Chapter 7: Did You Come Here To Crash The Stage?

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It was still unknown how far this post could go. After a morning passed, Ji Xingjue was being stared at wherever he went.

Look all you want, it’s not like I’ll lose a piece of meat being looked at.

Ji Xingjue’s mentality was very good, and he even went back to the laboratory to take a nap against time.

Song Mei simply admired: “Brother Ji, the environment outside is so dangerous of crazy killing, how did you make yourself as sure as houses?”

Ji Xingjue took a look at him, hooked his finger, motioned him to approach, and whispered in a low voice, “If you were being criticized and scolded ‘wretched ghost’, ‘traitor’ and ‘inferior slave’ behind your back for seven years, you will also remain unmoved by honour or disgrace as much as I am.”

Song Mei was dumbfounded: “If you’re like this, it will make me the person who asks the question very guilty.”


Song Mei madly waved his hand: “Don’t, don’t. Speak anymore and I’ll cry…”

“How do you know,” Ji Xingjue’s lips curled up with a subtle smile, “the rumors are just rumors?”

Not only Qi Qing approved the project funds, he also provided a full board, and if he compared the words of provided for a kept mistress as in rumors, it seemed to be related to each other.

Song Mei suddenly panicked.

The afternoon lecture was about to begin and the laboratory building was a bit far from the auditorium. Song Mei, as his assistant, went to the auditorium with Ji Xingjue.

In the lounge at the back of the auditorium, there were a few acquaintances—some of them were not considered “humans.”

Several bionic people stood by the table. From the outside, they were no different from ordinary people. Under the effect of special materials and new types of chips, they had extremely realistic and docile expressions.

Ai Li slapped off a teacup that a bionic man handed to him, with disgust on his face: “Stay a bit away from me.”

The bionic human had no sense of autonomy, maintaining a polite and gentle smile as he wiped the spilled tea.

Ai Li coldly snorted, and turned his gaze: “Yo, Professor Ji, you’re finally here.”

Ji Xingjue hadn’t had enough rest recently and seemed to be in a bad spirit. On the contrary, Ai Li, who was always gloomy, was full of brightness.

Since college days, Ai Li had always disliked Ji Xingjue. Later, because Ji Xingjue was chosen as the professor before him, he always felt that he was robbed of the opportunity, and always kept dwelling on the matter.

Song Mei snorted disdainfully at this, leaving only two words as he commented: “Sour chicken.”

Not only that, he also called on everyone to emphasize the word “Assistant” whenever they saw Ai Li.

Ji Xingjue smiled slightly: “Assistant Professor Ai Li, what’s the matter?”

Ai Li maintained a hypocritical smirk: “It’s nothing. It’s just that Professor Ji doesn’t seem to have a good spirit. Could it be that last night you were…too tired?”
Ji Xingjue’s popularity among students was high, combined with his good looking appearance as second best to the relationship.

The world of most students wasn’t as complicated as that of adults, and he had also moved on with the matter with Qi Qing a long time ago. In recent years, Ji Xingjue had been on the top of the list of popular teachers, as well as received many letters of admiration every semester.

But also because of his good looks, he was always involved in some incredible peachy rumors.

Today wasn’t his first time being in rumors but his first time being photographed.

Thus, Ai Li’s smile became extraordinarily ambiguous.

Ji Xingjue didn’t mind him as he said softly, “Thank you for the concern of ‘Assistant’ Professor Ai Li. Since it was too late to sort out the data and information last night, I was really tired. After all, when you are the main person in charge of a project, you have to put in a little more energy, and you will understand when you also take over this kind of project in the future.”

Ai Li: “……”

Song Mei’s shoulders trembled, he earnestly clenched his fist and coughed, and asked sincerely, “Assistant Professor Ai Li, are you here to especially listen to our Professor Ji’s course study? Do you need me to reserve a front row position for you?”
Ai Li’s face turned green, staring at Ji Xingjue, and sneered: “You can be proud now, but don’t forget who the immediate boss of military is.”
Sensing □□ the smell was getting stronger, the other person who had watched enough of the scene, smiled as he smoothed things over: “The host has started introducing. Professor Ji, it’s time for you to go on stage.”

Ji Xingjue gladly nodded his head, and walked slowly and calmly to the front desk.
Ankara University’s auditorium was also one of the best in the Imperial capital that could accommodate nearly 10,000 people. The dome was filled with unpredictable nebulae, which was magnificent and gorgeous.

This was a lecture with thousands of people. The students who came here filled up their seats, while whispering, and as soon as Ji Xingjue walked to the front desk, the voices gradually stopped like a let out light rain, and then bursts of thunderous applause and whistles broke out.

Ji Xingjue wore a pair of spectacles before entering the stage, suppressing his overly ostentatious expression. Only after the students’ enthusiastic whistling and applause slowed down for a while, did he raise his hands and signaled everyone to stop: “Don’t be so enthusiastic. It’s not the first time we met. Hello everyone, I’m Ji Xingjue.”

He connected the optical computer with the terminal, and cast the lecture materials on the screen, and a few big characters appeared: Bionic human, is it just an intelligent robot wearing a human skin?

