Chapter 36: Sooner Or Later, I Will Make You Cry And Spill Out Everything

Even though Scarface was frightened by Ji Xingjue’s affirmative tone, he still wanted to speak again after hesitating for a moment.

However, his words were suppressed by Qi Qing as he raised his eyes, saying, “There are many people who look alike. We are here to ask you something, not to be asked by you.”

Scarface quickly nodded, “What do you two need me to do?”

Ji Xingjue’s Adam apple subconsciously moved.

Half a year ago, he did appear at the neighboring Dark Star, but at that time he was in a coma and it was impossible for him to show up here.


Ji Xingjue’s heart sank, he took a glance at Qi Qing, and pursed his lips.

He could no longer stay by Qi Qing’s side now.

“The Holy Order…” Scarface moved two chairs for the two of them with a numb face. After hearing their purpose in coming, he slapped his thigh. “What a coincidence! Recently, a group of people came to the city, and their actions were very strange. Our people are still keeping an eye on them.”

Qi Qing sat down and tapped the table with his slender fingers, signaling him to continue.

“Those people came to the Dark Star a few days ago. We thought it was a cosmic mercenary group at first, but after two days of observation, we found that they only come to the city every day at night, without buying anything or exchanging any information, but looking for someone instead. They will disappear during daytime, as a gas of smoke, leaving no trace at all.” Scarface touched his chin, “They’re being so secrecy, it feels like the Holy Order, and I was planning to report it today, but the two of you came.”

Ji Xingjue, who had already sorted out his emotion and expression, came forward and joined in with curiosity. “Anything else other than that?”

Scarface thought for a while. “They have a leader who wears a hood and a mask, covering his face. The others are like marionettes, they appeared without a sound, and normal people didn’t want to approach them when they walked down the street.”

Qi Qing lifted Ji Xingjue back to the back as if carrying a cat, “Is there any more?”

“No,” Scarface scratched his head, “They only show up at night, you have to wait.”

Qi Qing gave a sound of acknowledgement before lowering his head and took off his gloves. “It’s about time for you to take medicine.”

Ji Xingjue paused, his smile froze in place. “You won’t take advantage of me by selling me off while I’m asleep, right?”

“Don’t worry,” Qi Qing took out a small medicine box from his pocket, and said with a pleasant expression, “You are not on the list.”

Scarface: “?”

Although he didn’t understand what the two of them were playing at, Scarface still enthusiastically poured a cup of hot water for him. “Aiya, this Sir, your complexion is so pale, no matter how busy you are with official business, you should pay attention to your health ah.”

Ji Xingjue politely said “thank you” and with a smile yet not like a smile, he said, “Actually, I’m just an unofficial personnel.”

Scarface clicked his tongue and sighed. “The Empire is so lacking in people that even a nonofficial personnel can’t be spared.”

Qi Qing glanced at the “nonofficial” who forcefully followed him here and even tried to break into the den of Star pirates and the Alliance by himself once, and sneered. “You listen to him.”

Ji Xingjue smiled brightly and with a gentle and sincere expression on his face, he took the tablet from Qi Qing’s hand and after swallowing it, he stroked his fingers and said, “We have a preliminary agreement, that is forbidden to act alone.”

“Go to sleep,” Qi Qing rubbed his hair, which was very good in his hand, “I’ll stay by your side.”

There was a small bed for rest in the room. Ji Xingjue soon couldn’t bear the drowsiness caused by the drug effect, and the drowsy Ji Xingjue, little by little, fell asleep.

Scarface kindly took out the quilt, but was blocked by Qi Qing as he took off his coat, and put it carefully on Ji Xingjue.

Scarface was confused, and said in a small voice, “Sir, my quilt is very clean…”

“Thank you, but no need.” Qi Qing remained unmoved. Ji Xingjue’s physical body was thin and Qi Qing wrapped the coat half of his body and carefully tucked him in.

