Chapter 69: Mrs. Shen Agreed

Shen Du hadn’t been squeezed dry, but Ye Nanqi went through a lot. Only after being coaxed to say a bunch of good words until his ears turned red, that he was able to catch his breath. After cleaning up, he was hugged back to the bed. He pulled on a long face, and with his back to Shen Du, he refused to turn around.

Shen Du wasn’t in a hurry either. He wrapped his waist, and as soon as he pressed his knees, he easily separated his legs and squeezed in. After slowly rubbing for a while, he whispered, “Are you sure you want to turn your back to me?”

Ye Nanqi’s waist was a little soft. After thinking for a while, he turned back sullenly.

Shen Du liked to hold him face to face, he sniffed lightly between his neck, and said, “Do you want me to coax you?”

“…” Ye Nanqi trembled with goosebumps and pushed his head away, “Do you treat me as a little girl?”

“I’ll like you even if you are a little girl.” As Shen Du said, he brought him back again, “Go to sleep, and don’t worry. All problems will be solved.”

The night was quiet. Outside the house was a faint rustle of leaves swaying against each other, while inside the house was the gentle breathing of the person around him sounding out.

Ye Nanqi got close to Shen Du’s chest. He heard his powerful heartbeat, and closed his eyes for a moment. Regarding this as a lullaby, he muttered something.

Shen Du’s eyebrows moved slightly. “What?”

Ye Nanqi closed his eyes. “Sleep. It’s so late already, I don’t want you anymore if you turn bald.”

Shen Du didn’t say a word, only hugging him and stroking his back gently.

Actually, he heard it. What Ye Nanqi said was, “It’s nice to have met you.”

He wanted to hear Ye Nanqi say it again, as many times as possible.

The surveillance video was sent to Li Hengran, and was put into work immediately.

Since Tan Yi and that little gangster who was set as a substitute all died unjustly, the case was retrailed. As soon as the news came out, the awaiting media was shocked and screamed, wondering what day it was these days. The melon farmers began to be diligent in planting the land, while the melon eaters were so full to the point of bursting.

The personnel involved in Tan Yi’s case were recalled. Li Hengran brought some men and directly detained the arrogant people who had been in the surveillance video many years ago and brought them back to the police station.

Even the judge who had been promoted back then returned.

The evidence was conclusive, but since the other party had money, he hired a defense lawyer and delayed in court.

Shen Du didn’t even knit his eyebrows when he heard the news. After a round of searching in the circle of friends, he invited a well-known lawyer to help him, and he became a plaintiff in civil suits.

Zhao Sheng, who enjoyed the hustle and bustle of life, used his great powers, and found that gangster’s friend and brought him back, and also discovered that Tan Yi’s father was still alive.

When Tan Yi had an accident that year, Mother Tan, who was originally ill, could not accept the blow. After returning home, she became more and more depressed, and soon passed away. The pain of losing a son and a wife was like a knife cutting Father Tan’s soul alive. Even for all these years, he couldn’t let it go. Now knowing that Tan Yi’s death was yet another strange thing, he came all the way here. The gray-haired old teacher was holding a sign with red eyes, feeling helpless; he only wanted one justice. 

There were just a few isolated phrases on the Internet, mentioning that the murderer was a rich second generation. Netizens with a sense of justice began to talk and discuss it. After many rounds of discussion, the topic suddenly became distorted, and became a discussion of the wealthy children who were gorgeous in appearance but dilapidated in internal quality.

As a result, the rich second generation who were a little famous in A City were scolded, and not a single one was spared.

Zhao Sheng, who was feeling very idle, ran to Shen Du’s house with a few boxes of ice cream for Ye Nanqi, saying that it was for him to eat later. However, he was so furious when he saw this scolding, and all the ice cream was dug into his stomach to put off the fire.

“Sister-in-law!” Zhao Sheng cried sadly, “Look at what the Internet says about me! A mistress? That’s my elder sister in the photo! Taking pleasure in luxury cars? Who doesn’t have a few sports cars in the capital? The most fucking remarkable thing is that they say I don’t do my job properly. Can’t carry out the business, go crosstalk, they said. Who did I offend in the crosstalk show?”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Zhao Sheng: “Sister-in-law?”

Ye Nanqi smiled gently and pushed the last box of ice cream in front of him. “Eat more and calm down.”

Zhao Sheng continued to eat as he looked at Ye Nanqi. After looking for a while, he said, “Sister-in-law, Shen Du has also been criticized.”

Ye Nanqi’s eyebrows trembled as he immediately took out his phone to take a look.

Sure enough, none of them were given any mercy. Even the admirable and low-key Shen Du, who had no black materials, had been given black materials to be scolded.

