Chapter 11: Mama & Papa, A Man Must Be Honest

Ji Xingjue’s figure froze instantly.

He hadn’t been called like this for a long time, and had forgotten when was the last time Qi Qing called him “big brother”.

Maybe he remembered it, but it was just that he didn’t want to use his brain to pick up the dusty memory, and recall that scene again.

…after all, he had a guilty conscience and was ashamed of himself.

He was indeed a traitor, and it wasn’t falsely accursed that people scolded him like that.

It was clear that the restraint force on his wrist was very light this time, and he could leave with just a flick of his hand, but Ji Xingjue couldn’t move.

He stared at the outstanding handsome facial face of Lord Marshal. After looking at his face for a while, he was bold enough to stretch out his hand and give it a pinch―but Lord Marshal was still sleeping so soundly that he didn’t feel anything at all. With an unnoticeable smile on his face, he decided to be more tolerant of this face, and got up slowly to sit down against the head of the bed. He put his right hand on the bed obediently, and let Qi Qing hold it.

It was tranquil inside the house, but it was unknown when the breezing snow outside would stop.

The most beautiful moonlight could be seen from the star of Ankara. At this time, the moonlight was slanting from the huge French windows, falling on them lightly like a soft, fine silk, and as cold as snow.

It was already late at night, and after Ji Xingjue adjusted his posture, he closed his eyes.

If he didn’t sleep, his mental state would be worse tomorrow, and it was impossible to tell what kind of gossip in the Imperial Capital would pass on him.

He didn’t mind the gossip, but that manner of criticism that would affect Qi Qing was not good. If Qi Qing met someone he really liked in the future, this foul label was enough to have him in great trouble.

Ji Xingjue hadn’t had a good night’s sleep these years. He had to rely on the medicine to fall asleep smoothly.

Perhaps it was because he was too exhausted tonight, or perhaps because there was Qi Qing by his side. He fell asleep unexpectedly smoothly, but before long, his consciousness fell into chaos and darkness.

Ji Xingjue dreamed of the day he left the Qi’s family.

The sky was gray, and the whole house was silent and solemn. Mrs. Qi was wearing a black long dress, the corner of her eyes was red due to the crying, and was smiling slightly at him.

Qi Qing, who was still in his teenage self leaned against the door and watched him coming downstairs without any expression.

The light rain was pattering, bringing along with it a smell of mud in the air. However, not only did the rain fail to wash away everything that was dusty, but instead added a vague gray to the familiar house.

The appearance of Qi Qing in his memory was very clear. Ji Xingjue even remembered the look in his eyes, like a sharp sword splashed with cold light, but what made him dare not look directly at was actually the look of the teenager’s eyes being abandoned, and hidden a little bit of hatred.

When passing by Qi Qing, his sleeve was grabbed.

Then Qi Qing’s low, hoarse voice came in his ears. “Don’t go.”

Ji Xingjue kept walking, and heard Qi Qing shouting again. “Big Brother.”

He closed his eyes and flicked away Qi Qing’s hand. “Sorry.”

He originally didn’t want to use an umbrella, but since soaking in the rain would be too embarrassing, and he didn’t want to be so embarrassed in Qi Qing’s eyes when he left, he had to open the umbrella and left Qi’s house with his luggage.

When he walked to the gate, there was a sound of catching up behind him. On the mirror decoration that was washed by the rain, he looked at the figure of the young man who was catching up.

That shadow stood still in the rain like that, watching him leave Qi’s house without looking back.

That was Ji Xingjue’s last memory of Qi Qing when he was a teenager.

When they met again, it was the joint graduation party four years later. It was the day before Qi Qing went to join the army.

Ji Xingjue had actually dreamed of this scene many times, and each time it ended when he left Qi’s house.

But this night’s dream was not over yet.

The footsteps behind him did not stop. With a strength full of burning hot on his wrists, he was held still and the cold and low voice of adult Qi Qing sounded in his ears. “I caught you.”

Ji Xingjue abruptly woke up.

The view in front of him was blurred for a moment, and then gradually became clear, and what caught his eyes was a round head.

The little robot looked at him curiously. “Mama, were you talking in your sleep just now? I recorded it for you, do I need to back it up?”

Ji Xingjue was frightened by the round head facing him, causing his heart to stop. He gritted his teeth and slowly took a breath. “I need you to delete and smash it immediately.”

The little robot blinked its two black bean eyes. “Sorry, Mama, you don’t have this permission.”

“…then let me listen to what I said before.”

“Sorry, Mama, you don’t have this permission.”

Ji Xingjue took a deep breath. “May I ask, what authority do I have?”

