Chapter 24: Xiao Bao, You Can’t Find A Wife Being Like This

Damel looked at the time after coming out of the temporary prison cell. “Furen, let me take you home.”

Ji Xingjue looked at him sincerely. “Is there no other option such as sending me back to school or to the base?”

Damel solemnly shook his head. “Marshal ordered this subordinate to watch Furen and not to let him run around and take a good rest.”

Ji Xingjue, who had never made things difficult for other people, felt a little regret. “Okay.”

“Or,” Suddenly having an idea, Damel spoke while lowering his voice, “Would you like to visit the place where the Marshal works and see how he works?”

What’s he going to visit him for?

Ji Xingjue was puzzled. “No, let’s go home.”

When he got an unexpected answer, Damel was slightly shocked. “Aren’t you curious?”

“Why would I be curious about this?” Ji Xingjue was even more puzzled. “He also works at home.”

“Although it is so, it is not the same,” Damel couldn’t describe what he wanted to say clearly in words, so he made a blind gesture. “The Marshal in front of his subordinates is more bold and charming, making people yearn for!”

Ji Xingjue was silent for a few moments before saying with a strange tone, “Sire Major, are you toward your Marshal…”

Damel’s face turned blue. “No! Absolutely not! This subordinate only shows respect to the Marshal. This subordinate’s childhood sweetheart is still in the frontline command base!”

Ji Xingjue kindly calmed him down. “I’m just asking casually, no need to be flustered.”

The suspension car was waiting downstairs, and he could see it as soon as he came out. Ji Xingjue sat in the car with a sense of embarrassment. After watching Damel enter the destination, he turned his head and glanced at the military building, thinking about Qi Qing’s love scene and was caught with a trace of curiosity.

“Damel,” Ji Xingjue turned his head and smiled, “Your Marshal has been on the front line for so long, have you seen anyone close to him?”

Damel was being serious. “You can rest assured, this subordinate can guarantee that the Marshal is clean and self-conscious, and he has never done anything to let you down!”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

What’s this all about?

The car quickly arrived at the Marshal’s Mansion. Ji Xingjue politely thanked him. Seeing that Damel had driven away, he verified the iris and opened the door to enter the house.

Just as he stepped in, his feet suddenly sank, and a familiar weight came down.

The little robot guarding the door leaped over excitedly. “Mama, you are back!”

Ji Xingjue took two difficult steps, closed the door, and looked at the little guy curiously. “This kid, why are you here every day?”

The little robot explained in seriousness, “Papa often comes home alone, so Dan Dan has to wait at the door, otherwise no one will welcome Papa when he returns.”

Ji Xingjue paused for a few seconds, then laughed lightly. “It seems that it is a good decision to give you to him.”

“Now that Mama is back, Papa is not alone.” The little robot gululu followed his feet and pulled his trouser legs. “Mama won’t leave us anymore, right?”

Ji Xingjue lowered his eyelashes and teased him, “If I leave, who are you going to follow?”

The little robot froze in place, tangled to a short brain circuit.

The movements of the Holy Order were too great this time, and they even showed their feet in the Empire. What’s more, he did not expect that even the top executives of large companies such as VANTECH Company were infiltrated. His Majesty was furious, and he did not indulge in singing and dancing banquets for three consecutive days. He summoned Deen over and scolded him bloodily, even the innocent Harlem was caught up and scolded.

Originally, the free and unconstrained departments of the Imperial Capital suddenly became busy, especially Qi Qing, the head of the military.

In the evening, Damel brought supper, and awkwardly explained that the Marshal might have to work overtime.

However, even after the day was dark, the Marshal still did not come home. Ji Xingjue sat in front of his optical computer all night. After being reminded by the little robot to take the medicine, he turned off the light screen, lay down on the bed, and fell asleep in a daze with the effect of the medicine.

When he woke up the next day, the little robot was still at hand.

Ji Xingjue rubbed his eyes and woke up, “Dan Dan.” 

The little robot who finally achieved the achievement of sleeping with Mama was very happy and full of energy. “Mama, good morning!”

“Where’s your papa?” 

The little robot said excitedly, “Papa hasn’t come back!” If he came back, he would have thrown it at the door for standby. 

Ji Xingjue sighed. “It seems that ten million annual salary is not easy to get.”

The little robot tilted his head, feeling unsure.

Ji Xingjue touched his chin, deep in thought. “Does this look like a husband who has worked hard to support a sweet wife and a mentally retarded son in the family?”

After speaking, he shuddered, and then realized that he had been seriously polluted by Song Mei’s spirit.

He added another debt to Song Mei in his heart. Ji Xingjue slowly got up to wash, changed his clothes, and made a cup of coffee for breakfast. Along the way, he took the little robot which was flashed with the low-battery reminder to the charging port and plugged it in, then turned on the optical computer and started working.

It wasn’t until it was almost noon that Qi Qing came back with a breath of wind and snow.

Ji Xingjue was in the hall, sitting cross-legged on the floor while leaning on the sofa. Hearing the sound, his ears moved. Turning his head around and seeing the tall figure approaching, he smiled and said, “It seems that the trouble caused by the Holy Order is not small.”

Qi Qing frowned and stretched out his hand. “It’s cold on the floor.”

The hand that was stretched in front of him was slender and strong, and the fingertips were covered with a thin layer of calluses, unlike the hands of the nobles and young masters in the Imperial Capital that were as soft and tender as a girl’s.

Ji Xingjue took a look and decided to use Lord Marshal as reference when designing the appearance of the bionic person next time.

He politely handed his hand, and was firmly held by Qi Qing.

