Chapter 10: Don’t Go, Big Brother

Naturally no one dared.

The road became smooth without any more obstacles as no one would come to stop them again.

The crowds secretly looked at the backs of Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue, and while racking their brains to find something, they really finally found the reason for why the Marshal blocked the wine for Ji Xingjue: Oh! Isn’t it in order to be able to rationally get mad and teach Ji Xingjue a lesson?

Ji Xingjue had no time to figure out what that group of people behind was thinking.

From the moment Qi Qing drank that glass of wine, his heart lifted slightly, and nervous. He moved closer, observing his expression. “Are you okay?”

Qi Qing walked very steady and stable, looking straight ahead, very ungrateful toward his help. “I have always been okay.”

Ji Xingjue sighed, “Marshal, although you may not believe it, but you are drunk.”

Qi Qing groaned heavily, “How is it possible!”

Ji Xingjue silently stopped his steps. While watching Qi Qing, with his head held high, his chest bulging out, walk into the suspension car, hand in hand and step by step, his forehead began to ache.

Damel, who followed from behind, did not notice the abnormality and puzzled, “Ma’am, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Xingjue got into the car with him and looked at the upright sitting posture at the back seat, with no abnormal feelings at all, and stretched out three fingers. “Tell you some very unfortunate news.”

Damel: “?”

“3, 2, 1.”

Ji Xingjue slowly counted down three seconds, his face was extremely calm. Before Qi Qing made a sound and fell to the ground, he stretched out his hand to support his slumped body, and looked at the dumbfounded adjutant. “Your Marshal is drunk.”

Since the first time he stole a glass of Lord Duke’s wine in middle school, the amount of Qi Qing’s alcohol tolerance had never increased no matter how much older he got.

After so many years, it was still a glass of wine that knocked him out.

Moreover, not only did he have such low alcohol tolerance, he even became childish and domineering after being drunk.

It was still unknown if he had any improvement in that area.

Damel opened his eyes wide in amazement. He stared at the commanding officer’s face that seemed to be about to fall asleep in disbelief, and suddenly realized. “So that’s how it is! No wonder Marshal never drinks with us, and everyone thought that…”

“Thought that he was putting on air and refused to get close to you all?” Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but break into a laugh after learning the truth. “That is a big misunderstanding. Your Marshal has had such a temper since he was a child.”

Damel excitedly touched his terminal.

“Shh,” Ji Xingjue reclined in his seat, and while helping Qi Qing lay down with one hand, he suggested without raising his head, “Colonel Damel, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Don’t tell anyone about his drinking capacity.”

Otherwise, with Qi Qing’s hard to deal with temper, the scene was estimated to be quite thrilling.

Damel: “…”

Damel put down his hand decisively.

The suspension car slowly started and drove towards the Marshal’s Mansion.

Qi Qing was so drunk that he lay down quietly, and the usually indifferent and majestic Marshal looked extraordinarily soft while rolling up like a ball.

Qi Qing graduated from the military academy. He was very young when he led the war, and had many people look down on him. Since it was too troublesome to fight one by one, the sentence “Come all together” aroused the excitement of the community. Damel was also one of those who were beaten in the “Come together”. After following Qi Qing for many years, he had never seen such a look of Qi Qing. He couldn’t help feeling itchy.

He set the target address, and couldn’t help but keep stealing a glance. He kept shifting his foot, wandering around back and forth, and decided to try one death move. “Marshal… Is he really drunk?”

At the party, where not a single drop of water was consumed, Ji Xingjue now felt a little thirsty. He turned around and took a bottle of water, unscrewed it and took a sip.

Only after Damel tried to poke the eminent and unapproachable handsome face of Lord Marshal and that his arm was instantly twisted by Qi Qing and almost broke the fracture, did he smile and slowly said, “Colonel, you seem to have misunderstood your Marshal.”

Qi Qing, after being intoxicated, wouldn’t be able to control his force value, and it would only be more terrifying facing head on.

Damel rescued his arm with a cry, baring his fangs, he touched his dislocated arm while snapping its bone back to its original, and then said with a grimace, “Then how do we send Marshal back to his room in a while?”

Seeing Qi Qing reverted back to his seat, quiet, obedient and looking harmless, Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but stretch out his hand intending to give him a poke. “If it really doesn’t work, a bit later, you send two security robots over. No matter how strong your Marshal’s body is, or even if it’s made of steel, the genius copper skin and iron bones have to be broken…”


Ji Xingjue was ready to have his hand be twisted and dislocated. He lowered his head, but to his surprise, the touch that fell on his hand was gentle and soft with no sign of hindrance at all.

