Chapter 27: You Two Even Have A Baby?!

Cecilie and Song Mei were the main members of the project team, of course they both couldn’t be taken away.

Ji Xingjue thought for a while: “How about you two complete with a rock-scissor-paper?”

Song Mei and Cecilie gave him a look. “How can you use such a kid play?”

As they said, one made a scissor and the other with paper.

Two wins out of three games, Song Mei narrowly won with a risk—this risk referred to the danger in Cecilie’s eyes.

“Alright,” willing to admit defeat, Cecilie shrugged, “Right in time that my research task is just still in progress. Remember to bring me some specialties of the Fourth Galaxy. The weather in the Imperial Capital is so annoying that I’m starting to miss the spring-like climate on my home planet.”

Ji Xingjue nodded: “It’s more reliable for you to stay in the Imperial Capital.”

Song Mei suddenly became unhappy and raised his eyebrows: “You mean I’m not reliable?”

Ji Xingjue calmly ignored his bitter expression: “…I feel more at ease with you here.”

After making a plan for Cecilie and Song Mei, Ji Xingjue said goodbye to the two and slowly went downstairs.

A big snow storm had picked up and he strolled for a round before finding the long-lost broken car from the parking garage, and drove home with satisfaction.

It was rare to have seen a confused and obedient Qi Qing, but when he got home, what greeted him was the same old unpredictable Lord Marshal.

When Ji Xingjue opened the door, there was no familiar weight on his feet, and he felt a little uncomfortable. After taking off his coat and hanging it up, he walked into the room, and saw Qi Qing sitting at the dining table, holding down the struggling little robot, letting it read the tongue twister with a calm face.

The aroma of the food on the table swirling up, and Ji Xingjue was greatly moved by the fragrance.

There is actually a hot meal to eat at home!

Is this the so-called “wife, kids and a warm bed” feeling? [T/N: simple and good life.]

Ji Xingjue took a detour to wash his hands, then came back to sit down, and praised reservedly: “Lord Marshal really can conquer both the battlefield and the kitchen, how virtuous.”

Qi Qing raised his head and shot him a deadly stare.

Ji Xingjue immediately changed his words, “I mean, your wife will be very happy in the future.”

The flattery didn’t sound right, and Qi Qing’s eyes became colder.

Ji Xingjue: “…”

It’s really hard work to coax!

Qi Qing caught the little robot who was trying to leap into Ji Xingjue’s arms, placed it off the table, and asked casually, “Why did you go there?”

“I haven’t been to the laboratory these few days, so go back to have a look.” Ji Xingjue finished speaking honestly, and after pouring a glass of juice, he raised it towards him with a smile, “I wish the Marshal a great victory?”

Qi Qing’s eyes were light in color, always looking aloof and indifferent. His eyes locked on his face, and after a long while, the corners of his lips twitched, and he raised a glass and touched his glass lightly: “Get up tomorrow morning and see me off.”

Ji Xingjue cheerfully nodded: “Of course.”

There were two star ships going to the Fourth Galaxy, one in the morning and one in the evening, so he had to hurry.

Before going to bed at night, Ji Xingjue’s door was suddenly knocked.

Ji Xingjue changed his clothes and went to open the door, a little puzzled: “Is there anything else?”

Qi Qing blocked the little robot that was trying to get into the room, with one hand holding a cup of hot water steadily, and in his right hand were a few pills: “Take the medicine.”

Ji Xing suddenly realized.

He forgot about it again.

Madam was indeed very wise.

But Qi Qing would leave the Imperial Capital tomorrow, and he would also have to leave behind after. He had to set a daily reminder…

Ji Xingjue took the glass of water. Since the pills were too big, he couldn’t swallow them all at once, so he could only let Qi Qing wait, while picking them up and swallowing them piece by piece. His lips were moistened with warm water, turning like moistened red petals. When he smiled, the curvature was dazzling. “Thank you, Lord Marshal. You go to bed early.”

The hand that was hanging down clenched unconsciously, Qi Qing’s Adam’s apple rolled, while forcing himself to look away. “Good night.”

Ji Xingjue closed the door, feeling as if he had overlooked something.

It didn’t seem to be a particularly important matter, but it was just not right…

The drowsiness effect of the medicine soon spread in his system. He thought for a while in a daze, but since he really couldn’t remember it and was too lazy to think about it again, so he just rolled up the quilt, and fell asleep.

The Marshal’s Mansion was worthy of being a prime location in the Imperial Capital. Ji Xingjue’s sleep here was unexpectedly good, that he didn’t dream in his sleep. Ji Xingjue looked at the time lazily, his eyebrows immediately twitched. He washed his face hastily, and rushed downstairs before he could change his clothes.

The door was open, and there were several cars waiting outside. Qi Qing was already well dressed and ready to go.

Although Qi Qing in uniform was cold as if surrounded by frost, the whole person also looked even more handsome. Ji Xingjue admired this scene very much. He walked over in a few steps, smiled with his eyes curved: “Good morning, do you have to go now?”

