Chapter 29: Ji Xingjue Is Someone They Cannot Touch

“Too much! Urgh…too, too much…hic…”

The sound of Song Mei vomiting was non-stop. His fingertips trembled, his face was pale, and his expression was grief and indignation: “This matter allows me to see how deep hatred you two have toward me, the two of you clearly…. urgh, have a deep hatred for me!”

After listening to the little fat man’s twists and turns, Ji Xingjue followed him on his back thoughtfully, and said gently, “Meimei, don’t vomit anymore. This is the cafeteria, it will affect other people’s appetite and is not good.”

Song Mei unleashed his grief and anger: “I’m like this… ugh, and you still use this nickname! You, ugh, do you still have a conscience!”

[T/N: 美美: beauty, while 枚‌: Mei in Song Mei is classified for rounder things, like coins or pearls.]

Ji Xingjue thought for a while, then poured a glass of water and pushed it over: “Probably a little?”

After distracting his attention, Song Mei didn’t feel so nauseous anymore, and drank the glass of water lifelessly: “I thought it would be a new experience in life to get on a battleship, but now I doubt it. Will I be able to get off this ship alive?”

People came and went in the cafeteria, and the conversations of the soldiers were buzzing and lively, which was more popular than in the resting cabins and corridors.

From time to time, curious eyes swept over, and quickly withdrew.

Song Mei glanced around like a thief then lowered his voice: “Do you think Qi Qing wants to use the battleship’s transition reaction to mess with you?”

When he saw Qi Qing’s return from the corner of his eyes, Ji Xingjue smiled and said, “Obviously not, I won’t vomit to the point of dying.”

Song Mei was very dissatisfied. “That’s because you took that life-saving pill… ugh, forget it, since you are so weak like a tender grass, it’s right for you to eat it, I’m strong… ugh!”

It was rare for Ji Xingjue to be ashamed when he was amused, and he even helped smoothing his back.

Qi Qing put down the dinner plate, looked down at Song Mei, and said with disgust, “It’s been ten minutes, and it’s not over yet?”

Song Mei: “…”

These two husbands, one has no conscience and the other has no sympathy.

Damel kindly helped Song Mei bring some nutritious porridge, saying, “Dr. Song is an ordinary person after all, and battleships do not have the equipment to eliminate the effects of transitions like ordinary starships. Moreover, the transition distances are much farther, even if they take medicine, it will also be uncomfortable.”

The tip of Ji Xingjue’s ears twitched, and deeply felt that it was reasonable. He timely showed the expression that ordinary people would be still uncomfortable after taking the medicine, and pretended that the chopsticks in his hand were unstable.

Qi Qing had been paying attention to Ji Xingjue’s every move, and after seeing his pretense, he raised his eyebrows, “Do you need me to feed you?”

Ji Xingjue returned to normal in a second, and sincerely said, “I suddenly feel better.”

Of course, the food on the battleship wasn’t as good as on land, but it was better than eating nutrient compresses directly.

However, Ji Xingjue, who could even eat the weird dishes he cooked without changing his face, didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the taste at all. Song Mei temporarily lost his sense of taste, so he couldn’t taste it, which he had no opinion about.

After the meal, Song Mei tenaciously regained his vitality. He looked left and right, and expressed a little curiosity: “Can I look around on the battleship?”

Damel first seeked persimmon from Qi Qing. After getting an approval nod, he got up and said, “Of course, I’ll accompany you to look around.”

Song Mei happily followed him out, while Ji Xingjue drank a glass of water slowly, and looked out the window with his cheeks raised.

Thousands of years ago, when the ancient Earth people were still initially exploring the universe, every picture depicting the universe was gorgeous, extremely beautiful and delicate, but the real space was actually dark and cold.

The stars are like white dots, delicate as dust in the vast universe, and the fleet shuttles silently and swiftly into the distance.

Ji Xingjue looked back, smiled and said, “Lord Marshal doesn’t take me to look around as well?”

