Chapter 6: To Me, You’re Harmless

With words without the slightest hesitation were said, both of them were startled.

Qi Qing tilted his head away uncomfortably, his lips pursed up until it lost its color, and only after a moment did he turn his head back, saying with a calm tone: “To me, you’re harmless.”

After being stunned for a moment, Ji Xingjue quickly reacted―indeed, in a place like the Imperial Capital where everyone had powerful backers, he only had his own back view. No matter how one looks at it, he was harmless to Qi Qing.

Moreover, it was better compared to just finding a stranger with unknown origin. After all, they were also still considered as childhood sweethearts.

He then understandably nodded, “I understand, what do I need to cooperate with you?”

Qi Qing seemed to be considering whether he really understood. He stared at him for a few seconds without blinking, before lowering his eyes, “Attend His Majesty’s banquet together tomorrow night.”

There would be two classes in the morning, and there would be a public lecture in the afternoon. An appointment meeting with the military counterpart to check the progress of catching up with the Chief Marshal’s returns had been made in the morning the day after tomorrow.

There were also serious errors in the data reported by several researchers today, and he was planning to solve it tomorrow…

However, when the words came to his lips, Ji Xingjue swallowed them all back.

The young master’s temper was getting more and more uncertain and while he was on someone’s territory, it was better to say less to ensure that he could still see tomorrow’s sun.

Qi Qing turned on the light screen again and stopped speaking. Ji Xingjue consciously exited the study and returned to the guest bedroom.

After changing his residence, it was as if he had suddenly moved from a wretched, worn out and shabby little barrack to a magnificent palace, so comfortable enough to make Ji Xing feel uncomfortable and out of place everywhere.

He sat on the soft sofa, pondered for a while, and laughed inwardly that he was really as Qi Qing had said, as poor as ever.

After sitting on the sofa for a while, Ji Xingjue turned on his optical computer, imported the error data reported by several researchers today, and began to analyze and solve them one by one.

The night outside the window gradually darkened, and the sound of the wind and snow that had been roaring all day gradually quieted, but the rustling sound of the wind blowing on the window was still buzzing.

Ji Xingjue broke free from the state of concentration and rubbed his dry eyes, only to notice that the subtle rustling sound was not coming from outside the window, but from outside the door.  

When he walked over to open the door in wonder, no one presented in his line of sight, however, his knee was slightly knocked by something. He lowered his head only to see the little robot at his knees.

The little guy was already fully charged, and slammed the door with great energy. Seeing the door open, he jumped over excitedly: “I want to sleep with Mama!”

Ji Xingjue firmly refused: “No.”

The little robot felt a bit wronged: “I want to sleep with Mama.”

“I don’t want to.”

The little robot was persistent: “Sleep together.”

“Go find your papa.”

The little robot tilted his head, after thinking about it, it thought of a way to get the best of both worlds: “Papa and Mama, sleep together, I sleep in the middle!”

Ji Xingjue rubbed his temples, picked it up by its ears, and walked to the opposite door. He wanted to knock, but found that the door was half open.

He politely knocked twice on the door and poked his head in: “Lord Marshal, come and get your so…n.”

It was just that Qi Qing happened to come out of the bathroom, with a towel hanging around his neck, and his hair was still wet. Water droplets slid through his sharp chin, forming a smooth line, and then rolled down the firm and undulating waist and abdominal muscles, hidden under the cover of the bath towel.

The Lord Marshal, who triumphed in every battle, stiffened for a moment. For some reason, he was like a sheep in wolf’s clothing. “Can’t you knock on the door!”

Ji Xingjue, who was working on a bionic intelligence project, had seen hundreds of bionic people naked.

The technology of intelligent bionics had gradually matured, and the “products” they had made had become more and more perfect in appearance. From the facial features to the figure, they were all standard golden ratios.

However, he only had a glance at Qi Qing, and an idea came to his mind: This is what is called the perfect figure.

The appearance and shape of those bionics was completely incomparable with Lord Marshal.

…What a hideous mess.

Ji Xingjue left the matter behind his head and coughed lightly, then shook the little robot in his hand: “Your door is open, this one should be the culprit.”

The short circuit little robot shook its robotic arm helplessly: “Papa, Mama.”

