Chapter 23 part 1: Must Take Responsible For Being Rough On Me

T/N: A little bit longer than usual so I had to divide to 2 parts. (‘◉⌓◉’)

Ji Xingjue knew that he was in a state of losing consciousness.

But the five senses of his body didn’t seem to be willing to go on strike there, and they continued to convey information from the outside world to him.

He could hear Qi Qing’s slightly chaotic breathing and violent heartbeat, and the rapid cold wind passed by his ears, and then he was taken into a warm place and put into the medical cabin.

However, even after being scanned back and forth several times in the medical cabin, it failed to find where Ji Xingjue was injured.

At this point, it wasn’t a lie when he said that he was stained with the blood of the priest.

It was as if Qi Qing’s eyes could emit heat. His hot and burning gaze fell on Ji Xingjue’s body. Being stared at like this, Ji Xingjue wanted to get up immediately, to show him that he was healthier than a cow.

Soon after, Qi Qing got up and left. After whispering a few words with Damel who followed him, he sent a communication request to someone.

“Mom, can you come here?” Qi Qing took a deep breath, “He is injured.”

It’s Furen…then that’s good.

In the end, the struggling five senses finally sank into the darkness contentedly. Ji Xingjue breathed a sigh of relief, and completely fainted with confidence.

For some reason, Ji Xingjue dreamed of being brought to Qi’s house by Duke Qi Bai.

At that time, he was only six years old, his memory was blank, ignorant to everything, hiding behind the seat of the starship and hesitated to go out.

Qi Bai warmly coaxed him a few words, but when he saw that he still refused to move, after thinking about it, he turned and left the starship.

Ji Xingjue thought he had been left behind, and quickly wanted to follow up. Before he could step out, a beautiful little boy was gently pushed onto the starship by Qi Bai as he smiled and said, “Xiao Bao, be good, go and call Big Brother out.”

He hid behind the seat, only his eyes were exposed, and looked at the arrogant little boy.

The two didn’t move, one tall and one short, and they stared at each other silently for a few seconds. Xiao Qi Qing mumbled to himself, “Where did this big brother of mine come from to see him and not showing his own face”. He dadada ran over, grabbed his hand without being shy with strangers, and domineeringly dragged him out. “My name is Qi Qing. You have to listen to me from now on. What’s your name?”

What was he called?

Ji Xingjue thought about it for a moment, and said unskillfully, “Uncle said, my name is Ji Xingjue.”

“Ji Xingjue.”

The naive voice in the dream coincided with the low-magnetic voice that suddenly sounded in his ear, and Ji Xingjue was startled and broke into a cold sweat for no reason. His eyelids moved and slowly opened his eyes.

His vision was blurred, and the indistinct feeling was very subtle, like water mist adhering to the glass in winter, even after wiping it clean, the misty scene still remained, and could not see clearly for a moment.

This was the room in the Marshal’s Mansion.

The first cognition popped out of his mind, Ji Xingjue did not show any strangeness, and naturally looked at the bedside.

Qi Qing sat next to him, his face was somewhat a little vague.

Ji Xingjue blinked again, only then did his eyes become completely clear. The room was dark, only the night light by the bedside was on. Suddenly he hissed. “Why is it dark, I slept all afternoon?”

Qi Qing corrected him word by word, “You were in a coma for two days.”

Two days? Ji Xingjue almost jumped up. “I still have class!”

The green veins on Qi Qing’s forehead jumped.

Ji Xingjue tried to fathom his expression, suspecting that if he really jumped up, he could be directly tied to the bed by Lord Marshal, so he decided to not jump up while touching the tip of his nose. “…well, there were only two classes, and the deduction of wages is not much.”

Qi Qing calmed down the urge to kill this nitwitted scoundrel, and said coldly, “I’ve already asked for your leave.”

“Really?” Ji Xingjue was overjoyed, “Thank you, Lord Marshal.”

Qi Qing frowned, “Are you still sending money to those accounts?”

Ji Xingjue smiled indifferently. “Life and death are the most important things. They desperately tried their best to protect me, and it was reasonable for me to give the mere worldly possessions to their family. Those who lost something, they lost it thoroughly, while the others who lost something but were still able to find it back. Speaking of which, I am the latter, and still count as an advantage.”

While he was sitting up slowly, he realized something was wrong. Looking down, the underwear on his body had been changed.

Ji Xingjue’s figure froze for a while.

“Ji Xingjue.”

