Why Did The Good Ol’ Enemy Force The marriage?/说好的宿敌为什么逼婚

Author: Qing Duan

Chapters: 113 + 12 extras

Status: Completed


Announcement of joyful news from the front line! The commander Qi Qing won a great victory and made great achievements, and he was promoted to the youngest marshal of the empire!

At the moment of national celebration, as a fateful foe of Qi Qing, Ji Xingjue glanced at the experimental project fully funded by the military, and the beeping in his heart: switch out.

People from all over the empire were waiting to see Ji Xingjue’s jokes.

Unexpectedly, Qi Qing came to his front door: Want funds for next year? Come here.

Holding the tragic mood of being exposed to the wilderness, Ji Xingjue followed Qi Qing to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Ji Xingjue:?

Qi Qing: The handwriting is more attractive.

Ji Xingjue: …?

People in the Imperial Capital who are eating melon seeds:????

Ji Xingjue, who was forcibly married: I gave my life to science.


People of the Imperial Capital: This must be a unique kind of revenge!

Ji Xingjue, who was at his last gasp: I never thought of being retaliated like this.

The marshal raised his eyebrows calmly: It’s very simple, either “live” or die.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: If I come back alive, you’ll pay the price of being a traitor

Chapter 2: Sign with a better signature

Chapter 3: It’s Nothing, I Just Dedicated Myself To Science

Chapter 4: As A Married Person, Pay Attention To Distant From Others

Chapter 5: Mrs. Marshal Must Sleep With The Marshal

Chapter 6: To Me, You’re Harmless

Chapter 7: Did You Come Here To Crash The Stage?

Chapter 8: This Is Mrs. Marshal

Chapter 9: Cheers To The Lord Marshal And Mrs. Marshal

Chapter 10: Don’t Go, Big Brother

Chapter 11: Mama & Papa, A Man Must Be Honest

Chapter 12: Harmonious And Affectionate Couple

Chapter 13: We Even Have A Child

Chapter 14: I Am A Married Man

Chapter 15: Son, You Aren’t Good

Chapter 16: I Must Keep An Eye On You, Ji Xingjue

Chapter 17: We Are In A Legal Relationship And Don’t Need To Be Sneaky

Chapter 18: I’ll Bring Him Back For You No Matter How Far He Runs

Chapter 19: My Man, I’ll Bring Him Away First

Chapter 20: Papa, You Are Jealous Of Me!

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