The alloy door slowly moved open. There were a lot fewer people in the core operation cabin than outside. When they saw the two of them, just as they were about to salute, Qi Qing made a gesture, letting them be on their own, and walked to the operation cabin with Ji Xingjue.

There was a star map on the light screen, which showed a marked fleet with white stars. Ji Xingjue gave it a glance. They were currently on the edge of the First Galaxy.

“After thinking about it carefully, I think what you said makes sense.” Ji Xingjue took a small step closer to Qi Qing, tilted his head, and the white light fell into his eyes, as if he was smiling with shining little stars, “Let me go to the Fourth Galaxy, I promise to return to the Imperial Capital after finishing the research.”

Qi Qing was unmoved: “Do you think I’m stupid?”

“Then what are you going to do?” Ji Xingjue blinked, “Forget about taking me to the front line, what about Song Mei? Seeing him vomit to the point of dying, two more times and you should be in court.”

“Your teacher should be doing experiments in the Second Galaxy,” Qi Qing said in an affirmative tone, “the fleet will replenish resources in the Second Galaxy before continuing to sail, and Song Mei will be delivered to him.”

“What about me?”

“Deliver to me.”


After the transition, they were mentally exhausted and still stay in the safe area. After the soldiers in the operation cabin finished their work, they quietly retreated and returned to the resting cabin for a short rest.

There were only two people left in the cabin. Ji Xingjue leaned on the operating table, made up his mind again before slowly nodded: “When are you going to go to the hideout of the Holy Order?”

A slight smile suddenly appeared in Qi Qing’s eyes: “The commander who was captured is my man.”

The sudden change of topic made Ji Xingjue’s mind couldn’t make up for a while. “Huh?”

“That is an empty base,” Qi Qing said, “especially for baiting and fishing.”

Ji Xingjue was dumbfounded.

No wonder when Qi Qing needed to get out, and the opportunity would just come!

“The coordinates of the Star Pirate have been sent over.” Qi Qing opened the screen silently, his face full of pride, “Once things settle down, it will be the end.”

Ji Xingjue turned his head and fixed his gaze at Qi Qing.

Even though he knew that these past seven years, Qi Qing had experienced countless trials on the battlefield, and he was completely different from when he was a teenager, he still couldn’t help but want to make a comparison.

“Still want to say I’ve changed again?” Qi Qing was not surprised.

Ji Xingjue thought for a while, and seeing that there was no one around, he suddenly approached him, reached out his hand and rubbed his hair, and said with a vicious long tone, “You’ve changed, my little brother has grown up. Big brother is very pleased ah.”

After a second he finished, he turned around and fled away.

Qi Qing: “…”

There was only a wisp of fragrant brought by the wind on his fingertips. His eyes were still on Ji Xingjue, who was helplessly flying out, while himself standing there with a stunned face.

Ji Xingjue slipped away very fast, fearing that Qi Qing would flip a table and settle accounts with him.

There was still a touch of the feeling of Qi Qing’s hair in the palm of the hand. The hair color was light and soft, contrary to the icy cold appearance of the man.

So adorable.

Just like when he was a kid.

Ji Xingjue thought with satisfaction. After finding Qi Qing’s resting cabin, he saw a little robot that had been just charged, squatting and waiting on the bed. When it saw him coming, it flew over. “Mama!”

Ji Xingjue caught it with open arms and lovingly threw it out .

The little robot stood bewildered at the door.

“Because you have a criminal record,” Ji Xingjue smiled, “I want to take a bath, so I’ll lock you out first.”

The separate bathroom was the only thing in this resting cabin that showed the commander’s privilege, and there was even hot water in it.

After Ji Xingjue contently taking a bath, Qi Qing also came back.

He glanced at the pitiful little robot clinging to the door, half kneeling down, and flicked the little guy’s head lightly: “What are you doing?”