With a bit of suppressed anger in his voice, Qi Qing leaned forward. His slender and warm fingers reached out, hooking his collar, and gently separated it.

It was as if a layer of eggshell had been peeled off, revealing delicate white skin, but after the collar was separated, a faint knife wound was seen on his chest.

Below this, there were still a series of scars alternating between the old and the new on this body.

Qi Qing’s voice tightened. “Shouldn’t you explain why you have so many injuries?”

Ji Xingjue stiffened for a few seconds before pulling close his collar in a graceful manner and smiled a smile that harbored malicious intentions. “Lord Marshal, are you trying to be rough on me? Be careful that I will depend on you and make you responsible for me.”

Qi Qing didn’t answer. His eyes seemed to be flourishing with gleams of light as he stared at him unblinkingly. Perhaps because of the light illuminated behind his back, his light-colored eyes turning pitch black.

Ji Xingjue didn’t understand what kind of emotion this was, but being stared at like this, he almost gave birth to a sense of guilt.

He raised his hands, feeling helpless. “How about we deal with important matters first? I slept for two days. How has the investigation by the Ministry of Security been going? As far as their efficiency is concerned, I guess when they arrived at the location, the top executives of VANTECH had already fled to the Second Galaxy in a hurry. And what about the corpse of that priest?”

Qi Qing still didn’t say a word. He looked at him straightforwardly for a long time. When he opened his mouth to speak again, his voice was a little hoarse, “This is the last time.”

Ji Xingjue was slightly taken aback.

Qi Qing also didn’t have the intention to explain anything. He sat back on his chair and calmly averted his gaze. “As you said, those top executives have already escaped, but since their real information has been exposed by the hacker, His Majesty has already issued a joint pursuit order to the Alliance.”

The attacks of the Holy Order were not causing trouble to only a group of people. Even if the Liberty Alliance and the Empire had just torn apart and had a fight, they would still join forces when facing a common enemy.

Just like the matter of the tyrant back then. There were also the Liberty Alliance that had violated their interests to help out to overthrow the Randall Empire.

As for the priest who suddenly wounded someone in the Ministry of Security, having a body as if immune to all attacks and finally blew himself up…

“Deen sent people to clean up the fragments and was about to send them to the research institute, but the transport car was out of control. The car drove at its maximum speed and hit the wall and exploded, almost blasting the gate of the scientific research institute into the sky.” Qi Qing half-squinted his eyes and his gaze was full of inquiring. “Why did you know his vitals and know that he will explode?”

Ji Xingjue’s expression was humble. “Intellectuals.

Qi Qing expressionlessly looked at him. “I already said it just now that this is the last time you’re allowed to fool me.”

It turned out to be this meaning.

Ji Xingjue shrank his cold neck, and after finding a more comfortable posture, he leaned on the head of the bed, and closed his eyes lightly. “I’m not surprised. He is a kind of ‘bionic transformation human’.”

Qi Qing’s eyebrows jumped. “Bionic transformation of humans?”

“A kind of internal bionic technology, as the name suggests, can use bionic technology to transform the human body while maintaining the mind. The use of bionic technology to transform the human body can be regarded as a prosthetic, it’s just that this is to transform most of the body… But because the transformation process is inhumane, the chance of success is too small, and it is quickly banned.”

After a pause, Ji Xingjue went on. “I heard that the tyrant of the Randall Empire wanted to introduce this technology to the army, creating a group of intelligent and mechanically powerful troops that were both human and powerful, but by his son, uh, it was the Crown Prince who died early to put a stop to it.”

Rumor has it that the last generation of tyrants of the Randall Empire was arbitrary, brutal, and those who dared to oppose him would be taken away by the Royal Guard that same day and disappear forever.

The only one who could persuade him was his only child, the last Crown Prince of the Randall Empire.

His Highness the Crown Prince was extremely intelligent, a rare genius, benevolent and kind at heart. It was a pity that he was born with a strange disease. If he could survive to become the emperor, perhaps the Randall Empire wouldn’t have been destroyed.

One year after his death, the tyrant’s □□ became worse, and the founding emperor of the Glorious Empire led his people to rise up from the Fifth Galaxy all the way to the Imperial Capital, overthrowing this ancient dynasty that had gone from the old star calendar to the new star calendar and established a thousand years of benevolence.

“How do you know this?” After Qi Qing digested the information, he raised his eyes and asked.

