Chapter 44: Thanks, You’re A Good Person

Suddenly, with a big transformation came to life, Neil was startled.

He was stunned for a few seconds before clicking his tongue. “I thought it was the guard brought by Professor Ji, really disappointing.”

The corner of Qi Qing’s mouth twitched. “What is a stray dog doing here?”

“Compared to a stray dog like me,” Neil said with a smile, “Marshal Qi probably doesn’t want to be revealed in such a place, but don’t worry, when you are chased by the Star Pirates, I can take Madam to be the spectors.”

“Looks like you’ve forgotten that you’re on the Holy Order’s wanted list.” Qi Qing put his hand on Ji Xingjue’s shoulder and said in a cold voice, “When you’re beaten up by the Holy Order and weep for your parent, we can take a group photo then.”

Neil’s face froze. He didn’t expectedly Qi Qing to actually know about this matter.

The atmosphere was tense, and the two of them were obviously at odds with each other because of their bickering.

Ji Xingjue glanced at Qi Qing, who rarely said such a long sentence, and was quite surprised. With a clear cough, he interrupted the divine power of Qi Qing’s pursuit of victory, and paused the quarrel between the elementary school students. “Boss Neil, we didn’t come here to quarrel with you.”

Qi Qing retracted his divine power in time, and lightly mocked, “That’s right, childish.”

Neil was so angry that he clicked his tongue, “Forget it, come in first.”

This small building was Neil’s temporary site. Anti-eavesdropping props were hung on the surrounding walls, and there were Star pirates patrolling outside the building, and the privacy was good.

There was a conference table and a few chairs in the hall, and in front of the conference table was a hanging screen.

Neil lit the screen, propped up the conference table, and his eyes fell from Qi Qing to Ji Xingjue. “I agree very much with what Professor Ji said, we are grasshoppers on a rope, so don’t embarrass each other…”

Qi Qing raised his eyebrows. “Pause, ‘you’ is the grasshopper on the rope, we are not.”

Neil narrowed his blue color eyes, with a faint hint of dangerous hostility. “Could Marshal Qi not speak properly?”

Qi Qing’s expression was grave and stern, sitting firmly without any fear.

A detailed star map appeared on the front screen, which should be the Boundless Star Sea.

Regardless of the Alliance or the Empire, they all didn’t have enough understanding of the Boundless Star Sea, which was why this star map was undoubtedly very precious.

Ji Xingjue’s eyes were withdrawn from the star map, and he decisively covered Qi Qing’s mouth. “I’m sorry, I’ll take care of him, you continue.”

Qi Qing lowered his eyelids, glancing at his hand, and calmly looking back at the screen.

Seeing that Qi Qing was punished, Neil felt relieved and pointed to the star map in front of him. “Probably the smart Professor Ji has already guessed it, this is the star map of the Boundless Star Sea. I’m afraid that in this area, the Empire may not be able to explore yet.”

His tone was slightly mocking as he glanced at Qi Qing provocatively.

However, Qi Qing seemed to be sealed in place, not alarmed or disturbed, as if Neil was the air.

Since Qi Qing didn’t say anything anymore, Neil shrugged, also suppressed his temper, and drew a circle on a white dot. “We are currently here, on the periphery of the Boundless Star Sea.”

“The two of you should be looking for the Holy Order, right?” Neil drew another line, pointing to the central area of ​​the Boundless Star Sea, “The Holy Order who is stationed in the Boundless Star Sea is an archbishop, who has a high status in the Order, and should know a lot of things. If you can successfully catch him, you can save a lot of things.”

Seeing that Qi Qing was honest, Ji Xingjue let go of his hand and smiled. “Oh? It means, you came to the Boundless Star Sea not for the Holy Order?”

“50-50,” Neil was very pleased with Ji Xingjue, “I came here mainly to become the leader of the Boundless Star Sea and drive out the Holy Order.”

Qi Qing, with his seal lifted, said lukewarmly, “Just you?”

Ji Xingjue suddenly felt a big headache, and quickly covered Qi Qing’s mouth again.

Neil glanced at Qi Qing dissatisfied, and said proudly, “This position should have been mine.”

Last time on the asteroid near the Dark Star, Ji Xingjue and Qi Qing sneaked into the underground palace of the Holy Order and overheard some conversations.

Those priests said that fifteen years ago, the leader of the Boundless Star Sea was Neil’s father, Old Luther. When the Holy Order offered an olive branch for cooperation, Old Luther categorically refused.

The Holy Order was friendly on the surface, but secretly instigated his subordinate, killed the Old Luther in the rebellion, and successfully settled in the Boundless Star Sea.

Ji Xingjue nodded with interest: “Boss Neil told us this, meaning want to cooperate with us?”

“The rules of this election are very simple. The Star pirates participating in the election operate starships to fight, with many fighting against less, and with less fighting against many. Whatever method will do, regardless of life or death,” When it came to this, Neil was very frank, “Although Marshal Qi has a very nasty mouth, I don’t think any Star pirates can compare to the ability of Marshal Qi to control the battleship, judging from the ability of the two escaping the fleet last time.”

Qi Qing’s mouth was still covered, and Ji Xingjue felt proud: “That is of course.”

Neil: “…”

Neil changed the subject: “Actually, among the Star Pirates, there are more and more people who are dissatisfied with the Holy Order. The longer they cooperate with the Holy Order, the more they realize how wise my father’s decision was in the first place.”

Qi Qing was not surprised.

The Holy Order had been hiding behind the Star Pirates, laying in a low profile, and manipulating them to work for themselves. It was not until four years ago that he discovered the clues, obviously because the Star Pirate was dissatisfied with the Holy Order, which led to the exposure of the Holy Order to the Empire and the Alliance.

