Chapter 73: My Heart And Body All Belong To You

You Will Always Be Our Sun.

Ye Nanqi blinked, and only after a while did he realize that his eye sockets were already wet.

Even if… his brilliance was all disguised, even if he was not as positive and bright as the company had portrayed him to be, there were still some people in this world who, no matter what, loved him and were not changed by other factors.

How fortunate.

Shen Du also saw this hot comment, and after considering it for a while, seeing Ye Nanqi’s red eyes, he took him into his arms and said reluctantly, “Okay, I’ll forgive them for wanting to sleep with you.”

The burning in Ye Nanqi’s chest subsided a little, and he looked at Shen Du amusingly.

Shen Du scrolled down, and unexpectedly, there were not many vicious comments, and most of them were well-intentioned.

There were still many people who were worried about Ye Nanqi even though he hadn’t been active in the public eye for half a year. After Ye Mei’s incident was revealed, fans were always apprehensive, afraid that something would happen to him, and even proposed to form a group of an artist escort.

Of course, it was all the innocent thoughts of a group of maidens, but they were full of goodwill.

Ye Nanqi looked at them one by one. He was a little nervous at first, but it gradually turned into peace and tranquility. It was just that he could ignore the small proportion of vicious remarks, but Shen Du couldn’t.

The dignified eldest young master of the Shen family, in front of his wife, bought a trumpet and scolded all the nasty words without changing his face. It took a long time before he raised his head and sighed leisurely. “It’s not good for my wife to be a star. There are so many love rivals.”

Ye Nanqi gave him a glance and reminded, “Master Shen, your wife used to be your love rival.”

Shen Du choked, “Let’s not mention this.”

Strangers or acquaintances soon reposted their blessings on Weibo, and Jiang Yuanyu was among them. Shen Du glanced at it before striking his attack. “You two are still fellow apprentices. Fellow apprentices, what a beautiful word.”

Ye Nanqi sneered and accepted the provocation. “Our Master Shen is also an internet celebrity now, and there are quite a lot of comments.”

As he spoke, he cleared his throat, took Shen Du’s cell phone, and read it out in cadence.

“Ah, ahhhh, my husband is so handsome.”

“In terms of looks, my husband is much more handsome than Ye Nanqi.”

“Tsk so good, a third-generation celebrity actually likes a pear orchard actor.”

“I’m dumped.”

“But request to sleep with Master Shen!”

“Wow, it’s actually public, and it’s been so long since they’ve married? Who the hell was the pursuer?”


Shen Du: “…”

Ye Nanqi was a little thirsty after reading. He leaned on the sofa with the attitude of a great Uncle. “Water.”

All right, no matter what, the ancestor is still the ancestor.

Shen Du quickly poured him tea, then sat down without saying a word, and started tapping on his phone. Ye Nanqi leaned over curiously only to see that Shen Du was replying to the comments he had just read.

“Thank you, I’m handsome, but I’m Nan Xiao Qi’s husband.”

“Nan Nan is more handsome than me, and I am second.”

“What kind of Internet did you have when you were born in the 90s?”

“It’s also good to end a one-sided relationship.”

“I’m sorry, but my mind and body belong to Nan Nan.”

“I pursued him.”


Ye Nanqi: “…”

Shen Du looked up at him. “Are you satisfied? Boss.”

Ye Nanqi thought for a while, then smiled slyly, “Something is missing.”

Shen Du chuckled, looking at Ye Nanqi’s eyes as if he was looking at a coquettish kitten, and said obediently, “Un? Husband?”

Ye Nanqi looked like a cat purring after being comfortably comforted. He squinted his eyes and nodded in satisfaction, and said, “Call that a few more times.”

Ignoring the phone that was vibrating nonstop, Shen Du did as he pleased, and called him husband a few more times. Seeing Ye Nanqi secretly making a smug look of pride, he added a sentence in his ear, “Do it once-a-call.”

“…” Ye Nanqi was not afraid and boldly kicked his crotch.

When the enemy army provoked him, and even the troops approaching the city, Shen Du would naturally not have stage fright. Just as he thought about how to swallow this bold enemy army, the phone vibrated frantically again.

Ye Nanqi mercilessly kicked away the dissatisfied husband, picked up the phone and glanced at it, and suddenly felt his scalp tingling.

It was Wen Chen.

