Chapter 42: He Really Is Such A Beast

Ji Xingjue’s blessed mouth showed results again.

On the third day of returning to the Doyler base, the silhouette of the Star Pirates was spotted on the nearest constellation.

Damel lived downstairs, and when he saw the news, he immediately ran to Qi Qing’s room.

Ji Xingjue was showing Qi Qing the upgraded ring simulation function, the moment the door was knocked. Hearing the sound, his eyes lit up: “Let’s take a look at the practical effect—Dan Dan, open the door.”

Dan Dan ran over to open the door obediently. When Damel, who stood outside the door looked up and saw an unfamiliar face, he was stunned. “Who are you?”

The results seemed to work well.

Ji Xingjue was very satisfied.

He glanced at Lord Marshal, who was sitting beside him without any response. With an idea, the corners of his lips were provoked into a nasty smile as he deliberately lowered his voice, “Ah, you saw us. You definitely can’t tell Madam Marshal.”

Damel was struck by lightning for a moment, and while looking at the expressionless Qi Qing in disbelief, his eyes were mixed with shock, dazed and complicated colors.

Qi Qing indifferently glanced at Ji Xingjue, who was having a good time, and said calmly, “What’s the matter?”

This must be a misunderstanding!

Looking at the face that was cold as ice and frost of the Lord Marshal, Damel suddenly regained his confidence. He gouged out the unknown person from his eyes, and after seeing that Qi Qing didn’t mean to tell him away, he opened his mouth to report. “The cruise team found that the Star Pirates were gathered on the constellation nearby, but continued to sail after a short stay, and specially avoided our patrol area, and did not mean to provoke the Imperial Army.”

Before the Holy Order came into contact with the Star Pirates, this group of priests didn’t cause much trouble to the Empire and the Alliance. These gangs were composed of refugees, wanted criminals and free mercenaries. Although familiar with the chaotic marginal galaxy, and were difficult to catch, they were incomparable with the well-equipped high-tech army. They could only fight guerrilla warfare and wait for the opportunity to rob the starships that were passing by.

But with the involvement of the Holy Order, the scattered leaders of the Star Pirates who were considered as kings were brought together by the Holy Order, which was a force that should not be underestimated.

——But in the same way, these rebellious Star Pirates gathered because of their interests, and they couldn’t see each other eye to eye. They may look like they were on the same page with one heart united on the outside, but they were actually a mass of loose sand, and would be scattered with a little pinch.

Qi Qing twitched his eyebrows and smiled, “Really? Unfortunately, I want to provoke them.”

Damel lowered his head. “What does the Marshal mean?”

It was originally already the resting time, but Qi Qing got up and put on his uniform jacket. “Notify for an emergency meeting.”

Damel subconsciously responded “yes”.

The moment he turned around, he saw Qi Qing walking towards the man with an unfamiliar face at the corner of his eye. His Excellency Adjutant’s eyebrows twisted, and immediately became tangled again.

Qi Qing stretched out his hand: “Was it fun?”

Ji Xingjue obediently took off the ring and handed it to him, and returned to his original appearance, with a pleasant smile on his lips. “Fun, aiya, what should I do, your adjutant seems to have misunderstood something?”

Qi Qing snorted from his nose.

Ji Xingjue said, “I heard that every fifteen years, Star Pirates will gather in the Boundless Star Sea. It seems that the time has come, and we are lucky.”

Qi Qing squinted his eyes, “Where did you hear so much from?”

Ji Xingjue turned a deaf ear and opened the door with a smile. “Marshal, it’s time for you to go to the meeting, will we leave tomorrow morning?”

Qi Qing didn’t have a hobby of letting other people wait for him. He glanced at Ji Xingjue, who had a face full of mystery, and with a little force under his fingers, he pinched his face and turned to leave.

Ji Xingjue was stunned and touched the inexplicably pinched cheek before looking down at the little robot. “What is your father doing?”

The little robot looked at his face greedily: “I also want to pinch Mama’s face.”

