Chapter 32: The Marshal Is Married To A Good Wife

From the moment he was fooled by Ji Xingjue’s kind-hearted face and drank the extremely bitter juice when he was a child, Qi Qing was very clear that Ji Xingjue was very unbelievable, with his mouth full of running a train.

[T/N: talk big.]

However, the stubborn man also had an elegant and gentle expression and when he smiled, it was like a wave of soft spring water, which was hard for people to refuse.

Most of the time, even knowing that Ji Xingjue was digging a hole, he would still jump into it willingly.

Now there was another jumping pit.

Being imprisoned by a vicious Star pirate, he was shrouded by extreme fear. However, with a sudden appearance of a handsome young man who seemed to be credible as a glimmer of hope, and under the mood of significant ups and downs, the priest didn’t think much about it, and held Ji Xingjue’s hand excitedly. “Did Lord Luen send you here? I knew it, God will definitely hear those who pray!”


[T/N: Lu: surname Lu. En: graceful, kindness. But 卢恩 also means Rune.]

Ji Xingjue wrote down the name and smiled more sincerely. “Of course, God will not abandon his believers.”

Qi Qing coldly split open the priest’s hands. “Touch him again, and God will abandon you.”

The Marshal, who had been in the battlefield for a long time, when his face turned cold, he seemed to have emitting sharp blades with murderous aura. The priest shuddered with fright, and subconsciously leaned on Ji Xingjue’s side again. “Who is this?”

“My subordinate. He has a bad temper, so don’t pay attention to him.”

Ji Xingjue gave himself a promotion in two or three sentences without changing his face. “Your Honorable Priest, can you tell me what happened here? Didn’t our great teachings influence these Star pirates?”

Speaking of this, the priest was very angry. “These stubborn Star pirates are stupid, arrogant, brassy, greedy and unreasonable!”

After scolding, he finally calmed down quite a bit. After that, he stuck his head out and looked around, not daring to go out. “How many people did Lord Luen send here? Has that person, Neil Luther, been caught yet?”

“There are Imperial armies nearby, and you know that the Order has always kept a low profile, so Lord Luen only sent us here,” Ji Xingjue answered the question in a dignified manner, and finally threw a question to divert his attention, “Neil Luther?”

“It was him who locked me up!” The priest was full of endless resentment and anger, “A few bosses of the Star pirates who serve me… serve the Order were also locked up. Wait until when I go back and report to the Lord Bishop, I must make him pay the price!”

Ji Xingjue smiled even deeper. “Rest assured, we will send you back safely.”

His smile was particularly sincere and charming, which could make people unconsciously relax their vigilance and the priest’s expression softened a little. “I haven’t asked your name yet? My name is Hans.”

[T/N: 汉斯 also means Reims (city in France)]

Ji Xingjue opened his mouth and came up with the names. “My name is Armon, this is Eugene.”

[T/N: 艾蒙: aì méng, Armon. 艾: surname Ai, 蒙: covered, ignorant, deceived.
尤金: yóu jīn, Eugene. 尤: outstanding, 金: gold.
Look how JXJ chose a name for QQ!]

Hans, who was still a little afraid of Qi Qing, cautiously nodded. “How are we going to get out of here?”

Qi Qing glanced at the information on the terminal, and slightly nodded his head towards Ji Xingjue.

Damel received the order and had already taken the fleet deep into the rubbles.

As long as Qi Qing gave an order, the space base could explode at any time. Even if the Star pirates could react and make a transition in time, there would be another team waiting at the transition point.

However, if there was a chance to catch a survivor, they would try their best to catch a survivor.

Ji Xingjue said cheerfully, “Just follow us.”

As a “subordinate”, Qi Qing shot a glance at Ji Xingjue before voluntarily making way ahead.

Stepping out of the cell door, Hans noticed a few familiar bosses of the Star pirate at a glance, but didn’t say anything, lest it would be a waste of time to let Ji Xingjue rescue them too.

Walking out of the cell area, they never encountered a star pirate along the way.