“It’s obvious that I’ve read many books, this is also a direction of the bionics.” Ji Xingjue spread his hands, “Transformation people have a ‘core’. Only by hitting the core can they be knocked down, usually at the center of the eyebrows. Some transformers are very extreme. After being hit, they will scream and explode. The doctrine of the Holy Order is so extreme that I guessed it right.”

Qi Qing indifferently uttered an “Oh”, and gently looked at Ji Xingjue. “What book?”

Ji Xingjue’s answer was flawless. “《Ancient Anecdote》, a book smuggled from the Alliance.”

“I  have seen it.” Qi Qing’s words were astonishing. “There is a mention of this technology, but it is not as detailed as you said, and there is no record of the story of the tyrant and his son.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

The door was suddenly knocked.

Before he could think about why there were other people in this house, Ji Xingjue cleared his throat. “Please come in.”

As soon as Yu Tong pushed open the door, the crying little robot rushed in, jumped into the bed with lightning speed, and jumped into Ji Xingjue’s arms. “Mama!”

It was not funny to have this steel-and-iron son firmly pounced on his chest bone.

Ji Xingjue hid to the side weakly, and Qi Qing quickly picked up the little robot’s rabbit ears. He lowered his eyelids and looked at the little guy who was momentarily mentally retarded, saying with a voice that had dropped few degrees colder, “It’s time to dismantle and repair.”

The short legged little robot was speechless, looking pitifully at Yu Tong at the door.

The topic stopped there, Ji Xingjue also got up. “Furen, I’m sorry to trouble you again this time.”

Yu Tong looked at “a family of three” with interest, and smiled, “What are you saying as if you were an outsider, we’re all family.”

Ji Xingjue laughed dryly.

“Xiao Bao, are Xiao Ji’s physical and mental values ​​normal before waking up?” Yu Tong walked over, pressing Ji Xingjue’s head with both hands, and studied it seriously.

Being called ‘Xiao Bao’, Qi Qing’s face was blackened again. “Normal. Mom, don’t call me Xiao Bao.”

Yu Tong motioned to Ji Xingjue to cooperate, opened his eyes to check it, and touched his forehead temperature, and then said, “En, en, not called Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao, go and help mother bring the medicine box in the living room.

Qi Qing who couldn’t do anything to take down Yu Furen, let out a long breath, threw the silly son who was on the verge of mental retardation into Ji Xingjue’s arms, got up and left the room.

Ji Xingjue touched the crying little robot and comforted it. Seeing that Qi Qing had gone, he lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “Furen, I’m sorry.”

Yu Tong was a little puzzled. “Why did you suddenly apologize?”

“I haven’t solved my troubles yet, but I approached Qi Qing.” Ji Xingjue pursed his lips while blaming himself and felt annoyed. “Those people have obviously disappeared for more than ten years, and they suddenly appeared again… This time things are obvious, and there are many of them in the Empire.”

Without hesitation, he made a decision, “If I stay in the Imperial Capital, I don’t know what trouble it will cause you. I have to leave for a while.”

Yu Tong sat on the chair, after listening quietly, she shook her head. “Xiao Ji, it’s not the matter of you approaching Qi Qing, but that he is willful and insists on tying you to him together.”

Speaking of this, Ji Xingjue was a little helpless, and unconsciously rubbing the ring on his ring finger. “He is still angry with me.”

He rarely mentioned the past to Qi Qing, fearing that he would see the same hatred in Cathy’s eyes on Qi Qing.

“Why would Xiao Bao be angry with you?” Yu Tong tilted her head and patted his shoulder comfortingly, “Where can you go after leaving the Imperial Capital? The outside is more dangerous than the capital.”

Ji Xingjue smiled and didn’t answer. After calculating the time, Qi Qing should be back soon.

Sure enough, there were footsteps coming from the door.

Yu Tong did not deliberately change the topic, she connected to the bedside instrument, and checked Ji Xingjue’s physical observation data. “When you were in a coma, your physical and mental values ​​were very unstable. Now it is completely stable. Come to my laboratory when you have time to do a full-body examination.”

Ji Xingjue dared not pretend to be a big-tailed wolf in front of Yu Tong, and nodded obediently.

Qi Qing stood at the door, looked at these two people who were of great significance to him in all aspects, walked in and handed the medicine kit to Yu Tong.

Yu Tong took out a few bottles of medicine, handed them to Ji Xingjue, turned her head and instructed Qi Qing, “One tablet per bottle, once a day, continues for half a month. Then quit the drug for a week before continuing.”

Ji Xingjue: “…..”

Furen, aren’t you ordering the wrong person?

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