Qi Qing clenched his wrist, his misty eyes opened, his head tilted as he stared at him for a while, not knowing if he had recognized him, and closed his eyes again. His lowered eyelashes resembled two butterfly wings, gently fanning against each other. His breathing shallow, while rubbing his cheek on the back of his hands unconsciously.

Like a coquettish dog.

Damel stared blankly, and asked with pull of admiration, “Can Marshal recognize you, Ma’am?”

Ji Xingjue curled up his fingers and thought for a moment. “You come back and try again? He should be completely drunk, and isn’t able to distinguish between the enemy and me.”

Damel rubbed his aching arm, with lingering fears, and remained at a respectful distance. “No, no, since Marshal is not aggressive towards you, please trouble you to take care of Marshal.”

Seeing the adjutant trying to slip back to the driver’s seat, Ji Xingjue lowered his head, feeling quite puzzled. He then looked at the Lord Marshal whose face didn’t seem to appear to be drunk, and tried to draw his wrist back.

Although Qi Qing was drunk, his hands were like claws made of iron, holding on tight and never letting go.

Ji Xingjue reluctantly gave up the struggle. “Your state after drinking is the same as the amount of wine you can drink, you really have not improved at all.”

Qi Qing let out a snort from his nose.

It wasn’t far from the Palace to the Marshal’s Mansion. In less than twenty minutes, the suspension car passed the security alarm system and stopped at the main gate.

Damel didn’t dare to get too close to Qi Qing, but after glancing at Ji Xingjue’s thin body, he still leaned over, ready to help.

Ji Xingjue shook his head and while helping Qi Qing walk to the door, Damel came over again. “You need to scan Marshal’s biocode, right? I’ll help!”

With a beep, the scanner moved away from Ji Xingjue’s eyes, the red light turned green, and the door opened automatically with a click.

Damel could hardly believe it―Qi Qing’s alertness was extremely high, and it was also how he relied on the sense of danger to lead them out of dangerous situations again and again that they won the final victory.

But he actually gave Ji Xingjue the housing authority?

As soon as the door opened, a half head emerged from behind a long cushion. He blinked and exclaimed, “Papa, Mama, welcome home!”

“Oh, the little guy is not charging.” Damel recovered from the shock. Hearing this sound, he realized something later.

The little robot made its way out of the house and clung to Ji Xingjue’s trouser legs with a gentlemanly compliment. “Mama, you look so good today.”

“Thank you.” Ji Xingjue kicked it lightly with his toes, “Go get some hot towels for your dad.”

The little robot obediently got back into the house and hopped upstairs.

Ji Xingjue had a headache. He turned his head and wanted to explain to the adjutant why a robot would call him “Mama”. When he saw Damel staring at him in surprise and asked with a complicated expression, “Ma’am… you, are the mother of Marshal’s son?”

“…” Ji Xingjue smiled reluctantly, “It is enough for a retard to call a mother, you can switch the name.”

[T/N: JXJ had always regraded that little robot as his broken piece, calling it a retard all the time 🥲.]

Damel looked at him with a serious expression, his eyes completely changed while giving him a military salute. “This subordinate understood.”


Damel no longer responded.

He stopped his steps, his last trace of guarding against Ji Xingjue dissipated from the bottom of his heart as he handed Qi Qing over, feeling at ease. “Marshal doesn’t like being disturbed by outsiders in his private area, so I won’t go in. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.”

Damel left after speaking, but Ji Xingjue was still supporting Qi Qing in his hands. Unable to stay any longer, he had to continue dragging Qi Qing upstairs.

This man was the star of the Empire. He was like a sacred animal that Ji Xingjue dared not take care of him at will. He carefully moved him back to the room, put him on the bed, awakened the night light next to him, and drew his hand back again. “Aren’t you supposed to let go of me now?”

Qi Qing remained motionless.

Ji Xingjue thought of an idea, and changed his words, “I’ll get a towel to wipe you off, you stink.”

Qi Qing suddenly wrinkled his brows, slowly and hesitantly loosened his strength.

Seeing how he was so easily coaxed, Ji Xingjue couldn’t help secretly cheer.

He didn’t expect that he could use the same method to coax him after he was drunk. Towards Qi Qing like this, he was too familiar with him.

He proudly drew back his wrist, moved his muscles and bones, and the corners of his mouth curled up. “I’m sorry, Marshal, it is not convenient for me to wipe for you. Let your son do his filial piety. I’m leaving.”

After that, Ji Xingjue turned around and wanted to leave. Anyway, no matter how mentally retarded the little robot was, there was still no problem in taking care of people.

