Chapter 40: I’m Not Afraid Of Pain, Even If You Exert Your Strength

With his return after being away for a long time, Qi Qing still had to go to a meeting and take care of a lot of piled up things. 

Damel sent Ji Xingjue to the room in the resting area and saluted, “Madam, rest well, your subordinate will remind the Marshal to come back early.”

Ji Xingjue thought for a moment and replied, “There is no need to be too early.”

Seeing the back of the honest and reliable Adjutant leaving, Ji Xingjue turned around and opened the door.

His feet sank with the little robot squatting and waiting at the door every day, as always, warmly greeted him, “Mama, welcome back!”

Not holding a grudge even one bit.

Ji Xingjue friendly replied, “Good afternoon.”

Hadn’t seen him for a few days, and the stickiness of the little robot had been automatically upgraded to the naked eye. Ji Xingjue, who had been glued for a long time, also developed a habit of calmly walking into the room with this leg pendant.

Qi Qing had stayed in the Doyler Star base for many years. At a certain point, the room he had lived in for many years was more like his “home” than the Marshal’s Mansion bestowed by His Majesty the Emperor.

With a little curiosity, Ji Xingjue probed around.

The space was either big or small, and every kind of infrastructure needed was available. It had nothing to do with the word luxury. At most, it could be said that “everything is not inferior.” Everything was neatly placed, even the quilt lines that were stacked were extraordinarily straight.

The only unique view was a pot of flowers on the windowsill.

Ji Xingjue approached to observe.

He didn’t study flowers and plants, so he couldn’t see what kind of flower it was. The branches and leaves were delicate and slender, and a double-petaled white flower bloomed, which was translucent and beautiful in the sun, like ice crystals, beautifully magnificent.

The little robot hugged Ji Xingjue’s legs and crawled up to his shoulders, then gave Ji Xingjue an introduction, “In 907, a battle between the army of Doyler base and the Star Pirates destroyed a planet. This is an unnamed flower that grew under the ruins. After confirming that it was non-biohazardous, Papa brought it back and raised it to the present day, and even gave it a name.”

Ji Xingjue touched the petals with interest. “Oh? I didn’t expect our Marshal to have such a hobby. What’s it called?”

Would it be called “Changsheng (Undefeated)”, “Kai Xuan (Triumph)” or something?

If it was true, when Qi Qing came back, he would laugh at him fiercely.

The little robot replied, “A’Xing.”

Ji Xingjue: “…”

“When Papa first brought the flowers back, he carefully watered it every day, and wrote an observation diary, and even spoke to it: A’Xing, don’t die.”

Ji Xingjue: “…………”

The little robot analyzed, “It may feel threatened, so it’s alive and well.”

Ji Xingjue’s smile froze. He touched his chilled neck, and withdrew his fingers cautiously, not daring to touch it again. “Thank you, I am indeed living a good life.”

The little robot: “?”

“Speaking of which,” Ji Xingjue quickly moved away from the flowers and looked sideways at the little robot, “So Qi Qing brought you to the front line when he set off?”

“I won many battles with Papa!”, said the prideful little robot. 

Ji Xingjue held up the little guy with both hands, looked at him and wanted to say something but hesitated. 

When he was a teenager, he made a small robot with his own hands. At that time, he felt that he was a genius, but now he really wanted to go back and give himself a smack.

The language system was disordered, the family function was imperfect, and the combat ability was comparable to a little sheep learning with difficulties and it was useless to bring it to the front line.

What did Qi Qing think?

But in those days on the front line, every time he went back to the base, opened the room, and this little guy rushed over and shouted “Welcome back”, it would probably be a little soothing.

But was Qi Qing seeking a console?

Ji Xingjue pondered for a while, and felt like it wasn’t the case.

Qi Qing was clearly not such a weak-hearted person.

After drifting in the universe for a long time, it felt quite good to be down-to-earth.

After Ji Xingjue wandered around enough, he sat down and looked at the terminal information.

The message sent to Dean Yelis got a reply. The old man was very dissatisfied with his unauthorized marriage. After scolding him in text and voice for a while, he felt that it was not enough, so he sent a video call and scolded in 3D image. 

Ji Xingjue bowed his head and received the scolding respectfully, waiting for the old man to catch his breath before saying, “This is the brain control chip of the failed product in the bionic transformation experiment of those people.”

The old man’s dissatisfied complaining stopped immediately.

“Teacher, are you willing to help with this?” Ji Xingjue took out the chip and showed him.

Yelis’s face couldn’t be said to be good-looking or ugly. He stared at the chip for a few seconds with his temper suppressed. “Have someone send it over immediately.”

Ji Xingjue was overjoyed: “Okay, let’s hang up the video first…”

“Wait.” Yelis stroked his beard and glared at him, “Still want to fool me in passing? What’s the matter with you and Qi Qing?”

Seeing that he couldn’t escape the cross-examination, Ji Xingjue summoned up his courage and said, “Cooperative relationship?”

Yelis frowned, “Qi Qing is not a child anymore. How do you two like to make a fool of yourself? What did that little girl Yu Tong say? About Qi Bai…”

“I will find a chance to clarify with him about the Duke’s affairs.” Ji Xingjue interrupted Yelis for the first time. After a pause, he bowed, “Teacher, I’ve troubled you for all these years.”

“It’s just an entrust from an old friend.” Yelis snorted out of his nose and said mercilessly, “I don’t like your temper, hide this and hide that.”

After he finished speaking, he hung up the video.

The little robot watched the whole process and clenched Ji Xingjue’s clothes angrily. “I like Mama the most! Mama, don’t pay attention to this strange grandpa!!”

“It’s okay, the old man said this once every three days on average, I’m very used to it.”