Revolving around the title, he picked a simple way to begin the topic, and speak frankly with assurance.

Halfway through, the projection turned to the next page, but Ji Xingjue didn’t follow the original content above.
“… The bionic intelligent project originated from the former Randa Empire. The founding emperor of the Glorious Empire led the rebels to overthrow the brutal rule of the Randa Empire. In the most famous “Battle of Randall”, several planets were destroyed, together with the research base at that time, all the top scientific and technological materials were burned, only a few scientists escaped to the Liberty Alliance, but soon died afterwards.”

Ji Xingjue supported himself on the podium and said indifferently: “So unfortunately, our current level of bionic intelligence is far inferior to that of the Randa Empire, or even to the Alliance.”
As soon as the words came out, the following hiss and discussion suddenly boiled, buzzing, like a honeycomb.

The children of the empire received the education of “Magnificent Supreme Empire” since they were young. Even if the technological level of the empire was indeed not as good as that of the previous dynasties and the Alliance, to directly declare it out loud, he would become the main subject to be glared at.
Ji Xingjue didn’t care, but seeing Song Mei wiping cold sweat and desperately gesturing at him, he stopped the topic and pulled back the content slowly: “Many people have misunderstandings about bionics. It is true that they are also a kind of robots, but they are given a unique appearance and personality, with heartbeat, body temperature, blood, and even breathing. The feedback data of a large number of bionics that have been put into practical application shows that…”
As he was talking, there was a commotion in the front row.

Ji Xingjue glanced down, and his voice paused for a second.
Qi Qing raised his hand at the vice principal and shook it slightly, which meant to tell him it was unnecessary.

He was wearing a military uniform and command gloves on his hands, seemingly to have just come out of a meeting, his appearance was grave and stern.

Then he sat in the position closest to Ji Xingjue, raised his eyes, and met Ji Xingjue for a moment.
The students were also a little restless when they noticed the arrival of Qi Qing. Ai Li, who had already stretched his legs to leave, also immediately retracted his feet, his face full of gloat of misfortune of other, waiting to watch the good show.

Ji Xingjue silently stopped, staring at Qi Qing―did you come here to smash the stage?
Qi Qing indifferently ignored everyone’s commotion, and made a lip-synched straight at Ji Xingjue: continue.

Ji Xingjue was dumbfounded for a few seconds, and decided to continue today’s lecture as if the person did not exist.

Fortunately, the students’ thirst for knowledge was stronger than the desire for gossip, so their attention was gradually drawn back.
The lecture wasn’t over yet, but exchange forum had already exploded, even the security guards didn’t stop the people who came to the auditorium to watch the excitement.
“Ji Xingjue is done for, RIP.”

“Marshal Qi came to crash the stage in person, tsk tsk, in front of thousands of students.”

“Unexpectedly, he can still keep talking. If it was me who was being stared at by Qi Qing, I would have moved out of the Imperial Capital overnight…ah no, out of the Empire.”
While Ji Xingjue wasn’t paying attention to the increase in the number of people in the auditorium, he steadily ended today’s lecture, and bowed gracefully to the dark crowd: “Bionic people have infinite possibilities. Perhaps in the future, this kind of technology will be able to change our era―and that era has already been handed over to you.”

According to the normal process, students usually come up to ask questions or take a group photo at this time.

But because of the presence of Qi Qing in the front row, a vacuum circle had formed near him.
Seeing that the lecture had ended, Qi Qing straightened his hat, got up and walked towards Ji Xingjue.

The murmurs behind became a lot smaller, and thousands of pairs of eyes stared at this scene, for fear of missing any frame.
“It’s over?” Qi Qing walked to the stage and looked up at Ji Xingjue, his tone was calm.

Ji Xingjue reservedly nodded.

At any rate, Qi Qing didn’t interrupt the scene halfway, which made him very satisfied with that.
There was lighting on the stage. Being bathed in the soft light, his eyebrows were especially clear, the corners of his eyes were slightly bent, and the pair of glasses gave him a clear air of a scholar.

Looking at him, Qi Qing stretched out his hand to him: “Let’s go.”

Ji Xingjue thought for a few seconds before realizing that Qi Qing meant to help him down.

He hurriedly waved his hand: “There’s no need, thank you. I can come down by myself.” After speaking, he held the podium with his hand and jumped and landed neatly to Qi Qing’s side.

Qi Qing: “……”
The post about Qi Qing’s sudden arrival during Ji Xingjue’s lecture in the forum was still being updated in real time.
“Marshal Qi straightforwardly extended his hand to provoke Ji Xingjue!”

“Ji Xingjue jumped directly to Marshal Qi (wasn’t willing to say that he was good at it), and responded to the provocation!”

“They’re out of the auditorium now. Finding a place to fight in front of thousands of people, however, the Marshal who beat the crap out of the Star Pirates and the Alliance, observed a moment of silence for Ji Xingjue.”

“Ji Xingjue walked to the door of a suspension car?”

“Marshal Qi opened the door for Ji Xingjue?”

“They got in the car… and left?”

“Isn’t that the luxurious car of one billion that sent Ji Xingjue to school in the morning!”

“…The person who sent Ji Xingjue to work in the morning is Qi Qing??”

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