Chapter 31: It’s Not A Shame To Follow Your Husband’s Surname

The fleet docked at the nearest base of M6782. The base was underground, and it was a waste of time to go down, in which Qi Qing decided to simply hold a temporary meeting on the spot in the command cabin.

Ji Xingjue, who was once again a person involved, but not a staff member, but holding the identity of a family member of the Marshal, was not driven away this time. He sat on the side, leaning against the cold white alloy wall, and listened to several military officers who came over to explain the situation.

“Three hours ago, we did not receive a safety signal from Colonel Barry, and we also failed to initiate contact with him twice in a row, which we confirmed that we had disconnected from Colonel Barry.”

“The coordinates of the Star pirate sent by Colonel Barry are located here,” an officer drew a circle on an area of the star map, “the outer ring is a pile of rubbles, and we only explored a part of the area. Since I am not sure whether there is an ambush, I don’t dare to go in rashly, for fear of alerting the Star pirates. That’s why we are not clear about the Star pirates’ movements at present.”

Qi Qing nodded, stared at the exploration map for a while, then quickly marked several points. “The elite teams will go to these places in units, and the other fleets will stay at the transition point. I will take people in to explore the actual situation.”

The crowd had no objection; they snapped their legs together, and saluted, “Yes!”

After everyone dispersed, Ji Xingjue got up and walked over and asked with a smile, “Lord Marshal, are you going to take me with you?”

“It’s obviously impossible,” Qi Qing’s eyebrows didn’t move, not even thinking about rejecting him directly and only said, “You stay at the base.”

Ji Xingjue had no other opinion, “Okay.”

Since Ji Xingjue was a person who never matched his words with his actions, Qi Qing slightly narrowed his eyes, staring at him for a while, before sending two subordinates to take him to the base.

Ji Xingjue tsked and sighed “Trust between people” and obediently followed the two little soldiers and left.

Only after seeing Ji Xingjue going far away, did Qi Qing return his gaze.

Looking at the eager look in the Marshal’s eyes, Damel felt sad.

Cute little brother!

Large battleships could not pass through the rubbles, so Qi Qing left Damel as the rear commander, and led a few elites to change to a small battleship. After deployment, it took off immediately.

There was not much space in the small battleship, and other people had returned to their posts to perform their duties. Qi Qing, who sat in the command cabin, looking at the prospecting map displayed in front of him, suddenly heard the familiar footsteps from behind.

Qi Qing: “…”

A familiar voice also followed, “Aiya, did I lose my way in the wrong place?”

Qi Qing slowly turned around and looked at Ji Xingjue who had slipped up since who knows when. His eyelids were twitching non-stop, while grinding out a few words from between his teeth, “Ji, Xing, Jue.”

“I’m here, I’m here,” Ji Xingjue wasn’t afraid at all. He walked briskly to his side and turned his head to look at him with a smile, “Don’t be angry, lend me the operation for a while?”

Qi Qing held his hands and stared at him coldly.

Ji Xingjue added, “To upgrade the detection system for your battleship.”

Qi Qing turned sideways and let him go, his expression still uneasy.

Ji Xingjue connected to his own optical computer, his slender fingers fluttered like butterflies, and while staring at the screen, his mouth kept saying, “Don’t blame those two little friends, they can’t stop me if I want to come up.”

After speaking, he stopped his action. “It’s done.”

The star map on the light screen was suddenly much clearer showing the battleship had entered the range of the rubbles. As the distance deepened, dense red dots suddenly appeared in the unexplored area.

“The Star pirates arranged the meeting gifts very enthusiastically. It’s right that your subordinates didn’t rush into it,” Ji Xingjue said. “My personal suggestion is to avoid it.”

Ji Xingjue synchronized the star map to the other battleships, and got up gracefully. “I’ll leave it to you.”

This was very much of a test of the technology skill of driving a starship.

Qi Qing took over the authority of the ship operation without uttering a word.