The manager was out of work for a long time, and before the artist returned to the screen, the first move he made was to announced his marriage and made Weibo exploded. When he saw the news in the middle of the night, he would be so shocked that he could roll off the bed.

Ye Nanqi didn’t wait for him to scold him, so he obediently admitted his mistake. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Wen ge, don’t be angry, I was wrong, Shen Du and I didn’t do it on purpose, we have just notified the PR…”

Wen Chen was confused, “What are you apologizing for? Why are you telling me about this?”

“…umm?” Ye Nanqi felt that something was wrong.

Wen Chen seemed to be very Buddha-like and talked endlessly without getting to the point. “Who cares about your PR or not, it’s already been made public anyway, so let’s just leave it at that. Don’t read the comments, it’s their business what they like to say, you just take care of yourself. President Shen seems to be quite reliable. If he is not reliable, you can tell me his whereabouts, and I will report to your fan base. No matter how many bodyguards there are, they will be beaten up. Your mentality is the most important thing, as long as you don’t collapse, everything can be discussed. Wen ge has followed you for several years, and he has long regarded you as his own brother, so you can live well…”

Ye Nanqi turned around, buried his head in Shen Du’s arms, his throat was sore, and after a while he said, “You guys did it on purpose…”

It was unusual for his agent not to scold him, and even said the same thing as the fans. He had just sorted out his mood, but his eyes turned slightly red again.

His father and his elder sister had accidents one after another, and his mother and younger sister depended on him. Which resulted in him rarely receiving such care since he grew up.

It was not that his mother and his younger sister were not good enough, but that they were too fragile, so Ye Nanqi had to be strong and invulnerable in front of them.

But no one has really mastered the art of impenetrable defence. Not only would the body get hurt, but the heart would also become heavy.

Shen Du quietly hugged Ye Nanqi while listening to Wen Chen babbled a few more words. He raised his hand to answer the phone, just in time to hear Wen Chen complaining about him.

“Your relationship in the past was not good, and it’s not easy to get to the current state, but we still have to keep an eye on it. The world of rich children is not something we can imagine. In case he falls in love with someone else in the future… sigh, Wen ge is just giving you a shot…”

Shen Du smiled insincerely and said, “I’m sorry to bother you, but the world of sensual pleasures I’ve seen has always been my wife. It’s enough to be fascinated by him.”

Wen Chen: “…”

The phone was hung up without a sound.

Ye Nanqi refrained himself from laughing. “What are you doing scaring him away… Isn’t this because your popularity is too bad? Someone asked me to be wary of you just now. Your facial expression is quite impressive, as if there will be domestic violence.”

Shen Du was depressed for a while, then bent over to pick him up and walked upstairs.

The struggling Ye Nanqi: “What are you doing?”

Shen Du lowered his head and bit his earlobe, and said vaguely, “Domestic violence. The little play things that Zhao Sheng gave me haven’t been used up yet. Baby, do you still like the vibrating one from last night? How about a change tonight?”

“…” Ye Nanqi, “Go away.”

President Shen, who was disliked just after their marriage was published, was locked out of the door. Even until in the middle of the night, he couldn’t sleep in the study. He guessed that Ye Nanqi should be asleep, so he tiptoed to open the door with the spare key, only to find that the door wasn’t locked.

He laughed involuntarily, then lightly got on the bed before covering himself with the quilt for a while. Leaning over, he took Ye Nanqi who was sleeping soundly into his arms, covered them with a thin blanket, and fell asleep feeling satisfied.

The storm of their marriage being published was not as stirring as expected, probably because of the online violence associated with the Ye Mei incident ten years ago. Now looking back, it was unknown how many people were slapped in the face.

Most people used their words cautiously, not to mention that Ye Nanqi and Shen Du had known each other since they were young, and could be counted as half childhood sweethearts. It was also not easy for a pair of quarrelsome but loving couples to be together.

Aside from bad comments, even some entertainment news that liked to set things up also voiced their blessing.

Sure enough, there was no noise from Xue Jingshan’s side.

He probably originally wanted to make a fuss about the two people’s hidden marriage, but Ye Nanqi took the initiative to come out in advance.

Because Ye Mei’s story and Ye Nanqi’s experience had been dug out, fans and the entertainment media had a high degree of acceptance of him. The announcement of the marriage did not annoy fans, but instead received overwhelming blessings, and there were also individuals who were worried that Shen Du would not take care of their treasure, and were worriedly supervising patrols under Shen Du’s Weibo.

