Chapter 71: Come, Give Me A Hug

Ye Nanqi was stunned.

He didn’t expect the first sentence he heard would be this.

Bai Yu looked at him as if he was looking at Ye Mei all this time.

After a long silence, Ye Nanqi turned around and said to Zhang Ming behind him, “Go back to the car and wait for me.”

Before Zhang Ming came out, Shen Du repeatedly warned him to refuse directly of his command. The two stood at a stalemate for a moment, before each decided to take a step back. And as a result, Zhang Ming stood guard outside the door, with open crack and to be alert at any time.

As the object of warning, Bai Yu didn’t have any opinion, watching their movements without speaking. When Ye Nanqi sat down, he pushed the coffee in front of him and said, “She liked Blue Mountain the most.”

Ye Nanqi looked at the cup of coffee but didn’t move, and said lightly, “Sorry, but unfortunately, I like latte.”

Bai Yu’s relaxed expression stagnated. Looking at Ye Nanqi, he shook his head in disappointment after a while. “Except for your eyes, you don’t look alike at all.”

Ye Nanqi felt extremely awkward, and his voice could not help but become colder. “We have never been the same person, of course we will not be the same. Master Bai asked me to come here just to say this?”

It was Bai Yu who clearly held the majority of the initiative, however, looking into Ye Nanqi’s eyes, he gave in. “You came here, what do you want to know?”

What Ye Nanqi wanted to know was too much.

He frowned and looked at Bai Yu, making sure he wasn’t joking, and said without hesitation, “What is your relationship with my sister and how did you meet?”

Bai Yu asked Ye Nanqi to come here today, as if to confess something. He took the glass of Blue Mountain, took a sip, and spoke very slowly, “How did we meet? You should have guessed it.”

Ye Nanqi took a deep breath.

Sure enough, Bai Yu knew Ye Mei after she was persecuted.

What kind of good encounter could that be? That scenario… those people.

His stomach was in a spectacular mess and he was about to vomit. While staring at Bai Yu, only to feel chills between his teeth.

Bai Yu’s demeanor was still very calm. “When you enter this organization, it’s not like you can do whatever you want, or don’t do it if you don’t want to. There’s nothing to justify and I’m not here to ask for forgiveness because I’m also one of the perpetrators.”

The difference between him and those people was probably that he really fell in love with Ye Mei.

Ye Nanqi: “So?”

Bai Yu lowered his eyes. “I love her.”


Ye Nanqi felt both amused and angry.

He pretended to be obedient for too long, and at this moment he forgot how to express his own mood. His heart was trembling, burning with pain. It was like pouring a ladle of water into hot oil, sputtering out a scalding rage that was hot enough to burn people.

Sorrows? Did this change the fact that he was also the perpetrator? Love? Did Ye Mei need it? Did she agree to accept it? If this kind of thing was handed to her by Bai Yu, Ye Nanqi would only feel disgusted!

He gritted his teeth, and after a long while, he said coldly, “You don’t deserve to mention this word.”

“She also said that at the time, I’m not worthy, and I know I’m not worthy.” Bai Yu was not provoked, his expression was calm, “You ask me what was my relationship with her? In my opinion, it was the pursuer and the pursued, and in her opinion, the abuser and the victim. She had always hated me, and I knew it from beginning to end.”

Ye Nanqi tried his best to suppress his impulses, took a deep breath, and asked the question he cared about most. “Why did she still have contact with you in the end?”

“I wanted to save her.” Bai Yu put down the coffee cup, as if holding the cup wasn’t enough to give him a sense of security, and placed his hands under the table, folding together. “But at that time I…was very weak. I couldn’t do anything, I could only do my best to help her secretly, but Xue Jingshan found out.”

When it came to Xue Jingshan, his expression was even colder, and his eyes were full of tedious and hatred, “He made a big fuss with me, and then tormented your sister even more intensely… So I want to take her away.”

Ye Nanqi didn’t want to give him a face, or help him hide the scar and asked straight to the point, “What’s your relationship with Xue Jingshan?”

Bai Yu looked at his eyes, those eyes that were like Ye Mei, as if Ye Mei herself was looking at him.

