Chapter 68: Call Me Husband

En?” Shen Du was unwilling to let it go. “Nan Nan?”

Ye Nanqi’s face flushed. After staring at him for a long while, he was suddenly blessed with a thought.

“Whoever is older is the husband, right?” He smiled, and coquettishly touched Shen Du’s face. “Didi, come and let me hear you call me husband.”

Shen Du raised his eyebrows and turned his arms around his waist. He pressed him on the desk, leaned forward and raised his chin, saying with a light smile, “Calling you husband is no problem. Baby, can I be on top like this and take off your clothes?”

The fearless Ye Nanqi looked up at him: “What do you want to do?”

Shen Du respectfully said, “Handle the documents.”

As he said, he picked up a pen on the table, put a point on Ye Nanqi’s forehead, and said leisurely, “When handling documents, you need to look at it carefully and analyze it slowly…”

The pen went down and pulled open his collar.

“Then check for errors and loopholes…”

When the cold pen was pasted on the warm skin and flesh, Ye Nanqi shuddered. Shen Du looked directly at him, his eyes were deep. “…lastly, sign and seal.”

Ye Nanqi blinked, “My waist is still sore, and my butt hurts.”

Shen Du switched from a beast to an adult in a second. He rubbed his waist and after thinking about it, without touching his butt, he picked up the person from the table and kissed him in his ear. “Husband, I will let you go today.”

The first time he was called husband, Ye Nanqi felt quite novel. After getting to know the aftertaste, he chased after Shen Du and wanted to hear a few more gentle voices, but Shen Du did not do it again. He then put on his hat and mask back on, in a good mood, and went downstairs with Shen Du.

It was already late when Shen Du got off work, and now it was getting darker. The other employees had also left, and the building was empty.

Shen Du took Ye Nanqi’s hand and entered the elevator. Didn’t know what came to his mind as he asked, “Nan Nan, why do you like filming?”

Ye Nanqi was startled when he heard the words.

He never talked to Shen Du about his likes and dislikes, and everything was observed and analyzed by Shen Du alone.

It was the thoughtful and gentle nature of Shen Du, but everything was just within his guess. Too much pampering and arrogance would make Shen Du tired.

He should have a good talk with Shen Du, since this love wasn’t about Shen Du pursuing him alone. After all, a relationship was a matter of involving two people together.

However, even after thinking about it for a long time, Ye Nanqi still didn’t know how to answer him.

He liked acting because he could get rid of the heavy shackles of reality and become another person for a short period of time.

Turning into whoever was good, as long as he could forget something, he was willing to devote himself.

But if he spoke it this way, Shen Du would definitely feel distressed and worried. So he changed his excuses by keeping silent about major charges while admitting minor ones, “Because… it’s fun to experience the lives of others.”

After listening, Shen Du didn’t say anything. He stared at him for a while before turning his eyes away.

Ye Nanqi felt that Shen Du had seen through him. He hesitated and wanted to tell Shen Du that he didn’t dislike reality so much now, when Shen Du suddenly reached out and stroked his ear.

“It’s good that you like it.” Shen Du led him out of the elevator, taking a long sigh and joked, “I still thought that if you just wanted to make money, you might as well come and work for me here when things are over.”

Ye Nanqi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I can’t do anything, what will I do when I come to the company? Be your accompanying secretary?”

Shen Du said, “Be my precious fragile material and stay in the office. Only then when I can look at you whenever I want that I can rest assured.”

“Looking at me all day, you’ll be tired to death.” Ye Nanqi smiled when speaking, but his expression was very serious. “What Xue Xiangyu said makes sense. There is a time limit even for affection. Staying together all day long will only intensify the chemical reaction and make passion run out faster.”

It’s not that he didn’t believe in Shen Du’s feelings, on the contrary, he felt Shen Du’s love and care for him was clear and enthusiastic, straightforward and obvious. But everything in the world has an end. Although Shen Du was more mature than many people, he was still younger. Perhaps he would really like him for the rest of his life, or perhaps he would be bored after a few years.

This wasn’t a tragic view of love, but just the truth that Ye Nanqi had realized over the years.

Too bad that Shen Du had become the light in his heart. Even if Shen Du really didn’t feel anything for him one day, he wouldn’t let Shen Du go.

The atmosphere stagnated for a while, and Shen Du didn’t rush to refute. After thinking about it for a while, only an unexplainable smile appeared on his face. “Let’s wait and see.”

As soon as they got home, Shen Du received a call, Ye Nanqi didn’t bother him, and just got out of the car to stroll in the yard by himself, and contacted Li Hengran by the way.