Ji Xingjue pinched the little robot’s rabbit ears, and the little robot looked at his Mama, who had just been scolded, obediently not struggling.

“The video just now is also a secret between us,” Ji Xingjue winked his left eye at it, “Don’t talk to other people, especially your Papa, do you understand?”

The little robot tilted its head and nodded.

Ji Xingjue smiled and patted the little guy’s head, took the chip, and went out to find Qi Qing. 

When he was following Damel before, they walked around from the docking port to the rest area. Damel also enthusiastically introduced the base’s bureau to him. Ji Xingjue guessed the location of the command building in his heart and strolled over.

He hadn’t met Qi Qing yet, but encountered the members of the Protection Squads in front of the command building.

There were seven people in the Protection Squads. Damel was raised as an Adjutant and taken to the Imperial Capital, while the others stayed in place. 

Ji Xingjue looked at the tall and short-haired girl among them, guessing that this was probably Damel’s childhood sweetheart.

When the short-haired girl also saw him, her eyes lit up, showing a hearty smile. “Is Madam here to find the Marshal?”

The two people next to her seemed to have their own styles; one was as thin as a bamboo pole, and the other was a fat man. The former was brimming with a smiling face, while the later was uncommunicative, and both of them nodded to Ji Xingjue: “Hello, Madam.”

Originally, only Damel called him “Madam”, but now a group of people also called him “Madam.” Ji Xingjue forced a smile, “Is the meeting not over yet?”

“The Marshal has been away for too long, and there are a lot of things going on,” the short-haired girl said. “Madam can tell us anything. By the way, my name is Tian Luo, and this is Chen Pi and David.”

Ji Xingjue looked at them, and the doubts he had pressed before suddenly resurfaced in his mind again.

He bent his eyes and smiled gently, making it easy for people to let their guard down. “It’s nothing, just wandering around. Well, I have a little doubt—why do you all seem to know what I look like?”

Tian Luo and Chen Pi were confused by his smile, and without thinking about it, they said in unison, “That’s because…”

David suddenly glanced back and coughed hard.

Tian Luo immediately covered her mouth, but Chen Pi was unable to stop in time, “The Marshal mentioned…..before.”

Qi Qing, who stepped out of the gate of the command building only to hear gossip behind his back, coldly gave them a glance. “It seems that when I was not at the base, you were all so idle that you couldn’t even keep your mouth shut.”

Damel looked bitter, following behind, trying to save the situation. “Marshal, Madam is watching…”

The culprit, Ji Xingjue, received the distress signal from Damel’s desperate wink, and issued a very conscientious condemnation, “Freedom of speech is a right owned by citizens, and they haven’t said anything about the secrets. Lord Marshal, punishing people for no reason because of personal affairs, isn’t it too much?”

Qi Qing: “…”

Qi Qing calmly glanced at Tian Luo and Chen Pi, who breathed a long sigh of relief and the corners of his lips twitched coldly. “Call everyone out and go to the fighting training room, and let me see if you guys are slacking off. If you lose, go run 50 kilometers while carrying weights.”

Everyone’s face suddenly turned green.

Now everyone’s eyes fell on Ji Xingjue for help.

Ji Xingjue, who shouldered a heavy responsibility, thought for a while, then took a few steps to Qi Qing’s side, hooked his finger with his fingertips, and whispered in his ear, “Teacher has promised to help, will Lord Marshal dispatch someone to send the chip first?”

Qi Qing hummed with a flat face, instructed Damel a few words, and soon someone came, took the box and left.

After solving this matter efficiently, he turned his head again and looked at the few people who were relieved again: “Let’s go, the fighting training room.”

The members of Protection Squads: “…….”

Ji Xingjue, who didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, also followed along. He wondered how to stop the blatant revenge of the Lord Marshal, which was obviously mixed with a little personal resentment.

The moment he walked into the training room, Ji Xingjue had an idea, “Lord Marshal, if I may be so bold to ask for a favor.”

Qi Qing, who was already taking off his gloves, twitched his eyelids when he heard the words. “No matter what you say, they will be dead today” was written brightly in a full view.

Ji Xingjue said with a smile, “Speaking of which, we haven’t fought against each other yet. Now is the best time to do it, why don’t we try this opportunity?”

Qi Qing’s action of taking off his gloves suddenly stagnated.

The other members of the Protection Squads who came in a hurry and all arrived at the same time were originally dejected, but when they heard the sound, they raised their heads in surprise and looked at Ji Xingjue with stunned and moved eyes: “Madam, you don’t need to…”

Don’t need to do it to this degree!

Ji Xingjue shook his head, turned his head to look at Qi Qing, and said in a serious tone, “It’s not for you all, I also really want to fight against the Marshal. How is it? Is the Marshal willing to enlighten me?”

His figure was thin and frail, slender and straight like bamboo, elegant and calm.

But at this moment, in the eyes of the Squads, the figure of the Marshal’s wife was as tall and majestic as a mountain.

Tian Luo was moved like a person being pinched. 

Even 50 kilometers of weight training is worth it!

Unexpectedly, several people thought the Marshal would frown and rebuke “nonsense”, but after a moment of silence, he nodded, “Okay.”

The crowd: “…….”


Ji Xingjue rolled up his sleeves and said, “I am not afraid of pain, even if the Marshal exert his strength.”

The moment the voice fell, his body was like a cluster of arrows, lightly and swiftly rushing towards Qi Qing!

With a “pa“, Qi Qing blocked his kicking leg with his backhand, holding it in a circle, no more or no less, just enough to hold his slender ankle.

Qi Qing gently rubbed the delicate skin with his fingertips, raised his eyebrows and said lightly, “Really?”

I hope you will be able to say this with a smile in the future.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

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