His smile suddenly became weird. “Didn’t you already guess it?”

Ye Nanqi was silent.

Bai Yu continued, “I couldn’t resist back then. He longed for me and on the other hand, cared about the eyes of the outside world, so my dad offered me with both hands as one of the bargaining chips to climb the high branches of the Xue family.” After a pause, his expression was still very light, “You shouldn’t be able to imagine the feeling of being sent to a man’s bed by your own father.”

Ye Nanqi continued to be silent, because he was speechless.

“Want to hear it in more detail?” As if the person in the words was not himself, Bai Yu, in front of Ye Nanqi, unhurriedly tore the bloody scar on the bottom of his heart, “The Bai family and the Xue family have a very good relationship. But why did the weak Bai family back then could climb up to the Xue family and get help, aren’t you curious?”

Ye Nanqi moved his lips and was finally able to speak: “The current Xue family is getting weaker, and about to die out, and the Bai family is already more powerful than the Xue family.”

“Yeah.” Bai Yu agreed lightly, “But the Xue family knew very well that raising tigers was a danger, and they held onto the Bai family’s weakness very early. If something happened to the Xue family, the Bai family should not think about escaping either.”

He was a victim of the game of two families involved, not a decisive figure, but a very crucial link.

Ye Nanqi’s throat choked for no reason.

Bai Yu stopped mentioning this and continued the topic just now.

After Tan Yi’s violence death, Bai Yu found that Ye Mei’s attitude gradually changed, and was no longer so indifferent to him. Even if he knew that Ye Mei was not moved or softened by his change, and knew that Ye Mei still hated him, he was still very happy.

He made a plan and told Ye Mei that he wanted to take her and the Ye family away. They could go anywhere, as long as they could stay far away from these people and this kind of thing.

This was the only chance back then for Ye Mei and that complex situation―could be separated.

For a moment, Bai Yu was sure that Ye Mei really wanted to go with him. Ye Mei also smiled at him and agreed.

He planned well, figured out how to leave, and how to treat her and her family well in the future.

After thinking about everything, it was as if he was singing a one-man show of self-deception alone.

When he said this, Bai Yu couldn’t hold back any longer, showing a state of pain, his face was pale, and his speech became slower, “…I told her, wait two days, just two days, I can prepare everything and take her away.”

But Bai Yu forgot that even if he fell in love with Ye Mei, Ye Mei still hated him as much as she hated everyone.

“That morning, she took the initiative to call me, told me the time and place, and asked me to pick her up.”

Bai Yu said a few words and stopped for a while, as if his heart and tongue were under heavy pressure, blocked by something, and he was unwilling to recall and narrate all this.

“When I just got there, I saw a lot of people around a building…”

Ye Mei specifically called him over, and jumped down from dozens of high-rise buildings in front of him.

The fresh and decisive hatred, plain and clear, was vented in front of his eyes.

This was his nightmare every night from then on, even when he was violated by Xue Jingshan, it wasn’t that painful. Bai Yu collapsed on the spot, watching Ye Mei jump from a high building and fall to the ground covered in blood.

This scene seemed to be engraved in his heart, and it became a video tape, which was played repeatedly in his mind, wearing away every inch of the flesh and blood in his heart, and tormenting him fiercely.

Those who can survive in the abyss are supported by a belief, some people yearn for the light, and some people have pain and hatred deep in their bones.

Ye Nanqi’s hands trembled uncontrollably.

He knew that Ye Mei looked gentle and amiable, but was actually very strong and stubborn. She could endure for so long because she was thinking about her younger siblings and mother. With Bai Yu’s guarantee, she knew that they would be fine, so she just simply left.

The two sat opposite each other in silence for a long time, no one spoke.

It wasn’t until the phone shook slightly that Ye Nanqi came back to his senses and found that it was Shen Du’s text message. It had been 10 minutes that he hadn’t sent him a text.

This Shen Du… he let him rest and sleep well, but he was still holding his mobile phone and kept an eye on his reply. He had no choice but to send back a message, telling Shen Du to go back to sleep and have a good rest.