After listening to the recording of the dialogue between Xue Xiangyu and Ye Nanqi, Li Hengran had a clear understanding of the criminal group as many doubts had been cleared and came to light. After discussing with Ye Nanqi for a while, he sighed exhaustedly. “President Shen has helped a lot, thank him for me.”

Ye Nanqi said in a low voice, “It’s me who should thank you and him.”

A City was prosperous, full of fish and dragons, and various cases often occurred making the Criminal Investigation team even more busy.

Prior to the secret investigation, Li Hengran still had to take care of other cases. Now that it was clear, he had to guard against colleagues who might be enemies lurking, and was more tired than anyone else.

Recently he had been smoking every day to reduce the stress that his throat was going to be ruined.

After finishing the call, Ye Nanqi sat on the stone bench in the yard, his mind wandered away. Shen Du came over after finding him, sat next to him, and asked, “Finished discussing with Officer Li?”

Ye Nanqi returned to his senses, nodded, his eyes darkened, “It seems like I really can’t do anything.”

“It’s not like that.” Shen Du’s expression was cold, but he didn’t agree to what was said, and told him with a calm voice, “You can do it, but you will get hurt, so I won’t allow you to go. Nan Nan, you make me feel too uneasy, this is a game that cannot come to fight in close combat. I am selfish and don’t want you to get hurt, not even a strain of your hair. You can say that I have a strong desire for control and that I am a pervert, but I want you to tolerate it and let me protect you.”

Ye Nanqi didn’t expect him to say that.

Shen Du didn’t hide or dodge from him, and still looked at him directly. “There is good news. Since Tan Yi’s case was closed hurriedly, and the file report was too simple, there were a lot of doubts. I asked someone to check the specific process at the beginning, as well as those who had handled this matter.”

“How is it?” Ye Nanqi’s heart slightly raised.

Tan Yi was stabbed more than a dozen times and died in a dark alley.

The hands used for painting and photography were cut with blood, almost chopped off, and his death was rather miserable.

Nine years ago, D City hadn’t installed monitors on the streets and alleys. It happened that the only monitor nearby was also broken―or it may have been deliberately damaged afterwards.

When a cleaner passed by in the morning, and found the body, not far away was a drunk bastard with blood on his body and a knife in his hand.

After fooling around with his friends, the gangster became so drunk that he was reeling right and left, and took someone’s life away just like that.

Most of the people who had dealt with this matter had long already retired. After finding and checking one by one, some people had already forgotten about the details. When they thought that they couldn’t find anything, at the end of the line, they actually got a surveillance video from a retired policeman who used to handle the case.

The video was from the broken monitor. Although that hapless gangster acted alone, there were a lot of bizarre good brothers who stole the surveillance and handed it over to the policeman.

However, seeing the situation was not right, the little policeman kept the thing in his heart, and backed up the video before handing it in. As expected, there was no news regarding the matter, and it didn’t take long for that bastard to be sentenced to death.

Having sense the unusual in this case, he dared not speak again.

The surveillance video was not very clear, but the faces of the people inside could be seen. It was not that bastard who stabbed Tan Yi to death. It was the one who came out of the dark alley, the rich second-generation young master who had also been in the newspaper not long ago. The gangster was dragged in by two people not long after, he was so drunk, and unconsciously at the mercy of those people.

Maybe that person felt that killing a person was simply nothing that he let down his guard. But he discovered afterwards that there was a surveillance camera.

“The surveillance video had been sent to my mailbox.” After Shen Du finished speaking, a night breeze came and it was a bit cold.

Ye Nanqi couldn’t help shuddering. Shen Du took off his coat and put it on him naturally. He looked at the sky covered by heavy dark clouds, and guessed that it was about to rain.

Ye Nanqi rubbed his forehead and followed Shen Du back into the room.

Ye Mei, Tan Yi, Xu Zhou.

There were many more people whose names were unknown, because of the selfish desires of that group of people, they had lost their entire lifetime, or even their lives.

This group of people shouldn’t be allowed to die an easy death.

Before watching the video, Shen Du backed it up and sent a copy to Li Hengran.

The person in the video was also a familiar face. A long time ago, Ye Nanqi met him when he first came into contact with this organization, and his name was also on the list given by Xue Xiangyu.

Shen Du calmly watched the video, and said, “They didn’t take Tan Yi’s death seriously, and probably didn’t expect anyone to investigate this. Directly investigating Tan Yi’s case and beating them by surprise, they should be more chaotic inside now.”