Hans breathed a sigh of relief. “When I was locked up, that Neil person called everyone to the central hall and said that he wanted to gather the power of the Star pirates to do something. If we are lucky, we should not encounter them again…”

Before he could finish speaking, the tip of Ji Xingjue’s ear twitched. He raised his index finger, and made a soft “shh” sound.

The alloy door in front suddenly opened, and a few Star pirates came out sparsely and fragmentary. They were caught off guard and had a face-to-face meeting with Qi Qing in front of them.

Qi Qing raised the gun in his hand and greeted them calmly and collected, “Morning.”

There were two “bang bang” sounds, and the Star pirates walking in the front fell straight to the ground.

The two Star pirates in the back reacted and ran away. One of them screamed, “Go and report to the boss! It, it’s Qi… ahh!”

Before he could finish speaking, Qi Qing leaped as quick as a flying tackle and kicked him fiercely, sending him flying away. The crisp sound of broken bones rang out, and the man slammed to the ground with a bang, and was silent instantly.

Ji Xingjue shot the remaining one accurately, before tilting his head and smiled at Hans, “We don’t seem to be very lucky.”

The two of them cooperated tacitly and did not hesitate at all. Hans swallowed, and looked at Qi Qing’s back secretly, and whispered in a low voice in awe, “He must be God’s blessed one!”

Ji Xingjue put away the gun and raised his eyebrows.

“It looks like this kind of momentum,” Hans said with admiration, “One look and you’ll know, only the lucky one is very much able to get the blessing of God.”

God’s blessed one?

Ji Xingjue’s brain turned around sharply, analyzing this unfamiliar term.

According to the success rate of bionic transformation… it was almost one in ten thousand.

The transformed body was almost invulnerable and possessed powerful mechanical strength, but what follows was a sharp shortening of lifespan and various unpredictable complications.

To be able to survive in such an inhumane transformation, it seemed not unreasonable to say that one had been blessed.

Ji Xingjue narrowed his eyes and suddenly thought of something. “Mr. Hans, do you know Colin Fergus?”

Colin was the priest who attacked him in the Imperial Capital. According to what Hans just said, he was also a “Blessed One”.

Unexpectedly, Hans really knew him. “Of course, I have worked with Colin before.”

Ji Xingjue said “Oh” in surprise. Colin was actually his real name.

“That kid passed the God’s favor and was sent by the elders to the Imperial Capital to carry out a mission, hmph,” Hans said with a hint of sourness, “It’s just shit luck.”

Ji Xingjue smiled and continued, “It’s really enviable to be able to go to the Imperial Capital to perform a mission.”

Hans sighed, “Yeah, the Seventh Galaxy, where a bird doesn’t take shit, is really not a place for people to stay, and you have to deal with these ignorant Star pirates every day.”

The three continued to move forward, and Ji Xingjue signaled Qi Qing to slow down.

There were sights of the Imperial battleship. Letting Hans see the battleship they drove would either reveal the truth in an instant, or cause suspicion, which was not conducive to his cliché.

He was very good at mobilizing the emotions of the discussion party. When the other party released his emotions, he would follow that emotion and induce the other party to reveal more information.

After talking for a while, the remaining calm and collected Ji Xingjue quietly dug out Hans’ bottom.

No wonder Hans was so easy to deceive.

He had only joined the Holy Order for more than half a year, and only through the help of a relative who became a Bishop did he stand out from an ordinary believer and become a priest and was assigned a mission to come here.

There were also many different gangs among the Star pirates. Those who receive the firepower and technical support of the Holy Order will be dispatched to different priests according to the scale, one for missionary and the other for surveillance.

The “Boundless Star Sea” outside the jurisdiction of the Empire and the Alliance was the base camp of Star pirates. Most of the Star pirates in this base camp had accepted cooperation with the Holy Order more than ten years ago, so it was no wonder that they suddenly threatened the border of the Empire.

As for being provoked―so long as there was enough interest, nothing else matters.