Qi Qing’s eyelids jumped when he saw it, and strode over: “Don’t hold its ears.” He rescued the little robot and placed it gently on the ground. “It’s already stupid enough.”

Ji Xingjue stared suspiciously at Lord Marshal’s red cheeks and earlobes, and was surprised to find that under his gaze, Qi Qing’s earlobes seemed to be getting redder.

He thought for a while, and kindly reminded him: “Don’t forget to ventilate when you take a bath. Although your physical fitness is good, you will have some minor problems due to lack of oxygen. For example, now, you are a little bit hypoxic and your facial capillaries blood vessels dilate, causing your face to flush.”

Qi Qing: “……”

Qi Qing nodded expressionlessly: “Thank you for your reminder.”

Ji Xingjue considered again: “Have you returned home?”

“Not yet.” Qi Qing’s pupils dropped as he said, “But I’ve been communicating with my mother.”

Ji Xingjue touched the tip of his nose awkwardly: “Then have you figured out how to tell Madam about this?”

“There is no need for you to worry about this.”

But Ji Xingjue was very worried.

As long as he imagined the scene when Qi Qing’s loving mother, the Duchess, whom he respected very much, learned of the matter of their marriage, his scalp would feel a little numb.

While thinking about it, he glanced at the scar on Qi Qing’s waist againーwith the medical cabin’s scar healing technology, it wasn’t easy to leave a scar unless the owner took the initiative to set up himself.

Why don’t you let the medical cabin heal your scars?

Ji Xingjue’s Adam’s apple rolled, feeling that this sentence was not suitable for him to ask.

He smiled, said goodnight, and turned back to his room.

Although the two rooms were opposite, they were still four or five meters apart. Ji Xingjue walked a few steps, always feeling that something was not right, and turned his head back without warning.

Not far behind, the door of Qi Qing’s room did not close.

The upright figure was standing by the door, but because of the light, he couldn’t see the expressions in Qi Qing’s eyes, and could only feel that Qi Qing’s gaze was always falling on him.

After being caught off guard, Qi Qing paused for a while before banging the door shut.

…was he still thinking about how to make him “pay the price”?

Ji Xingjue’s face was solemn. He decided to hack the security system of this house tonight, and add a few layers of secret code to the security code of this guest room.

After thinking about it, he lowered his head and saw a little something that made him feel wrong.

The little robot, who hadn’t learnt its lesson, pretending to be a ball, with the intention of bluffing its way out by following him into the room.

Ji Xingjue felt that it was actually pretty amusing seeing it gently and cautiously rolling in. “This kid, based on the age of a human, you are twelve years old, and human children will not stick to their parents to sleep together at this time.”

The little robot blinked innocently.

Ji Xingjue took a breath, then glanced at the closed door on the opposite side. Without any better option, he had to bring it in the room. “Okay, just this time, behave, don’t make trouble.”

“Okay! Tonight, with Mama, sleep together!”

After finally getting consent, the little robot was so happy that it rolled into a ball with joy, swishing and rolling into the room.

Ji Xingjue felt the muscle in his head hurt even more.

Something was very wrong.

Obviously, when the small robot was designed, its main disposition was to imitate Qi Qing… But seeing how this stuff was so stupid, and every time Qi Qing open his mouth, he hatefully called it “so stupid” and “so foolish”, he didn’t have the nerves to talk to Qi Qing anymore.

Probably because of his poor academic skills.

Ji Xingjue reopened the optical computer and continued to sort out and analyze the data.

The little robot lay beside him, working with him quietly.

When Ji Xingjue had processed everything, the sky was already bright.

He went to wash half dead half alive face, sorted all the information, changed his clothes and went downstairs. Then he found Qi Qing, in his military uniform, eating his breakfast which had been prepared on the table.

When he was in middle school, every day, Ji Xingjue had always dragged Qi Qing out of the quilt, put on his clothes, threw him into the bathroom, and then carried him downstairs. Amidst the duke’s scolding, he hurriedly finished breakfast and rushed to school together.

It could be said to be the turmoil and chaos of war.

He was unable to tell how the arrogant young master Qi Qing thought about entering the military academy at first, and then went to join the army.

It seemed that he had suffered a lot.

Ji Xingjue thought about it, showing a smile on his face as he shouted out loud, “Morning Marshal,” and was ready to leave wisely.