“Little friend, this is called rebellious.”

Ji Xingjue pinched its ears, then slipped to the windowsill. He observed the flowers in the flowerpot, and rubbed his face. “Um… it’s growing well.”

Since “A’Xing” was growing well, then he should stay by Qi Qing’s side for a while longer.

In the early morning of the next day, the cruise team sent the geometry of where the Star Pirates assembled, and Qi Qing took the fleet and set off to find trouble. 

This time, Ji Xingjue kept up with the battleship in a fair manner. Damel didn’t think it was strange after seeing him and Qi Qing going to fight hand in hand, but his face was weird as if he wanted to say something but hesitated.

Of course Ji Xingjue knew what Damel was struggling with, so he secretly held back his smile, glanced at the tall back of the Marshal, and decided to save his image.

When Damel’s gaze passed his eyes for the third time, he opened his mouth to stop him. “Your Excellency Adjutant, what’s the matter?”

Damel hesitated for a moment, but still gritted his teeth, “That is, Madam, before going to bed last night, I saw the emergency news, then went to the Marshal’s room to report, and found that in the Marshal’s room…”

“There was a stranger?”

Damel nodded bitterly: “It seems that Madam already knows.”

Ji Xingjue reassured him: “He’s an informant I know.”

“That’s good, I thought…”

Ji Xingjue patted him on the shoulder: “How come, your Marshal is a good man.”

Damel scratched his head: “No, Madam, I actually believe in the Marshal, I’m just worried that you will misunderstand.”

I’ll misunderstand what?

Ji Xingjue blinked, a little puzzled.

Didn’t Damel know that he and Qi Qing signed an agreement to get married?

He swallowed the question and shook his head with a smile. “Of course not, I also believe in your Marshal.”

Damel, who was worried all morning, finally relieved, and went to find the little Green Plum at ease. (His sweetheart)

The two were not on the main ship today, but in an inconspicuous small battleship, and Qi Qing did not wear Imperial uniforms.

Ji Xingjue walked up to him, stared at the star map, and said in a low voice, “You also arranged for others to sneak into the Star Pirates’ fleet?”

Qi Qing nodded: “To be safe.”

Qi Qing hadn’t been so comprehensive before.

The two went to a noble school in middle school, the place with the highest concentration of the nobles. Most of those noble children weren’t bad by nature, but due to their class and family education, one was less tidy than the other.

Qi Qing was discriminated against in the noble circle because his mother was a commoner. Ji Xingjue was even worse because of the title of a “son of a lowly slave”. Everywhere he walked was a scene of ridicule.

At that time, the two of them had grown up a lot, and Qi Qing would no longer get started just because of someone else’s sneaky ridicule, but once Yu Tong and Ji Xingjue were involved, he would flip over and knocked down the group one by one, and even refused to write a letter of repentance.

It was the same for Ji Xingjue. When his reverse scale was touched, he could turn his face faster than Qi Qing.

Deen, the Second Prince, was beaten at that time.

Thinking of getting into trouble and fighting together before, Ji Xingjue had a lot of smiles in his eyes as he leaned on the console. “How many people are there?”

Qi Qing: “Looking at the scale, it should be the assembly of five to six small Star Pirate gangs.”

Ji Xingjue nodded happily: “Keep two?”

Qi Qing: “Keep two then.”

Half a day later, the well-equipped Imperial Army jumped to the front of the Star Pirates who were on their way, and attacked from back and forth.

A Star Pirate angrily sent a communication request and yelled: “Fxxk your uncle, Imperial dogs. We didn’t provoke you, what are you doing!”

Damel sneered: “Does a cat need a reason to catch a mouse?”

Ji Xingjue was a little curious: “Is Fkkk your uncle the common language of Star Pirates?”

Qi Qing frowned: “Don’t learn this one.”

Noticing Qi Qing’s face, the Star Pirates’ leader who was still scolding was instantly pale. “Qi, Qi Qing!”

