Chapter 37: The Most Wanted Criminal of The Empire, Worth One Millions Star Coins

From the moment they left the Ore shop, Scarface constantly made beep beep sounds, without stopping for a moment.

It was rare to have met two people who he could talk to, so he really wanted to show his ability to speak.

Ji Xingjue listened to him with keen interest and pleasure, and felt that even if this spy retired and returned to the Empire, he could still talk about some ancient cross talk show.

“It’s just up ahead.”

Scarface brought the two of them through the familiarly narrow alley, and approached the City’s gate.

The perspective here was indeed suitable for peeping, Ji Xingjue stopped and stared in the direction of the gate.

Within half a minute, seven or eight people came in. The man at the front was like what Scarface spoke of, wearing a black hood and mask, and acting silently like a ghost. The group behind him was even more ghost-like, wearing black robes uniform and followed him respectfully.

A weird atmosphere.

Recently, this group of people had appeared every day like a gust of wind, and many people in the city developed some indescribable fear and avoided them with disgust.

Ji Xingjue stared at the leader and took a few more glances.

It was unknown if it was an illusion, but he felt somewhat… familiar with the leader’s actions.

Qi Qing quickly discovered his abnormality, and came over and whispered in his ear, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Xingjue whispered and said in an airy voice, “Do you think that the leader looks a little familiar?”

Qi Qing took another look, and raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t feel it at first, but after Ji Xingjue mentioned it, he also found some inexplicable familiarity.

Scarface, who couldn’t participate in the conversation, looked at the backs of the two with envy: “…”

These two are not really a couple, are they?

He then murmured to himself, the Empire forbids office romance.

There were countless people on the long street staring at them intentionally or unintentionally, but those few people seemed to have no idea. The leader made a gesture, and the crowd dispersed, and as Scarface said, seemingly going to look for someone.

In the dark, there were other people following the scattered people, and several people continued to follow the leader.

“These people give off a really uncomfortable feeling, like people from the Holy Order,” Ji Xingjue slightly narrowed his eyes, “Dark Star is indeed a good place to hide, but… why do I think they don’t seem to be here looking for someone.”

Scarface, who could finally join the discussion, wept with joy, “But they’ve been searching for someone everywhere.”

“It doesn’t look like that to me. Compared to looking for someone.” Qi Qing said lightly, “It’s more like fishing for someone.”

Scarface was stunned for a while. “Who are they fishing for?”

“Who knows.”

Ji Xingjue smirked and climbed up the stone wall neatly, then jumped down, and landed beautifully. He turned to look at Qi Qing’s slightly stiff hand in mid-air, and raised his eyebrows in confusion.

Scarface, who was still on the wall, was stunned for a while, somewhat a little shy. “Thank you, sir, but I can come down safely by myself.”

Qi Qing: “…”

Qi Qing withdrew his hands expressionlessly, and gave Ji Xingjue another account in his heart.

The time when this group of people appeared in the Dark Star was five days ago. Five days ago, Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue had not set out, and they had never revealed to anyone their idea of coming to this star field.

Unless one of them betrayed the other.

The two of them unanimously ruled out this option directly. The anglers were indeed doing the fishing, but who they were fishing for needed to be verified.

Ignoring the point of being too “freedom”, this nameless city-state on the Dark Star did indeed have a prosperous scene no less than a capital of a country after nightfall.

In the crowd of people, Ji Xingjue swept across a lot of faces on the Empire’s wanted list. He looked at those people as if looking at the star coins tangling on the street with a little regret. After thinking about it, he pulled Qi Qing’s sleeve, “Fighting is forbidden in the city, but it’s not a crime to just knock a few out and take them away, right?”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows, “Oh?”

Ji Xingjue, “I want to bring back specialist local products.”

Qi Qing had a premonition that he wouldn’t say anything good, and the light in his pupil dimmed, “Specialist local products that will be knocked unconscious?”

“The person on the front left, the first-class wanted criminal in the Empire, is worth 600,000 star coins,” The poor ghost Ji Xingjue was very envious, “The one behind him, the Empire’s super most wanted criminal, is worth one million star coins.”