His attention was slightly distracted, and Bai Yu glanced at Zhang Ming by the door. He calmed down and said, “Shen Du treats you very seriously.”

Ye Nanqi said with a thorn in his mouth, “After all, he is clean and doesn’t have as many problems as you.”

Bai Yu took another sip of the bitter coffee without refuting.

Ye Nanqi looked at him. “You asked me out, what else do you have to say? Help me avenge my sister?”

Bai Yu paused. “It’s just, to tell you something.” It was a little hard to open his mouth, but he continued, “There are some things, at least I can’t do it right now.”

Fang Xingyuan did nothing, because he was one of the cowardly sinners; Chen Wen not only helped, but also told him where Xu Zhou was; Xu Zhou had been displaced for many years, desperately protecting Ye Mei’s last possession, and gave him evidence, and even promised to help at any time.

Only Bai Yu, who kept saying that he loved Ye Mei and hated those people, bluntly said that he couldn’t take action

Ye Nanqi didn’t want to ask, but he felt sarcastic and still asked, “Why?”

Bai Yu closed his eyes. “Pull one hair and the whole body moves.”

[T/N: a slight change will affect everything else.]

Ye Nanqi sarcastically said, “I thought you hate your father, it seems that Master Bai has a big belly, and it is me who gauges the heart of a gentleman with my own mean measures.”

“It doesn’t matter what happened to him and those two brothers.” Bai Yu cherished the cup of coffee and wiped the corners of his lips, “I only care about my grandfather.”

The relationship between the old man Bai and his son was not good, so he lived far away. He brought Bai Yu up with his single hand, and the more than ten years of nurturing and caring couldn’t be dismissed lightly. If there was a problem with the Bai family because of this matter, even if the old man wasn’t involved, it wouldn’t be good for him to take it.

Bai Yu admitted to being cold-blooded, but he was not without conscience.

“You want to stop me?” Ye Nanqi frowned, and his words fell, only to see Bai Yu hooked the corner of his lower lip.

“You look alike when you frown.” After saying this, he pushed the cup, “The old man is lying in the hospital now, thinking about the well-being of the Bai family. He is not old-fashioned, he discovered some ways early, and asked me to take care of my father and brother every day, and prevent me from taking action.”

At least, he wouldn’t start anything until the old man breathed out in peace.

Ye Nanqi stared at the white coffee cup, not knowing what to ask or say. In front of him was half an enemy, half a sinner who was sympathetic to each other. He was carrying fierce hatred, and in addition to hatred, he was also wrapped in a strange and subtle mood.

Such as pity.

He didn’t feel that Bai Yu was pitiful, but this subtle mood was hard to get rid of for a while.

This emotion completely ruined Ye Nanqi’s mood. He stood up, turned around and took two steps. Then he remembered one more thing, and finally asked, “Those flowers, are you…”

Bai Yu interrupted him and said, “She was twenty when we first met.”

He wanted to send Ye Mei 20 bouquets of flowers and 20 love poems, as a show of love and compensation.

It was a pity that Ye Mei left before the twenty bouquets were delivered.

Later, Ye Nanqi came into sight, he regarded Ye Nanqi as Ye Mei, and made up the last few bunches.

Unsurprisingly, this pair of siblings both avoided and hated them, and threw the flowers far away.

Ye Nanqi didn’t speak any more, and walked out of the door in a trance. He and Zhang Ming slowly went downstairs and walked to the parking lot, feeling a little confused.

He had no choice but to take a step to clear his mind. When he walked to the parking lot, and looked up, he saw Shen Du.

There were unusually few people in the parking lot, and Shen Du dressed casually. He wrapped his arms on his chest, leaned against the door, looked sideways into the distance, and waited quietly and patiently.

Hearing the footsteps, Shen Du turned his head and found that Ye Nanqi’s face was pale. He watched Ye Nanqi walk in front of him, and said, “I can’t sleep because I think you might be sad, so I came and waited for you, and sure enough, someone made you sad again.”

As he spoke, he opened his hands, his eyes were calm and tolerant. He looked at Ye Nanqi tenderly, and his voice was soft. “Come here, give me a hug, and you won’t be so sad anymore.”

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