The battleship was very flexible under his hands, and it shuttled smoothly in this area where the scattered rubbles and the “meeting gifts” were rampant, leaving not even a scratch on the battleship.

Ji Xingjue was still admiring the Marshal’s perfect operating skills. It wasn’t until the rubbles flow in front of him diminished, and a tiny space base appeared before his eyes, did he lean over. “Why don’t you speak, Lord Marshal? Didn’t I play a role in this, why are you still angry?”

Qi Qing pressed the camouflage invisible button, his eyes were like knives as he gave him a cold look, “I’ll deal with you when we go back.”

Disguised as a piece of broken rock, the battleship slowly approached the space base and successfully landed.

Knowing that Ji Xingjue couldn’t be stopped, when he left the battleship, Qi Qing brought him along with resignation.

They still had no idea where Barry was, so Qi Qing assigned everyone a task and kept Ji Xingjue by his side.

Surprisingly, there weren’t many Stars pirates guarding the outer ring, resulting in the two easily crossing the outpost. Qi Qing glanced at the man who claimed to be a “weak university teacher”, and finally calmed down a little, and said in a low voice, “What do you want to do?”

“Nothing. I just want to say hello to that priest,” the corner of Ji Xingjue’s mouth curved up, “a warm-hearted greetings.”

Although both of them were very interested in the priest, the first task was to find Barry, whose life and death were unknown.

Qi Qing was quick witted, he caught a star pirate who was alone and hid in the corner.

Seeing Qi Qing’s face clearly, the star pirate’s eyes widened instantly, his heart seemed to have been pricked and was torn apart. He wanted to touch the things in his pocket with his hand behind his back.

Ji Xingjue reacted quickly, grabbed his wrist, got rid of the unfortunate star pirate’s arm with two clicks, and with a click of his finger, he took out a laser gun from his pocket.

Judging from the style, it should have been looted from Qi Qing’s base that was used as bait.

“In the name of the Imperial Marshal, the item has been confiscated.”

Within Qing’s expressionless gaze, Ji Xingjue took the laser gun as a matter of course, and pointed it at the star pirate’s lower body with a smile.

“Friend, we have a little question that we would like to ask you for advice. I wonder if you are willing to answer it or not? It’s in the voluntary guidelines.”

The star pirate looked at him in horror, as if looking at a demon.

Even though Qi Qing knew that Ji Xingjue had many secrets, he was still quite speechless.

Ten minutes later, the two managed to find the area where the star pirate held the prisoners.

Qi Qing held down Ji Xingjue, who was eager to take action, and stepped forward to neatly clean up a few miscellaneous soldiers guarding the side.

That star pirate was just a member from the outside circle that had limited access and couldn’t go any further. In addition to the location of the cell, he only knew that just a few hours ago, there seemed to be some conflict among the leaders, and most of them were transferred to the location of the core area of the base. As for how many people, it was also unclear.

There was no wonder there weren’t many star pirates they encountered along the way.

The alloy door outside the cell was tightly closed, and breaking open forcibly would cause an alarm to sound.

After Ji Xingjue checked it, he exclaimed with shock, “This is still a security system that was used more than ten years ago, and things built with bugs are still preserved in this world!”

Qi Qing gave him a glance, “Can you open it?”

“I’ll use your surname if the speed takes longer than half a minute.” Ji Xingjue confidently turned on the optical computer in his hand and connected it to the security system of the door.

Facts have proved that Ji Xingjue would always be very unlucky after being stained with the word “Qi Qing”, as if he was abandoned by Heaven.

This was a double security combination lock.

Ji Xingjue realized something was wrong when he got it halfway through. When the indicator light in front of the alloy door turned green with a “di” sound and the door slowly opened, it was already forty-three seconds.

The corner of Qi Qing’s lips curved. He patted him on the shoulder, and lowered his voice, “It’s not a shame to follow your husband’s surname.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Ji Xingjue clapped his hand away, pretending that he hadn’t said that, and stepped into the cell as if nothing had happened.

