Chapter 8: This Is Mrs. Marshal

[T/N: From now on, with the form honorific *you*, I will change to you.]

“Why have you come here?”

As soon as the door closed, a large number of curious and hot burning eyes were blocked. Ji Xingjue fell down on his seat and gave Qi Qing a glance.

Damel, the adjutant whom he had seen before, was driving the car in front and politely turned around to say hello.

Qi Qing leaned against the seat of the suspended car. He bowed his head, took off his gloves, and raised his eyelids. “Can’t I come?”

Ji Xingjue replied honestly, “I just think that you have no interest in my lecture.”

Qi Qing hummed softly. He threw the gloves casually, and sat next to Ji Xingjue.

His figure was tall and straight, his legs were long. To be accustomed to death and blood on the front line, bringing with the strong violence of blood of a soldier, like a dangerous and alert cheetah, his aura was so heavy and suppressing that ordinary people would feel afraid.

But Ji Xingjue was not afraid. Only after feeling the presence of Qi Qing was too clear that he couldn’t help but lean aside.

There were a lot of seats on the suspension car, why did Qi Qing have to sit next to him?

“As you said, the information on the advanced bionics was destroyed very early.”

While thinking about it, Qi Qing said abruptly, “Where did you get the sample for the research you are currently doing?”

Ji Xingjue was stunned, and said as if it was ridiculous, “Most of the samples are provided by the military, and I can’t mention the confidential part. Well, you’re the boss of the military department. If you’re really curious, you can go back and look for internal information.”

He was frank and open, but since Qi Qing couldn’t make out anything out of it and frowned suspiciously.

Ji Xingjue changed the subject in due course, “It’s not time for dinner yet, right? Where are we going?”

Qi Qing glanced at his long time-wearing thermostat with disgust, “I’ll get you to change your clothes.”

Ji Xingjue’s experience of participating in social banquets was basically zero. He didn’t consider this aspect at all, and suddenly realized, “It’s time to change.”

…but he had no money.

As if hearing Ji Xingjue’s heartfelt voice, the corners of Qi Qing’s lips twitched, and the body that was ready to fight at any time also relaxed a little as he leaned back. “It won’t cost you any money.”

He tilted his head and raised his chin slightly. “I pay for it, and you work for it.”

The face that was a bit distant from him was handsome and cold, full of aggressiveness, an absolute predator.

When he curled his lips and smiled, there was a breathtaking beauty and charm, enough to make the prey lose his mind.

Ji Xingjue blinked, thinking to himself, Qi Qing has really grown up.

After driving for a long time, the suspension car finally stopped at a store at the end of the street corner.

Qi Qing led Ji Xingjue directly into the store. From the outside, the store’s façade was not too big, not even on the same level as the distinguished status of Lord Marshal. It felt even more cramped after entering, with a total area of ​​more than 20 square meters. The hem was full of hangers and exquisite hand-made garments, but no one was seen at the front reception desk.

Qi Qing wasn’t surprised by the strange sight, walked straight to the inner door, and knocked with his two fingers. “Uncle Charles, I’m here.”

Ji Xingjue was taken aback and retracted his gaze that was wandering around, “Uncle Charles?”

Behind the door was a continuous “clicks” sound, accompanied by the sound of the machine. “Come in”.

The two entered the house, and the shopkeeper named Charles was sitting in front of an old sewing machine, wearing glasses, stepping on the pedal, and after carefully sewing the last stitch, he raised his head with a smile. “You came. There is also Xiao Ji ah. Haha, Xiao Qi came here the day before yesterday and said that he wanted to make some clothes for someone, and I was still wondering who it was for, it turned out to be you.”

Ji Xingjue who didn’t notice Qi Qing’s face immediately becoming uncomfortable, smiled at Charles, “It’s been a long time, Uncle Charles.”

Old Charles was one of the most famous hand tailors in the Imperial Capital and used to serve under only the Qi family. He himself had lived in the Qi house for more than ten years and all of his clothes were taken care of by Charles.

However, after moving away from the Qi family, he never saw Charles again.

It was inconvenient to mention this topic. Charles pushed his glasses, turned around and took the set of clothes on the hanger. “This set of clothes is ready, do you want to try it now?”

Qi Qing en-ed as in approval.

Charles smiled and nodded, “I have also made an appointment with other guests, who should be here soon. I’ll go outside to receive them a bit. You can try it first. If it doesn’t fit, I will change it later.”

With Charles’s departure, this small space seemed to have become smaller, even the air flow had become extremely slow, which made Qi Qing’s sense of existence had become more vivid.

There was a small fitting room on the side. Ji Xingjue consciously picked up the clothes. “I’ll go try it.”