“He goes so far as to like a little star but that star is just a stage actor. He’s still spending a lot of money, not doing business all day long, only thinking about the little love. Going to study abroad, but all was left to his lower body?”

Ye Nanqi looked at the post for a while. with no any expression. His face was cold as he taped on his phone. With his fingertips sliding on the screen, Zhao Sheng, who felt inexplicably murderous, asked cautiously, “Sister-in-law, what are you doing?”

Ye Nanqi slammed his phone on the table and said calmly, “Contact the agent and find the water army. By the way, I scolded a few idiots back.”

After eating ice cream and being full, he was caught off guard and was stuffed with dog food. Zhao Sheng felt so terrible he almost choked. “Sister-in-law, aren’t you a bit too indifferent? As soon as I was scolded, you looked at me with a smile, but when Shen Du was scolded, you immediately scolded back…”

Ye Nanqi added, “I also helped you scolde back.”

Zhao Sheng was so moved that tears formed in his eyes, and changed his words instantly, “You are really my sister-in-law! I bought a sports car the day before yesterday. Sister-in-law, do you want it, I will send it to you soon!”

He just looked for some water army and scolded them back a little, and he already mentioned the sports car. Ye Nanqi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and just quickly waved his hand to decline it.

Zhao Sheng only smiled and said nothing. Ye Nanqi thought that this talk was over, but someone contacted him that night and the car was sent.

Ye Nanqi looked at Shen Du with a blank expression and pointed at the car, “Are you rich second generations all like this?”

Shen Du said, “Yes ah, if we have nothing to do, we can send a car, if we are pleased, we can send a house. If we are even more pleased, we may also give away some shares.”

Ye Nanqi, who was still considering whether to let the water army pull back: “…”

Looking at his expression Shen Du wanted to laugh. “Be good and take it. Zhao Sheng is not short of this amount of money. Your birthday is coming, and just regard this as a gift from his little good intention.”

Ye Nanqi took a look at this sports car, which was worth a few million dollars, and felt that this little good intention was too stimulating. He thought about sending it back to Zhao Sheng, and looked at Shen Du sideways for a while before gently raising his eyebrows.

“Then what gift do you give me?”

Shen Du pondered for a moment. “How about letting you experience the happiness of family? My future descendants are all yours.”

Ye Nanqi’s face became hot uncontrollably: “…go away!”


The lawyer that Shen Du found was someone who would curse at anyone without giving face. Thus, the lawyer that the murderous rich second generation looked for, couldn’t do anything and directly retreated.

Tan Yi, who died tragically in a dark alley many years ago, and the gangster who was used as a substitute, as well as the debt of two lives finally fell back to the murderer with a human face and a beastly heart.

Li Hengran took the person back to continue questioning because the murderer was still involved with the criminal group that was still being investigated.

Father Tan took the photos of his son and his wife and came to A City alone. He just wanted to give his son a fair deal, and he had nothing else to ask for. Hearing the final verdict, he wept bitterly while holding the photo of his son.

This matter was not over yet, and everyone involved in the incident would be investigated again, especially the judge who had been promoted back then.

Father Tan didn’t know this, and no one had the heart to tell him that his son’s death might be just an act on a whim of those animals.

On the surface, the lawyer and Li Hengran contributed the most to this matter. When Father Tan sent the silk banner to the police station, Ye Nanqi was also there.

Obviously he hadn’t reached his seventieth yet, but Father Tan was already gray-haired and looking quite old. As soon as he saw Li Hengran, he immediately wanted to kneel. Li Hengran quickly supported him. Because he often smoked and drank coffee to refresh himself, his voice was heavy and hoarse. “…You don’t have to do this, this is what I should do.”

“Trust us, the wicked will eventually succumb to the law.”

“Although this is a bit late, Tan Yi got justice…There are others who will get justice too.”

Ye Nanqi stood behind and looked at Father Tan silently.

Tan Yi’s parents were both university teachers. Although Father Tan was already showing his old age, he could still see the refined temperament around him.

The lawyer who scolded the murderer in court, used the most ruthless words, but it was only “frenzied”, “a murderous heart” and “won’t die a natural death” words of cursing.

If nothing had happened at the beginning, Tan Yi and Ye Mei could have continued their relationship, this person would be Ye Mei’s father-in-law, and the in-laws of the Ye family.

Or what if Tan Yi hadn’t been stubborn in searching for the truth, been a little coward, and didn’t go to that villa, he could have been able to live well.

But to assume like this was wrong.

There was no what ifs, they owed no one nothing. None of them was wrong, and the ones who were wrong and shouldn’t cause the stir were those lawless, maverick beasts. 

