Chapter 30: Will I Become A Baby Of A Single Parent?

When he got up to eat after taking a nap for a while, Ji Xingjue still didn’t see Qi Qing.

Clearly he was avoiding him on purpose.

Song Mei, after sleeping for a while, was completely lively and vigorous, appearing full of life.

“Adjutant Damel said that he would let me off in the Second Galaxy. What’s going on? You two finally broke off the relationship, no longer communicate and want a divorce now that we’re not getting a free ride anymore?”

Ji Xingjue casually poked the dishes in his bowl. “The thing about the ruins of the Fourth Galaxy are fake. There are Star pirates wandering around recently and it’s not safe. Teacher is stationed at the research institute of the Second Galaxy, you can go to him.”

Song Mei wasn’t stupid. He swallowed his questions and picked up the most important question, “What about you?”

“That’s another matter ,” Ji Xingjue lazily waved his hand, “Don’t worry.”

The two had known each other since college, and after getting along for many years, they had enough tacit understanding. Furthermore, Qi Qing was also here, what could happen.

Although Qi Qing’s face was cold, he seemed to take good care of Ji Xingjue.

After Song Mei finished thinking, he nodded reassuringly. “Then you pay attention to safety, the Holy Order has always had an eye on you.”

On the way back to the rest area, he still didn’t encounter Qi Qing. Ji Xingjue narrowed his eyes, simply left the door open, and sat by the bedside waiting for someone.

He waited and waited, and after waiting for a long time, what came to visit him was a small robot with round head and brain that was sneaking around with half of his head exposed.

“…” Ji Xingjue looked at the sneaky little robot and muttered to himself, “Is it me or him who is being seen? Is he a little girl?”

The little robot tilted its head in confusion.

Although it was ruthlessly thrown out of the door by Ji Xingjue, the little robot, who still loved its Mama the most, found a few bottles of medicine from the cabinet, poured a glass of warm water, and returned to Ji Xingjue’s side. “Mama, according to the time in Ankara, it’s night time, and it’s time to take medicine.”

Ji Xingjue glanced at the familiar medicine bottles, no wonder he always felt something was wrong last night. It turned out that his medicine was missing.
Qi Qing had long been ready to invite him into the boiling pot in that morning, and even brought all the medicine along.

[T/N: Letting him taste his own medicine.]

Ji Xingjue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He took the water cup, drank the medicine, and hugged the cute obedient little robot. “Forget it, us father and son will sleep, and won’t care about your dad anymore.”

If Qi Qing wasn’t here, it wouldn’t be thrown out of bed, and the little robot was quite satisfied. “Sleep with Mama today!”

After a day and a half after leaving the capital star, the fleet successfully arrived at Second Galaxy to reload the supplies, and was expected to stay for three hours.

The Glorious Empire had been reducing the burden of the people, stabilizing their lives, and restoring vitality after war for more than a hundred years. The most prosperous was always the First Galaxy, which was closest to the capital. The Second Galaxy, which was closer to the First Galaxy, was also quite glamorous. Because the further the galaxy was, the more fallen behind with the lag of technology it was.

After entering the Third Galaxy, the route would no longer intersect with the more prosperous planet and would directly transition all the way without stopping, sailing straight to the Seventh Galaxy.

Therefore, this was probably the last time to experience the prosperity of the Empire before reaching the uninhabited Seventh Galaxy.

The battleship became busier with people hurrying to and fro.

Ji Xingjue’s teacher, Dean Yelis, had long received the news. Fortunately, the planet where he was located was not far from here, so he took a starship and arrived at the destination to receive his students.

Song Mei was instructed not to mention a single word about Ji Xingjue. When he saw the dean, he was dispirited and cried out honestly and sincerely, “Teacher.”

The old man’s deposition wasn’t small.

Dean Yelis snorted with a straight face, and directly stretched out his hand to Qi Qing, the very important figure who followed from behind. “Where’s the other one?”

Qi Qing was without expression: “Just this one.”

“Where’s Ji Xingjue?” It was already a waste of time for him to come here, and Yelis was impatient, “I contacted the principal, and I know that they were together.”

“Really? I haven’t seen him.”

