Chapter 72: You Will Always Be Our Sun

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In that instant, the stiff and fragile heart seemed to be kissed by the pure and honest sunlight, full of honey-like warmth and sweetness. Ye Nanqi couldn’t describe what Shen Du was like in his heart at this moment. He rushed over to hug Shen Du, and after taking a deep breath in his arms, he felt that most of the confusion and troubles in his heart had been dispelled like clouds and mist.

“Shen Du…” Ye Nanqi didn’t know what to do, and only squeezed his waist tightly. He raised his head and said in a vicious voice, “How long have you been here? Who asked you to come? I’m 25, not 5*.”

Shen Du allowed him to make an unreasonable scene, as he wrapped him up and got in the car. Zhang Ming, who had learned to ignore their way of getting along, calmly drove home.

From the small cabinet in the car, Shen Du took out a toffee and fed it to Ye Nanqi, before he replied, “I can’t rest assured, and worried you would be kidnapped, so I followed you the moment you went out. If you really want me to sleep and rest well, come home and accompany me.”

Ye Nanqi poked at his forehead, “It seems that it’s not me who is 6* years old, but it’s the 4-year old you who needs Gege to accompany you to sleep.”

[T/N: the first one was really 5 but the second, he said 6.]

Shen Du took out his mobile phone, glanced at his remarks, and changed “Shen three-year-old Hooligan Du” to “Shen four-year-old Adorable Du”, smiling at the corner of his lip. “Gege, you have to watch me grow up and make up for the ten years we have been missing.”

Ye Nanqi changed the indescribable “Adorable” back to “Hooligan”, and after a moment of hearing it, he smiled at him, “Okay.”

Shen Du looked at him. “So are you a bit happier now?”

Ye Nanqi said, “Do you think you are a pistachio?”

[T/N: 开心果: pistachio, also: amusing person.]

Shen Du oh-ed. Ye Nanqi bit the toffee, leaned on his shoulder and smiled. “You are indeed.”

Shen Du feigned anger and pinched his waist. Ye Nanqi’s waist was very sensitive, and every time he was pinched, he had no power to fight back, so he quickly begged for mercy, and roughly reviewed what Bai Yu gave him.

He had guessed the relationship between Bai Yu and Ye Mei, but he didn’t expect it to be so tragic. Bai Yu’s experience was a pain beyond the reach of ordinary people.

However, Bai Yu’s experience had nothing to do with him for he wasn’t a saint. Even if he had a little pity, he would not be shaken. Bai Yu was one of the people who hurt Ye Mei, and this fact was unchangeable.

Except for Ye Mei, no one was qualified to say whether or not to forgive him.

Ye Nanqi felt that what hit his heart the most was because Bai Yu said that he wanted to take Ye Mei away.

He gave Ye Mei hope.

After speaking, they also arrived at the house. The two thanked Zhang Min, and after watching him leave, they entered the room together.

Ye Nanqi had been the one talking all the way that his mouth was dry. Shen Du poured a glass of warm water, added some honey and handed it to him, while thinking about something. “No wonder Bai Yu’s attitude was so strange.”

The warm and sweet water moistened his throat, and the last trace of chill in Ye Nanqi’s body was expelled, as he held the cup tightly. After moving back, Shen Du flipped all the daily necessities in the house, like slippers for couples, toothbrushes for couples, pajamas for couples, and even the cups, all of the same style, proudly showing off.

Shen Du came over to hold him, while he was holding the cup, pondering about the many words that Bai Yu had not finished.

The only relative Bai Yu cared about was his grandfather. It was also because of the old man’s repeated instructions and plead that he didn’t do anything.

It wasn’t long after the Bai family became prosperous, and the relationship between the old man and his son was not good, so he probably just smelled something unusual.

Did the old man know that his little grandson was sent to sleep with a man by his son?

It would be fine if he didn’t know, but if he knew, and to tell Bai Yu to be optimistic about the Bai family, it would be too…

“It’s impossible for the old man to really know nothing.” Shen Du placed his head against Ye Nanqi’s neck, sticking so close that when he spoke, his chest trembled slightly, and Ye Nanqi clearly felt it too.

“Then do you think Bai Yu knows?” Ye Nanqi felt that his question was a bit redundant, so he shook his head after asking, wanting to skip this topic, and Shen Du answered.

“It’s the same whether he knows it or not.”

Ye Nanqi finished drinking the last bit of water, looked at the ceiling, and said nothing for a long time.

The same.

Even if the old man Bai acquiesced that his son sent him as a bargaining chip, Bai Yu would not be willing to ignore the only grandfather who gave him family love.

People who had tasted the sweetness of warmth were always a little cowardly, and there were many things they couldn’t give up and couldn’t let go.

It should be very painful for Bai Yu.

But Ye Mei suffered more than him.

If she wasn’t completely desperate, how could she give up the last hope of running away?

Bai Yu wanted to bring Ye Mei far away, but it was also because he wanted to escape himself.