Qi Qing nodded, and his hat slightly tilted with this movement.

Ji Xingjue stood on tiptoe to adjust the hat on his head, and his eyes softened: “Have a safe journey.”

Qi Qing made a short “en” sound again, and lowered his head to cooperate with his actions. “Really don’t want to leave with me? I can take you with me if I make a report now.”

“Madam is right, the Imperial Capital is safe,” Ji Xingjue took two steps back without changing his expression. “The battlefield is so dangerous that a weak teacher like me can’t adapt. I will help you take good care of the house in the Imperial Capital.”

It wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but when his voice fell, Qi Qing seemed to let out a laugh.

“Anyway,” how could Lord Marshal laugh? Ji Xingjue stared at his frosty face, suspecting that there was drumming in his ears, “Pay attention to safety.”

Qi Qing leaned over and stared into his eyes, and the corners of his mouth slowly raised a nice arc: “Goodbye.”

The clear and familiar breath was close at one moment, and then pulled away in the next instant, making the surroundings suddenly feel empty, as if something was missing.

Ji Xingjue blinked sluggishly. When he walked to the door and looked out, the car that came to pick up Qi Qing was gone.

“…Then it’s almost time for me to leave.”

Ji Xingjue muttered to himself, and went upstairs to take down the backpack that he had arranged last night.

Just as he was about to push the door to leave, he felt strange that there weren’t any shouts of “mama, mama” that kept following him like a bug. Ji Xingjue thought the little robot was charging, so he searched around the house, but couldn’t find it.

Qi Qing actually took the little robot away when he went to the battlefield? ‌How can that little idiot help?

Ji Xingjue was a little stunned, but after thinking about it, it was fine.

If both he and Qi Qing left, leaving only the little robot at home, that little guy would have to squat at the door every day, waiting eagerly for them to come back. Thinking about it…it was quite pitiful.

The moment this thought came to his mind, Ji Xingjue shook his head and laughed.

It’s really strange that he would feel sorry for a robot without intelligence.

For the little robot, it was just a part of “waiting for the master” in its program settings. And the reason that it would stick to him, was only because of the nestling setting installment.

However, this could be said to have solved a small problem.

Ji Xingjue put his bag on his back and sent a message to Song Mei: Little Fatty, are you awake?

Song Little Fatty, who usually had a poor sleeping habit, actually replied in seconds: I am the earliest citizen’s teacher in the Imperial Capital.

Song Mei: The principal just contacted me and said that he has an acquaintance who can take us away in a while, faster than a civil aviation starship.

That’s good.

Long delays can cause complications. It is better to leave the Imperial Capital as soon as possible.

In the past, when he went to the outer galaxies to investigate, he also took the vaseel to wind-ward of the principal’s acquaintance a couple of times. Ji Xingjue didn’t think much about it, and readily agreed: I’ll see you at the Star harbor.

The Star harbor was set up outside the urban area of Ankara, which was quite far away.

On the way, Ji Xingjue contacted the laboratory and the base, and wrote a timed email to report his external research to Admiral Rand.

The city was gradually being left behind. He glanced at the vast white plain in Ankara, which seemed to remain unchanged all year round. He speculated that Qi Qing should have finished his expedition speech by now, and led the fleet to take off and leave Ankara.

Song Mei came earlier than Ji Xingjue, waited at the appointed place, and waved excitedly when he saw him: “Here, here.”

Ji Xingjue looked left and right: “Where’s the principal’s acquaintance?”

“Didn’t come, but already sent me the landing cabin number, and we can just go in directly.”

The landing cabin number sent by the other party was different from the registration number of ordinary civilian merchant ships. It was a special module and generally used for landing on special starships, such as the commercial starships of several major companies in the Imperial Capital, which the two had sat on several times.

Ji Xingjue glanced at it, brought Song Mei, who had a poor sense of direction, and quickly found the landing cabin.

The Star harbor was very lively from morning to night, but it was really too early today, and there were not many people at the special landing port. The starship was huge, and the appearance of the landing capsule could only be vaguely seen from the open landing port.

The moment he got into the starship, Ji Xingjue’s eyelids twitched fiercely.

That’s odd.

Very, very odd.

The bulkhead material was wrong, and the space setting of the landing compartment was wrong.

This was a special warship material and a special arrangement for the Imperial Military!

According to the strict laws of the Empire, for the time being, no wealthy businessman dared to touch His Majesty’s bad luck.

The sense of crisis exploded in an instant, Ji Xingjue made a decisive decision, turned around and left.

——One step too late.

The cabin door closed with a bang, and the front alloy door opened.

Qi Qing’s cold and handsome face came into view, and there was a slight mockery in his eyes: “Professor Ji, where are you going? Why don’t you take my vaseel to wind-ward?”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Song Mei blurted out, “Fuck me,” obvisouly not knowing the actual state of affair.

Ji Xingjue’s mind flashed, and he quickly found the key point. He stared at Qi Qing in disbelief: “Did you use the terminal to monitor my conversation with An Tang?”