Scarface watched this series of actions in silence and came to realize that this was not because he despised his quilt for being dirty, but he just didn’t want the person on the bed to cover his quilt.

He didn’t even want to let him touch the bedsheets.

It was unknown whether it was an illusion, but he saw a somewhat abnormal desire for monopoly. He couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and said, “It’s rare to witness partners who go out on a mission with such a good relationship.”

Qi Qing kept his promise. He stayed beside Ji Xingjue, and didn’t leave, and only after seeing Ji Xingjue fall asleep, did he raise his eyes, saying, “Earlier you said that you saw him half a year ago?”

Scarface: “Didn’t you say…”

“Give me the details when you saw him, including his expression and how he spoke, without missing a single thing.”

Although Qi Qing was sitting, his aura was condensed and solemn, and the posture of a supervisor had not diminished in the slightest. Even with his head slightly raised, he still had a condescending attitude.

Scarface vaguely felt that the one who was looking up at the other person was him, and swallowed his saliva: “Yes!”

Scarface used to be a well-known thief. After being arrested, he spent several years in the Imperial Prison. Because of his unforgettable skills, he was taken as an informant by the Imperial Army and sent to the Dark Star permanently.

All kinds of rare treasures, illegal smuggled goods, and human body transactions all could be found on the Dark Star, so his ordinary business became very mediocre, coupled with him without any sense of business, resulting in his business situation being extremely bleak. Although he ate half a bowl of public rice, he still felt the pressure of the market value. Half a year ago, while he was thinking about whether to apply for a change of business to improve himself, he noticed a young man with exceptionally good-looking features.

The young man seemed to be wandering around leisurely, and even though he was being stared at like a prey, he was still quite leisurely, with an extravagant air that was out of place, and expressing his curiosity wherever he looked. Standing at the door of his shop, he took a look at several kinds of ores that were placed on the outside.

Scarface leaned forward and introduced: “This is the best Yunpo stone, look at the texture and color, it’s a rare occurrence in a hundred years, one hundred thousand star coins, you’ve earned a fortune.”

The drooping eyelashes of the youth were lifted, and his smile was extremely elegant: “The dyed lines are really good.”

The statement was actually as if to smash the field. (For selling fake products)

Scarface instantly became hostile, “Don’t look if you don’t buy, go, go, get lost!”

The young man also wasn’t angry, he put down the ore and turned to leave.


“That’s how it was at the time,” said Scarface, he even imitated the tone of the conversation. “But what you said is also right, the universe is so big, there are many people who look exactly the same, not to mention their temperaments are not completely similar. It should be a coincidence.”

Qi Qing calmly nodded, “It’s a coincidence. He’d always been in the Imperial Capital half a year ago.”

“Just as I said!” Scarface smacked his hand and no longer bothered about this matter. “There still needs someone to guard outside, I’ll go out first, and I’ll take you to find the person who you are looking for tonight.”

As soon as Scarface left, the room became so silent that Ji Xingjue’s gentle and even breathing sound could almost be heard.

Qi Qing closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Ji Xingjue left the Imperial Capital half a year ago, disappearing without a trace, and no one knew where he went.

Just now, his resolution was suddenly provoked, and the long-standing doubts surfaced in his heart again: Was Yser really killed by Ji Xingjue?

But what reason did he have to kill Yser?

The scene when Yser was taken away by the Star pirates in the Fifth Galaxy, was witnessed by many people, and Ji Xingjue hadn’t yet left the Imperial Capital at that time, not to mention the distance was such a long light-year.

From the Imperial Capital to the Sixth Galaxy, there were tens of thousands of light years. Even if the one who was chasing was him, he would still be very exhausted. If it was really Ji Xingjue’s doing, what was the reason pushing him to do so?

Could it be that his guess was wrong, and the fake orders and coordinates that were leaked, not by the priest who attacked Ji Xingjue, but by… Yser himself?