Dark Star really lived up to its reputation, it was really rich everywhere.

The trembling Scarface: “…”

Why do you still use star coins to measure people, can you give the wanted criminals some respect in terms of dignity!

Qi Qing was silent for a few moments, but seeing that he was in high spirits, he agreed. “After finishing the work, if you still have time, you can catch a few.”

Scarface: “…”

Are you serious about your promise?

Are these two really officers from the Imperial Army?

Scarface had an inexplicable feeling of being on a pirate ship, and followed behind with mixed feelings. Suddenly, the terminal on his wrist shook.

He glanced at it, and hurriedly stepped forward, interrupting the criminal conversation between the two, “There is an abnormality on the No.5’s side.”

Sure enough, the leader who was being stalked from a distance also paused, and then his footsteps abruptly quickened, heading towards a certain direction.

The three of them also sped up their speed to keep up. After stumbling around, the confusing voices were gradually heard. The leader in the distance jumped down to a corner. There were no shelters around and it was easy to be discovered. Then Qi Qing found a place with a good view and lay on the roof and looked over there.

In addition to the few people they saw at the City’s gate, there was also a strange man in the middle, who was bound by his hands and feet, but still holding his head arrogantly, and was scolding something.

It was too far away to hear the conversations of those people, but fortunately they could still read lips.

Ji Xingjue silently translated in his heart.

The bound man gave them a cold look, “You have no right to treat me like this.”

The man standing next to the man in the hood said, “It’s a pity, Luen, you have been removed from your name, and you are no longer the bishop of the sect.”

Ji Xingjue’s pupils shrank, and quickly looked at Qi Qing.

Sure enough, the holy priest.

And by coincidence, the man who was caught was actually the Bishop Luen that Hans said before!

Luen was shocked and couldn’t believe it. “How is it possible, what are you kidding!”

“What did you and Elder Turner do, do you need me to remind you?” The man looked at him with sympathy. “By the way, Elder Turner has been executed.”

Luen’s face suddenly became extremely ugly. “No, you can’t do this… I want to see His Majesty the Pope!”

“You can’t see him anymore. Lord Holy Son instructed me to give you a message: Grow good eyes in the next life, and don’t act against people who you shouldn’t act against.”

“Isn’t the Holy Son afraid of His Majesty the Pope being angry?” Luen’s last calm was gone, and his body trembled slightly.

“The Holy Son said that the one who should be afraid should be His Majesty the Pope.” The person who was talking to him leaned over and made a prayerful gesture, “May God forgive you for your sins.”

Luen’s heart burst out with a pool of blood, and before he could scream, he fell to the ground.

After a few people executed Luen, they nailed him to the wall, stood there and finished the eulogy, then turned around and walked out of the city.

A cold and brutal killing.

Ji Xingjue exhaled lightly.

The most mysterious thing in the Holy Order was the “Pope” and “Holy Son” who were in power. Judging from what the man said just now, it seemed that there was a lot of contradiction between the Pope and the Holy Son, and the Holy Son was even better in the dispute.

Luen and elder Turner belonged to the Pope. They were ordered to be removed from their names and executed by the Holy Son because they acted against someone they shouldn’t touch, someone that the Holy Son wanted to protect.

It was unexpected to see a fight in the Holy Order’s nest.

Scarface said, “Every time they leave the city, we’ll lose them. We have to hurry up and follow.”

Qi Qing took out something from his arms and threw it into his hand. “Take it, press it when you receive a message.”

Scarface hurriedly caught it, and when he looked up again, the two of them had already jumped all the way out.

He widened his eyes, and before he could take a step, he saw Ji Xingjue wave his hand and turned around with a smile, “Go back.”

Scarface only had time to turn his head, and the figures of the two disappeared from his eyes. He touched his chin, and turned back to the Ore shop in thought.

Could he get some credit this time?

Maybe if he saved enough this time, he could join the Imperial Army and get close to his idol Marshal Qi.

The two who were unaware of Scarface’s thoughts had already followed those people out of the city.