Unexpectedly, before he took his steps, a huge force suddenly came from his waist, and the sky was spinning in front of him. It was too late for Ji Xingjue to react, as he was dragged into the bed in a daze, and fell onto Qi Qing. Panicked, he found something to support, but accidentally pressed on Qi Qing’s abdomen.

In addition to the stiff fabric texture of the military uniform, he could also vaguely feel the firm, solid, well-defined abdominal muscles underneath.

Ji Xingjue felt his hand hot for no reason, and quickly took it back.

This time Qi Qing grasped him with precision and ruthlessness, as if a little angry.

Ji Xingjue whose car was overturned on the spot, was silly for a few seconds, and raised his hand to surrender. “Okay, release me, I’ll go to the bathroom to get a towel.”

Qi Qing didn’t believe his nonsense and pretended to be dead.

Ji Xingjue didn’t dare to move carelessly, for fear that he would ruin the Marshal’s extremely precious body, and persuaded him with kind words, “Are you going to imprison me like this for the whole night? Obviously, there will be two results, one is that you were crushed by me in the middle of the night, and the other is that you will kill me when you wake up tomorrow morning…”

The delirious Lord Marshal thought he was annoying, and stretched out his other hand to cover his mouth.

Ji Xingjue, who couldn’t make noises again, was between laughter and tears.

He had improved, but still not good enough.

While thinking about how to get rid of this dilemma, a hot towel was handed in front of him, and the little robot looked up at the two of them while trying its best to extend its mechanical arm. “Mama, use this!”

Realizing Qi Qing’s strength was loosened, Ji Xingjue lowered his head and smiled. “You really are your dad’s filial son.”

Being attacked from both sides by this pair of father and son, Ji Xingjue had to take the towel with him and wipe Qi Qing’s cheeks and neck. His eyes fell on the tightly buttoned military uniform that looked cold and abstinent. He hesitated and asked, “Let your son handle the below the neck?”

Qi Qing frowned and snorted.


The drunken Qi Qing was like “submit to me and prosper“, and after sobber up, “oppose me and perish.” Ji Xingjue sighed desperately, and could only pray that he would be completely forgotten when he woke up tomorrow morning and would not care about him.

The Empire’s military uniforms were quite exquisite and handsome. Every year, many people could be tricked into joining the army by propaganda photos. Even the buttons were made of a special kind of mineral. They were dark and extremely hard, symbolizing the willpower of the Imperial soldiers that nothing could not be destroyed.

Ji Xingjue helped Qi Qing take off his jacket and army boots before unbuttoning his shirt.

Unlike Ji Xingjue, who sat in the office all the year round, resulting his pale complexion, and thin body. What was revealed in front of his eyes was a strong body full of masculine charm. A healthy complexion had a lustrous beauty under the light. The chest and the abdominal muscles were well shaped, but not too exaggerated. The thin muscles were attached to the texture, and every line was perfect.

Ji Xingjue once again felt from the bottom of his heart that Lord Marshal’s body was much more perfect than those bionics that consume a lot of resources and were made with a golden ratio.

What he througt was a pure appreciation. When the towel rubbed the scar on Qi Qing’s waist, he paused and his movements became much softer.

“Why do you have to join the army? It’s not bad to mess around in a cool, unrestrained manner like those dandies in the Imperial Capital.” Ji Xingjue muttered to himself, wiping and wiping, and when he raised his head, his gaze ran into those light color eyes.

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Qi Qing: “……”

In an instant, the hair on Ji Xingjue’s back rose!

He withdrew his hand. “Misunderstanding! Lord marshal, please rest assured, I don’t have a hint of lust for your body!”

He dropped the towel and wanted to slip away, but this time he couldn’t slip away again.

Qi Qing moved much faster than him, grabbing his wrist and after applying some force, Ji Xingjue once again fell back on the bed.

With a burning body temperature sticking close behind him, he felt Qi Qing gently pressed his head to the back of his neck, the warm breath from his nose sprayed on his skin, enveloping with the faint scent of alcohol. The man seemed to say something.

The room was silent. The little robot most likely went to the charging port to continue his life.

Realizing that Qi Qing hadn’t awakened from his drunken state, Ji Xingjue’s breathing was lightened subconsciously.

After waiting for a while, the strength on his wrist slowly relaxed. He tentatively sat up, and wanted to take the opportunity to leave.

Qi Qing did not forcibly grab him back. He seemed very tired, holding his wrist loosely, and speaking something vaguely.

This time Ji Xingjue heard clearly.

What Qi Qing said was, “Don’t go, big brother.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

[T/N: I was thinking… Should I use Gege or big brother in the next translations…🥲]


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