I Treat You Like A Brother/ 我把你当兄弟

Author: Tao Baibai

Status: 101 chapters


Xu Xiran, a straight man. With a legendary gay face, he was madly pursued by countless same-sex and was so overwhelmed by it that he posted complaints online.

Fang Mo, a gay. One day, he saw someone splashing dirty water on the majority of gays under the banner of so much confidence, so he decided to fish for law enforcement.

Fang Mo: Big brother, me too. As the same fellow suffers the same misery as you, don’t you think we should exchange photos?

Xu Xiran: Wow, brother, you must have suffered a lot from being so handsome! I look like this.

Before seeing Xu Xiran’s photo, Fang Mo thought he was the most handsome person in the world.

After seeing it, he desperately wanted to sleep with Xu Xiran.

Xu Xiran (Gong) X Fang Mo (Shou). The angle of view alternates, including straight bends.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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