Although this was an unprepared announcement in advance to prevent trouble before it happened, the effect was much better than expected. Ye Nanqi was delighted when he thought of Xue Jingshan’s defeat.

It was going well here, but there were still other things to be busy with.

As Ye Mei’s younger brother, Ye Nanqi had to go to the media to say a few words from time to time, or cooperate with Shen Du to get in touch with those who were on the edge of whether or not to leave the organization.

Seeing that a bunch of small fish and shrimps were biting the hook, Li Hengran caught another traitor.

Li Hengran had made a plan since the release of the fake list. After catching some outsiders, he pretended to relax his guard and let everyone in the team keep a part of the so-called list.

When the traitor got the part, seeing the familiar names on it, he panicked for a while, trying to steal the list from other people, but was caught by Li Hengran who had been prepared for a long time.

It was one of the suspects in his team.

Although he knew for a long time that there was a brother by his side who was the spy on the other side, Li Hengran still couldn’t accept it. When he was caught, he couldn’t help punching the other party, full of anger and disappointment.

It was difficult for anyone to accept that the one who had shared meals and drinks together for many years, talked about their dreams for the future together, defending each other from the gunshots, and tried their best to catch the prisoner together turned out to be a traitor, was bought by money, and secretly leaked news to make a profit.

The most heartwarming thing has always been the friendship between people, and the most hurtful thing is also this friendship.

After this blow, Li Hengran’s expression and attitude were significantly different from before, and became even more silent.

Ye Nanqi couldn’t comfort him, so he could only pray silently that this matter would pass as soon as possible.

It wasn’t easy to get those little shrimps to take the bait. Ye Nanqi had to show an attitude of “I just want money to pursue this matter, and I want a lot of money” in front of them. What was hidden behind their stinky smiles in a public facade was their disgusting selves to the point of making people vomit.

Shen Du was originally worried about Ye Nanqi’s ability to continue, but he didn’t say anything when he saw that he was able to travel freely among those worlds.

Ye Nanqi knew that he was worried about himself, so he just laughed it off. When there was no one around, he hugged She Du and felt full of strength again.

After Ye Mei’s case broke out, not only the collaborators he knew from the filming previously had their condolences, but Jiang Yuanyu also often contacted him. It was just that when he was filming in other places before, he was so busy that even though his spirit was willing, his body was weak.

Ye Nanqi saved his life, and when he returned to A City, Jiang Yuanyu came directly to him.

Thus, as soon as the President. Shen, who came back from work early, entered the living room, he saw his wife and the Bai Yueguang, who was his first love, sitting on the sofa and chatting amicably.

He silently took off his coat, went to make two cups of tea and brought it up before he said, “Why is Junior Brother Jiang here? Nan Nan can’t entertain people, I’m sorry.”

Jiang Yuanyu’s impression of him was still stuck around the last time they met. Seeing his 360-degree change in attitude, he was a little surprised, but still smiled and said, “I was shocked when I saw your announcement.”

He didn’t ask why the two of them got married so early, he sincerely wished them a few words, and brought up the gift he bought.

Facing Jiang Yuanyu, who he had been pursuing with Shen Du, Ye Nanqi had a natural expression. Glancing at Shen Du, he nodded. “Thank you, Junior brother. Where is your family Song Haigui (overseas returnee)? Is he still busy with work every day, traveling all over the world?”

Although it was due to work, Jiang Yuanyu’s husband stayed with him for a few days throughout the year.

Jiang Yuanyu and Song Zhi were real childhood sweethearts. Song Zhi made a promise the year he went abroad. After waiting for him for many years, they had always been in a long-distance relationship.

Now that Song Zhi had returned to China, the two of them got married, but they were still in a similar situation as when they were in love.

If it weren’t for this, when Jiang Yuanyu was kidnapped, the first person Ye Nanqi thought of would not be Shen Du, who was still a half-loved rival at the time.

Jiang Yuanyu felt a little helpless. He took a sip of tea, and said softly, “After that accident last time, he wanted to resign, but I stopped him. Like him, I don’t get the chance to touch the ground when I’m very busy, flying around every day, or shooting for a long time outside. We are far less together than apart, and I can’t take care of him.”

Shen Du looked at Ye Nanqi’s beautiful profile and silently took it as a warning.