After said and done, his attachment, guilt, pain, self-blame, hatred, and all his emotions were none of Ye Mei’s business, nor Ye Nanqi’s business. What he had done wrong was wrong.

Shen Du knew Ye Nanqi very well. From his expression, he knew what he was struggling with in the past and present and said lightly, “You don’t have to sympathize with him. From your standpoint, he has nothing to sympathize with. Even if you have sympathy, you don’t have to feel guilty, because you have never been a hard-hearted person.”

Ye Nanqi exhaled gently and nodded. Looking back, seeing the bottom of Shen Du’s eyes was slightly black and blue, he felt distressed.

He used to think that Shen Du was an accident, but this accident had nailed his heart. Fate was quite a strange thing. A year ago, he would never have imagined that he would be with Shen Du, nor did he think that Shen Du would be a good person. At that time, he only thought that Shen Du was arrogant and mean, and whoever was with him would be unlucky.

Since prejudice and misunderstanding disappeared, the rest was good.

“You should be very tired now.” Ye Nanqi pecked him lightly, “Sleep for a while, I’ll accompany you.”

Shen Du was indeed tired and sleepy, and lazily accepted Ye Nanqi’s tenderness. Hugging each other, no one wanted to move. Ye Nanqi pulled the blanket over, nestled in Shen Du’s arms, and spoke to him in a low voice.

“Bai Yu will not stop us.”

“En, he won’t. It doesn’t matter if he does, your husband will beat him up for you.”

“Master Bai’s health is not very good, and Bai Yu said it was liver cancer.” Ye Nanqi wanted to turn over, but because he was hugged too tightly and couldn’t turn over, he lightly kicked Shen Du, “Although it’s not good to say this, but the old man’s lifespan is unknown, and Bai Yu will not do anything until the old man leave with peace in mind. He has been in the Organization for so many years, and once he starts something, the movement will be even bigger.”

Shen Du closed his eyes and nodded.

“He also hates those people…” Ye Nanqi’s voice was so small that it was hypnotic, “I don’t like him, but my sister didn’t seem to hate him that much.”

When meeting in the cafe, Bai Yu recalled the painful past, while Ye Nanqi remembered Ye Mei’s diary.

He had read it countless times over and over that every word was engraved in his heart. Ye Mei wrote in her diary that she was very grateful to those who stayed with her at the end.

The last people to accompany her were Bai Yu and Xu Zhou. After so many years, Ye Nanqi couldn’t figure out Ye Mei’s psychology. She was a gentle and soft-hearted person, but in addition to hatred, there should be other emotions. Perhaps it was triggered at the moment when Bai Yu proposed to take her and the Ye family away.

But a little touch could not change the fundamental hatred, Ye Mei still chose to jump off the tall building in front of him.

Telling this to Bai Yu, either make him feel a little relieved, or be more painful.

Ye Nanqi chose not to tell him.

Shen Du didn’t respond for a while, and when Ye Nanqi looked up, he saw that he was already asleep.

He stared at Shen Du’s sleeping face, and felt that he had been unlucky for more than 20 years, probably waiting for Shen Du to come to him.

He and Shen Du were not together by accident, but were destined from the beginning.

The hand on his waist was domineering and warm, and fortunately, the sofa was soft and wide enough to accommodate two big men. Ye Nanqi couldn’t sleep, so he emptied his mind and moved his gaze to the picture he brought back to hang on the wall in the living room.

Although the big boss Shen Du was unwilling, seeing that he was excited to bring it back, he didn’t stop him.

Mother Shen wanted to give birth to a gentle and elegant son as her son, or a lovely little daughter. It’s a pity that Shen Du was a devil king when he was a child, and would spend all his day leading the children in the compound. When she gave birth to Shen Du, she had a difficult childbirth and almost didn’t get out of the hospital bed. Father Shen was so frightened that he didn’t want her to suffer again and refused the proposal to have another child.

Mother Shen was furious from her heart. While Shen Du was still young, he was simple and easy to deceive, and was coaxed to wear all kinds of cute little skirts. Not only did Father Shen not stop her, but instead he took the side of the evildoer to abuse him. Seeing his baby son’s cuteness, his heart melted to the point of regret.

In addition to this painting, the Shen family also had an album, which was full of Shen Du who was wearing small foreign dresses when he was a child.

In order to prevent Shen Du from stealing the album and destroying his dark history, Mother Shen solemnly hid the album in the bank safe, jokingly saying that it would be a gift for Ye Nanqi when his birthday came.

The people in the Shen family were all lovely, and so was Shen Du.

Ye Nanqi withdrew his gaze and quietly said “thank you”.


Two days after Bai Yu’s confession, Li Hengran made new progress.

So far, the other party had already kicked out three or four scapegoats. Li Hengran released news internally that he had obtained a new list, which obviously frightened the other party. After all, Tan Yi’s case was unexpected. After Li Hengran’s interrogation, it was not impossible to get the list, and since they didn’t want to push that person out, it would be too late to react in time.