The little robot tilted his head and thought about it for a while. “Except for the permissions you don’t have, you have everything else.”

Ji Xingjue gradually became murderous.

He flicked the little robot’s head with two fingers, and then found that he was still lying in bed. Looking at the surrounding arrangements, he was still in Qi Qing’s room.

This was Qi Qing’s bed, with a touch of alcohol scents.

Being able to let him sleep on the bed with great kindness, instead of strangling him immediately after waking up, it seemed that Qi Qing really couldn’t remember what had happened last night.

Ji Xingjue looked at the little robot and smiled kindly. “Here, come a bit closer.”

Being able to get close to Ji Xingjue made the little robot very happy. The little guy leaned forward without any vigilance, and was mercilessly pressed by Ji Xingjue, ready to grab and invade the database.

Before the act of murder of his own son could be implemented, two soft taps came from the door.

The sober-up Lord Marshal stood at the door and glanced at the little robot without any expression. “What are you going to do to my son again?”

With that being said, it felt like he was a stepmother.

Ji Xingjue innocently touched the little robot’s ears, put it down then sat on the edge of the bed with his feet hanging down. With no sight of slippers presented, he ran out like a swift of smoke.

In that instant brief encounter, his wrist was pulled again.

The intensity of the heat was the same as in the dream.

Qi Qing lowered his eyes and looked at his bare feet, which were white and soft, as if someone had been pampered and spoiled since childhood. His face was calm, like still water. “Come down to eat.”

The stunned Ji Xingjue could just utter an “Oh”.

The little robot probably automatically awakened its shadow attribute as it was tagging along behind Ji Xingjue. One person and one machine, one in the front and one followed behind, they went into the opposite room together.

Qi Qing twisted his eyebrows as he glanced at the little robot that was almost blocked by Ji Xingjue’s door panel, and tsked.

“Useless thing.”

Not like him even a bit.

And he had no idea how Ji Xingjue set up such a stupid temper.

The door closed, blocking Qi Qing’s line of sight. Ji Xingjue immediately picked up the little robot and threatened in a low voice. “No matter what I said, you are not allowed to tell your Papa, understand?”

The little robot looked at him suspiciously.

Ji Xingjue guide patiently and systematically. “This is the secret between us.”

The little robot suddenly became excited. “Okay! This is the secret between me and Mama, and I will keep it like Papa’s secret!”

Ji Xingjue couldn’t help being curious. “What’s your Papa’s secret?”

The little robot turned his back coldly. “Mama, a man must be honest.”


It was really unreasonable to be taught by a mentally retarded robot.

It was mysterious where the breakfast came from.

Ji Xingjue guessed that it might have been sent by the adjutant. He quickly settled his part, wiped his mouth and stood up. “I won’t bother Lord Marshal to send me today. I have to go to the laboratory for a morning meeting.”

Qi Qing had finished eating long before him. He was reading the morning news of the Imperial Capital, and raised his eyebrows when he heard the sound. “Did I say I want to send you? Yesterday, I just dropped you off along my way.”

Ji Xingjue had already passed the age of suffering from unreciprocated affection. His eyes bent and smiled indifferently. “Okay.”

His complexion was porcelain-white, and when he laughed, the red mole at the corner of his eye was always particularly conspicuous, adding a bit of enchantment.

Qi Qing closed his eyes with discomfort. When he looked back again, Ji Xingjue had already got into the elevator to the underground garage while flinging his car keys.

The little robot gululu rolled to his feet, showing off in his immature electronically synthesized voice. “Papa, Mama and I also have a secret to keep!”

Qi Qing squinted his eyes. “What secret?”

The little robot raised his head and said seriously, “Papa, a man must be honest.”

Qi Qing: “……”

When the car was approaching Ankara University, Ji Xingjue glanced at the amount of news exploding on the terminal, and deliberately made a detour.

He smoothly got into the school from the side door, all the way under the experimental building. Unexpectedly, there were no crowds gathering around or a scene of onlookers competing downstairs.

Several soldiers dressed in imperial military uniforms guarded the surroundings, blocking away the miscellaneous people.

Ji Xingjue realized that he was on the right track!

It seemed that the Admiral would be here today. In the Imperial Capital, apart from Qi Qing who was casually about his appearance, for other big shots, all objects had to be cleared in advance to prevent the crowd from being mixed with malicious people.

Although he didn’t care about the crowd of gossipers, it was still not a pleasant thing to be watched like a monkey. Ji Xingjue was in a good mood, as he showed his work permit, and happily greeted several soldiers.

