Chapter 18: I’ll Bring Him Back For You No Matter How Far He Runs

Cathy’s long brown curly hair was a little dry and shaggy resting on the head that was hung low.

After a long time, she raised her head, her eyes were red.

For a moment, Ji Xingjue keenly caught the hatred escaping the girl’s eyes, as she roughly called out, “Professor Ji.”

At that time, did Qi Qing also view him like this?

A vague thought flashed through Ji Xingjue’s mind, and he immediately concluded: no idea.

He didn’t dare to look at Qi Qing’s eyes at that time because of guilt.

Cathy asked softly, “Professor, was Senior Yser really kidnapped by the star thief and had an accident?”

Ji Xingjue used his gentle voice to calm her. “Cathy, Yser sacrificed himself for other talents. He is a hero.”

“Is he really… a hero?” Cathy murmured.

Ji Xingjue was silent. “The Empire will posthumously award him a medal.”

Cathy nodded, staring blankly at Ji Xingjue’s ring finger, before slowly speaking, “I heard that Senior Yser used to live in your dormitory. Can I go and see it?”

Ji Xingjue nodded, “Let me talk to the dorm manager a bit, you can go.”

Seeing the girl’s back figure drifting away, he closed his eyes slightly and turned to the laboratory building.

Cecilie waited by the door of the laboratory, holding a slender lady’s cigarette between her fingers. She skillfully took a sip and exhaled a thin white mist. Seeing Ji Xingjue, she squinted her eyes. “I just guessed that you would come over. Have you seen the news?”

Ji Xingjue only en-ed in response. 

“This kid… Alas, what a pity.” Cecilie hesitated for a moment about what she wanted to say, “Don’t be too sad.”

Ji Xingjue was uncomfortable with the smoke. His head hung down and coughed a few times before avoiding and turning to the side and pointed to the no-smoking sign next to her head. “If you put the smoke out, I won’t be so sad.”

“Tsk, the delicate Mrs. Marshal.”

Ji Xingjue expressionlessly opened the door and decided to set rules for the next meeting and stay away from Song Mei to avoid mental pollution.

Other people in the lab were also discussing Yser.

“Yser ah… When he came to the lab to act as the assistant, I always felt that I should be the one to assist him,” a researcher sighed, “What a pity.”

Seeing Ji Xingjue, everyone tacitly understood and fell silent. They wanted to comfort him but were afraid that they would upset him more if they talked too much.

After all, the one who valued Yser the most was Ji Xingjue, his mentor.

Ji Xingjue waved his hand. “Everyone, please go on doing your own business.”

With a faint expression on his face, he returned to his seat, turned on the optical computer to read the chip, and continued to do his own thing as usual.

The newcomer from the Fourth galaxy couldn’t help but ask people around him secretly, “Professor Ji has always been so calm?”

The researcher next to him was accustomed to taking candy in his mouth. “Professor Ji ah, except for the day Marshal Qi returned to the Imperial Capital, he has always been like this.”

The newcomer’s face was full of complicated things that were hard to explain in a few words. “But like this, isn’t it too cold? That’s his student ah.”

The researcher was stunned, bit the candy in his mouth, took another look at Ji Xingjue, and thought for a while: “Let’s also learn something. To engage in scientific research is to have a good attitude.”

Ji Xingjue stayed at school for a day in a good state of mind, and was the last one to leave in the evening as usual.

After meeting with Cathy today, he didn’t really want to meet Qi Qing. He planned to drive to the base to sleep for one night and return to school tomorrow.

As a result, he saw the familiar car when he got downstairs.

Damel stood straight by the car, and politely pulled the car door. “Ma’am, Marshal asked me to pick you up.”

Ji Xingjue began to have a discuss with him, “Can you treat it as not seeing me?”

“Can not.”


Damel whispered, “Because Marshal is in the car.”



Ji Xingjue got into the car and saw that Qi Qing was sitting in the back row, closing his eyes and resting. He dangled for a while, ready to take the seat farthest away from him.

Unexpectedly, it was like Qi Qing had grown a third eye, and suddenly said, “Come here.”

Ji Xingjue reluctantly walked over and sat across from him. “Lord Marshal, are you free today?”

The color of Qi Qing’s eyes was a combination of blue and black. He pinched the tip of his eyebrows, his voice was a little dumb when he opened his eyes. “Ji Xingjue, do you have no conscience?”

“I mean,” Ji Xingjue readily gave good advice, “You are so tired, why bother to come to school to block me? How nice to go home and rest.”

Qi Qing said coldly, “Dan Dan hasn’t seen you for a few days, thinking you’re leaving again, and keep asking me where you have gone every day from when I entered the door to when I left.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Why did it sound like he looked like a scumbag who abandoned his wife and children?

Damel sat in front pretending to be deaf and dumb, and while watching the picture on the light screen intently, he suddenly yelled, “Marshal, there are people at the gate.”

Ji Xingjue looked at the light screen subconsciously.

The light screen was connected to the security system of the Marshal’s Mansion. In the monitor, several people were waiting at the gate, headed by the 3rd Prince Harlem’s elder brother, the 2nd Prince Deen.

Ji Xingjue glanced at the situation and knew what was going on. He rested his chin on his hand and smiled. “Since the Eldest prince was unfortunately assassinated on the border patrol, His Majesty has not revealed the idea of an heir apparent to a throne. It seems that the 2nd prince is very motivated, and Lord Marshal is very popular.”

Qi Qing gave an order, not in the least to bother about such a thing. “Go around.”