No one knew exactly who was on the so-called list since it was incomplete and needed to be dug deeper. But it couldn’t be announced to the public for the time being either. Those little fish and shrimps affected by Shen Du were wavering, worried that Li Hengran was just misleading, but also worried that it was true.

If they took the initiative to surrender, the crime could be reduced a little bit, but if they waited for the police to arrest them, it would be a different story.

What’s more, those who were dragged into the water only offered help and took money, and seldom participated in those perverted activities. To be honest, they didn’t do anything particularly wicked, they just helped the tyrants and sought benefits from them.

Those who were tempted had already begun to think about how to leave the Organization, and Shen Du was also willing to be at their service.

Any high-rise building was built up brick by brick, and even if those bricks were small, it could build a building. However, if small bricks with no foundation, the core of the upper layer would be useless no matter how powerful it was.

Even if just one of these people left, the Organization would be weaker, and their relationship wasn’t anything particularly stable to begin with. When all the people were gone, it would be easier to deal with them.

The only drawback was that some evildoers would slip away.

But it was still long in the future.

Ye Nanqi forced himself to think about the overall situation, and for the time being he didn’t think about the little fish and shrimps that were missed.

Li Hengran’s words were of course false. After the murderer who killed Tan Yi express regret for what he had done to Father Tan, no matter how severe the interrogation was, he never yield. His tone had gradually become less strict, but he still hadn’t provided a name list.

It was like a non-existent list used to deceive traitors.

With the list given by Xue Xiangyu, two people were arrested within three days. The other party finally panicked. They no longer remained watching from the sideline and sent people to steal the list.

Li Hengran had been waiting for a long time, to give them a taste of their own medicine before catching a few in one fell swoop.

But there was no trace of the three people he was suspicious of.

The bait that was released could catch them once, it could also catch them a second time.The other party was bound to win the list, and Li Hengran was happy for them to take the bait.

It didn’t take long for him to receive a threatening express delivery. Inside the courier was a round head with wide-open eyes, a fake head of the props group for the filming. It was handled realistically with hair stained with blood. The moment it was opened, the intern who went to get it was so frightened that his face was bloodless and he almost cried out.

Li Hengran was very calm. He was a lone person, so he didn’t need to worry about a threat to his family, and the death threat from the other party couldn’t scare him.

More than a threat, the delivery that was sent to the City Bureau, was like openly for provocation.

After investigating this express delivery, and sure enough, nothing could be found.

Ye Nanqi heard about this and reminded Li Hengran to be careful. Unexpectedly, Xue Xiangyu called at night to remind him to be on guard.

“Xue Jingshan found out about Bai Yu’s secret meeting with you, and has been making a fuss with Bai Yu recently, and maybe he will attack you too.” Xue Xiangyu gloated at the misfortune, and sneered, “If I were Bai Yu, I would strangle him long ago while he was asleep. Be careful, his twisted jealousy is not something you can imagine.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyebrows, looked at Shen Du, before hanging up the phone, and where Xue Jingshan might attack.

After all said and done, he thought of a point, “Last time you bought a water army and said you’re my sugar daddy, what will you say this time?”

Shen Du thought for a while, picked up the phone, pressed Ye Nanqi into his arms, and snapped a photo. “Mrs. Shen, do you mind going public?”

Ye Nanqi took the phone, looked at the photo, and disapproved, “…you made me look so ugly.”

Three minutes later, Ye Nanqi logged into his Weibo, which he hadn’t been on for a long time, and posted the photo of the two of them together.

After the news of Shen Du’s pursuit of Ye Nanqi broke out last time, many people guessed that the two of them were actually married a long time ago. As soon as the photo was posted, Shen Du reposted it, and added a sentence in an understatement:

The gift for the wedding anniversary is that the wicked will obey the law.

The melon had increased a lot recently. The moment Ye Nanqi’s Weibo was posted, melon eaters said anything they wanted to say, either guessing or questioning, sneering, making cynical remarks or sarcastic talk, but what beat them was words of blessing. Especially from Ye Nanqi’s fans.

Ye Nanqi hadn’t been online for a long time, but after knowing that Ye Mei’s case had been reopened, many people were digging up his past.

Fans watched his painful past being dug up bit by bit, and it was no exaggeration to say that they seemed to be gouging out the flesh in their hearts, and they were so distressed that they cried.

Ye Nanqi was ready to accept all the questions. After reading the comments, he noticed the first unexpected hot comment.

That was a comment from the support fan club.

【To dear Nannan: You have experienced too much hardship, and we will be relieved knowing that you have someone to accompany you well.

The distance between idols and fans is that even though you are thousands of miles away from us, you are everywhere in our lives.

But no matter how painful it was, we will always accompany you. I believe that the wicked will be caught, and elder sister will rest in peace!

You will always be our Sun. 】

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