On Li Hengran’s side, he had no choice but to follow without any objections. Now that they had made a killing move, it should be able to first stop the disgusting and lofty posture of the other party.

Ye Nanqi didn’t dare to breathe too hard. After watching the surveillance video several times, he exhaled and went out to contact Li Hengran. After the discussion, he came back and saw Shen Du sitting there waiting, like a big dog waiting for his owner. He felt soft and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Thank you.” (as in, You’ve worked hard.)

Shen Du turned his head to look at him. “Baby, do you think this sentence is a little bit worse than something?”

Ye Nanqi tentatively said, “Husband?”

Shen Du nodded with satisfaction.

Ye Nanqi thought to himself that he wouldn’t want to bother about such a child. Seeing Shen Du pulling his sleeves, revealing the bracelet dangled on his wrists, his curiosity became impatient. “It’s the bracelet that Auntie gave me. Why do you have one too?”


Ye Nanqi reluctantly changed his words, “Auntie…Mom.”

After having him correct the wrong name, Shen Du took Ye Nanqi’s hand and rolled up his sleeves. Seeing that he was still wearing the bracelet, he smiled at the corners of his lips. “Because this is not from my mother, but from your husband.”

Ye Nanqi thought for a while, with a suspicious expression on his face. “When you gave me the bracelet, we weren’t together yet. Tell me, what was your intention at that time?”

Shen Du became like a kid who was caught embarrassedly while doing something wrong. He lowered his eyes, put his hand on the back of Ye Nanqi’s neck, bowed his head and kissed him, and said with no confidence, “There was with an intention. If I say it, can I not sleep on the sofa tonight?”

“Okay.” Ye Nanqi thought, besides the sofa, you have other places to go.

Shen Du didn’t know the little secret planning in the other person’s heart, and honestly confessed, “This is eavesdropping and a locator device, which can track you at any time… baby, at that time, I was also worried about you. I was afraid that something would happen to you, so I sent it over.”

Ye Nanqi was silent.

According to the situation between him and Shen Du at that time… It was fortunate that Shen Du was so kind.

Shen Du was so nervous that he was about to explode, staring at Ye Nanqi unblinkingly. After a long while, Ye Nanqi touched the bracelet, and said thoughtfully, “Mom said before, on the way to your work, you helped a little girl to find a cat, and in the end you were late at work. Looking at it this way… turns out to be true?”

Shen Du: “…”

There was no need to get an answer from Shen Du, his reddish ear tips spoke for themselves.

Ye Nanqi understood it clearly. All of a sudden, he had mixed feelings and thoughts. He didn’t expect that his husband would have such kindness and care. He always looked cold, but he was actually warm-hearted and helpful.

After all, Shen Du looked like an aloof and arrogant noble Childe, a little bit mean, a little bit fierce, and unpleasant to speak to most of the time.

Shen Du observed his expression: “Are you angry?”

Where could Ye Nanqi care to be angry. He just smiled and said, “Then where did you get the one on your hand?”

Shen Du’s face was so thick, enough to resume his natural expression again. He wouldn’t get angry even if Ye Nanqi laughed at him, and said, “It’s a pair with yours. In case your locator is damaged, mine will display the last detected location and give an alert.”

Ye Nanqi gained insights, pulled down his sleeves, and joked, “That you can’t let go of me like this?”

Shen Du cooperated with him, pretending to be distressed. “Yes, baby, what should I do? Dad taught me from a young age that men should learn how to let go. But I’ve already put you in my heart, and I can’t let you go.”

Ye Nanqi originally wanted to tease, “then don’t be a man”, but when he raised his eyes, he was accidentally drowned in his affectionate gaze. For a while, he forgot how to speak, and his voice fell involuntarily, “…then don’t let go.”

He could no longer let go anyway.

Without waiting for Shen Du to speak, he leaned over and hugged Shen Du’s waist, blushing and hinting, “My waist is not sore… and my butt doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Shen Du took a breath, and the strength of his arms around his waist became much stronger. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yao jing.”

[T/N: goblin, fairy, an alluring woman.]

Ye Nanqi narrowed his eyes alertly: “What did you call me?”

Shen Du picked him up, walked to the bathroom, and said openly with confidence, “Fairy.”

Ye Nanqi was frustrated and pinched the thin muscles on his waist. “Do you know what fairies do?”

Shen Du smiled, “Bewitching?”

“No.” Ye Nanqi took advantage of his lack of precautions, gently bit his earlobe, “It’s about specialized in squeezing people like you dry.”

[T/N: dark, heavy mood, then sweet sweet sweettttt. I can’t get used to it even now.]


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