Yelis choked with anger: “…”

Qi Qing didn’t have a good impression of this dean, who gave Ji Xingjue 8 blind dates within a month. He lowered his eyelids and said coldly, “What is the dean looking for my wife for? I will convey it on your behalf.”

When Yelis, who had been conducting closed door experiments for the past few months and completely refusing to receive information from the outside world, heard this sentence, his whole body was stunned: “What!”

Qi Qing strictly and calmly looked at him.

Yelis’s expression became unusually brilliant, with hundreds of high lights. After holding back for a long time, he rolled up his sleeves and wanted to get on the battleship. “That brat is up there, right? Call him down!”

Qi Qing stepped up to block him coldly. “According to the laws of the Empire, breaking into a battleship without permission is a serious crime.”

Right over at this side, Ji Xingjue had already slipped out without being discovered.

He glanced at Yelis, and knew that the consequences of being discovered by the old man were more serious than those of being discovered by Qi Qing. He turned around and was about to run away when Qi Qing, who was far away suddenly seemed to have sensed him. He opened the terminal, gave it a glance, then turned back his head, and looked at him impartially.

Ji Xingjue’s eyelids twitched, looking sensitively at the ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Throw it away, or not throwing it away?

Although he had a soft appearance, Ji Xingjue was actually a very decisive person. For example, many years ago, after he decided to leave the Qi’s family, he really moved out the next day.

But to his surprise, a small ring could actually trap him.

Before the solution to the problem came out, Damel had already appeared in the front and leaned over politely. “Madam, the Marshal asked if you have taken a good break outside, because the battleship is ready to set sail ahead of schedule.”

Ji Xingjue’s fingertips landed on the ring. He rubbed it lightly for a moment, then forced out a smile. “I’ve lost to your Marshal.”

Damel scratched his head in confusion. “The Marshal’s tactical awareness is unmatched. Madam should be proud of the Marshal.”

Ji Xingjue wasn’t proud at all, he just wanted to beat Qi Qing right at this moment.

Because Yelis was still in front of the battleship, Damel took Ji Xingjue to bypass that side and entered the battleship from behind.

Because he just wanted to brag about Qi Qing, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and kept praising Qi Qing all the way back. However, since what he got were all perfunctory “um“, “oh” and “wow“, he couldn’t help asking, “Everyone respects the Marshal, what does Madam think of the Marshal?”

Ji Xingjue thought for a while: “Cute little brother.”

Damel: “…”

Cute, little brother.

“Well, I didn’t mean to disrespect your Marshal,” Ji Xingjue looked at his face and explained seriously, “I mean, we grew up together, and I treat him as a younger brother.”

Damel: “…”

Damel turned his head slowly, looked at the returning Qi Qing outside the window, and suddenly felt a sadness in his heart.

Marshal… I can’t save you.

The battleship stayed shorter than expected, as if trying to prevent someone from sneaking away.

Ji Xingjue failed to escape, so he returned to the resting cabin and studied the ring that he hadn’t taken off after wearing it for a while. The more he looked at it, the more familiar the material became, so he stretched it out to the little robot in front of him. “Dan Dan, scan it.”

The little robot was finally able to do a serious job. After the scan was completed, he proudly held out his chest: “This is a kind of ore called ‘Yao Shi/Brilliant Stone‘. In the stone language, it is called ‘His Undefeatable Glory’, produced from planets such as B233 and B256 of the Fifth Galaxy of the Empire. It is resistant to cold and heat, and the material is solid. At present, it is mainly used to make uniform buttons and accessories for Imperial soldiers.”

Ji Xingjue fiddled the ring with his fingertips and looked at the uniform hanging on the wall.

No wonder he always felt familiar, it turned out that this was the button on Qi Qing’s uniform.

This ore was extremely hard, and he didn’t know how Qi Qing polished it.

…and even able to inject a tracking chip into the thin ring.

After hesitating for a while, he put the ring back on his ring finger.

Still not throwing it. If the worst comes to worst, he would create an anti-tracking system later.

“Mama,” the little robot said, stuttering, “You and Papa haven’t spoken for more than 24 hours. Will I become a baby of a single parent?”

Ji Xingjue laughed and opened the cabin door: “Baby, go and ask your dad if he want to come back to sleep tonight.”

