arms and feed him. Ye Nanqi felt that Shen Du was going to raise him so that he could no longer take care of himself, so he firmly refused. He sat opposite him, and talked about business while eating.

The names on the list given by Xue Xiangyu were both strong and weak. Excluding those who couldn’t be contacted for the time being, and those that Shen Du was approaching.

Besides the Shen family, the Zhao family was also helping.

After eating, Ye Nanqi also understood the relationship between the Zhao family and the Shen family.

Mother Shen came from the Zhao family, and all in all, Zhao Sheng was Shen Du’s cousin.

Shen Du looked at Ye Nanqi and said lightly: “The brothers who grew up in the institution will all contribute without me taking the initiative to talk to them… If Uncle Ye didn’t move out, Nan Nan, you would know them as well.”

Ye Nanqi was silent.

When he was young, he was able to live in that great institution because Grandpa Shen wanted to take care of the Ye family, and got their family in through a trusted relationship. Only a few years later, grandfather Shen died of illness, and Father Ye, who felt embarrassed to be under the care of the Shen family again, moved back to his hometown in D city.

If Father Ye hadn’t moved out at the beginning, maybe there would be nothing happening later.

Father Ye and Ye Wan might not have met in a car accident. Ye Mei wouldn’t have entered the entertainment industry working for money. He and Shen Du… could grow up together, although they might not have become lovers.

Shen Du understood what Ye Nanqi was thinking, looked at him softly, shook his hand, kissed his finger, and said, “If you didn’t move away, we could go and leave school together. No one can bully you except me. I would beat anyone who bullied you… Then while we were growing up together, I found that I especially liked a little big brother named Ye Nanqi. The type of like that I wanted to hug and kiss him, and would confess one day. I’m any case, living in an institution, you wouldn’t be able to run away.”

Ye Nanqi blinked, his eyes were hot.

Shen Du looked at Ye Nanqi and couldn’t say anything anymore. The two of them missed too much time in the past.

He wanted to grow up slowly with Ye Nanqi, so that he would not be chased by paparazzi reporters in his third year of junior high, and be injured by overwhelming rumors. He wanted to be with him, so that he could tell him not to work while going to school in high school and staying overnight for days and nights, almost fainted on the street.

He felt sorry for Ye Nanqi and wanted to do his best to treat him well.

He even thought how nice it would be if time could be turned back.

If they could go back to the past, he wanted to protect Ye Nanqi, asking his grandfather to hold the Ye family up and not allow them to leave so that they could take good care of Ye Nanqi and let him grow up with him.

The office in the afternoon was exceptionally quiet, with only the ticking of the clock hanging on the wall. Nevermind who kissed whom first, Ye Nanqi, who was short of breath due to the lingering kiss, slowly gasping for breath, heard Shen Du coaxing in his ear, “There is a lounge next door, baby, would you like to take a nap with me?”

Ye Nanqi lowered his eyes, after a long while, he quickly raised his eyes, glancing at him, then nodded.

The nap time was a bit long, Ye Nanqi slept until the sky was dark, and his body was no longer uncomfortable. Shen Du got up a long time before him, afraid that he couldn’t sleep well with nothing in his embrace, so he put the pillow in his arms.

Ye Nanqi threw aside the pillow, rubbed his eyes, got out of bed to open the door, and wanted to see if Shen Du was in the office. By coincidence, he happened to see Assistant Chen who turned to look after hearing the door open.

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Assistant Chen: “…”

Ye Nanqi adjusted his expression quickly, and smiled at Assistant Chen: “I wasn’t feeling well and slept in President Shen’s lounge for a while.”

Assistant Chen glanced over the other party’s earlobe with teeth marks, going under his collar that was full of hickeys, as well as ambiguous bite-marks above his lower legs, then showing a big smile: “…aiya, so that’s it. Are you feeling better?”

He couldn’t bear to tell Ye Nanqi that the corner of his mouth was broken.

Shen Du held back a smile, got up and walked over, blocking Assistant Chen’s line of sight. He adjusted Ye Nanqi’s collar, then lowered his head and dropped a kiss on the top of his hair: “Good boy, come out after changing your clothes.”

Ye Nanqi returned to the lounge. After glancing at his dignity in the mirror, suddenly he felt like he was thunderstruck. suddenly thunderous, unable to think of anything except the possibility of killing someone.

Shen Du, who had taken matters calmly, turned his head and said to Assistant Chen: “Have you seen it all?”

Assistant Chen shuddered, worried that he would lose his job, he shook his head quickly.

Shen Du smiled that wasn’t like a smile: “Don’t be afraid, he has a good temper with outsiders.”

Assistant Chen naturally recognized who was inside, understood what Shen Du had publicly confessed some time ago, and also knew of the recent turmoil.

What came to Assistant Chen’s mind was from beginning to end, it was within Shen Du calculated as he took advantage of a lapse, and successfully got himself a beauty in his hand, then nodded quickly: “You hit it fast.”

Shen Du knew what he was thinking, but didn’t explain it, and just said slowly: “But my darling is thin-skinned, so don’t tell other people.”

Assistant Chen was immune to this title at an extraordinary speed, nodded hurriedly, sent the documents, and ran away quickly.

Ye Nanqi changed his clothes and was stuck by the door. After listening for a while, he made sure that Assistant Chen was gone, before reopened the door and walked out, complaining: “You… scared me.”

“It’s better to toughen yourself ahead of time. In the future, you still have to face the entire company’s employees.” Shen Du said with a smile, “At that time, I will be in front of everyone and introduce, ‘this is my wife, your boss’s wife.’”

Ye Nanqi smiled: “Then I will take you to meet my sister and introduce to her,’This is your younger sister-in-law’?”

Shen Du thought for a while and positively proposed: “Whoever is older is the husband, I am very fair.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Have some self-esteem, okay.

[Apologies, not edited 🤧]


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    To be Shen Du’s assistant you must:
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