You can’t let your wife run out to play often, and can’t not return home often.

Ye Nanqi didn’t pay attention to what Shen Du was thinking. Although he was on Jiang Yuanyu’s side, he couldn’t comment on the way they got along. He could only change the topic and ask Jiang Yuanyu about his work.

When it came to work, Jiang Yuanyu frowned and said, “Some time ago, Fang ge suddenly resigned… I don’t know what happened, and he didn’t contact me before, so I can’t get in touch with him. I was worried that something had happened to him, so I went to the police. The police told me that he is fine, and told me not to worry.”

Seeing his obvious doubt, Ye Nanqi smiled and thought: Because he was staying at the uncle police’s place.

Can he not be okay?

Knowing that nothing happened to Fang Xingyuan, Jiang Yuanyu didn’t hesitate, and continued, “The company has changed another agent for me, who is very nice.”

Ye Nanqi nodded, remembering what happened last time, worried that those people hadn’t given up on Jiang Yuanyu, and asked a few more questions. Jiang Yuanyu trusted him and told him the latest schedule without any precaution.

He had just returned after finishing filming a movie, and was now in a resting period. There wasn’t much work, except for a few meet-and-greets and interviews, as well as a banquet in a few days, specially invited by the organizer.

That day happened to be Song Zhi’s return from a business trip. In fact, Jiang Yuanyu didn’t really want to go, but unfortunately the other party had a lot of background, so he couldn’t refuse.

Ye Nanqi frowned and asked, “Which family is so domineering?”

Jiang Yuanyu replied in a low voice, “The Xue family of the Rongyu Group… Fang ge took me to drink with them last time, and it’s not good to not give them some face.”

The two characters of the Xue family sounded like an alarm bell. Ye Nanqi and Shen Du were immediately alerted when it rang.

The two of them looked at each other, maintaining a peaceful and natural demeanor, and asked, “The Xue family?”

Jiang Yuanyu nodded: “I heard it was a private banquet, so it’s hard to raise the issue of leaving early. Song Zhi and I haven’t seen each other for almost two months, he must disagree with the idea…”

Shen Du asked, “Who is it from the Xue family? Maybe we know each other, but I can only say a few words.”

“Can you do that?” Jiang Yuanyu’s eyes lit up, and he hesitated slightly. He and the two people in front of him seemed to have had some emotional entanglement, which was actually quite embarrassing.

He was worried that Ye Nanqi would be unhappy with Shen Du helping him.

Ye Nanqi saw his hidden worries, kicked Shen Du secretly, and said with a smile, “It’s okay, you are my junior brother, and you can be regarded as Shen Du’s junior brother. We are all a family, don’t think too much.”

Jiang Yuanyu cautiously looked at them both again.

Shen Du sat beside Ye Nanqi and didn’t speak much, he mainly listened. When Ye Nanqi spoke, he would look at Ye Nanqi with a gentle light in his eyes.

Probably because Ye Nanqi hadn’t had any public announcement for a long time, he didn’t care too much about his image. His hair had grown a lot, and when he turned his head over, a strand of hair covered his eyes. Before he could reach out, Shen Du naturally brushed it away for him.

There seemed to be some closely related magnetic field between these two people, affecting each other and repelling others. Jiang Yuanyu saw it from the beginning.

Although both of them had pursued him, he had a keen sense of affection. Whether it was Shen Du or Ye Nanqi, their liking for him wasn’t a real liking. Instead, they were tit for tat. Once the confrontation was on, there was no room for others to intervene.

The road seemed to be difficult to walk, but in fact they were destined to be together, and it was probably a natural couple at that.

Jiang Yuanyu pondered for a moment, relaxed, and smiled lightly. “Then I have to trouble you, Senior Brother Shen Du. The person who invited me is a man named Xue Jingshan, who is not the same person I met last time at the wine bureau.”

Ye Nanqi asked, “Who did you meet at the wine bureau?”

Jiang Yuanyu: “There are several, but the one I remember the most is Xue Xiangyu… He doesn’t look like a good person. If you see him, Senior, be careful of him.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Shen Du raised his eyebrows slightly, pretended not to have heard the name before, and said to Jiang Yuanyu, “Let me know when you’re going, I’ll go with you, and you can leave after showing your face.”

“Won’t it be too much trouble for you?” Jiang Yuanyu was a little surprised.