He felt that his throat was astringent, and as he stepped forward, trying to say something, his Adam’s apple rolled a few times, but he couldn’t utter a word.

Father Tan looked at the beautiful young man who walked in front of him with a puzzled expression. After a while, he saw the other party lower his head, as if a little embarrassed, and asked softly, “Uncle, can I hug you?”

Father Tan did not hesitate as he perceived his goodwill and kindness. He opened his hands and gave him a hug.

Feeling Father Tan’s thin and crumbling body, Ye Nanqi’s eyes became more sore, and asked softly, “Uncle, did the murderer tell you anything?”

Father Tan paused and said lightly, “He said ‘I’m sorry’.”

Before Ye Nanqi continued to ask, he said, “But I refuse to forgive him.”

Father Tan didn’t stay long. When it was time for him to return, Ye Nanqi sent him back.

For this young man with inexplicable goodwill, Father Tan was curious, but didn’t ask much. It wasn’t until just before the security check that he turned around and asked, “Are you Yiyi’s friend?”

Ye Nanqi paused.

If Tan Yi was still alive, maybe they would really be friends. So he nodded and smiled slightly. “Yes, I am. Uncle, I wish you a safe journey.”

Father Tan nodded at him and replied, “Everything will be fine.”

Shen Du stood in the distance, watching Father Tan leave, and then walked over and put his arms around Ye Nanqi’s shoulders.

Ye Nanqi smiled at him, asking, “Not working today?”

Shen Du also smiled, “When I become an arm-flinging shopkeeper, the work will be given to our dad.”

Shen Du had been struggling with his father for a long time, and finally succeeded in shaking off his hands, so after sharing half of the work, he finally freed himself. 

Of course, there was a price. When things were settled, he had to completely take over the Shen’s.

Father Shen wanted to go home to raise a man who was known by the company he kept for a long time. [T/N: forgive me, I don’t quite understand this sentence.]

Shen Du didn’t want Ye Nanqi to keep things in his heart, and pretended to take things less seriously as he talked to him. Shen Du remained calm and collected while trying to make him happy. “Other families are fighting for power, and only after the head of the family is about to die of illness, will he be willing to give the authority to his son. As for my father, when I just graduated and returned here, he wished I had taken over the entire company so that he could live an easy life with his wife.”

Ye Nanqi smiled depressedly. “This is dad trusting you.”

“I also want to live easily with my wife.” Shen Du pretended to sigh, “We only fell in love after we got married. I even skipped the procedure of confession with candles, as well as traveling and watching movies together. The only thing that is good is that I don’t have to kidnap you to get a marriage certificate.”

Ye Nanqi imagined the scene where Shen Du placed heart-shaped candles and yelled I love you, and suddenly he felt a chill. “Except for using a candle to confess which is too embarrassing, I will accompany you in anything in the future.”

“I don’t want to wrong myself more in the future.” Shen Du stopped the car and smiled sideways. “I want to watch a movie with you today.”

The neon light outside the window reflected in, showing Shen Du’s handsome side profile. The impact was so great that someone’s heartbeat quickened. Ye Nanqi felt that Shen Du was really his only piece of candy. If he was unhappy, as long as he was close to him and had a taste, he felt that the world was all sweet over again.

When he looked out the window, he found that Shen Du had stopped in front of a theater.

Shen Du took out two movie tickets from his pocket and handed them to Ye Nanqi. He politely said, “Mr. Ye, can I invite you to the movie? I like the actor in this movie very much and I want to watch it with you.”

Ye Nanqi lowered his head and after a glance, he was a little surprised.

It turned out to be the movie he made at the beginning of the year.

Since it was a long time ago, he hadn’t bothered to care about it recently. Wen Chen told him last month that the film was about to be released, but he simply forgot about it.

The recent incidents had caused ups and downs in the city, and Wen Chen was not blind. He had seen it all, and naturally felt sorry for the artist whom he treated like a brother.

Now Wen Chen treats him like a valuable antique. He dared not speak loudly, and was cautious about everything, for fear that he could not bear the pressure and take things too hard. 

He simply never mentioned his work anymore.

Unexpectedly, he forgot, but Shen Du still remembered.

After his wandering thought returned, Shen Du was still waiting patiently for the answer. Ye Nanqi raised his eyes and said, “Aren’t you afraid that Mrs. Shen will be upset if you invite me to watch a movie?”

Shen Du replied in deadly earnest, “Mrs. Ye is very happy. I don’t think Mrs. Shen will have any opinions.”

Ye Nanqi looked at him for a long while, before he smiled. “En, Mrs. Shen agreed.”

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Nan Xiao Qi: Super fierce! Super husband!


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