While changing clothes, he seemed to have second thoughts in his heart.

The tailor had never measured his body size. Would this outfit fit?

Unexpectedly, it did fit really well.

The fabric felt comfortable, with appropriate measurements, fit his body line perfectly. After changing, Ji Xingjue walked out, wondering, “Have you used the authority to check my physical report?”

Qi Qing leaned against the wall, looked at him, and sneered disdainfully, “Is it still usable?”

Being as lazy and sloppy as Ji Xingjue, as long as the clothes were clean and comfortable, even if they looked old, he didn’t dislike it. Now that he had changed into a fitted set of clothes, the superior of his body line was pinched out, like a polished gem, renewing its dazzling brilliance.

Qi Qing looked at him, the light in his eyes dimmed.

Ji Xingjue was uncomfortable again, he looked left and right in front of the mirror suspiciously. “What’s wrong? Is there anywhere that doesn’t look right?” 

Qi Qing did not say a word as he took a few steps forward, knelt down on one knee, and reached out to help Ji Xingjue stretch the uneven corners of his clothes.

Ji Xingjue was so frightened by this kneel that he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “I’m goinggoing to lose my life, please get up quickly. I will do it myself.”

Qi Qing gave him a cold and indifferent glance, before tidying his trouser again.

Sound of laughter between Charles and the guests was heard from the outside, making Ji Xingjue even more uncomfortable, and his body stiffened to a rock on the spot. Even so, he tried to joke in a relaxed tone as much as possible, “Lord Marshal, you are a bit scary being like this, as if you will take out a ring to propose in the next second.”

As soon as the voice fell, Qi Qing seemed to let out a smile.

Ji Xingjue’s heart suddenly rose with a bad premonition.

Sure enough, the next moment, Qi Qing took out a ring from his bosom and said slowly, “How do you know that I am not proposing?”

“…Because we have already received marriage certification,” Ji Xingjue said with sincere, curious and innocent as he looked down at him, “Do you still have to make such a complete set of acting?”

A trace of smiling on Qi Qing’s lips was put away as he directly pushed the ring into the ring finger of his left hand. Then his face returned to its usual indifference. “Wear it well, you are not allowed to take it off.”

Something that was cold, not loose or tight, just the right size, was put on his finger.

Ji Xingjue lowered his head and looked at it. This “wedding ring” was pitch black and thinner than ordinary rings. There was no gem inlay or other embellishments. It was unknown what material it was made from, but the polishing was extremely meticulous, and under the light, the flow of carved dark lines could be vaguely seen.

Ji Xingjue felt that the material was familiar, but he couldn’t remember what it was.

Qi Qing sat on the sofa, his two long legs curled up aggrievedly, his eyes were closed, obviously without any intention to explain. “Forget it,” he thought while twisting the ring with his two fingers. Without any further probing, he wore the ring obediently.

Fortunately, Charles quickly finished receiving the guests and stepped in again, breaking the silent atmosphere. “How is it, is there anything that needs to be changed?”

Ji Xingjue shook his head. “No, your craftsmanship is even better than before.”

Charles touched his own beard, feeling proud of himself, “Of course.”

Packing up the remaining clothes, the two returned to the suspension car.

Damel took his leisurely time strolling around the regional exchange forum. After seeing the two come back, he sneakily winked his eyebrows. “Marshal, you and Ma’am seem to have shocked many people’s eyes.”

Qi Qing expressionlessly gave him a  glance. “They are a bunch of idlers who have nothing to do all day long, so are you so free and have nothing to do as well?”

Damel trembled. After saluting, he shut up, returned to the driver’s seat, and drove to the palace conscientiously.

The banquet was about to begin.

Qi Qing repeatedly warned, “Follow me later, do not talk to strangers casually, do not leave with strangers, and do not drink wine from strangers.”

Ji Xingjue was stunned by a string of “do not”, wanting to raise his hands and surrendered, “Maybe you don’t trust my IQ, but I am a 28-year-old adult.”

Only after Qi Qing observed Ji Xingjue’s expression with the eyes like a little robot for a moment did he barely have a little trust in him.

The Royal Palace was located in the very center of Ankara. This majestic and gorgeous palace was known as the “Heart of Ankara” where the stars rise to the highest point like the moon. Even at night, the golden roof was still brightly shining with countless exquisite reliefs, and those arch windows decorated in the huge palace, luxurious and exaggerated.

Although it fit the aesthetics of the current emperor, this palace was built in the previous dynasty.

More than a hundred years ago, the tyrant of the Randa Empire committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of his throat in the prison. Then, the Glorious Empire was established. Since then, the name of the palace was changed.

