Chapter 28: Have You Heard of ‘Project of Resurrection’?

For a moment, Song Mei’s mind floated through countless late-night bloody dramas, from “Domineering Marshal runs with a ball” to “I hate you but I love you more”, and looked over in horror and saw the little robot that was not as high as Ji Xingjue’s knees. After being stunned for three seconds, his heart plopped back with a bang.

Ji Xingjue picked up the little robot and raised his chin at Song Mei: “Let me introduce, this is my son.”

After thinking about it, he added: “Also Qi Qing’s son.”

His tone was natural as if he didn’t think much about it at all. Qi Qing curled the corners of his lips happily, and said flatly, “Our son.”

A robot, what’s so fussy about being a son or not a son.

Song Mei scolded, then he approached with a smile. He looked at the little robot, and said kindly and intimately: “Why doesn’t this little guy look so smart, do you want me to help improve it?”

The little robot shrank into Ji Xingjue’s arms in a second, and tightened his collar in fear, his pupils trembling: “Mama, bad uncle!”

Song Mei’s smile froze in place: “…”

Ji Xingjue held back his smile, patted Song Mei’s shoulder, and followed Qi Qing into the battleship cabin.

The battleship was in normal operation, and each soldier performed their own duties and communicated in an orderly manner in the warship. They only saluted when they saw Qi Qing, and then left without sideway glances.

Damel walked out of the command cabin and smiled; he wasn’t surprised when he saw Ji Xingjue: “I knew that Madam would definitely be reluctant to leave the Marshal and will follow him here.”

Ji Xingjue showed a reluctant smile: “Take a ride, and I’ll drop at the Fourth Galaxy.”

Damel felt regret. He turned on the light screen of the terminal, and checked the accommodation resources of the battleship: “At the current speed, it is estimated that there are still three days before reaching the Fourth Galaxy. The accommodation conditions on the battleship are not sufficient. Currently, there is only one empty cabin…”

Damel’s eyes wandered between Ji Xingjue and Song Mei, and he smiled and said: “I have assigned the empty cabin to Dr. Song without authorization, so will Madam stay with the Marshal?”

Husband and husband living together; the principle of Heaven and Earth; right and proper.

Qi Qing had to preserve and nurture his spirit, so that he didn’t have to worry about anything after going to the front line. If the two of them stayed together, it would inevitably disturb him.

Ji Xingjue pondered for a while, and chose to be a considerate Marshal’s wife: “It’s not impossible for me to squeeze with Song Mei…”

The soldiers on both sides of the aisle were startled and silently straightened their ears.

“No.” Qi Qing interrupted with an absolute, “You stay with me.”

Ji Xingjue: “But…”

“No buts.” Qi Qing ruthlessly interrupted again before picking up the backpack on his shoulder, turned around and left.

Ji Xingjue stayed still for two seconds, before hurriedly notifying Song Mei, and strode along with the little robot in his arms.

The Marshal is too assertive! Song Mei was worried: “Just let them stay together like this?”

“Don’t worry, Doctor, our Marshal is a very gentleman,” Damel kindly said. “The first transition will take place in twenty minutes. It will be very uncomfortable to stay here. I will take you to your room.”

When he entered the resting area and walked into Qi Qing’s resting cabin, Ji Xingjue realized that “squeeze” was indeed a “squeeze”.

Qi Qing did not use his privilege to create a large resting room, but since he was the commander-in-chief, the resting cabin was already the most spacious and comfortable. Even so, this small resting cabin was not as big as half of the room in the Marshal’s huge Mansion.

In a small space, there was a single bed, a semi-enclosed small bathroom, and a table, which were the limit of what this resting cabin could accommodate.

Since the commander-in-chief’s resting cabin was still like this, the rest of the others would be narrower. If Song Mei turned his body around in the middle of the night, he could be directly flattened into meat patties.

Ji Xingjue immediately understood why Qi Qing was so hard on him and Song Mei.