Even if he had been tricked once, he still didn’t believe that Qi Qing would do such a thing.

Of course, Qi Qing told him the truth, “Yes.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Blame him for being defenseless against Qi Qing.

“Now,” Qi Qing said with a seemingly pleasant face, “Let the Imperial army escort both of you to the Fourth Galaxy.”

“…” Ji Xingjue felt a toothache, “Isn’t the Marshal going to rush to the Seventh Galaxy? I’m afraid it’s inappropriate to give us a special trip.”

“Professor Ji, don’t worry,” Qi Qing’s tone was heavy, “It’s very convenient.”

Song Mei shrank his neck and stared blankly at the two of them having a mutual exchange. The moment he heard the word “monitor”, his pupils trembled violently, and his eyes were filled with the shock of “Is this the life of the wife of a wealthy rich’s?”

It was really hard for Ji Xingjue understand.

Why was his plan always ruined when he encountered Qi Qing?

He slowly took two steps forward, and looked back at the tightly closed cabin door. His lips moved, as he reluctantly accepted his fate: “…Then I have to trouble the Marshal.”

“No trouble.” Qi Qing smiled.

When taking off, the starship would shake violently.

Battleships were rougher than ordinary starships, and Ji Xingjue was very familiar with this kind of shaking, and immediately stabilized his foothold.

However, Song Mei was not familiar with it.

As soon as Ji Xingjue stabilized himself, he heard a scream of “Aww ” behind him. Song Mei was thrown over by the violently shaking starship, like a cannonball sprinting in places. With a bang, the powerful momentum knocked Ji Xingjue, who was caught off guard, into Qi Qing’s arms.

Qi Qing hugged him subconsciously.

A refreshing breath rushed in, and the embrace that seemed to be cold was actually warm.

Ji Xingjue bumped his nose against the hard button and hissed in pain.

Qi Qing, who was knocked backward by him, stabilized his body again. He clenched his chin, forced him to raise his head, and observed his red nose, before reaching out to touch it. He frowned and said, “The skin is not broken.”

Ji Xingjue felt so painful that he burst into tears of rationality, looked at him tearfully, his voice choked: “Really?”

Qi Qing was strangely silent, his Adam’s apple rolled, but the hand around his waist did not move.

Ji Xingjue covered his nose with a nasal voice: “…I can stand firm, let me go.”

Qi Qing lowered his eyes: “Can stand firm but still be knocked over?”

“Isn’t that counted as I’m being plotted against?” Ji Xingjue thought of Song Mei with hindsight and turned to look.

The starship was passing through the aerosphere at the moment, with the gravity system had just turned on, and the cabin wasn’t stable yet.

If it was an ordinary civil starship, the passengers would be all sitting honestly in their seats with seat belts fastened, but it didn’t apply with this landing cabin.

Song Mei pitifully clawed at the wall while being thrown to the sides, screaming: “I can’t stand! Help! Marshal! Give me a hug too!”

Qi Qing: “…”

Qi Qing looked away coldly, the voice fell on a pair of deaf ears.

Seeing Song Mei screaming miserably, Ji Xingjue couldn’t bear it: “I’ll go get him.”

The hands around his waist tightened, and the scorching temperature seemed to pierce through the clothes against his skin. He was pressed firmly, no sign of letting go at all.

Ji Xingjue was stunned for a while, looked up at the expressionless face of the Marshal, and asked suspiciously, “Is it that you also have any opinion on Song Mei?”

Qi Qing snorted coldly: “Shifty-eyed; crafty-looking.”

[T/N: A sneaky look.]

Were there still people in this huge Empire that could please the Marshal’s eyes?

In terms of strength, Ji Xingjue really couldn’t compare to Qi Qing. If he had to forcefully break free, he would probably lead to a tragic accident where both of them couldn’t stand firm and even roll into a cannonball. Therefore, he could only light a candle for a struggling little fat man called Sing Mei, who was being knocked around and screaming with compassion, in his heart.

Fortunately, the gravity balance system worked quickly, and the flight of the starship gradually flattened.

The scenery outside the starship changed gradually, and one could see the pale white arc of Ankara Star. As the distance got farther and farther, the arc quickly turned into a spherical shape, and gradually turned into a small white dot in sight.

Song Mei, who was finally able to stand firm after the disaster, patted his chest as if comforting for a new lease of life.

With a sad face, he looked at the two people who were still hugging by the door, aggrieved and voiceless scolded: Dog husbands!

Qi Qing mumbled, and let go of Ji Xingjue. He turned around to check the iris in front of the scanner, and opened the alloy door of the landing cabin.

As soon as the door opened, something from the back flew over and jumped on Ji Xingjue’s leg, shouting sweetly, “Mama! Papa didn’t lie to me, you really will come!”

Song Mei just wiped off his sweat, and when he heard the sound, it was like a thunderbolt struck on his head: “What?”

You two even have a baby?!

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