“Papa,” the little robot turned his head, extremely aggrieved, “Mama is way too much. He threw me out, if you go in, you will be thrown out by Mama too.”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows, he didn’t believe in evil, and just went straight to unlock the biological code, and strode into the resting cabin.

The resting cabin was filled with slightly moist water vapor, and Ji Xingjue, who was getting dressed, raised his head in surprise when he heard the sound.

His figure wasn’t as thin and weak as the white board, even though he often sat in the office. His waist and abdomen were covered with thin layers of muscles, and the lines were smooth and graceful. Because he had just taken a bath, his fair complexion became rosy and beautiful. The crystal water droplets flowed down from his wet hair to his neck, converging on his sunken collarbone, which was reflected by the lights of the lustrous water that debuted.

Even if he had scars on his body, it didn’t diminish his beauty.

Qi Qing suddenly didn’t know where to look.

Ji Xingjue instantly forgot to put on his clothes.

The two stared blankly at each other for a few seconds, and Qi Qing’s face quickly burst into heat, and decisively threw himself out and closed the door with a “bang“.

Ji Xingjue: “…”

He had seen countless android bodies, and even built every part of the androids by himself. When researching large and small models with his colleagues, he had no fluctuations. According to normal circumstances, even if he was seen by others, he would not have any psychological burden.

But if this person was Qi Qing…

Ji Xingjue’s mild and moderate mask, which had remained unchanged for hundreds of years, cracked for a few seconds. Standing stiffly in the same place, it took a long while before he remembered to put on his clothes, and a scorching heat swept across his cheeks to the tips of his ears, as if he had a high fever.

The correct way to do things at this time should be to open the door, treating it as an unintentional teasing of Qi Qing, and let this little episode be uncovered.

Ji Xingjue’s brain automatically came up with a plan to resolve the embarrassment, but when he walked to the door, he twisted the doorknob and couldn’t open it for a long time.

He turned around helplessly, leaned against the cold alloy door, pinched his hot earlobe, and cursed silently in his heart.

Across a door, Qi Qing leaned against the door, took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down his beating heart. He blushed and stared at the little robot who looked up innocently.

After Damel, who acted as a guide and took Song Mei to look around the open area of the battleship, sending the person to the resting cabin, he didn’t find Qi Qing in the command cabin, so he strolled to the resting area again. After seeing Qi Qing’s figure from a distance, he strode over: “Marshal!”

“Shut up.” Qi Qing picked up the little robot and said with a stern face, “Turn around and look ahead.”

Damel was confused, but his habit of obeying orders still made him do whatever he was told.

Qi Qing walked behind. He glanced at the resting cabin again and seeing that it was without any movements, he breathed a sigh of relief: “Did Barry contact you?”

“Yes,” Damel said, “he has already figured out the situation. The gang of Star Pirates who attacked the base were just wandering useless groups. The Holy Order didn’t value them, and only sent a priest to carry out the ambush, but the Star Pirates only wanted the money and not a life, resulting they didn’t pay much attention to them. Now they want to use Barry to extort money from the Empire.”

A few traces of mockery appeared in Qi Qing’s eyes.

“According to your arrangement, Barry has synchronized the coordinates to the two nearby bases. On the premise of ensuring that he can retreat completely, he can also completely destroy the Star Pirates.” Damel hesitated, “But it may not be possible to capture the priest. We have failed several times.”

Qi Qing said: “Let him continue to stay low first, and escape immediately if something goes wrong. Safety is the first priority. After we get to the Seventh Galaxy, I will seize them all.”

“Are you going to go in person?” Damel was taken aback.

Qi Qing said nothing.

If it was about previously where he was aware of the great threat of the Holy Order hidden in the dark, he only wanted to find out the true face of this group of people. However, after experiencing the incident in the Imperial Capital, he had one understanding of this Order.

Whatever their real purpose was, he would surely uproot everyone of them.

Ji Xingjue is a person they can’t touch.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer


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