“It’s fine.” Ye Nanqi didn’t care, “He’s been idle lately and has nothing to do. It’s right to help you.”

After calling Zhang Ming to send Jiang Yuanyu back, Shen Du and Ye Nanqi sat quietly opposite each other and pondered.

At this time, what else does Xue Jingshan want to do?

Did he know that he and Shen Du had both pursued Jiang Yuanyu before and wanted to take Jiang Yuanyu away as a bargaining chip?

Xue Xiangyu said that Xue Jingshan’s mind was abnormal, paranoid like a lunatic, ruthless and cruel. What would he do to Jiang Yuanyu, who was similar to Ye Mei?

The mindset of a lunatic was difficult for a normal person to fathom. Ye Nanqi could not predict the consequences of Jiang Yuanyu falling into Xue Jingshan’s hands.

They could only take precautions and protect Jiang Yuanyu. Shen Du’s people were scattered around everywhere, and this matter had to be discussed with Li Hengran.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ye Nanqi realized that Shen Du had not said a word, and asked in confusion, “What does President Shen think about this matter?”

Shen Du’s expression turned solemn, Ye Nanqi thought he was going to say something very insightful, so he sat upright and listened attentively.

Thus, he immediately heard him say, “Nan Nan, I really don’t have feelings for Junior Brother Jiang anymore, and you shouldn’t have feelings for him either. When I follow him to Xue Jingshan’s Hongmen Banquet (banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest) in a few days, you can monitor me and make sure my body and mind are all yours.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Ye Nanqi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he kicked him: “Who asked you this.”

Shen Du hugged Ye Nanqi, using his strength to rub him hard, and said, “Isn’t it me fearing that your vinegar jar will be overturned.”

Ye Nanqi raised his eyebrows: “I’m sorry, how many times have I eaten vinegar since we’ve been together?”

Shen Du: “…”

Ye Nanqi: “It’s Your Excellency, you’re like a reincarnation of a vinegar jar, and have been jealous of anything and everything. You have a sour smell all over your body, and I suspect that you stole the vinegar from our family when you were cooking.”

Shen Du felt a little frustrated: “Nan Nan, aren’t you jealous?”

“You should think about it from another angle.” Ye Nanqi said calmly, “I’m reassuring you. It’s normal for you to be jealous. After all, I used to have so many scandals and was a coquettish bitch.”

Shen Du’s brows twitched, unable to listen to him any longer, he lowered his head and bit his lips, forbidding him to continue.

Ye Nanqi was breathless from the kiss and grabbed his collar.

The fair and slender hands and a soft shade of blue meridians struggled feebly, making people want to secretly hide this fragile beauty.

Shen Du let him go, took his hand and kissed it.

After a while, Ye Nanqi’s breathing calmed down and said, “Shen Xiao Du, are you a little wolf dog?”

Shen Du said “um”, and raised his tail.

Ye Nanqi said, “I found that the little milk dog is cuter than the little wolf dog.”

Shen Du immediately thought of that little puppy (the youth paparazzi from previous chapters), bit his hand, and returned to the topic. “Xue Jingshan suddenly went mad, there should be another reason besides Team Li’s incident.”

Ye Nanqi stared at him.

Shen Du said, “Old Master Bai has been given a terminally illness notice.”

Xue Jingshan’s love for Bai Yu was deformed and terrifying, and it was impossible for him to not know what Bai Yu cared about.

Bai Yu didn’t care about the handle of the Bai family held by the Xue family. When Old Master Bai passed away, Bai Yu would be out of his control.

No one knew what Bai Yu would do at that time.

Ye Nanqi also faintly noticed that Xue Jingshan was out of control.

Having Jiang Yuanyu being targeted again, Ye Nanqi raised his vigilance, and after discussing with Li Hengran, Li Hengran took out the spare staff and went to protect Jiang Yuanyu in plain clothes.

When several people were closely watching Xue Jingshan’s private banquet, guessing whether there might be some kind of deal in it, there was news from the hospital.

The long unconscious Qian Qian woke up.

The author has something to say:

Song Zhi is the Junior Brother Jiang’s husband, mentioned in Chapter 23.

Qian Qian can be found in Chapter 35.

T/N: a pervert Qian Qian reappeared.

  • This chapter has 4277 English words translated, exceeding my limitation by 1277.

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