Ji Xingjue raised his eyebrows curiously. “Go around? It doesn’t seem to be in line with your style of behavior.”

“My style of doing things is to do whatever I want,” Qi Qing’s eyes hung on his body, and the tone was light, “I don’t want to meet with troublesome people.”

Ji Xingjue deeply understood. “If the noble is used as the unit of measurement for trouble, this prince should weigh a ton of trouble out of the noble.”

Appearing to be pleased by this wonderful metaphor, Qi Qing curled the corner of his lips and stared at Ji Xingjue, who wasn’t standing or sitting properly, but still looking free and easy and elegant. “You don’t seem to be worried at all.”


“Ji Xingjue, it’s better not to let me find out that you left the Imperial Capital half a year ago,” Qi Qing leaned in close, and stared at those dark eyes, his voice was deep, “Otherwise you might have trouble with ten nobles.”

Ji Xingjue blinked, slightly furrowed his eyebrows, and the red mole at the end of his eyes was particularly sultry. “Why? I’m a good citizen who abides by laws and regulations.”

The suspension car temporarily diverted in the air, circled the huge Marshal’s mansion for a half circle, and after getting rid of the trouble, they entered through the back door, and landed at the door.

As soon as the door opened, Ji Xingjue’s legs sank.

The little robot dadada dashed out, holding Ji Xingjue’s legs, first shouted “Papa”. Noticing it was wrong, it foolishly raised its head. After seeing that it was Ji Xingjue, his ears that were hanging on the floor, stood up straight with pleasant surprise. “Mama, you are back! I and Papa miss you so much, thinking you will be away for a long time!”

Qi Qing was talking to Damel and was too lazy to correct the phrase “I and Papa”.

The little robot was depressed for a few days, and finally saw Ji Xingjue again. He was clinging to his leg and not letting go.

Ji Xingjue walked his steps with difficulty, and negotiated with it in a pleasant manner. “Look, you only have 10% of the battery. Go recharge it first.”

The little robot raised its ears alertly and held it tighter.

Ji Xingjue: “……”

He had no experience of coaxing children, let alone coaxing robots.

He was speechless for a few seconds, before subconsciously looking at Qi Qing for help.

Qi Qing closed the door behind his back, and leaned on the door as if he was watching a play. He came into contact with Ji Xingjue’s eyes asking for help―those eyes seemed to have some magical power, and when they smiled, their ripple shone faintly with a wavering light, and now they were like a wave of soft water, which was hard to refuse.

His breathing paused for a moment. He laughed and mocked himself as “truly useless” in his heart, walked over and squatted down, and touched the little robot’s ears. “Isn’t this coming back?”

The little robot still held Ji Xingjue’s leg and refused to let it go. “Papa.”

Regarding the silly little robot, on the contrary, Qi Qing had a lot of patience, and said flatly. “I will bring him back for you no matter how far he runs, now let go.”

“En! Papa, Mama, see you later.” The little robot, who rubbed Ji Xingjue’s trouser legs obsessively, let go of it obediently, and looked for the charging port with his head back and forth step by step.

Qi Qing snorted in disgust. “Like a clingy puppy, who is the character prototype you set?”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

This is a proposition.

He formed a fist with his hand, pressed it against his chin, and coughed slightly, “I forgot.”

Fortunately, Qi Qing was not obsessed with asking this question. After entering the room, he spoke first. “After the comparison, there is indeed the biological information of Yser Lestervin on the Starship Fragment.”

“So Yser’s suspicion is cleared?”

“You wish,” Qi Qing raised his eyebrows slightly, “Did you let someone into your dormitory today?”

Ji Xingjue nodded. “What’s the matter? The little girl is a suitor of Yser, and wants to see where Yser lived.” After a pause, he shook his head, “But Yser didn’t leave anything behind. She went to visit for nothing.”

“Not necessarily.” Qi Qing said, “She took a picture in the dormitory.”

Ji Xingjue’s eyebrows jumped, a trace of anxiety surged from the bottom of his heart. But his face was still smiling as he teased, “Lord Marshal, you seem to be very sensitive to everything.”

Qi Qing squinted his eyes. “What are you hiding?”

Ji Xingjue spread his hands innocently. “I’m just a poor researcher and a citizen’s teacher. What secrets can I have?”

The two faced each other for a few seconds, and Qi Qing’s terminal suddenly rang.

He didn’t avoid Ji Xingjue, and directly chose to connect.

Damel, who had left only a few minutes ago, looked strange and spoke quickly, “Marshal, I saw people from the Imperial Police Department go to your house. What happened, do you need me to come over right away?”

Before Qi Qing could answer, the doorbell rang.

The footage on the monitor was cast in front of the two. A tall man in a police uniform was holding a search warrant. He obviously knew that someone was watching, and politely bumped his chest with his hand. “Good evening, Marshal, please excuse me. Is Ji Xingjue here?”

A layer of frost-like coldness instantly condensed between Qi Qing’s eyebrows.

He ignored the man, turned his head to Damel and said, “Go back to the military headquarters immediately and find Admiral Rand.”

After the conversation, he turned on the monitoring voice and responded coldly, “In the middle of the night, what brings Sire to come find my wife?”

The man was obviously confused by this title, and got stuck in the shell before he said, “Imperial Capital Police Department, received an anonymous report, Ji Xingjue was suspected of murdering Yser Lestervin, please come with us.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Xiao Ji: It makes me look like a scumbag who abandons his wife and children…

Xiao Qi & Little Robot: You are!

T/N: if my brain still works, I might be able to update another chapter tonight.

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