The suspension car landed outside the palace. Ji Xingjue got out of the car with Qi Qing, with his mentally prepared.

Surrounded by elegant, beautiful costumes, the original unceasing cheerful talking and laughing, fell into a death silent instantly after the two appeared together.

Ji Xingjue’s ability to pretend to be silly and dumb was so prosperous that he pretended himself as a pendant worn by Lord Marshal’s waist, following Qi Qing nonchalantly and stepped into the glorious hall.

Qi Qing looked cold and didn’t care about the gaze stuck on his body. After finding that Ji Xingjue had fallen behind, he deliberately slowed down and waited for him to walk side by side with him.

The conductor of the orchestra was enchanting with the music. The moment he saw the two of them, he almost threw off the baton in his hands.

The oncoming waiter was steadily holding the tray, but after raising his head, he almost knocked over the red wine.

The decent nobleman opened his mouth wide and shook his head abruptly causing his wing to approach a crisis.

Ji Xingjue pondered and found it understandable.

After all, he also felt that the first thing Qi Qing did when he returned to the imperial capital was to engage him—literally meaning, setting it up.

Therefore, upon seeing them walking peacefully together, it was unavoidable for them to turn like a fool.

The stunning combination of the two worked like magic, eliminating a lot of false conversations. Ji Xingjue observed the surrounding dignitaries with great interest and commented, “Weak defense.”

Lord Marshal was quite disdainful, “All this fuss for nothing.”

In the weird atmosphere, His Majesty the Emperor was late to arrive.

In this era when the average person could live up to two hundred years old, His Majesty, who was only sixty years old, was in the prime of life. He was in good health. Although he had a special beard on his face, one could vaguely see his handsome foundation.

His Majesty loved gems, wine, and banquets and was already slightly intoxicated. Tonight’s dance party was about to begin, all it waited for was for the emperor’s order.

However, the emperor rarely started the dance right away. He smiled and looked at Qi Qing. Because he was slightly drunk, he didn’t notice who the person beside him was, and beckoned to Qi Qing. “Qi Qing, remember the surprise I said I prepared for you?”

A few well-dressed noble girls hid in the crowd, and cast a shy and timid gaze over here, ready to wait for the emperor to finish speaking, and then walk out of the crowd and be the most dazzling one tonight. 

Qi Qing had already expected it a long time ago. Without lifting his eyes, he took a few steps forward. “A surprise you prepared for me?”

The emperor smiled and said, “You are not young anymore. Now that the situation on the front line is a bit calmer, it’s time to consider marriage. Your father and I are good friends, but he is gone. Of course, I have to help you officiate the marriage. Tonight, there are many nobles from the imperial capital coming for you. You have to choose one as your wife and don’t disappoint my kindness.”

Qi Qing looked at the emperor with seemingly dim eyes for a few seconds, and then slowly laughed.

“Maybe I have to decline your kindness,” he bowed down apologetically and said regretfully, “Otherwise my wife will not forgive me.”

The wife next to him thought with a toothache: No, I’m happy to forgive you.

The emperor, who specially prepared this party, just to make Qi Qing unable to refuse under the eyes of the public, was surprised when he heard the words. “Your wife?”

The noble officials who were waiting to sell their children also seemed to have poured cold water in boiling oil, and everything was flared up. “Lord Marshal is married?”

“When did this happen!”

“Wasn’t Marshal Qi away from the Imperial Capital for seven years…”

The emperor looked around, still in disbelief. “Your wife? Is your wife here tonight?”

“Yes.” Qi Qing calmly nodded, “He has always been by my side.”

In front of everyone, he turned his head to look at Ji Xingjue, his light-colored eyes unblinking, and seriously introduced, “This is Mrs. Marshal.”

In response to the sight of everyone trying to shoot himself into a hole, Ji Xingjue smiled awkwardly. “…Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to meet you in this identity.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Qi Qing: Hello everyone, this is my wife.

Ji Xingjue: Hello everyone, this is my creditor.


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  1. “More than a hundred years ago, the tyrant of the Randa Empire committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of his throat in the prison.” That seems… likely? 🙄

    That may or may not end up being an actual plot point, but my first impression reading that manner of death was to laugh. Sure, shooting yourself execution style in prison, where guns are so easy to obtain, is sure a thing that can happen.😆

    I want to read a live blog of the guests here frantically posting about these mortal enemies being wed. That’s entertainment!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!


    1. Hahahah it might be weird but the translation came like that. It’s said, he committed suicide by shooting himself. Anddddd, pointing the gun at the back of his throat haha.🥲


      1. I believe it was written like that! It’s either going to be a plot point in the future if this story goes the investigating corruption in the government route or just a really weird manner of death for an off screen cannonfodder. 😅


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