Unexpectedly, many people were locked inside the cell.

There was one-way visual material used in the prison cell, the people inside couldn’t see the people outside, but they could hear the noises.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, the dozen or so detainees suddenly became agitated and scolded, “Neil Luther, fuxk you! Kill Lao zi if you have the ability!”

The two looked at each other, and Ji Xingjue asked, “Neil Luther?”

Qi Qing searched in his memory and decisively shook his head, “Never heard of it.”

Even Qi Qing, the person who had fought with the Star pirates for many years never heard of this name, Ji Xingjue simply did two things with one mind; searching for the name of “Neil Luther” as he walked.

Countless people with the same name and surname flashed on the light screen, and while constantly removing and selecting, Qi Qing who walked in front paused. “I found it.”

Ji Xingjue also responded, “I also found it.”

Colonel Barry, who was disconnected from the fleet, was wounded and fell to the ground in a semi-conscious state.

When the door was pushed open, he was taken aback and opened his eyes with difficulty. Seeing that it was Qi Qing, he was stunned for a moment before vaguely shouted, “Marshal…why are you here?”

“To save you.”

Qi Qing replied briefly before half squatting down to help him up. He broke the handcuffs with a shot, and sent a message to other people for reinforcements, before asking, “What happened?”

“A few hours ago, there was a sudden internal conflict among the Star pirates, and the leaders seemed to have had their table flipped.” Barry’s chest rose and fell, as he coughed violently. “The new leader is rather smart. My communication equipment was almost discovered. I was afraid that he would notice it, so I had to destroy it in time.”

He took a breath, clenched Qi Qing’s sleeves tightly, and held his last breath before fainting. “Marshal, that priest of the Holy Order is also locked up, here, right in here!”

The elite who happened to be in contact rushed over. Qi Qing gave them a nod and handed Barry over. “Take Colonel Barry to the battleship for emergency treatment.”

A few people responded in a low voice, and quickly took Colonel Barry back as they were told.

“I didn’t find out anything about Neil Luther,” Ji Xingjue, who became dumb for a moment, spoke in timely again when he saw people were gone, “But there was indeed a great star pirate surnamed Luther more than ten years ago, who was betrayed and killed by his subordinates, and the whereabouts of the surviving child was unknown. If I guessed correctly, the one who robbed this large group of people would be the orphan Ben Gu.”

The two continued to walk deep into the cell, looking for the priest figure.

After a long while, the footsteps of the two people stopped at the same time.

Originally, it would be a bit difficult to accurately find the target among a bunch of prisoners, but they didn’t expect that the priest of the Holy Order was dressed in quite a personality. Differently from the star pirates who wore a simple, easy-to-fight set of clothing, the priest wore a red robe with delicate star patterns embroidered on it.

The two looked at each other in silence.

It’s no wonder that the information “suspected of the presence of the Holy Order” appeared for the first time in the frontline battle report.

Ji Xingjue unlocked the safety lock of the prison door using the old method, pushed open the door and walked in.

The priest sat cross-legged on the ground, muttering to himself. When the door was pushed open, he was so frightened that he shivered all over, and looked sternly. “You, you, what did Neil Luther send you to do? I am indeed a member of the Holy Order, and I advise you to act tactfully. Otherwise God will not let you go!”

Ji Xingjue was a little astonished.

He thought that his photo should have been circulated all over the Holy Order, and even if he wasn’t recognized, the Marshal’s military glory should be more famous than him, right?

It seemed that this person was just a low-level member of the Holy Order.

After thinking for a while, Ji Xingjue’s eyes became very kind, as if emitting with holy light, and said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid. Bless the God of Benevolentness, in the name of the End of the Universe―we are sent by the bishop to save you.”

Qi Qing: “…”

Qi Qing: “Bless you.”

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