“This group of idiots betrayed my father and led wolves into the house. After they were arbitrarily manipulated by the Holy Order like chess pieces, and after they returned from fighting the Empire and the Alliance, they slowly discovered that their parents, wives or children had either been brainwashed or disappeared.”

Neil spread his hands: “Remember the bald man just now? He and his wife’s family were brainwashed by the Holy Order and voluntarily ‘offer sacrifice’, which is why they are currently rejecting the supervision of the Holy Order, and are very cautious.”

Boundless Star Sea was the lair of Star Pirates. There were not only vicious Star Pirates, but also old people, children, and pregnant women under the protection wings of the Star Pirates.

The Holy Order had been actively conducting secret human experiments, and what happened to the missing people and the devout was obvious.

This touched the forbidden zone of ​​the Star Pirates: Family.

“Many Star Pirates are resisting the supervision of the Holy Order, and the Holy Order has also noticed that it will be difficult to control them if it goes on like this. This election contest is operated by them behind the scenes, the intention is to let the Star Pirates kill each other. Once their vitality is greatly damaged, the rest will be better controlled. “

Neil’s gaze turned to Qi Qing; meeting his light-colored eyes that seemed to be particularly ruthless, his tone was solemn. “I think that Marshal Qi, fighting on the front line, is not for your shitty Emperor who likes to cover the Imperial Capital with heavy snow for half a year without caring about other matters other than fine wine, banquets and gems, but countless ordinary people who are sheltered by the Empire. The wish of us Star Pirates is also very simple, just like you, to protect our family.”

This Star Pirate leader, whose behavior was extraordinarily frivolous, seemed to be not bad when he was serious.

Ji Xingjue let go of Qi Qing and waited for his decision.

“Neil Luthor, don’t confuse the concept,” after listening to the speeches that made sense with emotion, Qi Qing was not moved at all, “As long as there is a day the Star Pirates still loot the Empire, the Empire will always stand on the opposite side of the Star Pirates.”

Neil’s expression changed slightly.

Qi Qing changed his tone, “But it is indeed the best choice to cooperate with you at present.”

He stood up and stretched out his hand: “For the Empire.”

Neil was also not petty, and shook his hand: “For freedom.”

Ji Xingjue leaned his elbow on the table, supported his cheeks and wondered when the two of them would fight each other again. “When will the election meeting start?”

“Right just tomorrow,” Neil quickly withdrew his hand and wiped at the corner of his clothes, “it’s said that there will be an important person in the Holy Order coming.”

Qi Qing unhurriedly took out a handkerchief from his arm and wiped his every finger gracefully: “Un.”

His tone and demeanor sounded as if Neil was a subordinate who came to report the news.

Neil was annoyed and made a “ha” sound. Deciding to switch targets, he gently extended his hand to Ji Xingjue. “Boundless Star Sea also has many beautiful scenery. Before the duel begins, if Professor Ji is bored, I’m willing to accompany you to go for a stroll.”

His light blond hair was shining brilliantly and beautifully under the light, his blue eyes were like gems, gentle and affectionate, but the eye patch on his right eye added a bit of arrogance, resulting the image was quite in line with the currently hot broadcast of a male lead of A Maiden and The Hero of the Star Pirate drama series, like a handsome lover with both good and evil temperament.

Ji Xingjue’s eyelids twitched. After predicting Qi Qing’s actions, he covered his mouth, and politely refused: “Thank you, I want my husband to accompany me more, you are a good person.”

Neil: “…”

Neil looked at the two of them with a strange complexion, and suddenly laughed: “Time is urgent, and I still have to visit some old friends, so I won’t disturb you two now.”

He blinked suggestively and put away the light screen. “The room upstairs can be chosen at will. Don’t worry, I don’t have a monitor installed, so you can do whatever you want.”

The room fell silent, Ji Xingjue twitched his brows while savoring the emphasized “do“.

Did this Star Pirate have any misunderstanding about him and Qi Qing?

As soon as Neil left, Ji Xingjue’s attention returned to Qi Qing. It was only at this point that he remembered that he was covering Qi Qing’s mouth with his hands. The palm of the hand that was pressed against the warm and soft lips, when letting go, he accidentally rubbed it, like a feather passing over his heart, tickling.

The palm of his hand seemed to be hot, and Ji Xingjue shrank his fingers uncomfortably: “Lord Marshal, you’re not angry, right?”

Qi Qing hummed: “No.”

“What do you think of what Neil said?”

Ji Xingjue said while looking for the security system upstairs. After checking it again, there were indeed no monitoring devices. It seemed that the last experience had made Neil very clear that it was useless for him to do this.

Qi Qing’s face was indifferent. “Mixed with truth, he’s not that simple.” Glancing at Ji Xingjue’s smiling face, he couldn’t help but add, “Don’t be deceived by him.”

Especially said while gritting his teeth.

Ji Xingjue couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he deliberately stood tiptoed close to Qi Qing. The corner of his eyes was curved, his smile was sly, like a fox with malicious intentions. “Lord Marshal, are you saying these words purely rational analysis, or are you hiding a selfish motive?”

The Imperial Marshal should be calm and composed, making any decisions in any matter without being disturbed by emotions.

Of course, in front of some people, it seemed to be okay to be a little temperamental about some insignificant but on things that were really annoying, it seemed that there was no problem with a little temper.

After all, Lord Marshal was not a machine that could only run the correct instructions.

Qi Qing pursed his thin lips, and said confidently with the most honest and serious face, “Selfish motive.”

Salted Fish – Drifting Wanderer

The author has something to say:

Xiao Qi: Stinky star pirate, stay away from my wife!  (ノ ‵ o) ノ

Xiaoji: It’s annoying when elementary school students quarrel. Can you be more mature like me?

English word translation: 2180


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