Qi Qing lifted his eyelids and uttered two words, “Come here.”

“Is there for me?” Ji Xingjue felt miraculous and didn’t refuse. After sitting down, the breakfast content on the table was the breakfast content of the previous Qi’s family. It seems that the taste buds of the young master hadn’t changed.

He still didn’t feel hungry, but still stuffed a lot of things in his mouth, wanting to wait until Qi Qing finished eating and left first, so as to avoid embarrassing scenes for a while.

However, instead of leaving after eating, he turned on the terminal to cast a screen and watched the morning news with ease.

Thus, Ji Xingjue decided to roll out first.

As soon as he stood up, Qi Qing also got up.

Compared with Ji Xingjue’s face that was hard to explain in words, Qi Qing didn’t change his expression, and he was extremely calm: “It’s convenience to drop you off at Ankara University along the way going to military.”

There was an elevator connected to the living room and the garage. During the few seconds that the two went down the elevator, Ji Xingjue kept thinking about whether he had auditory hallucinations.

With the sound of “ding”, the elevator reached the garage.

As soon as the gate opened, Ji Xingjue, a poor man, let out a sigh: “Wow.”

The garage was so large that it could be used for a game of interstellar football.

However, there was no such thing as Ji Xingjue imagined. Instead, there were all kinds of cars parked and there were only two suspended cars not far from them, close to each other, like two lonely leaves floating in the universe, pitifully small.

Qi Qing’s private suspension car was the latest limited edition, and it was also a sought-after item in a place like the Imperial Capital. The owner of this car was either rich or expensive, and the small, poor broken car next to it was completely incomparable.

It was just like putting a silly little robot together with the latest all-round intelligent robot. It was incomparable.

Ji Xingjue stepped into the car and his poor man self let out a sigh again: “Wow.”

Qi Qing was annoyed by him. After entering the two destinations, he sat down and said coldly: “If you like it, it belongs to you.”

Ji Xingjue looked at him with expectations: “Really?”

Qi Qing looked at him for a moment, and slowly said, “What do you think?”

Answering “yes” was inviting humiliation, and answering “no” was also unable to avoid being mocked and ridiculed. Ji Xingjue smiled until his eyes curled up and chose to shut up.

He leaned back leisurely, put on the holographic glasses equipped in the car, and browsed the news he missed.

The holographic glasses obscured most of Ji Xingjue’s face, only showing his sharp jaw and red lips.

The curvature of his lips always rose slightly, even though he wasn’t smiling, he looked very gentle and very friendly.

Perhaps because of the dryness of the severe cold winter, Ji Xingjue’s lips were a little dry, and he unconsciously licked his lips. The tip of his tongue retreated as soon as he touched the lils, making them moisturized in red, looking soft and kissable.

Qi Qing’s Adam’s apple moved, feeling thirst in his throat.

Noticing that he had stayed on Ji Xingjue’s lips for too long, he quickly withdrew his gaze as if he had been pricked by a needle.

All of the latest suspension cars in the inner ring were fast, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive at the Ankara University.

Without showing his face in public, Qi Qing sent him directly outside the first teaching building, and left.

After taking two classes, Ji Xingjue took a break in the office and was about to return to the laboratory. Before he left, Cecilie’s message came in first.

Before he could watch it, the other side made a video call directly.

This hurried posture scared Ji Xingjue. He thought that the experiment had gone wrong again, so he quickly connected to the video.

In the terminal, Cecilie’s face was odd, and a photo was projected: “Look, are you familiar with it?”

Ji Xingjue took a look. In the photo, there was a slender and fuzzy silhouette coming off a suspended car.

His eyelids twitched, his face remained unchanged: “Good figure.”

Cecilie snorted, swiped her finger, and clicked on a post link: “Look at this again.”

《Cannot tolerate! The school ethos of a sacred place for scientific research was insulted, and a professor from Ankara University got out of a luxurious car of one billion! 》

Ji Xingjue was silent for a few seconds: “Why is there an Imperial Entertainment headline? Just look at this title and I don’t want to read it anymore. To sum up? Is it “corruption of public funds”, “luxury corruption” or “exaggerated style”?”

“Neither,” there was a look of sympathy in Cecilie’s eyes, “Unfortunately, they think you are being raised by someone.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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