It turned out that he was worried about his personal safety.

“Battleships don’t have the cozy comforts of ordinary starships.”

Qi Qing was like a male bird who invited the female bird to visit after building a nest. He was a little nervous and restless. Even if the bed was replaced with the softest cushion in advance, he was still not at ease, saying with a stern tone: “Tell me where you are uncomfortable.”

A long journey in a vast and obscure universe, where could you find any better conditions than this.

Ji Xingjue smiled: “I’m not that delicate, I’m fine.”

Qi Qing put down his backpack and glanced at his delicate face that was as white as jade.

Which place wasn’t he delicate, he was more delicate than a serious noble young master like himself.

No one else was present, Qi Qing closed the door and leaned against the alloy door, blocking any chance of Ji Xingjue wanting to interrupt and slip out, and began to ask: “Want to join the Alliance?”

Ji Xingjue had the temperament of not sitting but standing. Taking advantage of the situation, he sat on the bed and looked up at him: “Lord Marshal, is it fun to fool me? You already knew it before you left the palace yesterday.”

Qi Qing smiled invisibly: “No better or worse than each other.”

“…I am indeed very interested in what An Tang said,” Ji Xingjue said slowly, “I plan to go and take a look.”

“How to get there?” Qi Qing stared at him, “Do you believe that An Tang is harmless?”

Ji Xingjue raised his eyebrows.

“An Tang is the younger brother of the current president of the Alliance Council. He graduated from the Command Section of the First Military Academy of the Alliance. On the battlefield, he is a ‘cunning fox’ that many Imperial commanders do not want to encounter,” Qi Qing said lightly, “It was only a few years ago that he lost a battle with a Star Pirate, resulting in a half-body disability, and even if he was fitted with a prosthetic limb, he could no longer be on the battlefield.”

He held his hands and slanted his long legs, “The Empire’s foreign relations with the Alliance are currently tense. To go over by a non-envoy identity. Do you still want to come back alive? Don’t forget that you are still the ‘Wife of the Marshal’.”

Ji Xingjue was silent for a moment, then gently put the little robot on the bed before getting close to Qi Qing. He looked up at him with a smile, hiding a bit of his cunning: “Lord Marshal, believe it or not, I can avoid attracting anyone’s attention. Sneak into the Alliance, and have the confidence to steal the information and get out?”

“I believe.” Qi Qing said coldly, “But do you think I’ll let you go?”

Ji Xingjue blinked innocently: “But I can…”

“If you can’t do it, you can’t.” Qi Qing answered decisively, leaving no trace for him to refute. “Being sure does not mean that you will do it. Even if you can do it, it won’t work.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

No matter how good his temper was, the smile on Ji Xingjue’s face faded leaving only a calm face after a storm as he spat out a few words: “Do you think you can trap me?”

As soon as he changed his face, Qi Qing broke out a smile: “No more pretending?”

Ji Xingjue was too lazy to talk to him more: “I must get that information.”


“It is very important to me.”

“That’s top-secret information on bionic intelligence. You haven’t answered me directly. Why did you switch from mechanical intelligence to research on bionic intelligence?”

[T/N: in chapter 5.]

Ji Xingjue frowned, looking at the expected expression on Qi Qing, who was pressing step by step, forcing him to tell a few secrets hidden in his heart.

He would never be mad at Qi Qing, he was just a little hesitant.

After a while, he still looked away and looked at the time: “Is it about time for the first transition?”

As soon as the voice fell, a prompt sound rang in the battleship: “Arrived at the transition point, the battleship will make the transition in three minutes, and it is expected to end in five minutes. The crew in the battleship be prepared, stay where you are, and do not walk or run in the corridor.”

During the transition, it would put a huge load on the human body, especially if it was a long-distance transition. Many people would vomit until they turned black and blue, wishing for better dead than alive.

Qi Qing swallowed his words, and pressed Ji Xingjue onto the bed to sit down.