The head soldier recognized him, and with a serious expression, he saluted. “You are welcome, Ma’…Professor Ji!”

However, even if he could escape from the passersby, he couldn’t escape from the storm of his laboratory colleagues.

As soon as he stepped into the laboratory, Ji Xingjue noticed the strange atmosphere.

The surroundings were quiet, and the moment he stepped in, everyone looked over, like sunflowers facing the sun, their eyes were burning.

Ji Xingjue wasn’t in a hurry either while taking the lead to speak. “We will have a meeting with Party A later. Although we have prepared in advance, we still have another morning meeting to prevent accidents.”

One sentence was enough to block everyone.

Business comes first. Everyone had to hold back the gossip that was scorching in their hearts, and honestly held a morning meeting.

The pace of the meeting was completely controlled by Ji Xingjue. One sentence at the East, and another one at the West. The morning meeting was held for nearly two hours, without allowing this group of people to say a word off-topic. After that he dispatched a bunch of tasks that made everyone face ashamed, successfully extinguishing most people’s gossip.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Ji Xingjue slowly concluded everything. “The meeting is over, Cecilie and Song Mei come with me.”

The meeting place was set at the side of a composite building. The three people took the materials and once they were out of the laboratory, Song Mei couldn’t hold back. “Brother Ji, you…”

“Shh,” Ji Xingjue pressed his index finger on his lips, smiling like a sly fox, “We’re outside.”

Song Mei had to hold back the words again.

The news of “Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue got married” spread all over the Imperial Capital overnight, making some people caught off guard, some suffered a crushing defeat, while a great number of others enjoyed watching a bustling scene.

The number of visits to the exchange forum broke all-time higher, with analysis posts blooming everywhere, from sociology, psychology, management and even military analysis.

At the end of the analysis, because everyone still didn’t understand the deep intention of the Marshal’s move, thus, it could only be boiled down to: This may be an alternative revenge.

What a twisted hatred it must be to tie an old enemy to your side!

—Wait and see, within three months, Ji Xingjue will be over!

The unalterable-done-for Ji Xingjue ignored all kinds of gazes along the way. He calmly arrived at the complex and entered the meeting room before sighing a little.

Even though he was stalling the meeting time in the morning, it was still not enough. Party A has not arrived yet.

Since there was no one in the meeting room, Song Mei and Cecilie, who had been holding back all the way, finally broke out.   

“Honorable Ma-dam Mar-shal,” Cecilie emphasized each tone, a smile was revealed on her face but her expression was full of troubles lie ahead. “When did you have an illicit intimacy with Marshal and cheat us under cover of a diversion?”   

Song Mei oddly said, “When did you two become as embarrassing as acting in collusion with one another?”

These two were still paleo-Chinese scholars.

Ji Xingjue took two steps back tactically. “Didn’t I say it before, I signed a contract with Qi Qing.”

“Pay attention to the elegant demeanor of a wise and virtuous woman.” A friendly reminder from Ji Xingjue.

Song Mei hugged his hands and faintly said, “As a friend, I have to tell you that, according to social statistics, 37% of the imperial criminal cases die every year due to family conflicts. For such cases, most judges think it is emotional disputes and the sentence is not serious. Do you think that Qi Qing wants to take advantage of legal loopholes?”

Ji Xingjue wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. “Please don’t make him so dark and distorted! If he wants to deal with me, he will use corrective measures.”

The two were silent, their eyes were indescribable.

The air flow was too slow, and Ji Xingjue felt a bit suffocated.

At exactly this time, the door of the conference room was pushed open.

Qi Qing’s cold voice came in. “Really? Thank you for your trust.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Cecilie: “…………”

Song Mei: “………………”

Adjutant Damel stood behind Qi Qing, looking like he wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh. His pulled his long face to Qi Qing’s ear, and whispered a few words.

Qi Qing glanced at the three people condescendingly, then turned and left.

As soon as they left, the three of them breathed a sigh of relief.

Song Mei sat down, trembling shaking all over. “Why is he coming to school again?!”

Cecilie nudged Ji Xingjue’s waist and asked jokingly, “Mrs. Marshal?”

Mrs. Marshal doesn’t want to talk to her.

“He heard what I just said, right?” Song Mei’s face turned pale, “Will he hold grudges?”

Ji Xingjue touched his head affectionately. “He will. He is very stingy, you are dead.”

The next sentence “Don’t talk nonsense in the future” hadn’t yet spoken, and the door was pushed open again.

Qi Qing returned, standing at the door, coldly watching Ji Xingjue. “I heard it.”

Ji Xingjue: “……”

Why are you back again!

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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