Chapter 19: My Man, I’ll Bring Him Away First


“Ji Xingjue.”

“Work unit and position?”

“Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ankara University.”

“Okay, Professor Ji.” The man in front of him smiled politely, “My name is [T/N: he used humble me] Peng Bu, the captain of the criminal police force of the Imperial Capital Police Department, and this one next to me is my assistant.”

Ji Xingjue smiled lightly. “Nice to meet you.”

Peng Bu observed Ji Xingjue with great interest.

To some extent, Ji Xingjue was quite famous in the Imperial Capital, as long as anyone who had heard of Qi’s family, there was no one who did not know him.

Out of the stereotype in the rumors, before today, he thought that Ji Xingjue was just like the rumors, a despicable and cunning white-eyed wolf.

Unexpectedly, this young man in front of him carried the air of a scholar, with a calm and peaceful expression…and as well as an eye-catching face.

Compared with the many guys with empty titles in the Imperial Capital, this calm, dynamic and graceful young man was more like a nobleman with serious ethics.

Peng Bu’s gaze fell on the military coat he was wearing, and the scene from twenty minutes ago flashed through his mind.

When the door of the Marshal’s Mansion opened, besides the suspect they were about to arrest, there was a cold-faced Imperial Marshal behind the door.

“Suspected of murder?”

Qi Qing slowly and flatly spit out these words, the meaning was unclear, which made people feel intimidated.

Despite being blown around by the gossip spreading in the Imperial Capital, no one knows exactly how fierce the reputation of this new Marshal had. Whether it was repelling the Star Pirates that had been unscrupulously invading the Sixth and Seventh galaxy for many years, or to clean up the Alliance that had the false benevolence and righteousness, they were all his glorious achievements.

As soon as they met, Peng Bu felt the oppressive feeling soaked in his bones.

He instinctively sensed that Qi Qing was very unhappy, the kind of unhappiness that he would turn hostile in the next second.

What was wrong?

Peng Bu’s brain took a sharp turn, and he still couldn’t figure out how he offended this master who no one dared to provoke.

The atmosphere was as tense as a full bowstring, and the little policemen who followed did not dare to make a sound.

He just wanted to say the prepared words, but Ji Xingjue, who was blocked behind him, tilted his head and walked out with a smile. “Do I need to wear handcuffs?”

Qi Qing was silent for a moment, before giving him a cold glance while suppressing his piercing biting cold aura.

He heard that Ji Xingjue’s relationship with Qi Qing was extremely bad, almost in a state of never ending.

Just as this thought came to Peng Bu, Ji Xingjue shrank impenetrably when a biting cold wind swept across.

He was able to notice any moment because this was the suspect he wanted to arrest, and he had to guard against him at any time.

However, Lord Marshal, whose eyes were holding a meaningful glance and not changing its direction even a bit, while standing beside him with his hands hugging, looked like he had a radar on his body. The next second he took off his coat and draped it on Ji Xingjue.

The uniform coat of the Imperial Marshal was made of special materials. Being wrapped in a familiar body temperature and breath, Ji Xingjue was so comfortable that his shoulders loosened. Immediately afterwards, he was ready to take off this coat and return it back.

Qi Qing, who only wore his shirt, stayed still in the cold wind. He lowered his eyes and stared at him, his lighted-color eyes were very cold. “Try and take it off.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Several policemen: “…”

Everyone was a little confused for a while.

Is the relationship between these two people good or bad?

How come Lord Marshal still drapes his coat over his enemy’s shoulders?

After Peng Bu considered it for a moment, he held down the action of his subordinates preparing to put on handcuffs, his tone was modest. “The handcuffs will be spared. Tonight I mainly want to ask Mr. Ji to go back to the police station and ask a few words. Please don’t worry, Marshal.”

Qi Qing frowned. “I have nothing to worry about.”

It seemed that the Marshal didn’t care.

Peng Bu secretly breathed a sigh of relief and made a polite gesture to signal Ji Xingjue to leave with them.

Then everyone stared blankly as Qi Qing bowed his head, rolled up his sleeves, and walked into the long-awaited police suspension car.

Seeing no one moved, Lord Marshal was quite impatient. “Not leaving?”


It wasn’t until they arrived at the police station and then after everyone took a peek in fear that Qi Qing got into Damel’s car, which had been overdue.

When Qi Qing left, he didn’t speak, and only looked at Ji Xingjue, but this caused great psychological pressure on everyone.

Thanks to Qi Qing’s wandering around, everyone in the police station seemed very kind, at least before they figured out what Qi Qing’s attitude towards Ji Xingjue meant, they would first maintain a kind attitude.

“Professor Ji, according to our investigation, in the year 911, from May 28 to June 9, the astronomic calendar, you did not show up at the school or the base. Where did you go during this time?”

Ji Xingjue’s tone was calm. “At home, I was sick during that time.”

“Has anyone visited you as a witness?”

“It’s a pity,” Ji Xingjue smiled, “Obviously I am not a very popular person.”

“I heard that Professor Ji is very popular in school, shouldn’t students form a group to visit you?”

Ji Xingjue spread his hands. “I haven’t taken many students in the past two years, and I don’t like being disturbed.”

This reason was barely qualified.

Peng Bu then asked, “What is your relationship with Yser Lestervin?”

“I’m his teacher.” Ji Xingjue said lightly, “After Yser was admitted to Ankara University for a year, he skipped to third year and entered my laboratory.”