Ji Xingjue obediently sat down while watching Qi Qing turn around, turned his back to him without defense, as he rummaged through boxes and cabinets to find a medicine to overcome dizziness, obviously thinking of giving him the pill first. His back was tall and strong, and the shoulders were broad and powerful.

The current Qi Qing was no longer the weak and immature teenager that was many years ago.

He was the Marshal of the Empire and had enough strength to know a lot of things.

Ji Xingjue licked his lips, and his heart beat faster involuntarily.


Ji Xingjue was hesitating several times, when suddenly a hand appeared in front of his drooping eyes, slender and powerful, warm and dry, with an oral capsule lying in it.

“This is the last piece on the battleship, and the transition is about to begin,” Qi Qing urged, “Eat it.”

Ji Xingjue actually didn’t have transaction disease.

Half a year ago, he chased Yser across tens of millions of light years, and made long-distance transition several times in a row, which only aggravated the headache, but looking at the trace of concern hidden under Qi Qing’s serious expression, he still swallowed the pill obediently.

The transition had begun.

There was a slight tinnitus in the ear, and the feeling of weightlessness hit, but there was no problem with the gravity system, it was just a dislocation illusion caused by the long-distance transition.

Ji Xingjue’s back was straight, his sitting posture was elegant, and he was not affected at all. Looking at the cold and handsome face of Qi Qing, he slowly thought about the topic just now, and suddenly said, “Have you heard of ‘Project of Resurrection’?”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows: “I’m all ears.”

“After the establishment of the Glorious Empire, many deeds of the old empire were deleted,” Ji Xingjue said slowly, “the Crown Prince of the Randa Empire was the person who was the most hopeful to bring the old empire back to life. After his death, the tyrant wanted to bring him back to life.”

Qi Qing’s eyelids jumped fiercely, he couldn’t believe it: “Resurrect a dead person?”

“After the fall of the Randa Empire, the unwilling exiles also tried to resurrect their emperor.”

Ji Xingjue’s face was very pale, almost transparent under the white light: “Qi Qing, do you think people can be resurrected from the dead?”

Qi Qing said flatly: “It’s impossible.”

Only death is truly eternal.

“Maybe there is such a possibility? The combination of bionic intelligence and spiritual research may be possible.”

It was just that, by bringing the sleeping dead back to the world, will they really be happy?

Ji Xingjue thought absent-mindedly.

Qi Qing’s face was solemn: “A’Xing, can it be that you want to…”

It was the first time he was called this childhood nickname by Qi Qing after the reunion.

Ji Xingjue was stunned for a few seconds, and smiled generously “How can I, I’m not that crazy.”

Qi Qing’s brows were tightly furrowed, but he was still not at ease.

A voice prompting “Transition is over” came from the battleship.

Ji Xingjue stood up and walked briskly towards the door: “Okay, just a casual mention to divert your attention—I’m a little hungry, how’s the food on the battleship, Lord Marshal?”

As soon as the door opened, he happened to meet Damel who was about to knock on the door.

The latter withdrew his hand and greeted politely: “Hello, Madam, I remember that the Marshal still has a capsule left. Someone in the battleship has a serious transition reaction, and it is very necessary now.”

Qi Qing, who stood behind Ji Xingjue frowned when he heard the sound, and said coldly, “Which piece of trash is so useless? Just throw him out and use it as cosmic trash.”

Soldiers had to learn to overcome the discomfort caused by transition in their usual training, otherwise they would only drag their comrades down when they went to the battlefield, which was a serious transition reaction.

No matter how much they wanted to vomit or had a headache, they had to hold back.

The medicine on the battleship was left over from the last time they escorted a dignitary.

Damel turned away regretfully, revealing Song Mei who was dying behind him: “…It’s Madam’s friend.”

Song Mei: “…”

Qi Qing: “…”

Ji Xingjue hesitated for a while, and looked back at Qi Qing with uncertainty: “The pill you gave me just now seems to be called ‘This is the last pill on the battleship’?”

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