Although he had just returned from outside, Lord Marshal’s body was always warm. He took advantage of his strength to stand up and drew back his hand. “How is it, have you caught the little tail of the Holy Order?”

Qi Qing let go of his hand naturally, and raised his eyelids, making him extremely sensitive. “What did you find?”

Ji Xingjue bent his eyes. “The efficiency of the Military and Security Department is not good.”

He put the optical computer interface in front of Qi Qing. “Although the two senior executives of VANTECH Company destroyed some data before they ran away, I buried a small seed before, and the moment they destroyed it, the program was triggered, and delivered the destroyed part to me.”

Qi Qing scanned the dense digital codes on the screen, and was silent for a few seconds.

He couldn’t understand it at all.

However, he pretended to understand while looking at the light screen earnestly, and calmly asked. “You aren’t hiding anything anymore?”

“Didn’t you already guess everything,” Ji Xingjue said with a smile. “Although the illegal intrusion is indeed wrong, it was VANTECH itself that invited the hackers in the Empire to attack their firewalls. Lord Marshal will not arrest me for this, right?”

Qi Qing tilted his head slightly, and smiled that was not like smile.

Ji Xingjue’s scalp was a little numb.

“Half a year ago, a false order came from the Imperial Capital,” Qi Qing’s voice was deep and slow, magnetically beautiful. If one ignored the content, the talk was almost like him telling a love story. “And was intercepted by a mysterious hacker.”

Ji Xingjue pretended to applaud. “It’s amazing!”

Qi Qing looked at him with amiable manner and Ji Xingjue looked back without changing his face.

The two of them looked at each other tacitly for a moment, and Qi Qing abruptly stretched out his hand and rubbed his black hair, and decided to let go of the topic. “What is the destroyed data?”

Ji Xingjue raised his chin: “Here.”

Qi Qing, who had to face the messy code on the screen again: “…”

He didn’t want to show his weakness, and with a cold face, he tried to resolve this huge amount of data with the little knowledge he had left.

Of course, Ji Xingjue knew that Qi Qing could not understand, and waited for a while with a smile. “Has the Marshal finished watching? Do you have any insights?”

Qi Qing: “Yes.”

Ji Xingjue listened to him respectfully: “I would like to hear the details.”

“Next year,” Qi Qing said slowly, “The project funding for your project should be cut in half. Do you think I’m saying it right, Professor Ji?”

Ji Xingjue: “…..”

Ji Xingjue raised his hand and surrendered. “It seems that Lord Marshal already understands it very well, then let me add a little extra analysis.”

He was wearing casual home clothes, cozy and comfortable and looked extremely soft. The tips of his hair were slightly long and messy. His eyelashes were dark reflecting the tear mole more obviously and the pale complexion was somewhat transparent and fragile.

As if holding him in the palm of his hand, he was afraid that he would break.

Obviously knowing that this person was not as soft and fragile as he looked, but Qi Qing would always give birth to a false misperception.

He indiffently curled his lips: “Add it.”

“What those two people destroyed before they escaped were not core technical data, but part of transaction data and chat records.”

Ji Xingjue clicked the screen, and finally revealed something that Qi Qing could understand.

“Unfortunately, before the temporary destruction, the transaction data and chat records were deleted and encrypted. Although I intercepted the data, it was still not clear after the analysis.”

Ji Xingjue said, “However, based on this transaction information, it can be determined that before you notice the existence of the Holy Order. This huge organization has been intertwined and densely distributed in all corners of the Empire. These two high-level executives were only driven by profit, and they ran away as soon as they were exposed. If they were loyal saints, it would be difficult to end without making a big deal.”

Qi Qing said, “You seem to understand the working style of the Holy Order.”

“After all, I have experienced a terrorist attack. It is also terrible to brainwash people into weapons and bombs,” Ji Xingjue shrugged. “But this is what I want to show you.”

Ji Xingjue clicked on the next page.

“This senior was fortunate to be in the lair of the Holy Order two months ago. There are a few pieces of information mentioned in it. After summarizing it, I guess it should be in this area.”

A range was marked on the star map, and Ji Xingjue smiled and raised his eyes. “But if you are now a half prisoner, and you can’t leave the Imperial Capital at will, what should you do?”

The Imperial Capital had too many eyes, and all his words and deeds were stared at, and the Holy Order was also hiding in the dark. If he suddenly left the Imperial Capital, it would be almost the same as shouting “I’m here” directly at the Holy Order with a trumpet.

Qi Qing retracted his gaze. “What do you want to say?”

Ji Xingjue looked at him innocently.

“Are you going to come and investigate by yourself?” Qi Qing said coldly without waiting for him to speak. “Don’t even think about it.”

Ji Xingjue snorted, thinking about the conversation with Damel yesterday: “Xiao Bao, being so bossy and decide alone without consultation, you won’t find a wife like this in the future.”

Qi Qing looked at him coldly.

Getting along well with him these days, Ji Xingjue discovered that Lord Master was actually the same as when he was a teenager which made him more courageous. He turned off the light screen, fell on the sofa, squinted comfortably, showing a thin waist, and lazily instructed, “Marshal, I’m hungry. As a reward, let me eat.”

He was like a cat covered with gorgeous and elegant fur.

Qi Qing’s anger that had just emerged was extinguished.

It was just that it changed to another kind of anger.

He paused for a few seconds before stretching out his hand to pull down Ji Xingjue’s clothes to cover his stomach, and took off his gloves, walked to the kitchen, and dropped two words, “You wait.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

T/N: Ji Xingjue: ‘Xiao Bao, you can’t find a wife being like this’, said the wife himself.

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