Under the special arrangement of Qi Qing, this raid first broke up the team of Star Pirates, and then started a challenging performance.

What was even more terrifying than encountering the Imperial Army was the Imperial Army commanded by Qi Qing. Several Star Pirates that had no cohesion at all in the first place, and now they were like mice seeing a cat, no resistance in their hearts, and in union, they just wanted to run away.

The scene was extremely chaotic, and the Imperial Army deliberately occasionally let go of a Star Pirates’ battleship, leaving the opportunity for others to sneak in.

Ji Xingjue observed for a while, picked a very small starship to invade remotely, and opened the other party’s login cabin at the moment of approach: “Right now!”

The two of them got into the landing compartment, dealing with several Star Pirates before sending a signal to Damel, and then drove the stolen starship and rushed out of the encirclement of the Imperial Army.

The defeated Star Pirates panicked and ran away without looking back.

It was not until they escaped far away, seeing that the Imperial Army had no intention of catching up, the Star Pirates leader who was so frightened that his soul flew into the sky, gave orders to each battleship, asking them to assemble immediately.

Ji Xingjue was a little worried at first, if the boss of this battleship was still alive, it would be bad if they were recognized as unfamiliar faces.

Fortunately, his luck was good this time. The leader of the Star Pirates who sent the communication gave them clear information: “Over there, come here, your boss’s starship was destroyed, and I will be your new boss from now on.”

There was a trace of sarcasm on the corner of Qi Qing’s lips as he replied “yes”.

The battleships slowly approached, and there were less than a hundred scattered people.

After being beaten once by the Imperial Army, this group of Star Pirates no longer delayed. After counting the remaining battleships and the number of people, they sailed towards the destination, for fear that if they stayed for one more second, Qi Qing would lead people to kill them from the rear.

Qi Qing took out Ji Xingjue’s improved camouflage ring and tried to change the appearance.

Ji Xingjue sat on the operating table, and after taking a few glances, he felt a little regret. “It’s still the initial skin that is eye-catching.”

Regarding the evaluation of “eye-catching”, Qi Qing raised his eyebrows without refuting, and silently changed back.

Ji Xingjue took out his light brain and connected it to the battleship, and searched for available information. Seeing that Qi Qing’s expression was not obvious, but in fact his tail was about to be raised, he continued to praise seriously: “As expected of the Marshal, the Star Pirates were so frightened when they saw you.”

Qi Qing continued to open the screen with a cold face.

Ji Xingjue secretly held back his smile. He looked around in the resource library of this battleship, but found no useful information. He rummaged through and found a folder called “Learning Together”, and went in curiously and opened the video.

The next second, his smile froze slightly.

Qi Qing’s eyebrows jumped, and immediately leaned over: “What did you find?”

An ambiguous voice suddenly sounded in this small space, and after seeing the impactful picture on the screen, Qi Qing’s movements suddenly stagnated.

Ji Xingjue’s unchanging smile completely collapsed. In his panic, he forgot how to turn off this thing for a while. In vain, he reached out his hand to block it, and then reacted again, and quickly smashed the document, with blue veins jumping on his forehead: “…What do these people usually do in here!”

There seemed to be two men on the screen just now.

Ji Xingjue’s mind was a little confused.

Although same-sex marriages in various countries were legal long before the old ephemeris, and some countries had even passed the non-same-species marriage laws, allowing people and animals to marry, in fact, he felt that he liked girls.

Two men together seemed a bit strange… He and Qi Qing weren’t just two married men.

But he liked the cute ones… Qi Qing seemed to be quite cute.

He took a peek at the unspeakable handsome profile of the Marshal, and a thought popped into his mind: The few people in there aren’t as good-looking as Qi Qing is. 

No, Qi Qing is my little brother ah.

Ji Xingjue forced himself to put away the messy thoughts in his head, and once he reacted again, he suddenly shivered.

It was terrible. At that moment, he actually pictured his younger brother in that way. He was really a beast.

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Qi Qing: You can be more of a beast. 

English word translation: 2301


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