Peng Bu nodded, and asked a few more scattered questions, and his voice changed abruptly, “So, you and Yser have a good relationship.”

Ji Xingjue pondered for a few seconds. “I admire his talent.”

Peng Bu clicked on the terminal and projected a few photos.

The projected photo was Ji Xingjue’s dormitory at Ankara University, because it was unoccupied for a long time, it was empty, without a trace of life.

“Yser has lived in your dormitory for two years, but there is no trace of life in the dormitory, nor his personal belongings,” said Peng Bu. “Professor Ji, do you think it looks like someone is deliberately erasing clues?”

“I haven’t been back, you can check if I have a record of entering and leaving the dormitory.” Ji Xingjue looked down at the photo, a glimpse of red eyes with a little bit of hatred flashed in his mind, and he sighed silently in his heart.

“Sorry, Professor Ji, according to the information, you are also very researched in information security. You participate in the construction of the campus firewall of Ankara University, and the dormitory entry and exit records cannot be self-certified for you.” Peng Bu clicked the terminal and released another piece of evidence, “Moreover, how do you explain this?”

It was a diary written in the tone of Yser.

“The development of C9 went well. This is a chip that I personally developed. I only shared it with my teacher. Teacher praised me for being great and I am very happy to be acknowledged.”

“Teacher often asks me about the progress of C9 recently. No matter the details, I’m a little uneasy.”

“I respect the teacher very much, but I didn’t expect that he would have an acrimonious falling-out with me and threaten me to ask for core data. He even took out a gun today… Someone has been following me recently, and I have to leave the capital…”

Ji Xingjue glanced at it and uttered four words lightly, “A bunch of nonsense.”

Unable to detect the reason why, once this gentle and elegant young man stopped smiling, he was just as stressful as the Marshal with a long face.


Peng Bu secretly said in his heart while staring into his eyes. “This diary comes from the encrypted cloud of Yser’s personal terminal. It is the terminal cloud server company that gave us this data.”

Hearing this, Ji Xingjue smiled slightly instead. “What else is there to prove?”

“Why does Professor Ji look so calm and unhurried? It won’t be too good for your defense.”

Ji Xingjue sneered and said, “Yser was kidnapped by Star Pirates on the edge of the Fifth Galaxy. From the Imperial Capital to the Fifth Galaxy, even if you are driving the fastest small starship, you have to make constant transitions, will not sleep for five days to arrive, and then destroy a starship with plenty of ammunition…”

He looked at Peng Bu and sighed lightly. “Officer Peng, do you think this is something I can do?”

Peng Bu was not in a hurry. “Professor Ji, don’t worry, whether it can be done or not, we will continue to investigate.”

Ji Xingjue was a little tired. He leaned back with a cold expression. “Then can I go?”

“Of course, thank you for your cooperation,” Peng Bu got up, walked out of the interrogation room with Ji Xingjue, and said as he walked out, “It’s too late, I will arrange for someone to send…”

“Don’t bother.”

The low and deep voice that crossed in interrupted Peng Bu’s words, and Qi Qing strode over with a breath of wind and snow, separated the two without a trace. “My man, I’ll take him away first.”

Was the relationship between these two really bad?

Peng Bu involuntarily came up with this idea again.

He shrugged and took a step back. “Since the Marshal is here, we won’t bother you, please.”

Ji Xingjue said nothing.

He was still wearing Qi Qing’s coat, combined with the clear breath surrounding him, bringing an indescribable sense of peace of mind.

In the middle of the night, Qi Qing dismissed his adjutant, and drove by himself.

Lord Marshal had been busy all day and still had to accompany him about these unlucky things and hadn’t been able to rest well in the middle of the night. Ji Xingjue’s conscience returned. He poured a cup of hot water, walked to the driver’s seat, and handed it to him. “Don’t you want to ask anything?”

Qi Qing looked down at the stretched hand, slender and white, his fingertips were soft and clean, moving gracefully and pleasing to the eye.

It wasn’t like a hand that could kill.

He took the cup, took a sip to moisturize his throat before looking up at him. “Will you tell me if I asked?”

Ji Xingjue bonelessly leaned on the passenger seat, and bent his eyes when he heard the sound. “If you ask, you will know.”

“You have been asked enough tonight,” Qi Qing was cold and indifferent as he put the cup down, “I don’t want to listen to lies. When you want to tell, come to me and tell me.”

Ji Xingjue smiled. He stared at Qi Qing’s grave and stern face, suddenly leaned in closer, breathed out a warm breath. His eyes curved, like a fox coming to ecstasy, and whispered softly, “Lord Marshal, do you think I killed Yser?”

“You don’t have to kill him.” Qi Qing obviously understood what the police had asked, and looked at him quietly, “You are a genius, and you disdain to snatch others’ things.”

Ji Xingjue’s breathing stagnated for a moment, unconsciously tapping his fingertips on the seat, his eyes that were always silent as the sea filled with a bright and sincere smile. “Can I regard it as that you are complimenting me?”

Too close.

The closest distance that one could reach as soon as he stretched out his hand. Just move his finger and he could lock him up.

Thoughts like toxins eroded again, and some crazy thoughts were clamoring.

Qi Qing’s fist hanging on his side was full of green veins, and his tone was neither lukewarm nor cold, “Whatever you think.”

After that, he immediately closed his eyes and said no more.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

It almost became a forced love imprisonment thing.

T/N: 3 chapters in a row 😅 I’ve got my update speed a new record.


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