The two of them were more familiar with the way the Holy Order did things than just hitting the nail in the head on the city’s wall, so they didn’t get lost. After dealing with Luen, the group of priests did not intend to stay any longer, and quietly got into the starship.

Qi Qing and Ji Xingjue also got on the starship, which no third person presented. Qi Qing was operating the starship to keep up, while at the same time, able to look at Ji Xingjue: “What do you think?”

Ji Xingjue leaned on the operating table, facing Qi Qing on his side with his thin profile. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, as he busy opened another light screen on the operating table. The data that jumped line by line was reflected in the bottom of his eyes, and when he heard the sound, he turned his eyes sideways. “Think about what? Oh, think about the million star coins I missed?”

“Hans mentioned previously that after Colin obtained the ‘God’s favor’, he was sent by the elder to the Imperial Capital to perform a mission.” Qi Qing did not give him a chance to make jokes, and said bluntly, “Shortly after Colin was exposed, Luen and the elder were executed for offending the Holy Son because they acted against someone they shouldn’t.”

Both of them knew very well what the mission Colin performed.

Ji Xingjue pursed his lips and broke into laughter, “You want to say that I have an affair with that Holy Son? Lord Marshal’s sentence is too arbitrary. It can have me unjustly killed. How is it so certain that the person they mentioned must be me.”

Qi Qing shook his head, with profound eyes, he stared at Ji Xingjue, “I’m not doubting you.”

Why was that Holy Son keeping an eye on Ji Xingjue was what he cared about.

Qi Qing remembered that when his father just brought Ji Xingjue home when he was a child, a part of Ji Xingjue’s memories were blank, and he had no knowledge of many common things.

Fortunately, he was very smart, and learnt everything at once, and quickly adapted to life in the Imperial Capital.

Duke Qi Bai was a very casual person, and he didn’t care whether his son was still young. He dragged him and told him that Ji Xingjue’s parents were killed. Those people were still looking for him, intending to destroy roots and branches. Therefore, it was necessary to unanimously declare that Ji Xingjue was the son of the housekeeper.

Qi Bai touched his head, “Because Gege has seen a lot of terrifying scenes, resulting in him losing his memories, don’t mention those things to him, just take good care of him.”

The people who killed Ji Xingjue’s parents, who had been looking for him for many years, could it be the Holy Order?

“Thank you for your unconditional kindness, Lord Marshal—they are going to make a transition, and I don’t know if there is an ambush outside the transition point, so it’s not safe to follow up rashly,” Ji Xingjue’s attention was attracted by the rapidly scrolling data. According to the transition fluctuation value, the next distance was calculated. “It’s a short-distance transition. It takes about three minutes and after calculating the coordinates, I think we can catch up.”

His movements were calm and graceful, as if he was strolling in the courtyard. He quickly came up with the coordinates of the transition point. “I have to trouble the Marshal to hurry up.”

Qi Qing nodded, turned his head and flew to this coordinate point.

A few minutes later, when the battleship arrived near the coordinate point, the starship transition fluctuation of the Holy Order had not disappeared, and the red dot appeared again on the tracking map.

The red dot was flying towards a nearby asteroid.

They caught up.

The two looked at each other tacitly. Ji Xingjue raised his hand with a smile and wanted to give a high five, but when he saw Qi Qing was still, he raised it again, shaking his fingers, “Lord Marshal, give me some face?”

Qi Qing turned on stealth mode and followed behind. He glanced at him, and spit out two words: “Childish.”

But his hand was still stretched out.

He clapped his hand, and squeezed his fingers into Ji Xingjue’s fingers along the way. He held that warm and delicate hand, pressed his fingers together intimately, and then withdrew his hand with a flat face.

The feeling of being wrapped by the other hand was fleeting, but the temperature seemed to stay on the fingertips for a long time.

And it was a little itchy.

Ji Xingjue blankly widen his mouth, and the tip of his ear was a little reddish, as if he had been hit by a dumb spell.

Qi Qing’s face was also a little red, he pretended to shake his fingers casually, and wholeheartedly operated the starship.

The starship then fell silent for a while.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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