“Mr. Hans, I have a small question I want to ask for your advice,” Ji Xingjue glanced at Qi Qing in front of him, and asked softly in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Have you heard of Yser?”

Hans’ footsteps stopped abruptly.

He looked at Ji Xingjue with some doubts, as if he noticed something, his narrowed slit eyes suddenly widened.

Ji Xingjue’s heart sank.

Sure enough, the next moment, Hans’ face turned ashen. He quickly backed away, and shouted loudly, “Who are you! You are not a priest, you dare to pretend…”

Before he could finish blabbing, Ji Xingjue swipe a knife in his hand and stunned him neatly.

Qi Qing turned around and asked, “What happened?”

“The car is overturned after stepping on a landmine.” Ji Xingjue shrugged, “What we can fish out is already fished out. Let’s take the rest back to the base for torture.”

With a lot of doubts in his heart, he gave Hans, who fell softly to the ground a glance.

Obviously, Colin was a nobody, so when he asked, Hans wouldn’t be too suspicious.

But in Hans’ perception, within the Holy Order, at least those with the title of priest or above should know about Yser.

Which was why, as soon as he opened his mouth, he revealed the truth.

Ji Xingjue knew that Yser was related to the Holy Order, but unexpectedly, Yser’s status in the Order seemed to be pretty high.

The attack of the Holy Order against him in the Imperial Capital had too many flaws compared with the past, which was not in the lines of their usual style. Could it be regarded as revenge for Yser?

After all, if it was the Holy Order, it would not be impossible to get that video.

Qi Qing picked Hans up with one hand in disgust. “What did you just ask?”

Ji Xingjue retracted his divergent thinking and smiled, “I asked him the whereabouts of their Holy Son and Supreme Father. I went too far and am ashamed that I’m not professional enough.”

“Do I have the same word ‘stupid’ written on my face as him,” Qi Qing could no longer understand Ji Xingjue’s temperament and repeated, “What did you ask?”

Ji Xingjue blinked innocently. “Are we having an external conflict here? Not good, right? What if we are found by that Neil person…”

Almost at the moment when his voice fell, Qi Qing’s pupils shrank and pulled him away. In the next instant, several bullet were sunken deep making a few holes in the ground on the spot.

An unhurried voice came from across the metal passage, accompanied by idle footsteps. “Do you two really think this is an amusement park?”

On the ground of the silver-white metal passage, a shadow changed from long to short, slowly revealing the whole picture. A fairly young man, with light blond curly hair and a black eye patch, only revealing the dark blue eye on the left came into view.

Glancing at the intact Ji Xingjue, he felt a little regretful as he raised his hand towards Qi Qing. “Marshal Qi, your name has been known to me for a long time. Let me introduce myself, this humble me is named Neil Luther. I want to discuss cooperation with you―before that, why don’t you dispose the person who is in your way first?”

Qi Qing looked at him without saying a word, his eyes filled with murderous intense.

Ji Xingjue, who was almost shot, remained calm, and lightly grabbed Qi Qing’s hand. “I’m fine.”

Immediately after, he looked at the extraordinarily young Star pirates’ leader with a smile. “Oh? What kind of cooperation do you want to discuss with our Marshal?”

Seeing Ji Xingjue’s face clearly, Neil was stunned for a while, before muttering to himself while opening the terminal. Who knows what else did he search; he looked at the light screen, then looked at Ji Xingjue, and looked at Ji Xingjue, then looked at the light screen again, and his eyes gradually changed. “Disrespect! It turned out to be Professor Ji. I admire cultural people the most. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was rude just now.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

Qi Qing: “…”

As quick as lightened, Ji Xingjue softly whispered, “There’s a port of anchor at the side, give me five minutes to get a battleship―do you think this Star pirates’ boss is sick in the head?”

Neil looked at the two with interest, and applauded. “I didn’t expect that the one who followed the Marshal was actually the Marshal’s wife. The Marshal is married to a good wife!”

“…Sick,” Qi Qing’s thin lips moved, and nodded when he heard the second half of the sentence, “and very good at talking.”

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