Even if it was really Yser, why did Ji Xingjue have to hide it from him? Also where did the thrilling, crisscrossed scars on his body come from?

Countless doubts piled up in his heart, and every clue was interrupted at this moment by Ji Xingjue’s slightly smile, seemingly as soft as water, but as cold as steel.

Qi Qing opened his eyes, held Ji Xingjue’s hand, and said in a low voice, “Ji Xingjue, sometimes I really want to cut open your heart to see if there is any heat inside.”

Ji Xingjue who fell asleep under the effect of the medicine, lay beside him unconsciously, shook his hand back unconsciously, and rubbed his wrist with his fingertips, as if to comfort him.

He would only sleep so deeply when he was around someone he trusted, otherwise even if there was a medicinal effect, his sleep would be very shallow, and he would wake up with a little disturbance.

He trusts me.

Qi Qing thought.

It’s just that it wasn’t deep enough.

His eyes traced the familiar outline of his handsome and elegant profile, and after a while, Qi Qing realized that the slender white hand was pinched coldly and became pale by the uncontrollable force. He was stunned for a while, then hurriedly and carefully released his strength, lowered his head, and sincerely planted a kiss on the back of his hand.

“Don’t be afraid… You know that I’m not willing to let go.”

On a Dark Star, the days were short and the nights were long, and it didn’t take long before night fell.

When Ji Xingjue woke up, his mind was still a little chaotic. When he opened his eyes, the first thing that caught his eye was Qi Qing’s back.

He slowly sat up on the bed, and after finding out that he was still wearing a slightly wrinkled coat, he picked it up, stretched it, and put it back on Qi Qing. “Good evening, Lord Marshal.”

Qi Qing didn’t care whether his coat was wrinkled or not, only tilting his head to observe his face.

Ji Xingjue’s mood had not been very good recently. He was a little suspicious of whether the medicine would work, so he deliberately sent a message to ask Madam Yu Tong, only to make her furious and cut him off because he was suspicious of her professional ability.

Ji Xingjue who was still on the bed, rubbed his eyes, and as if he had no bones, he put one hand on his shoulder, rested his chin on the back of his hand, smiled and asked, “Have you asked that friend? Was it me half a year ago? “

Of course, he knew that Qi Qing wanted him to take medicine because he wanted to wait until he fell asleep so that he could ask questions.

But he still took it willingly and without hesitation.

Being suddenly so close to him, Qi Qing gave birth to the illusion that a precious cat took the initiative to come up to feel his touch, making his muscles a little tight, as he tried to force out a cold face. “Didn’t you say that being in the adult world, one has to learn not to expose himself?”

“It depends on the situation.” The smile in Ji Xingjue’s eyes was shredded, moving like little stars. “After all, I’m also very curious.”

Qi Qing was silent for a few seconds before replying, “It’s not you.”

Ji Xingjue stared at him with a smile for a moment, then slowly nodded, “I don’t think it’s me either, to tell you the truth, I just thought that something supernatural happened, after all, when your subordinate saw ‘me’, I was in a coma, and I shouldn’t have been sleepwalking either.”

Now it was Qi Qing’s turn to look awful. “In a coma?”

“If it isn’t about working overtime for the Lord Marshal, or the funds for next year will be troublesome.” There was some prolonging in Ji Xingjue’s voice before he retracted back and stretched his body, “Okay, is it time to go yet?”

There were footsteps outside that seemed to belong to Scarface, and when he heard the movement, he poked his head in, “Oh, is Sir awake? Just in time, it’s almost time for those people to show up.”

Was deceived again.

Sooner or later, I will make you cry and spill it all!

Qi Qing’s face was blank, staring at Ji Xingjue’s exposed section of snowwhite’s waist, and as if venting his anger, he pulled off his clothes to block it. “Let’s go.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

The Marshal is like a big fufu dog!

Scarface: Do you have any manners?


(For the last few sentences, it is from Qi Qing. He was angry because JXJ once again hid the reason he was in a coma.)


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