The little robot nodded obediently, and dadada ran out to deliver the words.

A few minutes later, the little robot ran back again: “Mama, Papa said he will be on duty tonight.”

From the First Galaxy to the Fourth Galaxy was a safe area, and there wasn’t a single shadow of Star Pirate at all. According to the style of the Holy Order, it was impossible for them to come and raid in person.

What a goddamn duty.

Ji Xingjue nodded, without saying another word. He sat at the table and turned on his optical computer, and continued to try to track the trace of the Holy Order.

It was unknown how long it took. When he felt his eyes sore, and looked at the time, it was already late.

The little robot was still charging against the wall at the side. Ji Xingjue put away his optical computer, walked to the command cabin and raised his finger and politely knocked on the door. Only after hearing the answer did he push it, but did not go any further and only leaned on the door. He watched the figure sitting alone in front of the console looking at the star map, and said, “Ensuring your own rest time is also the basic common sense a commander should have.”

Qi Qing didn’t look back: “You go to sleep first, I’ll observe it a bit more.”

“In that case, I’ll accompany you to observe then.”

Qi Qing: “…”

Seemed to have been threatened.

In all fairness, Qi Qing’s resting cabin wasn’t too small, but when two adult men were squeezed in together, it seemed that the capacity was insufficient.

In such a narrow environment, Qi Qing’s presence was even more distinct. Ji Xingjue slipped into bed after taking the medicine, rolled to the edge, made room for Qi Qing, and closed his eyes while holding the little robot.

With the sound of water rushing, it seemed that Qi Qing went to take a bath.

Another rustling noise, probably changing clothes.

His arms suddenly became empty, and the little robot acting as a long pillow was pulled away.

The father and son seemed to be playing some kind of bedtime game, and the little robot that sreenched in protest was finally lost and was thrown out of bed.

This feeling seems really nice.

Ji Xingjue thought in a daze. He felt the sinking bed beside him, and it was Qi Qing who lay down. After knowing it, he slept with his mind at ease, and his breathing gradually calmed down.

Fell asleep?

Qi Qing stared at Ji Xingjue’s face for a long time before reaching out to fish him inside.

Ji Xingjue unconsciously struggled, however, as if he sensed a familiar aura, his eyelashes trembled, and he slowly slid into his arms.

There was just a little bit of space on a single bed, and when one turned over, they had to be stuck together. The thin and warm body was pressed into his arms, Qi Qing’s muscles were tense, and the scenery he saw after opening the door from previously flashed before his eyes again.

His breathing suddenly became disordered, staring at the face that was close at hand, gnashing his teeth in a low voice, “Ji Xingjue, are you doing this on purpose?”

Ji Xingjue, who was peacefully and steadily falling asleep, as if to challenge him on purpose again, arched into his arms once more, burrowed his head into the socket of his neck, and hugged him without letting go.

The little robot was lying beside the bed and said faintly, “Papa, if you don’t want to, let Mama hug me.”

“In your dream.” Qi Qing snorted lightly, afraid of waking Ji Xingjue, so he didn’t push him away.

The person in his arms had a light flavor, and with every breath of flavor, it seemed to fill up the parts that his heart missed.

This was the treasure he had longed for for eleven years and had been recaptured.

Qi Qing stared at him for a moment before lowering his head quietly, and kissed the top of his hair as light as a drop of feather.

Once a hint of sweetness filled his heart, immediately afterward, more dissatisfaction and thirst arose, and the desires were always difficult to satisfy, always clamoring for more.

The depth of Qi Qing’s eyes were as dark as ink. He breathed gently as he closed his eyes.


Compared with the small battleship Ji Xingjue used half a year ago, the Empire’s military battleships were undoubtedly more sophisticated. On the seventh day of departure, the fleet arrived at the captured planet M7663.

The first one that followed was bad news:

Commander Barry, who infiltrated the enemy, suddenly lost in contact.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

T/N: The light kiss on the top of the head is so adorable, I’m melting!

精彩纷呈: brilliant highlights; an idiom, which means that beautiful scenes and things are presented in front of one’s eyes, and the synonyms are splendid and wonderful.


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